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Fox Wingnut Calls Kenya Obama's 'Home Country'

Faux "news" regular Kevin Jackson pulled the birther card while attacking President Obama for his remarks at the Easter prayer breakfast this week: Fox Guest: Obama Should Decry Killing Of Christians In His 'Home Country' Of Kenya: A...Show More Summary

Rand Paul Gets Testy (Again) When Asked About His Past Opinions

Savannah Guthrie, the once perky sidekick to Chuck Todd on The Daily Rundown, asked a substantive question to fledgling presidential hopeful, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) on The Today Show. Her question had three parts, all regarding his...Show More Summary

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Found Guilty In Boston Marathon Bombing

Just in, via MSNBC: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been found guilty in the Boston Marathon bombings. He will face another trial which will determine whether he will face the death penalty. The trial began March 4 and included weeks of graphic testimony that dragged the city through painful memories of the bombings and the four-day manhunt that followed. Show More Summary

12 Years Ago: Donald Rumsfeld's Greatest Memo

Matthew Yglesias, posted one of the greatest and most horrible memos ever issued by Donald Rumsfeld twelve years ago during the Iraq War during the Battle of Baghdad that sounds like it came from the Doctor Strangelove movie script rather...Show More Summary

When Sugar Ain't Sweet

Okay, so down in South Florida it has been suggested that The South Florida Water Management District buy land owned by US Sugar to use as floodplains to help save the Everglades. US Sugar and The Tea Party aren’t having that. They decided to protest. When no protesters registered to do it, they decided to hire some. Good Lord, don’t advertise it on Facebook, you damn fool.

And What Have We Learned Today, Class?

Brittney Cooper in Salon writes about a story everyone should read: Some Atlanta teachers are going to jail over inflating test scores on standardized tests. They were convicted under RICO, the racketeering law that could more appropriately be applied to the officials of almost any Republican organization -- but for some reason, isn't. Show More Summary

Cosmic Insight ~ In Pursuit Of Believing Again

A bit of a cosmic tilt was experienced from last month’s energetic aspects of the Uranus/Pluto square and the solar/lunar eclipses. Mars also shifted from the fiery speed of Aries, into steady Taurus, which is currently encouraging patience, determination and real ‘oomph’ from our creative efforts. Show More Summary

Chris Matthews Rips MSNBC For Airing 'Goddamn' Right-Wing Ad, Then Airs It Himself

Chris Matthews went a little off the reservation on Thomas Roberts' show Tuesday, chewing on MSNBC and Roberts for airing an attack ad against Rand Paul, put together by the same group that Swiftboated John Kerry. TPM: MSNBC anchor Thomas...Show More Summary

Philly Deserves A Progressive Mayor: Meet Jim Kenney

Yesterday, having forced Wall Street faux-Democrat Rahm Emanuel into a runoff, progressives came up short-- although doing far better than pundits had predicted. Chuy raised $5.2 million, a substantial amount... but Rahm had over $30 million to spend, most of it from just a few super-wealthy families benefiting financially from his administration. Show More Summary

Megyn Kelly And Tony Perkins Accuse Obama Of Sending Anti-Christian Messages To Our Enemies

Megyn Kelly got together with her favorite homophobe, Tony Perkins, and the two discussed just how much damage Obama is doing to Christians and Christianity around the world. The pretext for this session of hate – in the name of Christ – was Obama’s comments today at an Easter Prayer Breakfast. Show More Summary

'Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran' McCain Has The Nerve To Call Obama's Foreign Policy 'Immoral'

I have a lot of disagreements with the Obama administration's policies, like the fact that they've basically continued President Bush's so-called "war on terror" and have bought into the idea that if you just drop enough bombs on people's...Show More Summary

Wisconsin Preacher Tells Members How To Vote

Leading up to Tuesday's spring election in Wisconsin, Pastor Fred Smith of the Watertown Community Church had an interesting message for his congregation - how to vote in the election. Smith tells his flock that he put a flier in the...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

And Justice For All... Here it is, the 21st Century, and it troubles me, still, that we can't have Jet Packs, because we can't get some people's minds out of the 1860s... or old Deuteronomy, for that matter. Echidne Of The Snakes (@Echidne...Show More Summary

Alabama OB-GYN Whose Patient Died Pushed For 'Drive-Through Deliveries'

During his campaign for the Alabama Legislature last year, now-state Sen. Larry Stutts, a Sheffield Republican and OB-GYN, vowed to get the government out of the middle of the patient-physician relationship. He made no mention of the fact that what he really had in mind was putting insurance companies back in the middle of that relationship. Show More Summary

Open Thread - Selfie Stick? You're Doing It Wrong

Oh Hai! Yeah, I was just taking a selfie when you called.... [via] Open thread below...

Paranoid Senator Mike Lee Imagines "Our Lost Constitution"

Basking in the afterglow of Senator Aqua Buddah's announcement of his presidential aspirations, Utah's Tea Party superstar, Senator Mike Lee spoke fondly of his good friends in the Senate: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio. He supports...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Tame Impala

This tune is a lot more downtempo and atmospheric than the first release from the new album, "Let It Happen." Tame Impala takes things down a notch, but keeps it groovy with this smooth jam. It seems to be more emulative of the '80sShow More Summary

Don't Be A Sucker (NSFW)

Rand Paul announced his candidacy for the Presidency today, and the second sentence of his speech was: "We have come to take our country back." We heard that before. So did the veterans of WWII. Take a look.

UFO Activists Want A Hillary Clinton Presidency

I suppose this is as good a reason as any, right? Stephen Bassett is ready for Hillary. Bassett, Capitol Hill's only registered UFO lobbyist, anticipates that another Clinton presidency will offer another shot at what's long been the Holy Grail for extraterrestrial enthusiasts: full disclosure of what the US government really knows about aliens. Show More Summary

Obama Twits Walker, Suggests He 'Bone Up' On Foreign Policy

President Obama is a master of the subtle takedown, but this one wasn't even that subtle. Speaking to NPR News' Steve Inskeep, Obama was asked about Scott Walker's remarks that he'd undo the Iran deal on Day One of his mythical presidency. "It would be a foolish approach to take and perhaps Mr. Show More Summary

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