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John Stewart Rips Fox, Scarborough For Whining About President Obama's Truth-Telling On Demonizing The Poor

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took the right to task for the collective hissy fit they threw after President Obama dared to call out Fox for their constant demonization of those living in poverty. As we already discussed here, while speaking...Show More Summary

Open Thread: Both. Sides. Don't.

As many of you know, there's a campaign to remove "both sides" from the pundit class lexicon, because the words "both sides" almost always mean the speaker is giving a conservative an out for his or her malicious policies, crazy conspiracy...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Live With Angels On The Battlefield

For tonight on C&L, our musical guests are Angels on the Battlefield. While they bill themselves as a heavy metal band, they aren't afraid to foray into the world of acoustic metal, which is exactly what they'll be doing tonight. AOTB...Show More Summary

Nice Going, Asshles: House Committee Passes Amtrak Cuts

I have a story that goes with this. I went out to lunch today (haven't done that in month or so), and I happened to be in the same restaurant as Mayor Mike Nutter, Sen. Bob Casey and Sen. Pat "Club for Growth" Toomey. When Toomey was paying his bill, I got up to the counter and confronted him. Show More Summary

Pastor Jeffress Says Amtrak Crash Shows Us That God Is Love

Who would be a more uplifting and hopeful person to interview after a railway tragedy than the man who wrote Countdown To The Apocalypse, Pastor Robert Jeffress? Fox News' friendly simpletons decided to ask the Baptist megachurch charlatan...Show More Summary

Missouri House Speaker Fingered In Sexting Scandal With Intern

I always enjoy stories like this, because the Republicans are so very hypocritical and don't mind doing really terrible things to people in the name of Jesus. Via The Kansas City Star: Text messages obtained by The Star reveal a sexually...Show More Summary

Chris Christie Doesn't Want You To Blame Him For 'Bridgegate'

Gov. Chris Christie told CNN's Jake Tapper that he was accountable for the Bridgegate scandal since it happened under his watch, but he's still not responsible for it. Doesn't that make sense to you? All of his top aides and closestShow More Summary

Report: Derailed Train Sped Toward Curve At 100 MPH

According to the Wall Street Journal, the derailed Amtrak train was traveling at twice the speed limit going into the curve just before it left the tracks. An Amtrak train involved in a fatal crash here appears to have been traveling...Show More Summary

Politifact On Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton And The Iraq War

Sounds like Jeb Bush was completely wrong about how Hillary Clinton would vote on the Iraq war, in light of the newest information. Even Politifact says so: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s comments on Fox News about the Iraq War brought...Show More Summary

Glen Beck Says Free College Tuition Will Turn Students Into Slaves

Glenn Beck is so twisted up in all his reasons for hating that he doesn't really know what he's saying anymore, but this moment is so weird I had to share. It begins with a discussion of President Obama's proposal for free communityShow More Summary

There Are Still Enough Dem Votes To Pass Fast Track

It could still happen, which is why you still need to contact your senators today. If they didn't vote for TPA, thank them. If they did, tell them you'd like them to change their minds on the next vote. Via NBC News: Did Senate Democrats...Show More Summary

Republican Congress Just Proposed $300M Cut In Amtrak Funding

As I pointed out several times, Republicans have been hacking away at Amtrak funding for decades -- because they would rather privatize the lines, and we know how well that always works out. But this time, they have incredibly bad timing...Show More Summary

Six Now Dead, Eight In Critical Condition After Amtrak Derailment

Inquirer story on Amtrak crash, updated throughout the day to reflect the latest. — Philly Inquirer (@PhillyInquirer) May 13, 2015 The train crash happened maybe a mile from my house....Show More Summary

Texas House Passes Bill To Designate ACA Policyholders On Insurance Cards

It's true, you know. Everything is bigger and meaner in Texas. Especially meaner. Also, lawmakers lie more there. Today's helping of Texas Teabagger is brought to you by the Texas House, and their new "scarlet O" designation for Texans...Show More Summary

Rep. Marsha Blackburn Can't Cite One Example Of Christian Persecution

Rep. Marsha Blackburn is great at repeating right wing talking points, but when it comes to backing them up, she doesn't even have a pair of twos. Raw Story: In a press conference at the South Carolina Freedom Summit — hosted by Citizens United and Rep. Show More Summary

Obama Calls Out Fox News For Demonizing Poor People

President Obama named names during a panel on poverty at Georgetown University on Tuesday. Speaking about those who work but never seem to get ahead, Obama noted that the question boils down to this: "Who are you mad at?" "Over the last...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush Tiptoes Away From His Iraq Answer, Thanks To Fox News

How many ways are there to interpret Megyn Kelly's question to Jeb Bush? Here is what she asked. "Knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion?" That's a pretty straightforward question, and he gave a forthright answer,...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Addicting Info - that theocracy thing not so popular anymore; alicublog - Goldberg + Murray = pretty much about what you'd expect; Balloon Juice - when living in a red state is a death sentence; No More Mr. Nice Blog - Hannity channels...Show More Summary

Larry Wilmore Rips Apart Fox Haters' Attacks On Michelle Obama Commencement Speech

The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore let the talking heads over on Faux "news" have it for their attacks on First Lady Michelle Obama's commencement speech at Tuskegee University this week. First up was hater Angela McGlowan, who as we discussed here, attacked Michelle Obama for supposedly owing her success to affirmative action. WILMORE: Hold on. Show More Summary

Larry Wilmore Begs His Crew Not To Celebrate George Zimmerman Being Shot In The Face

The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore opened his show with some "big news in the world of wrongfully acquitted unhinged menaces" otherwise known as George Zimmerman, who was injured in a shooting incident this Monday. After showing a bitShow More Summary

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