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Millennials Have Landlines? Sure They Do.

I don't know one young person who falls into that generational category we call Millennials who has a landline anymore. Hell, I don't know anyone under the age of 55 who has a landline they use reliably. I have one just so every pollster who calls me can go to voicemail, and that's about it. Show More Summary

Oklahoma Christian Tries To Cut Off Friend's Head For Practicing Witchcraft

Wait, I thought Fox News told me only Muslims practiced this kind of violent religious intolerance! Isaiah Zoar Marin, 21, is charged with first-degree murder for the killing of Jacob Andrew Crockett, 19. Marin is accused of using aShow More Summary

When A GOP Male Rep. Says Female Democrat Is Ugly As Sin And Can't Win

Rep. Ann McLane Kuster, 58, is the Democratic incumbent for the New Hampshire 2nd congressional district running for re-election against Republican opponent Marilinda Garcia, 31. New Hampshire State Rep. Steve Vaillancourt wrote a long...Show More Summary

Scott Brown's Carpetbagging Comes Back To Haunt Him During Final Debate

Let's hope this is the final nail in Scott Brown's coffin that sends him scrambling back to Faux "news" for his livelihood. God knows we don't need to have both houses of Congress looking like Darrell Issa's Little Shop of Horrors with...Show More Summary

Hans And Greta Spin Horror Tales Over 'Ballot Thieves'

Welcome to the Hans and Greta show, where they spin fairy tales about how elections will be stolen by roving bands of marauding 'ballot thieves.' Von Spakovsky was an FEC commissioner, not an election official. He was a partisan hack who did his best to screw up campaign finance any way he could. But I digress. Show More Summary

Why Republicans Always Get Away With It, MSNBC Edition

Our current political media's largest failure has been their well-practiced ability to not only excuse Republicans' bad behavior, but to conveniently forget about it, too. This is why we have midterms where everyone is shrugging and exclaiming that they've never seen an election like this where everything is so...tied. Here's why that happens. Show More Summary

Richard Berman's Pitch To Energy Companies, In His Own Words

Well, well, our friend Richard Berman is back in the news, this time for offending one of the oil industry executives he was pitching enough that the man recorded his talk and sent it over to the New York Times for publication. Berman was full of his usual hate and vinegar, too, but he may have given just a little too much information out. Mr. Show More Summary

Fox News, Limbaugh Slime Teacher With Racist Lies

This story must begin with the ending, which you will only read here. You will only read it here because Rush Limbaugh and Todd Starnes, speaking for Fox News, have spoken and written lies about an elementary school teacher in Tennessee...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Southern Beale: The war on Halloween. No More Mister Nice Blog: The scary truth. World O' Crap: If Cyrano de Bergerac were a mortician. Goblinbooks: What Dracula can teach you about the Bible. Lawyers, Guns & Money: Boris Karloff's guacamole recipe. Finally, thirteen classic scenes that explain how horror movies work. This installment by Batocchio. Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With The Dee Dee Dums

The Dee Dee Dums is what happens. I always find it interesting when I stumble upon the early projects of an artist that I like. I feel that it gives the listener a perspective on how the artist was able to evolve their sound and mature into their current style. Show More Summary

Something I Agree With Rand Paul On: 'The GOP Sucks'

As our readers know, I'm no fan of Senator Rand Paul or his phony libertarian beliefs, but he did say something mildly entertaining and (at least partially) I can agree with. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) acknowledged Wednesday a problem that...Show More Summary

New Insight Into A Progressive Populist Path To Victory

Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg is not all doom and gloom about the Democratic Party's chances of keeping control of the Senate. The polls may suggest otherwise, but Greenberg still sees a way for Democrats to have a good outcomeShow More Summary

Giuliani's Mayoral Duties Were Much Like The U.S. President's

Oops, we have upset our friend and ally in the Middle East, the State of Israel, by offending Netanyahu yet again. Never fear, Fox News is here to castigate the 'feckless' president once more. Mayor 9/11, Rudy Giuliani, told Greta Van...Show More Summary

He Wanted 'Any Reason To Shoot Us': Cop Holds Latino Ex-state Senator At Gunpoint For Honking

A former Arizona state senator explained this week how a police officer threatened to kill him after he honked at an unmarked van to avoid a traffic accident. Armando Ruiz told KPNX that he was on his way to church on Monday night with...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Asked To Comment On Apple CEO Coming Out Gay: 'I Love My Iphone'

Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a wonderful piece today about how proud he is of being gay, and as usual a homophobic GOPer was asked about Cook's coming out moment. Senator Ted Cruz, one of the most anti-gay members of Congress was appearing...Show More Summary

Ernst Lies, Gardner Won't Answer Questions, And Other Tales From Koch-fueled Election

Every election has some strangeness to it, some quirks that make old pols like me shake our heads and say "really?" But this one could be the strangest of all. Just when you think a race is on the verge of being written off, a wholeShow More Summary

Worst Candidate Of The Day: Scott Brown

Scott Brown is running as xenophobic campaign as he can and lying like Richard Nixon seems to come very natural to him. We can only hope that voters reject him for it. Scott Brown, more frequently and with more aplomb than any candidate this year, has reacted to crises by telling potential voters how their government is failing them. Show More Summary

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