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Open Thread - Family Fight?

Fun Fact: Turns out not everyone is "entitled to their opinion." Open thread below....

C&L's Sat Nite Chiller Theater: 'The Monster Of Piedras Blancas' (1959)

Influenced by the great Creature from the Black Lagoon, this movie had one of the scariest monster suits in it from the famed 1950's black and white era. As a kid all I wanted to see was the monster. I was looking for a better print,...Show More Summary

Mike Huckabee Uses Brexit To Push For U.S. Deregulation

This Brexit leave vote pleases one group in this country, and it's those who agree with the far right wing, nationalism that frighteningly seems to be spreading in both the United States and Europe. Saturday morning TV on Fox 'News'Show More Summary

Brexit And Racism, Tucker Carlson Style

The weekend's giggling couch tumors are no less exasperating than the weekday hosts, even if we are blessed to be free of Dolt Supreme, Brian Kilmeade. Tucker Carlson, Clayton Morris and Mandatory Blonde, Anna Kooiman do nicely as the...Show More Summary

If Only Obama Had Taken Her Guns

On September 25, 2015, Texas mom Christy Sheats wrote a tribute to her two daughters, aged 17 and 22 on her Facebook wall. Today, she shot them both dead. When the police arrived, they shot Christy Sheats after determining that she had...Show More Summary

Donald Defends His Claim On Clinton's Server Hack, Thinks He 'Read It Somewhere'

As usual, Donald found himself in the position of having to defend his indefensible lies about Hillary Clinton's email server. During his speech earlier this week, he claimed, "Her server was easily hacked by foreign governments, perhaps even by her financial backers in Communist China." Except there is no evidence of foreign hackers to her server. Show More Summary

Mutiny At CNN Over Corey Lewandowski Hiring?

As you know by now, CNN hired Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, reportedly for a salary of five hundred thousand dollars. Most everybody, including journalists wondered how Corey would fulfill his role as TV pundit if...Show More Summary

Stacey Dash: Brexit Proves You Shouldn’t Vote For Hillary Clinton!

Fox News wants you to pay no attention to your vanishing 401(k) and global instability in the wake of the U.K.’s Brexit vote. Why? Because it’s such great Republican politics! As Media Matters noted, the right-wing media is so thrilled...Show More Summary

Tom Tancredo Wants 'Civic Literacy' Tests To Vote

There are moments in our political discourse where I find myself sitting back on my haunches and thinking about how incredibly stupid some right-wingers are. And also, how incredibly gullible their voters are. It makes me sad. And then one of them says something so stupid I burst into laughter. Show More Summary

Paul Ryan Is A Damn Fool

Paul Ryan, damfool congressvarmint, actually said of the Democratic sit-in, “It’s a publicity stunt.” Of. Course. It. Is. You. Damn. Fool. What the fool tarnation do you think it is? What the hell do you think any sit-in is? It is to gain publicity for your cause. Show More Summary

Bill O'Reilly Mourns For The Good Ole Days When London Was White

If ever there was a perfect illustration of the emotion that drove Brexiters Thursday, it's Bill O'Reilly moaning about how, when he lived in London in 1970, it was a very white place. O'Reilly spent his junior year of college at Queen Mary College in London, in 1970. Show More Summary

Fanfare For The Common Moron

Unlike fossil fuels, arable land and clean water, Earth's reserves of stupid appear to be inexhaustible. From ars technica: Many UK voters didn’t understand Brexit, Google searches suggest "What happens if we leave the EU?" and "What...Show More Summary

With A Teleprompter And Some Hack Ideologue Speechwriters, Trump Could Be (Moderately) Dangerous

Donald Trump's speech Wednesday got some good reviews. Slate's Michelle Goldberg wrote, Donald Trump’s Wednesday morning speech about Hillary Clinton’s record is probably the most unnervingly effective one he has ever given. In a momentary...Show More Summary

Bill Maher: President Obama Should Go On An American Apology Tour

Real Time host Bill Maher with a suggestion for President Obama during his New Rules segment this Friday: And, finally, New Rule, since President Obama is constantly being accused of going on an "apology tour," he should just go on one. Show More Summary

23 Dead In Devastating West Virginia Floods

My heart goes out to the people in West Virginia who are being washed away by terrible floods in that state. According to Reuters, at least 23 people are dead, including two children. "The damage is widespread and devastating," Governor Earl Ray Tomblin said at a news conference. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Echidne of the Snakes - millennial men more sexist than their forebears? Hackwhackers - from Brexit to Texit? Informed Comment - Islamophobia led to Brexit? Just Above Sunset - GB not so great again; Mike the Mad Biologist - Clinton's...Show More Summary

Open Thread - Quote Of The Day

From writer Raj Bains: Right now, it is raining methane on Titan. The planet Uranus is orbiting the sun sideways, while Venus spins backwards. There are stars exploding, black holes gorging, galaxies colliding. And here we sit, on a planet pock-marked by collisions, rocked by earthquakes, shaken by storms. Show More Summary

Michigan's Welfare Drug Testing Yields Zero Positives

Well color me surprised! Once again, a terrible Republican plan by Michigan's GOP Governor has failed to achieve its goal; which is to catch those drug-abusing welfare cheats and expose the fraud of the whole 'entitlement' concept. Except, not one of the 303 recipients whom they tested, turned up positive. Show More Summary

C&L's Music Club Remembers Ralph Stanley

Describing Ralph Stanley's 70 year long music career would be a lot like analyzing the rings of a fallen tree to figure out its history. His unique way of playing banjo, dubbed by fans and scholars as "Stanley Style", is one of the most...Show More Summary

Fox’s Stuart Varney Cheerleads Germany Gunman As A ‘Plus For Donald Trump'

Fox Business host Stuart Varney admitted he knew virtually nothing about the circumstances surrounding a gunman in a movie theater in Germany today. But while speculating that it was a terrorism attack, Varney “asked” guest Monica Crowley,...Show More Summary

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