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You Know Trump's Bad When Rick Perry Thinks He's Crazy

It's amusing to watch the GOP clowns taking turns going after Trump. As Juanita Jean points out, Perry is probably racking up donations for his legal fees and has no expectation of becoming president: Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry dismissed...Show More Summary

Right-Wing Freak Out: 7 Islamic Attacks In 7 Years For Obama

FOX Nation with the help of the Daily Caller have created a new meme to fault the Obama Administration with an increase in Islamic-inspired violence. The article Seven Islamic Terrorist Attacks in Seven Years For Obama Administration... Show More Summary

RIGHT NOW: Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Live From Netroots Nation

Live from Netroots Nation in Phoenix: During this keynote you’ll hear from one of our biggest progressive champions—Senator Elizabeth Warren. She fired up the crowd last year in Detroit, pledging to continue fighting a rigged system in a country of rising income inequality and stressing the importance of fighting for progressive values. Sen. Show More Summary

At Netroots Nation, Progressives Attack Consultant Class

Yes, many of the Democratic consultants are just awful, and continue to run the same cookie-cutter campaigns that no longer appeal to voters: PHOENIX—Good morning from Netroots Nation, the 10th annual gathering of 3,000 progressive activists, many of whom work for prominent interest groups on the left. Show More Summary

Former Rep. Michael Grimm To Serve 8 Months For Tax Evasion

You may remember this clown guy as the one who threatened to throw a reporter off a balcony at the senate rotunda. Despite being under indictment, Grimm easily won re-election last fall, before stepping down after pleading guilty a few...Show More Summary

'The Dean Of Twitter' John Dingell Pwns Donald Trump

The video above is from last weekend's fundraiser for progressive Michigan blog, where John Dingell read some of his "greatest hits" from Twitter. via Vanity Fair John Dingell was a congressman for 59 years before he retired as the dean of the House earlier this year. Show More Summary

The Guiltier You Are, The More Lawyers You Need

Perry’s report shows that he brought in only $685 in contributions, but he spent $1.48 million. That means that his legal defense costs represent 69 percent of his spending. Perry only had $1.28 million left in his campaign account as...Show More Summary

Huffington Post Moves Trump Coverage To Entertainment Section

This appeared in the Huffington Post, and it's a policy I hope starts a trend: After watching and listening to Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy for president, we have decided we won't report on Trump's campaign as part of The Huffington Post's political coverage. Show More Summary

Walker Would Reinstate The Patriot Act

Scott Walker appeared on the Kelly Files to discuss the mass shooting in Chattanooga. Even though they have no proof, both of these clowns (they are clowns, right? They're both wearing clown make up!) immediately blamed Islam extremists...Show More Summary

Johnny Reb Died For The Cause Of Teabaggery

The Confederate battle flag is a flag of racism, and nothing's ever going to make me believe me otherwise, but I reluctantly find myself accepting the notion that the flag's biggest fans (or at least some of them) have deluded themselves into thinking that it isn't racist -- they're not lying to us about its meaning, they're lying to themselves. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Tops Fox News Poll With GOP Primary Voters

Much to Charles Krauthammer's dismay, Donald Trump is pulling away from the GOP Clown Car herd and the newest numbers show that at this point, El Trumpo is the real favorite of GOP primary voters. Charles tried to downplay Trump's dynamic...Show More Summary

Former Iranian Ambassador Praises Nuclear Deal As Model For The Region

From this Thursday's Democracy Now, former Iranian Ambassador Seyed Hossein Mousavian explains why Congress should approve the deal the Obama administration just made with the Iranians rather than listen to the fearmongering we're hearing...Show More Summary

Open Thread - Lewis Black On Phones (Not Safe For Work, Obviously)

Lewis Black on smartphone technology. Warning there is swearing. Open Thread below...

O'Reilly Pushes Bogus ISIS Link To Chattanooga Shooting While Admitting It Might Not Be True

As John Amato already explained here, Fox "news" and wingnut Pamela Geller almost immediately tried tying the Chattanooga shooter to ISIS this Thursday, facts be damned, which should surprise no one, since anytime there's someone with...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Nouvelle Vague

Do you ever wonder what it would sound like if Joy Division was a Bossa Nova band wherein Ian Curtis has a pretty, female voice? Wonder no more, because somebody made that happen, and that somebody is Nouvelle Vague. NV takes a lot of songs (especially punk songs) and tones them down to a smooth Bossa beat. Show More Summary

'Member Of The 1%' Explains On Reddit Why He's Voting For Bernie Sanders

A self-described member of the 1 percent shocked the Reddit community on Wednesday with an explanation of why he was voting for the presidential candidate who has made higher taxes for the wealthy a tenet of his campaign. In a wildly...Show More Summary

Chattanooga Gunman Was UCT Graduate, DUI Arrest In April

Step by step information is leaking out about who the Chattanooga shooter was. The usual suspects like Fox News and wingnut Pam Geller began tying him to ISIS almost immediately, but that was very premature. Fox Runs With Bogus ISIS Link To Chattanooga Shooting Here's what we know now as reported by WRCB. Show More Summary

Watch ‘Straight News Anchor’ Megyn Kelly’s Vicious, Dishonest Attack On Planned Parenthood

Megyn Kelly didn’t let a little thing like integrity stand in the way of her vicious grandstanding against Planned Parenthood after a deceptively edited video falsely seemed to portray the organization selling fetus’ body parts. As NewsHounds’...Show More Summary

Ronda Rousey Punks Floyd Mayweather At ESPYs

Floyd Mayweather's domestic abuse cases have been well documented over the years and came to the surface big time when he fought Manny Pacquiao in the awful mega fight earlier this year. Ronda Rousey, who may be the most dominating athlete...Show More Summary

America Is Marginalizing Christians Much Like Pre-Holocaust Jews

The imagined war on America's Christians is the brainchild of the aging members of the Moral Majority, in an effort to garner sympathy for their shrinking portion of the U.S. population. Pastor Robert Jeffress claims, in Tuesday's interview...Show More Summary

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