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3 reasons WeChat, Chinas biggest app, hasn’t taken over globally

Fast Company reports: There are a lot of market-specific reasons if you do a deep dive. But broadly…there are three big mistakes Tencent made with WeChat in its overseas expansion, and—not coincidentally—they’re mistakes that Chinese companies make a lot when they launch internationally. Show More Summary

Brazil’s luxury consumers are weary

The #Business of Fashion reports: …while Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2017 runway extravaganza last weekend seemed to suggest otherwise, make no mistake: the current state of affairs in Brazil is having a serious effect on the country’s appetite for luxury goods. Show More Summary

Facts and fiction of Africa’s rising “middle class”

Quartz explains: With reference to the $2 threshold, the African Development Bank declared one-third – 300 million – of the continent’s population as middle class in 2011. A year later it adjusted its size up to 500 million. It considered this a key factor for development. Show More Summary

Chinese megacity, PRD, already has a population bigger than Canada, Australia, and Argentina

   #Business Insider writes: China’s Pearl River Delta is swallowing up nearby cities. As the largest urban area in the world, the region features a population of roughly 42 million housed inside a 2,700-square-mile perimeter. The Pearl...Show More Summary

Is Africa “impoverished” or “rising”? The competing media perspectives

Journalism Professor Suzanne Franks writes: In more recent years it looks as if the single story has shifted gear. Instead of the relentless negative image of suffering and impoverished victims there is a new narrative, ‘Africa Rising’. Show More Summary

3 ways tech can help the UN achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Travel in New York City is a mess this week. At least for regular folks anyway. But it’s for a good reason. The United Nations head of states, delegates, and Pope Francis will be in town for the UN General Assembly and security is pretty high. Show More Summary

Nigeria & Kenya consumers fueling African music sector

Billboard magazine writes: PricewaterhouseCoopers has forecast consumer spending on recorded music revenues to hit $43 million and $19 million for Nigeria and Kenya respectively this year. Both markets are undergoing shifts also seen elsewhere in the world, meaning digital gains will roughly offset physical losses. Show More Summary

Facebook has 100 million monthly active users in Africa. 80% use mobile

via Facebook The post Facebook has 100 million monthly active users in Africa. 80% use mobile appeared first on

Connecting Africa through satellite technology

IDG Connect reports: These companies seem to be walking away from the traditional provision of information, where a live internet connection is needed. This is an area that Facebook’s and Google’s Google Loon are still currently pursuing. Facebook has reportedly been talking to Avanti, a satellite company which owns two broadband satellites across Africa....

Nigeria, Egypt top list for intenet penetration in Africa

Top 10 African countries with highest intenet penetration (2012) Nigeria Egypt South Africa Morocco Kenya Sudan Tanzania Algeria Uganda Tunisia Source: African Development Bank  

Africa is 2nd largest mobile phone market in world

Africa is now the fastest growing and second largest mobile phone market in the world. More than 8 in 10 Africans have a mobile phone. Average penetration rate has also risen from 37% in 2010 to 80% in 2013 and is still growing at 4.2% annually There are now 760 million mobile subscribers in Africa....

Nigerian internet usage skyrockets. Government begins smart cities initiative

Ventures Africa reports Nigeria’s Ministry of Communications Technology has initiated a Smart States initiative aimed at reducing Right of Way (RoW) fees and standardizing state levies and taxes on information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure. Show More Summary

Africa Trends Roundup: Internet-Anywhere, Smart cities, & Jobs creation

Getting insights from the noisy coverage of Africa can be very hard. We’ve sifted through all the news and views and identified these recent stories which more accurately indicate what Africa’s cultural, and business ecosystems might look like in the near future. Show More Summary

Steal this idea: A network of couriers to ease Ghana/Nigeria traffic

On a recent trip to Ghana, I spent a good amount of time traversing Accra, and consequently getting stuck in traffic. Ghana is not unlike many other African and foreign cities. It boasts a growing urban population, engaged middle class, and business growth. Add to that poor urban planning and you get horrendous daily traffic. [...]Show More Summary

Flying drones or more roads? What will connect more Africans?

There’s an ongoing debate going on right now spawned by recent news that Facebook’s bid to buy a drone manufacturer has implications for the company’s goal of “connecting Africa”. Whether Facebook actually intends to pursue that goal or it’s just a ploy to keep the company’s investors happy, the idea that Africa’s future could be [...]Show More Summary

IBM Chief Research Scientist on Tech as enabler for Africanized solutions

Last year I met IBM research scientist Uyi Stewart at a Africa business and innovation conference at the NYU. After hearing him talk on a panel and a few short conversations I could tell that he was a man on a mission. At the time we connected Uyi was finalizing plans to leave his position [...]Show More Summary

Business success in Africa is all about relationships

Carlo Regueiras, Africa Sales Manager at Altech ISIS explains: Despite the fact that doing business in Africa has changed significantly over the past few years with the continent’s business environment maturing, there are still many continent- and country-specific adaptations that are required for a company to be successful. The only way to achieve an effective [...]Show More Summary

Kenya’s Billion-Dollar Dash to Become the Tech Hub of Africa

Bloomberg reports: Nairobi, Kenya has become the tech hub of Africa, a niche that could be worth more than one billion dollars to the country in the next three years despite its 40% unemployment rate. Kenya is throwing all their eggs in the tech basket as they build a multi-billion dollar infrastructure in the form [...]Show More Summary

Notes: leadership and innovation at 2010 World Business Forum

Recently I was honored to have been able to attend The World Business Forum, an annual business conference featuring some of today’s most influential business and leadership luminaries. The event, held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, featured 18+ speakers – including Al Gore, Jack Welch, Vijay Govindarajan, and Charlene Li – [...]Show More Summary

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