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Open Thread - Tim Kaine Meets The WWF?

Kaine's introduction was lacking something. I fixed it: — Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) July 28, 2016 From tweeter @bubbaprog, a new and improved audio for the Tim Kaine entrance. More, you know, World Wrestling Federation. h/t Capper. Open thread below...

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Ronnie Self

After a bit of a frantic Friday there's only one thing left to do. Crank up some wild eyed rock-n-roll. Ronnie Self nails it as far as conveying "the weekend is here!" vibe for me right now. What are you listening to tonight?

The Hillary Clinton I Know

I am back from the Democratic convention, and beyond all the socializing and speeches, it made me reflective about these weird, wild, but truly historic times. Those of us who are part of the progressive movement should understand that...Show More Summary

That Time Jon Stewart Asked: Is Iraq Like Mike Pence's Indiana?

Flashback Friday, Folks! In this Daily Show clip from 2007, Jon Stewart points out that Mike Pence's Indiana is a lot like Iraq. Oh wait. That's not it. Mike Pence tried to claim that walking through a market in Iraq was the same asShow More Summary

Should We Fret About....Melania?

My friend Deb is seriously worried about Melania Trump. She’s turned up not up. Poof! Gone! Melania used to have a fancy pants website, touting her beauty and her brains. It’s gone. Poof! It used to look like this — But now it’s been...Show More Summary

Jennifer Granholm Whacks Trump For His Obsession With Himself

Jennifer Granholm was quite a successful governor, one of the finest in Michigan's history. She had to bring the state through the most horrific recession in a few generations. She unfortunately, termed out as Governor just before the abysmal and disastrous Tea Party wave from Hell inundated this nation. Show More Summary

McFarland: 'Having Generals Behind You Doesn't Make You A Good Foreign Policy President'

Greg Jarrett, filing in for Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum on Fox's America's Newsroom, addressed the cavalcade of America's military Generals who appeared together on stage to back Hillary Clinton at the DNC. Jarrett, who once credited...Show More Summary

HA! Trump Jr. Claims Obama Plagiarized A Phrase From His Speech But Obama Used It First

This is so amazingly stupid. Donald Trump, Jr. is pretending he actually has a clue and a case by claiming President Obama "stole" a line out of his RNC speech. He's all over being a whiny baby about it, but he's just flat wrong. I'm honored that POTUS would plagiarize a line from my speech last week. Show More Summary

Breaking: Donald Trump Refuses To Release Tax Returns That Aren't Being Audited

Donald Trump joined Fox News' Greta Van Susteren on Thursday to discuss the Democratic Convention and the topic of his tax returns came up. Previously, Trump praised Greta for backing him up when she said he shouldn't release the returns...Show More Summary

What Republicans Can Learn From The Democratic Convention

Some have observed that the Democratic convention floor has been less unified than the Republican one last week. This is true. But I suspect the Democrats are going to be better off for it. The Republicans achieved their unity the cheap way. Show More Summary

GOP Security Experts To Formally Request An Immediate Congressional Investigation Into DNC Hack

It appears that the GOP is finally realizing how serious the DNC hack was, but probably not for the reasons Donald Trump had hoped. There was instant suspicion regarding both the timing of the release as well as who was behind it when the 20,000 emails dropped last weekend. Show More Summary

Really? Fox's Eric Bolling Says George Bush Killed Bin Laden

Fox News' Eric Bolling, co-host of The Five must have been revved up on something during Thursday's show in Philly at the DNC convention because he made one of the most ridiculous and fraudulent claims any right wing talk show host has...Show More Summary

Whiner Trump Really Is Emulating Nixon

Hey, Donald, do you want some cheese with this whine? Trump on Dem attacks: 'I take it a little bit personally' While trying to take the barrage of Democratic National Convention attacks against him in stride, Donald Trump admitted in...Show More Summary

Navy To Name Ship After Gay Rights Activist Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk joins other civil rights leaders in having the John Lewis-class ships named after them, including Robert F. Kennedy and Sojourner Truth. Source: Sam LaGrone at USNI News The Navy is set to name a ship after the gay rights...Show More Summary

Fox News Doesn't Air Khizr Khan's Powerful Anti-Trump Speech

The cable news channel that purports to care about veterans outdid itself last night when they decided against airing perhaps the most powerful and stirring speech of the night at the Democratic National Convention. The father of a Muslim...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

As I write this, Hillary Clinton has not yet made her big speech, and so my sucker bet that no bookie will take: like Humpty-Dumpty, the political glass ceiling will never be put back together again. We're experiencing history. Margaret...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Questions Trump's Qualifications: 'A Man You Can Bait With A Tweet'

Hillary Clinton gave the DNC's presidential acceptance speech tonight in Philadelphia, to become the first women in history to accept a major party’s presidential nomination. I'm really burnt so I'll just say, she started out slow, then...Show More Summary

Open Thread - One Last Thing

Reminder that if Obama lives as long as Carter, he'll be speaking at Dem conventions through 2052. — daveweigel (@daveweigel) July 28, 2016 Open Thread below...

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Honey

I already spilled some digital ink on this record over at the music & beer geek blog I maintain a week or so ago but had the record cranked up loud again today so I figured I would mention it in the club here too. What are you listening to tonight?

Rev. William Barber: 'Be The Moral Defibrillator Of Our Time'

North Carolina's Dr. William Barber took everyone to moral church at the Democratic National Convention earlier tonight. Calling for Americans to be the "moral defibrillators of our time," Barber called on Americans to "shock this nation"...Show More Summary

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