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Gay Marriage: Yay Or Nay?

Gay marriage may feel like it's a done deal but not so for a lot of folks. Check out what some people on Hollywood Blvd are thinkin' these days! And please remember to subscribe to

WaPo: Walker Is Spineless

As the gentle reader is aware, Scott Walker was recently in New York for yet another fundraiser. Walker was there with Rudy Guliani, who did what he does best - putting his foot in his mouth by accusing President Barack Obama of not loving America. When asked about it, Walker did what he does best - he punted. Show More Summary

Why Bill O'Reilly Will Skate

At Mother Jones, David Corn and Daniel Schulman have published a thorough, extremely well researched story proving that Bill O'Reilly has lied for years when he's claimed to have experienced "combat" as a reporter in a "war zone" during the Falklands War. Show More Summary

Cenk Uygur Has Some Advice For MSNBC

I've been mulling over this reported MSNBC decision to "move away from left-wing TV" for two days now and I still don't get it, mostly because you'd have to actually be left wing to move away from it. MSNBC has some liberal people on...Show More Summary

Victoria Jackson: Obama Probably Muslim 'Since He Supports Abortion And Same-Sex Marriage'

Former SNL star turned wingnut Victoria Jackson is trolling for some attention again following her snub from the show's 40th reunion. From Right Wing Watch: Victoria Jackson: Obama's Gay Marriage Support Proves He's 'An Islamic Jihadist': Right-wing...Show More Summary

Edison Replaces American Workers With Outsourced Ones From India

Southern California Edison does not have a reputation in my neck of the woods for stellar service or reliable equipment, so it doesn't surprise me to hear that they're padding their bottom line with the jobs of American workers. Michael...Show More Summary

Donald Rumsfeld: No Question We're Losing War On Terror

Donald Rumsfeld, (who was humiliated by Andrea Mitchell for lying about the phony intelligence he used to ramp up the Iraq War) and one of the architect's of that disastrous war told Hugh Hewitt that America is now losing the war on terror because of Obama's leadership. Show More Summary

Marco Rubio Heckled At Book Signing

Senator Marco Rubio may have thought he was going to fly under the radar with regard to immigration, but activists are making sure he doesn't. I can't really tell what they were saying, but they were certainly persistent about interrupting him. A couple of things stand out for me. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

One of the most enchanting places I've seen is the Scarborough area of England. I especially love the castle, built around 1150. Here's some enchanting photos of the area from my friend Peter Salvage. Have an enchanting weekend!!! Forward...Show More Summary

Bill Maher Calls For End To Drug Wars

Bill Maher took Jeb Bush to task for his hypocrisy on enforcing marijuana laws and called for an end to the drug wars during his New Rules segment this Friday. Bill Maher rips Jeb Bush: He’s still ‘a cynical turd’ on marijuana laws: Bill...Show More Summary

Open Thread - Gilbert Gottfried Reads 50 Shades (NSFW)

Only Gilbert Gottfried can do a book like Fifty Shades of Grey justice. This video is not safe for work, and contains profanity. Open thread below...

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Nirvana

Kurt would have been 48 today. For tonight's Music Club, here's the last tune recorded before Cobain's death. Titled "You Know You're Right," this song was not released until 2002, eight years after Cobain's death. Thanks for the music and continue resting in peace, Kurt. Are there any musicians who you'd like to remember tonight?

Bill-O Uses Opening Segment To Attack David Corn (Video)

David Corn's article about Bill-O's exaggerations about his presence in war zones must have landed too close to home, because O'Reilly went into full-blown deflection mode tonight on Republican Party TV (aka Faux News). Rather than just post the transcript, I'll give you an excerpt of O'Reilly's bloviation with David Corn's responses in italics. Show More Summary

New DHS Report: Right Wing Extremist Groups Still A Major Threat

In 2009, the DHS released a rightwing extremists report which elicited a huge response negative response from Fox News and other conservative outlets. CNN received the report. Get ready for another right wing freakout: They're carrying...Show More Summary

Jonah Goldberg: White House Desperate To Find A 'Christian' To Hang Extremism On

On Friday, CNN released information about the new DHS report on right wing extremist groups in America, which highlighted the Sovereign citizen movement and how dangerous they are. Fox News' Neil Cavuto had on the NRO's Jonah Goldberg, author of a fictitious book called Liberal Fascism and he was apoplectic about the contents. Show More Summary

Mother Jones To Bill-O: Apologize For Your Violent Remarks

When Bill O'Reilly mewled to reporters about his Brian Williams moment, he stepped over a line in at least one interview, telling the reporter that "he expects Corn to be in the kill zone. Where he deserves to be." That's wildly violent...Show More Summary

Scott Walker Green Lights Stealth Attack On Unions

Scott Walker is definitely Reagan incarnate without the folksy sense of humor or Hollywood ties. When it comes to unions, he's just as vicious and quick to kill them as Reagan was. After swearing he wasn't going to focus on unions and...Show More Summary

Tea Party News Network Staffers Quits

Well, well, well. Is anybody shocked by this development? The conservative Tea Party News Network website (TPNN) lost most of its staff on Thursday following a mass resignation over the site’s “despicable practices,”Politico reported. “You...Show More Summary

Poll: More Americans Believe Our Military Budget Isn't Big Enough

I was just saying to myself the other day: "Self, you know what we really need? More military spending!" Of course, this is Gallup, so I'd love to see the actual questions. But maybe it's true, because the constant stream of defenseShow More Summary

Jeb Bush Lobbied Reagan Administration For Medicare Fraudster

Sounds like Jeb is a fixer and a bag man, just like his father. Oops! WASHINGTON -- Jeb Bush personally lobbied the secretary of health and human services, while his father was vice president, on behalf of a Miami figure who would later...Show More Summary

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