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O'Reilly Begs Trump To Consider Attending The Fox GOP Debate

It seems Roger Ailes sent the memo out to the Fox talent that they want Donald J. Trump to take part in their debate slated for tomorrow night in Des Moines, Iowa. During the O'Reilly Factor, Bill-O did his damnedest to convince Trump to reconsider showing up for Thursday's event. Show More Summary

Live Stream: Malheur Stragglers Share Their Memories

We have a live stream again. The boys are drinkin' beer, smokin' weed, and sharin' memories. With their guns.

Gov. Paul LePage: 'Bring The Guillotine Back' For Public Executions Of Drug Dealers

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) followed up recent complaints about out-of-state drug dealers impregnating "white girls" by suggesting this week that some drug offenses should be punished with public executions. At a town hall meeting earlier...Show More Summary

Fox News' Eric Bolling Begs Trump To Make A Deal To Do Fox News Debate

The Five's Eric Bolling implored Donald Trump to make a deal since he's the King of the Deal, so he would participate in Fox News' Thursday night GOP presidential debate. Talk about being a pathetic, suck up. ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): Donald if you're listening, hopefully he's listening. Show More Summary

Stephen Colbert's 'Ruthlessly Nice' Town Hall

Stephen Colbert had a lot of fun at the expense of The Democratic Town Hall.

A Party That Lets Arpaio Be A Power Broker Deserves Trump As A Presidential Candidate

Donald Trump got two big endorsements today. One was from Jerry Falwell Jr., who heads Liberty University, the school founded by his father. The other was from this guy: Arizona's tough-talking "Sheriff Joe" Arpaio endorsed Donald Trump...Show More Summary

For What It's Worth, Tony Perkins Endorses Ted Cruz

No one should be surprised that Tony Perkins "personally endorsed" Ted Cruz. Cruz has adopted the Huckabee/Santorum mantle to court Iowa's wingnut Christianists, so be it. Three points about this announcement that shouldn't be missed: 1. Show More Summary

Sanders Speaks After Meeting With President Obama

Bernie Sanders met with President Obama this morning in the Oval Office. Sanders called it "a positive and constructive meeting" which included "a little bit of politics." Of course it did. My hunch is this was an opportunity for Obama...Show More Summary

Scarborough: 'I'd Tell Fox To Go To Hell A Lot Faster Than Trump Did'

Let's be honest about that first GOP debate hosted by Brett Baier and Megyn Kelly: we were all impressed that Megyn asked Donald Trump some substantive questions. Of course, the backlash from Trump and his sycophants somehow made the man even more popular, contrary to what usually happens to candidates when they appear so defensive. Show More Summary

LIVE STREAM: Remaining Militants At Malheur Refuge

There's a live stream set up at the Malheur refuge with the remaining militants, who seem to be quite excited about "staring death right in the face." It's a little like a train wreck, but they think it's a "modern American revolution". Watch...Show More Summary

It's The Republican Way: Palin & Snyder Blow Teachable Moments

While I dislike the term teachable moment, it does convey a certain gravitas while flirting with being just another cliché in a world chockablock with them. And as two recent if disparate incidents show, the Republican Party has an extraordinary...Show More Summary

Flint Mayor Holds Snyder Accountable At Press Conference

There was a question this morning as to whether Mayor Karen Weaver would show up for this presser. Joy Ann Reid had phoned in to MSNBC to say she'd talked with the mayor this morning, and without written guarantees of funding to help Flint residents, she would not attend. Show More Summary

Hannity Teams Up With Rumsfeld To Blame Obama For Problems In Iraq

Of all people who should have no credibility on the subject of the Iraq war, it’s “We know where the WMDs in Iraq are” and “I doubt the war will last as long as six months” Donald Rumsfeld. But being a Republican and/or Obama criticShow More Summary

Gun-crazed Assemblywoman Michele Fiore Mourns Militant LaVoy Finicum

It's a great day for America and law and order. The militant uprising at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge has come to a relatively violent end. The conflict was over a settled matter in law and it was dragged on for almost four weeks, which...Show More Summary

Fox News Hypes Two Minor Cases Of Voter Fraud To Defend NH Voter ID Law

During Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier, they played an in-house video FOX produced about the New Hampshire voter ID law that Republicans recently enacted. They went through some of the details of the new guidelines until they...Show More Summary

We Got Mugshots!

We don't celebrate violence or loss of life here at C&L. But the arrest of the rest of them? Couldn't happen to a nicer group of, um, "right wingin’, bitter clingin’, proud clingers of our guns" survivalists. @crooksandliars And so ends the dreams of pathetic little boys who want to dress up and play soldier in the woods. Losers — Starpass (@Starpass2) January 27, 2016

Timothy McVeigh Associate Gary Hunt Sends Out A Call To Arms

Reporter JJ McNab posted McVeigh associate Gary Hunt's call to arms to Twitter Tuesday night. Apparently from an email blast, it calls for "all good men to come to the aid of their country, after claiming that Lavoy Finicum was "murdered by the FBI" and Ryan Payne was shot. Show More Summary

North Carolinians Sue For Voting Rights, Again.

WINSTON-SALEM – A legal challenge to North Carolina’s restrictive voter ID began on Monday, with attorneys presenting evidence of the law’s burdens on voters of color in North Carolina. “The right to vote is supposed to be constitutional, not confusing,” said NC NAACP President the Rev. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Aimee Patton - this week in Kansas crazy! Avedon Carol - Hillary and Bernie and Warren, oh my! Balloon Juice - the full weight of history; Bark Bark Woof Woof - Florida men... sigh... BradBlog - even @GOP weatherman admits global warming is real; blogenfreude blogs at and still thinks this might be a hoax. Send tips to MBRU at crooksandliars DOT com.

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