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WATCH: MSNBC Host Shuts Down Rep. Jack Kingston: 'You Know That's Not True'

Today is clean-up day on aisle Pastor Mark Burns for the Trump campaign, so who better to drag out than former Representative Jack Kingston? He's really a great guy when it comes to cleaning up the mess Trump surrogates leave behind. This...Show More Summary

CNN's Hillary Rosen: Huma Abadin 'Doesn't Need Trump's Advice On Marriage'

Donald Trump got really weird on Twitter yesterday, "supporting" Huma Abadin for leaving Anthony Weiner, but at the same time making it all about Hillary Clinton by association. Because reasons and deflection. Since Huma has access to...Show More Summary

Lewis Black On Morning Joe: Is Election 2016 A Social Experiment?

Lewis Black on Morning Joe was as terrific as you would think. To their credit, the Morning Joe producers started the segment with Lewis Black's 2011 rant insisting on a Donald Trump presidency. Black predicted Trump's name in gold letters...Show More Summary

Sheriff David Clarke Gushes Over Trump’s ‘Brilliant’ Tweet About Dwyane Wade’s Cousin’s Death

Sheriff David Clarke, did his part to help Fox News pretend that Donald Trump had done the black community a solid when he exploited an African American’s woman death to boast about his own (sure to come) popularity with blacks. As I...Show More Summary

Rubio Mocked For Saying He Can't Commit To Serving Full 6-Year Senate Term

Some people say Marco Rubio just isn't all that bright. This is just another example why they keep saying that. Source: Independent Journal Florida Senator Marco Rubio decided to run for reelection after bowing out of the presidential...Show More Summary

CONTEST: Let's Give This Amazing Campaign Phone Banking Tool To Two Progressives!

Phone banking is one crucial way for progressive candidates to reach out to voters, yet the commonly available phone banking software for small grassroots campaigns isn't up to par. One of the sharpest and most agile of the 2016 Blue...Show More Summary

Nevada Senate Race: Joe Heck And The Kochtopus

If you strain just a little you can read the fine print at the end of the ads being run by the Heck Campaign against Catherine Cortez Masto. The ads telling you she hates old people, etc… are from “Freedom Partners.” A word about that outfit. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

In non-political news, Gene Wilder died yesterday at the age of 83. He was a remarkable comedic actor, and now and over the coming days, and beyond, you'll see clips of Wilder in movies like The Producers, Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Stir Crazy, and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, and understandably so. Show More Summary

AP Fails, Weiner Sexts, And Something Wicked This Way Comes. What Will Donald Say?!?

Trump again. I know. I'm obsessed with who he is, how he got here, where he's going, and who's going down with him. Day by day, in every way, it's as if the planet has tilted and those of us still upright are experiencing an existential vertigo. Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Jimmy Reed

Any conversation about who were the people that built the foundation of Rock-n-Roll that doesn't include several mentions of Jimmy Reed is not a conversation I can be part of. To cite those he has influenced and have covered his songs...Show More Summary

Not The First Time 'Dinner With Trump' Has Fleeced Supporters

News broke this morning of a twenty-five-year-old man with no ties to the Trump campaign, raising over a million bucks with the promise that you can have "Dinner with Donald." There's a sucker born every minute, and apparently several thousands of minutes ago a whole lot of suckers were born who these days are going to vote for Donald Trump. Show More Summary

Trump's Doctor Is Either A Liar Or A HIPAA Violator

During his interview with NBC News, Dr. Harold Bornstein made an admission that was eye-popping. Rachel Maddow was fixed on the timing of his bogus letter about Donald Trump's health, but I've been trained in other areas, and this just...Show More Summary

Cranky Old Rudy Giuliani Calls Beyonce's 2016 MTV Awards Performance "Shameful"

On Fox News today, the panel decided to get a review from a socially aware and hip guest on Queen Bey's performance on last nights VMA's. Anyone with two eyes and at least one good ear who watched the show (or a clip) knows that she killed it, ran it over and then backed over it again. Show More Summary

FBI Alert! At Least Two States' Voter Databases Hacked

The FBI has sent out an alert to Arizona and Illinois that their voter registration databases were hacked and the personal data of at least 200,000 registered voters was accessed. Mother Jones reports: The FBI believes hackers triedShow More Summary

Sarah Palin Blames Bloody Head Injury On Hillary Clinton, Sort Of

Sarah Palin joined the Trump team today in fabricating a fictitious Hillary Clinton health scandal by bizarrely using her own head injury to attack the Democratic nominee for president. Alaska's former governor took to her wacky Facebook...Show More Summary

Unhinged Black Pastor Mark Burns Asks MSNBC Host Where Her Ancestors Are From

I am not sure how MSNBC host Kristen Welker endured well over five minutes of Trump surrogate and pastor Mark Burns utterly losing his mind and screaming at her when she asked him to defend this tweet: Black Americans, THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES and letting me use you again..See you again in 4 years. Show More Summary

Trump, Coulter, And MSNBC: Race Bait And Switch

For years, it has been ridiculously obvious that the Beltway media which simply cannot function without the crutch of its Both Sides Do It lie. Cannot. Function. Period. And for this I blame Chuck Todd, and a boatload of others just like him, for reasons that -- believe me -- after 11 years, I get tired of reiterating. Show More Summary

Ana Marie Cox Gives Trump Supporter 'Death Stare' Over Reciting Phony Clinton Health Report

We've already posted a segment with Trump surrogate Betsy McCaughey, making a fool of herself while defending Donald Trump's immigration positions earlier today, but there was more to follow. I couldn't pass up posting this clip from...Show More Summary

Trump Surrogate Betsy McCaughey Makes No Sense, Again

CNN's Carol Costello was in for a treat when she had Trump surrogate Betsy McCaughey on her show. The famed "Death Panels" liar was happy to get another 15 seconds of fame blindly defending the utterly absurd policies of the Orange Tyrant's...Show More Summary

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