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Wisconsin Lawmakers Battle Over Orlando

Like everywhere else in the country, the horrible tragedy in Orlando this past weekend has created a lot of passion in Wisconsin. This has led to a shameless display of racism and bigotry by one of Wisconsin's worst lawmakers. On Sunday,...Show More Summary

Steve King: Orlando Shooting Result Of Being 'Suppressed With Political Correctness'

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) asserted on Wednesday that the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando could have been prevented if people were not being "suppressed" by political correctness. During an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, King argued...Show More Summary

Trump To Meet With The NRA, Armed With President Obama's Ideas

Donald Trump is best known for his grotesquely offensive comments, but luckily for the Talking Yam, his outrageous, unhinged, gish-galloping overshadows his duplicity, and we don't think of him as a candidate who believes he can have his cake and eat it too. Show More Summary

Both Sides! Mike Rogers Follows 'The Rules' For Avoiding GOP Responsibility

So why would CNN bring on a former Congressman turned right wing radio host to open his pie hole about whether Obama is Presidential or not? (No, really.) Because....this former Congressman is hosting a new TV show...on CNN. (No, really.) Is...Show More Summary

Please Donate To C&L's 2016 Summer Fundraiser

I've been holding back on doing a week long donation drive for a while now because of the presidential primaries and recent tragic events, but we can't wait any longer. It's been a long, hard presidential campaign so far and even though...Show More Summary

Joe The Plumber Thinks Orlando Attack Means We Need A ‘Gays For Trump’ Movement

Fox Business trotted out that noted terrorism expert, Joe The Plumber, not only to praise Donald Trump’s terrorism-fighting mojo but to turn the marriage-equality opponent into some kind of icon for gays. First, the segment highlighted...Show More Summary

LIVE NOW: Senator Chris Murphy Launches Filibuster To Demand Votes On Gun Laws

Senator Chris Murphy has launched a filibuster on guns, assisted by Senators Bill Nelson and other Democrats. Here's how he began it: “This is a different moment today than it was at the end of last week,” Murphy said. “There is a newfound...Show More Summary

O.J. Detective And Fox News' Mark Fuhrman Blames Loss Of 'Choke Hold' For Rodney King Incident

If you want to see an excellent documentary on not only the life of O.J. Simpson, but the racial animus felt by the black community throughout Robert Gates' reign in the LAPD that lead to the verdict, don't miss ESPN’s “30 For 30” documentary...Show More Summary

Stephen Colbert's Diagram Explains Trump's Response To Orlando

A bravura peformance by Colbert last night. Source: Daily Mail Late Show host Stephen Colbert shocked TV audiences with a comic sketch about Donald Trump's reaction to the Orlando nightclub massacre which ended with him drawing a swastika...Show More Summary

Because I Love Me Some Barbeque

Please meet Congressvarmint Blake Farenthold. And then hear what he said — “With President Trump, I’m ready to get off defense and go on offense. Trump is going to slaughter some sacred cows, and I’m ready for the barbecue.” I imagine you are, Blake, I imagine you are. Crossposted at

Mike's Blog Round Up

Lawyers, Guns and Money: Who Supports Trump? Irish Central: How Bush created ISIS and why he could have learned from Ireland Down With Tyranny: Park City Debate Topic: Who's To Blame For The Rise Of Trump? Juanita Jean's: And You Thought This Would Never Happen Round up by Swimgirl.(tweeter @miamiswimmer) Send tips to mbru AT crooksandliars DOT com

Judicial Watch Loses: Judge Keeps Clinton IT Expert's Immunity Agreement Under Seal

Judge Emmet Sullivan issued an order today related to dueling motions filed by Judicial Watch, Bryan Pagliano, and the DOJ. Pagliano's attorneys asked that his deposition not be videotaped, and also asked that the letter granting him immunity by the DOJ be kept under seal. Show More Summary

WV 'Sovereign Citizen' Murders Three With AR-15

Everything changes when an AR-15 is present. Everything. Monday there was another mass shooting in West Virginia, which turns out to have been a sovereign citizen who had a dispute with his neighbors over firewood. Instead of resolving the matter peacefully, he pulled out an AR-15 and shot them all to death. No, really. Show More Summary

NC Trump Rally Account Is The Scariest Thing You'll Read Today

I'm not going to add anything to this. Just read it. Trump is unleashing the hate and it's erupting like a volcano. Live-tweeted from last night's Greensboro Trump rally: [View the story "A Trump Rally in Greensboro "Anger in here is palpable"" on Storify]

Utah's Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox Gives Powerful Address About The Orlando Shooting

Utah's Lt. Gov. Surprised many when he appeared at a vigil in Salt Lake City for the victims of the Orlando shootings, apologizing for his past actions and attitudes against LGBT people. Full transcript for remarks delivered Monday,Show More Summary

If Anything Can Unite The Democrats, It’s Climate

A recent Gallup poll exploring issue priorities of Democrats and Republicans found that the “sharpest issue-priority disagreements,” by far, were regarding climate change. While 72 percent of Democrats deem climate an “extremely or very...Show More Summary

What If We Pushed Body Armor Like The NRA Pushes Guns?

I've marveled before at the multiple strategies the NRA uses to sell more guns. They make money after ever mass shooting. They have created an environment where the answer to any question about guns is more guns. It's ridiculous, but clever. Show More Summary

Trump Accuses U.S. Vets Of Stealing Money In Iraq

At his rally tonight, Donald Drumpf accused United States veterans of stealing money meant for Iraq. "How about bringing baskets of money into Iraq? I want to know -- who were the soldiers who had that job?," roared Trump. “I want to...Show More Summary

Open Thread - We Shall Overcome

The Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington DC sings "We Shall Overcome" at a vigil outside the White House. h/t Wonkette commenter kcnewhaven for the video and @quinncy for the Don Winsor post. Open thread below....

OUTRAGEOUS: Orlando Gunman's Father Blames Nightclub For Massacre

Omar Mateen's father sat down with Orlando's Fox 35 news today to discuss the massacre at Pulse Nightclub at the hands of his deranged son. Upon the news of his son's act on Sunday, his father said that he was "angry that he saw 2 men...Show More Summary

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