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CO Rep Who Claimed Horrific Crime Was Divine Retribution Yanked From Committee

Think about this: Dr. Chaps is too extreme for the Colorado Republican politicians. Hmm: DENVER - House Republicans have decided to discipline state Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt (R-Colorado Springs) by removing him from one of his twoShow More Summary

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Grills Anti-LGBT Indiana Law Defender

This hasn't been a good week for the so-called "Christian" anti-LGBT bigots out there. Mike Pence has been a train wreck in one television appearance after another and his defenders aren't doing a whole lot better: Cuomo Confrontation...Show More Summary

Today's Press Conference: Pence Is Very, Very Upset About Media Misunderstanding

Oh dear. How could all these people have misconstrued this wonderful legislation as intending discrimination against Teh Ghey? We will get right to work fixing it! Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) vowed Tuesday morning that the state would...Show More Summary

Megyn Kelly Really Goes To Bat For Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Law – But Not So Much For The Truth

Indiana’s widely-hated “religious freedom” law couldn’t have a better friend than Megyn Kelly. She vigorously defended the law not once but twice on Fox News prime time last night. A fierce backlash has sprung up against the law that...Show More Summary

Elizabeth Warren On Today: 'I'm Not Running, And I'm Not Going To Run'

I don't know how much more definite she can be: "No. I’m not running and I’m not going to run," she said. "I’m in Washington. I’ve got this really great job and a chance to try and make a difference on things that really matter." Warren...Show More Summary

New Daily Show Host Labled Racist, Anti-Semite Over Twitter Jokes

So the Twitters are in full outrage mode this morning over some old tweets by Trevor Noah, the new Daily Show host. Almost bumped a Jewish kid crossing the road. He didn't look b4 crossing but I still would hav felt so bad in my german...Show More Summary

The Enduring Myth Of Cost Shifting

By Wendell Potter Health insurance executives and lobbyists have for years told us that one of the main reasons they charge us so much for coverage is the cost shifting that results from Uncle Sam’s stinginess. The story goes like this:...Show More Summary

Barney Frank Points Out The Real Reason For Our Weak Recovery

David Dayen writes about something Barney Frank disclosed in his new autobiography: Namely, that Barack Obama is the real reason why the financial crisis has gone on so long, mostly because he prioritized the banks and ignored the needs of foreclosed homeowners. Show More Summary

Why Ted Cruz Will Not Be A 2016 Contender, Rafael Cruz Edition

This is why Ted Cruz should not be treated as a serious contender for 2016. Listen to his daddy call for nationwide nullification of state laws on same-sex marriage. “Something very exciting that has happened is what happened in Alabama...Show More Summary

Mike Pence Runs To Fox For Damage Control Over 'Religious Liberty' Law

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence ran to the loving arms of Faux "news" this Tuesday to do some damage control -- following his disastrous interview with George Stephanopoulos -- where he was lobbed softballs and allowed to play the "I have one...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush: People Won't Think Indiana's Discrimination Law Discriminates

Jeb Bush is working it hard these days, pandering to every fringe group he possibly can while walking away from the mainstream. I think it's worth considering Bibi Netanyahu's tactics when you listen to him bless Indiana's right-to-discriminate...Show More Summary

Bret Baier Debunks His Own Network's Defense Of 'Religious Freedom' Law

Someone forgot to give Fox host Bret Baier the memo on the Indiana's new "religious freedom" law: Watch A Fox News Anchor Debunk His Network's Defense Of Indiana's "Religious Freedom" Law: Fox News anchor Bret Baier debunked the network's...Show More Summary

Scott Walker's Reefer Madness

Last week, Scott Walker appeared at a luncheon in Phoenix, which was emceed by Hugh Hewitt. When he wasn't talking about how the Boy Scouts made him presidential material, he discussed whether to legalize marijuana. Of course, Walker...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Today we report on the economy and what we need to do and what others are doing, while Bill O'Reilly, well, reports on himself. EgbertoWillies knows why the middle class is losing. Glog tells us about how Podcasting is surviving using...Show More Summary

Open Thread: The Sound Of Music!

@moshekasher: The Sound of Music is my favorite holocaust-themed musical family classic. Open thread below....

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Earl Sweatshirt

This album takes on a darker tone than some of his other stuff, although Earl is known to get introspective, but he seems to have gone a little deeper this time. He's also taken to producing the album himself, aside from one track, which was produced by Left Brain. Show More Summary

John Sununu: Obama's 'Inciting' Birthers By Planning Trip To Kenya

The presidential campaign may have ended long ago, but that hasn't stopped former New Hampshire governor and Romney surrogate John Sununu from lobbing insults at President Obama. Sununu appeared on Fox's America's Newsroom this Monday...Show More Summary

Olbermann: The NCAA Must Pull The Final Four From Indiana

Keith Olbermann makes a passionate argument for why sports must lead the charge out of Indiana. "There are times in the history of this country where sports not only influences our destiny, but leads it, and this is such a time," Olbermann...Show More Summary

Bill O'Reilly's Cameraman Shreds The Last Threads Of His Falklands Lies

Bill O'Reilly foolishly thought if he just bullied everyone into forgetting that he lies with regularity, he could move on with his plan to lie some more. Mother Jones just disabused him of that illusion. Ignacio Medrano-Carbo says he was the cameraman on O'Reilly's crew that night. Show More Summary

Montana 'Patriot' Arrested For Buying A Machine Gun

On March 6th, William Krisstofer Wolf took to his Facebook page and wrote this: Just remember.....there are only 7M TOTAL government agents all over this country......there are only 900K cops spread out all over this country...... 500...Show More Summary

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