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Paul Ryan's Plan To Kill Obamacare By 1000 Cuts

While everyone was looking at the Planned Parenthood hearing debacle, House Republicans once again moved a bill forward to repeal the Affordable Care Act for the umpty-zillionth time. But that's all show. All of it. The Planned Parenthood monkey court, the public vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, all of it. Show More Summary

The Injustice System: A Tale Of A College Student's First 'Offense'

The following is reposted with the permission of the author, Jordan Coburn. She is now a UCSD college graduate who experienced an unbelievable nightmare, all because of an unpaid speeding ticket. She is a white female, who learned how awful our prison system is. You have to read it to believe it. My Night In Jail read more

Tulsa Sheriff Whose Deputy Killed Unarmed Black Man Resigns

The wheels of justice do grind, but they grind slowly. Nearly six months after Eric Harris was killed by Tulsa Deputy Robert Bates and the news broke that Sheriff Stanley Glanz had let Bates slide on his training requirements and deputy...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

After spending 15 years in Florida, I am extremely excited to be able to witness the change of season here in Illinois. Here's a guide to fall colors. Cutting Through the Crap: Carson the Confused The Feminist Wire: Dear Society, Please Change Next New Deal: The Faulty Logic of Jeb Bush's Anti-Regulation Argument Zander Vs. Show More Summary

Larry Wilmore: GOP Grandstanding Isn't About Getting Rid Of Planned Parenthood

The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore gave his audience a little recap of the Republicans on their worst behavior and their embarrassment of an excuse for a hearing by the House Oversight Committee -- where the chair Jason Chaffetz badgered Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards while refusing to let her answer questions -- and where wingnut TN Rep. Show More Summary

Open Thread - Ethical Republicans Are An Aaron Sorkin Thing

I love my husband Driftglass, and if there is one thing he knows gets on my nerves, it's his constant playing of West Wing YouTubes. Aaron Sorkin, while politically correct, gets on my nerves because his characters are often too good...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Chromeo

Chromeo describes themselves as “the only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture”, but I would describe their sound as being heavily influenced by Funk and Disco; and they blur the lines between race and gender. Show More Summary

Trump Reassures Voters He'll Send All Syrian Refugees Back

Watch how happy he is when he says he'll send all those refugees fleeing war and famine back to the hellhole they came from. Then listen to the cheers when he says it. Twice. Just as a reminder, Trump is the grandson of a German immigrant...Show More Summary

Sanders Vs. Clinton: Who Has The Best Plan For America's College Students?

The differences between the college financing plans offered by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are important - both for their impact on the middle class, and for what they tell us about the candidates and their governing philosophies. Elementary and high school education is correctly seen as the bridge to a better future for young people. Show More Summary

Rand Paul Says Ted Cruz Is 'Pretty Much Done' As A Senator

In my humble estimation, Senator Ted Cruz has been an awful Senator from the outset, and has cost this country billions of dollars because of his government shutdown over Obamacare. He repeatedly makes stuff up when he does his attack dance at progressive policies and the like, but that's not what has him in hot water with his brethren. Show More Summary

Republican Organizer Thinks We Should Shame Welfare Recipients

Just when you think Republicans can't be any more heartless and evil, someone reveals more about the depths of their insidious worldview. On this week's Versus on, Alan Colmes interviews Seton Motley, the president and founder...Show More Summary

Congressman Compares Cecile Richards To A Criminal

At the end of this video, Rep. James Duncan (R-Wingnut) asks Cecile Richards if she's comfortable selling little baby parts for profit, and then he launches into one of the most vile, disgusting attacks on Cecile Richards I've ever witnessed. As you might imagine, Richards did not take it passively. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Can't Even Get A Pretend Vote To Disrupt All The Things

My, how the belligerent have fallen. Via An American Lion: The State of Texas has two senators, but one of them might as well stop showing up: Ted Cruz can’t even get a protest vote in the Senate anymore. On Monday night, Cruz’s colleagues...Show More Summary

Fox And Friends Praise Police Chief For Violating First Amendment

Steve Doocy was overjoyed this morning because the Police Chief of Childress, Texas, who put 'In God We Trust' on the back of all police cruisers, told atheists to 'go fly a kite,' when they protested this violation of our First Amendment. Show More Summary

Wisconsin DNR Gets Punk'd

A bogus letter, made to look like it came from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, has been making the rounds. The letter tells citizens to hide their concrete deer lawn ornaments so as not to confuse surveyors doing an aerial...Show More Summary

Radicals Don't Think Kevin McCarthy Is Pure Enough To Be Speaker

They're just going crazy over it. It's hilarious. @RepWalbergplease do not vote for Boehner clone Kevin McCarthy.We need someone who will do their job as WE directed.WE are in charge,not you — sue grimes (@GrimesSue) September 30, 2015 @redbluewitham @SpringSteps @DRUDGE_REPORT @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy's LEFT of @SpeakerBoehner. Show More Summary

Indiana House Majority Leader Abruptly Resigns After Sex Video Emerges

You know, I don't actually care about politicians screwing around. But it's always fun to watch when one of the Holier Than Thou party falls straight off the cliff: INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (September 29, 2015) —The second-highest rankingShow More Summary

So Apparently The Pope Met With Kim Davis

Via Kevin Drum, the hottest story of the day: Here's your spine-tingling rumor of the day, straight from Robert Moynihan of Inside the Vatican. He claims that gay marriage martyr Kim Davis met with Pope Francis last Thursday at the Vatican embassy in Washington DC, just before he left for New York City: “The Pope spoke in English,” she told me. Show More Summary

Go For It, Carly -- Campaign With Cheney

Donald Trump made openly racist statements about Mexican immigrants in his campaign kickoff speech -- and he shot to the top of the polls. Ben Carson subsequently made bigoted statements about Muslims -- and he's now solidly in second...Show More Summary

Kevin McCarthy Admits Benghazi Was All About Doing Political Harm To Hillary Clinton

Kevin McCarthy gleefully admitted to Sean Hannity Tuesday night that the entire purpose of the Benghazi Select Committee was to hurt Hillary Clinton's political chances. Reaction on Twitter was almost immediate: McCarthy on Hannity: "We put together a Benghazi special cmte... Show More Summary

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