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Lamar Smith On Climate Change 'Benefits': Melting Ice Creates New Shipping Lanes

Rep. Lamar Smith, the chair of the House Science Committee wrote a bizarro op-ed that promotes all the good that global warming will cause in the world. This hasn't come from Funny or Die, The Onion or the mind of Sarah Silverman. Smith's...Show More Summary

Why Doesn't The Earth Swallow Up Liars Like Jason Chaffetz?

I imagine the floors at Fox and Friends studio are treated with some tungsten alloy, or a spell has been cast on the set to protect Roger Ailes, minion of Satan. Because the fact that Jason Chaffetz can say this on air and not get swallowed up whole by the earth and sent straight to Hell is amazing to me. Transcript via Media Matters: read more

Without Any Evidence, Rush Limbaugh Claims 'Leftists' Recruiting Generals For A 'Rebellion'

Oh hey, folks! We have a new conspiracy theory from Rush Limbaugh because, well, because he's Rush Limbaugh, I suppose. This one involves "leftists." Do we even know what he means when he uses that term? Does he mean run of the millShow More Summary

In Another Bizarre Interview, Trump Attacks Jeff Sessions' Loyalty

CNN New Day discussed this morning's Trump interview in the Wall St. Journal. Alysin Camarota asked journalist Jeff Toobin to weigh in. "Yesterday, President Trump had a different take on why Jeff Sessions did that on that day: Not that he was making a bold proclamation of President Trump, but this is what the president told the Wall Street Journal. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

"Boy Scouts", or Brown Shirts? Among many, Bark Bark Woof Woof on Trump at the B.S. Jamboree. "It reads like a combination of a bad acid trip and a Hitler Youth rally." Green Eagle looks into the future while excoriating "Maverick" McCain. "Here...Show More Summary

The Limits Of Trump's Presidential Pardon Power

As we reluctantly educate ourselves about presidential pardons, we should keep in mind the limits of Trump's power to pardon. He may pardon his family, friends, courtiers, and other enablers, and, perhaps, himself, but there are real...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Steve Goodman

Had he not passed away from leukemia at the age of 36 in 1984, Steve Goodman would be celebrating his 69th birthday today. With quite a few of his songs becoming standards not only in the folk world but also in the pop and country field, there were many a great tune of his to pick from for the music club tonight. Show More Summary

John McCain Just Voted For A Bill He Could Not Support 6 Hours Ago

On a 43-57 vote, the BCRA with the Cruz amendment attached that destroyed pre-existing conditions was defeated. Actually, it was a procedural vote to override the Budget Act before proceeding to the bill itself and required 60 votes,...Show More Summary

She's Baaaack! Queen Of Voter Suppression Rides Again

As you know, I am a neighbor of Truth the Vote’s head honcho Cathy Engelbretch. We are not close. Not at all. I have long accused Ms. Engelbretch of caring about voter fraud as long as it gets her on Fox News and makes some damn money...Show More Summary

Paul Ryan Wants To Take Healthcare Away From Poor Nuns

One sentence in the latest awesome open letter (this time to the Senate) from Nuns on the Bus caught my eye: Our faith urges us to care for all people and all of creation, especially the most vulnerable. The BCRA would be the most harmful...Show More Summary

Trump Uses Wall Street Interview To Pressure Sessions Into Resigning

During a joint press conference with Lebanon’s prime minister, Trump told the press that he's "very disappointed with the Attorney General," and that "time will tell" what happens. Blake Burman of Fox Business Network followed up questioning...Show More Summary

Sen. Cornyn: Sessions Is A 'Good And Honorable Man' Who Did The Right Thing In Recusing Himself

Chris Cuomo on New Day spoke to Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) about the signs that Donald Trump plans to fire Jeff Sessions, apparently for what he calls "disloyalty." "He said he had a very weak position this morning and that he should be...Show More Summary

Senate Votes To Advance Obamacare Repeal, With Pence Breaking The Tie

After high drama in the Senate beginning with protesters in the galleries shouting "Kill the Bill!" and being ejected, they proceeded to a vote to open debate on repealing Obamacare without knowing what was in the bill or what the actual...Show More Summary

Senators On Hot Mic: 'You Could Beat The Sht Out Of Him' & 'Trump Is Crazy'

Sen. Susan Collins forgot to turn her mic off after a Senate Subcommittee hearing and her conversations with Sen. Jack Reed (D) are the stuff of legends. Sen. Reed called Trump, "crazy" and Sen. Collins responded to a duel challenge by Rep. Show More Summary

Roland Martin: 'Crack Head' Trump Is Addicted To Rally Crowds

Let's be clear, all politicians get "high" on a rally in their honor. But the Boy Scout Jamboree fiasco was special. Donald Trump was not only off-script (there was no script), his comments were completely self-centered, occasionally vulgar ("hot people at a party"), and blatantly hateful. I'm an Eagle Scout. Show More Summary

Scaramucci: 'You’re Probably Right,' Trump Wants Sessions Out

Appearing with Trump toady Hugh Hewitt on his radio show, Anthony Scaramucci admitted that Trump wants AG Jeff Sessions gone. Early this morning, Trump continued his public humiliation of Jeff Sessions by sending out another derogatory...Show More Summary

Speaker Ryan: Trump Has To Deal With 'Any Possible Fallout' Over His Personnel Decisions

As the House GOP leaders were holding a press conference, Speaker Ryan was in no mood to discuss Trump's feud with AG Jeff Sessions and deferred to the power of the presidency. I believe it was MSNBC's Kirsten Welker that asked the first...Show More Summary

Manafort Subpoenaed By Senate Judiciary; Guess Who Will Question Him

RELEASE THE FRANKEN! Grab your popcorn, though it's not clear this will be televised yet. So tomorrow he will testify under oath. And this doesn't scratch the surface of what Mueller is investigating. The man who hand-picked Mike Pence as VP is being investigated by Mueller for money laundering. Show More Summary

Trump Doesn't Have The Cojones To Fire Subordinates Who Don't Have The Cojones To Quit

Donald Trump's fans think he's the toughest guy on the planet, and he's best known for a TV show on which he regularly fired people -- but firing people is something he's too lily-livered to do as president. Jonatham Swan reports: AShow More Summary

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