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Wall Street And Big Corporations Got What They Wanted – This Time

Fast track passes. Our Congress - the supposed representatives of We the People - voted to cut themselves and us out of the process of deciding what "the rules" for doing business "in the 21st Century" will be. How do the plutocratsShow More Summary

Larry Wilmore On Racial Progress In Ameria: 'One Step Forward, Two Bill O'Reilly's Back'

After congratulating the state of Alabama for finally taking down their Confederate flags that were flying at their state capitol, The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore reminded his audience that despite that good news, as always in America,...Show More Summary

Open Thread - Counter Protest FTW!

Gotta love the smile on the cop's face, as "Jesus" counter-protests with anti-gay religionists at Chicago Pride in 2014. Via Open thread below...

Monica Crowley Spars With Alan Colmes On Guns And The 'N' Word

Another week, another Alan Colmes Versus segment on This episode featured Alan sparring with his own sister-in-law, Monica Crowley, about the president's use of the n word and the allegedly divisive issue of gun control. Round...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Live With Beau LePaige

Tonights live episode will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside thanks to the sounds of Beau, whose feel good hit of the summer will undoubtedly have you nodding your head and tapping your toes. Beau has been on the show before playing guitar for Blu Noise, but now it's his turn to show us what he's got. Show More Summary

Fox News Guest: New US Hostage Policy Puts Target On Soldiers' Backs

You can always count on conservative talkers to immediately get a platform on Fox News to instantly attack whatever policy President Obama initiates, no matter how decent or innocuous it is. Earlier today, the White House announced some...Show More Summary

Lexus Makes A Hoverboard And I Want One NOW

If I get to ride one of these before I die, I might just be able to forgive the fact that there will be no flying cars in my lifetime, a la The Jetsons. Gizmodo: We’ve seen plenty of hoverboards and hover toys and hover miscellanery over the years, and they all rely on super-strong magnets to stay aloft. Show More Summary

Jack Hunter, Former 'Southern Avenger', Repudiates Former Hateful Stance

When I first read former 'Southern Avenger' Jack Hunter's column in The Daily Beast, I was pretty skeptical. In the column, he claims to have repented of his racist ways and is ashamed of them now. I argued the Confederate flag wasn’t about race. Show More Summary

Senate Passes Fast-Track

Just passed by a vote of 60-38: The Senate has handed President Barack Obama a major victory by approving "fast track" authority to negotiate trade agreements in Asia and elsewhere. The 60-to-38 vote on Wednesday clears the way for Obama to seek final language on a trade agreement with Japan and 10 other Pacific-rim nations. Show More Summary

'American Sniper' Wife Endorses Rick Perry Because He's Humble

Taya Kyle, wife of Chris Kyle, a.k.a. American Sniper, was on the curvy couch this morning to promote her book, American Wife. Taya engaged with the hosts about her husband, sharing anecdotes of her late husband's bravery. Then the conversation...Show More Summary

Kristol Chides Companies For Caving To 'Political Correctness'

Kristol really is a right-wing robot. The stuff he spews is just laughable: The Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol got into a heated debate with other panelists on MSNBC’s Morning Joe over Amazon, eBay, and other companies’ decisions...Show More Summary

Dan And His Posse

Texas has a Lt. Governor named Dan Patrick, but that’s not his real name. He legally changed his name from Dannie Goeb to Dan Patrick so he might could grow up and be a famous sports announcer like … uh, sports announcer Dan Patrick. I...Show More Summary

Fox’s Starnes Calls Removal Of Confederate Flags ‘Cultural Cleansing’ Of The South

Leave it to Fox News bigot Todd Starnes to describe a shifting American mindset about the Confederacy as “a full-fledged cultural cleansing of the Southern states.” In an article on, called “The Cultural Cleansing of theShow More Summary

White Supremacist Group That Influenced Roof Is Paid For With Your Tax Dollars

That's right. The CCC is a 501(c)(4 )tax-exempt organization which claims to be organized for social welfare. As such, it pays no taxes as other for-profit organizations do, which means those taxes you pay help the CCC stay in the business...Show More Summary

SC State Rep: 'Somebody With The Means Of Self Defense Could Have Stopped This'

This South Carolina rep, William Chumley, doesn't seem too thrilled about taking down the Confederate flag, and comes up with the convoluted argument that we shouldn't let the hate groups influence how we live -- by taking down their...Show More Summary

Nashville Businessman: 'Slavery Was The First Form Of Social Security'

Bill Dorris is a businessman in Nashville, Tennessee. He is also the guardian of the really awful Nathan Bedford Forrest statue off of I-65 in Nashville, which was sculpted by James Earl Ray's lawyer, Jack Kershaw. With everything that's...Show More Summary

Judge Nixes 'Kill The Gays' Ballot Initiative

Sanity has prevailed here in sunny California. Tuesday a Sacramento judge ruled that attorney Matthew McLaughlin's "Sodomy Suppression Act" proposing to kill gay people did not have to be placed on the California ballot. Saying a proposed...Show More Summary

O'Reilly Goes Off The Rails When Asked If He's Got Any Black Friends

Guest Kirsten Powers probably got a taste of how Bill-O's ex-wife feels on this Tuesday's O'Reilly Factor. O'Reilly started off his show with another race-baiting Talking Points Memo, where he attacked liberals for daring to point out...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

I'll just say this: Banishing the Confederate flag to the dustbin of history, where it belongs, isn't going to solve the problem that Republicans, and many Americans generally, simply refuse to acknowledge, let alone address in any meaningful...Show More Summary

CNN Asks, 'Should President Obama Apologize For Slavery?'

This is one of those CNN moments that makes you wonder whether any of their producers have a brain in their head. Because a New York Times op-ed writer wrote a thing that was provocative, CNN decided they had to discuss it. Here's that...Show More Summary

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