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Stewart To Netanyahu: How Dare You Gin Up Racist Fears Of Minority Turnout? That's Our Thing!

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart opened his segment on this week's Israeli elections with some footage of the talking heads over at Faux "news" celebrating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's victory and asking when President Obama...Show More Summary

Open Thread - Being 12

Via WNYC, a video that shows 12 year olds talking about their lives. Very real. Open thread below...

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Ivan Wyschnegradsky

A lot of Wyschnegradsky's compositions made great use of semitonal melodies and harmonies, some of them leading to his own developments in music theory. For instance, he liked to use what he called "ultrachromatic scales," which I still have yet to understand. Show More Summary

Mark Fuhrman Tells Ashley Judd To STFU Or Put Up With Online Threats

Ashley Judd is fed up with online threats, particularly on Twitter. I can relate. After Judd tweeted support for the University of Kentucky basketball team, she was inundated with obscene, disgusting threatening tweets. Unlike most of...Show More Summary

Thomas Friedman Wants To Arm ISIS

Have you often wondered what goes on in the mind of Thomas Friedman? I know you don't, but I have. If you've forgotten, Friedman was asked by Charlie Rose if attacking Iraq was worth it and he responded by getting giddy over Middle east...Show More Summary

SPLC: Arizona Shooting Suspect Is White Supremacist Skinhead

Earlier today a shooter went on a rampage in Mesa, Arizona, allegedly killing one man, injuring five others and stealing a car. According to the SPLC, Ryan Giroux is a well-known member of hate groups in the area. Ryan Giroux, who allegedly...Show More Summary

Why Is This Judge Is Still On The Bench After Beating His Wife?

Back in September, Bush-appointed Judge Mark Fuller managed to weasel his way out of justice for the charge of domestic violence after he beat his wife in a hotel room during an argument. You may recall Judge Fuller's name from the Don...Show More Summary

Seth Myers To Ted Cruz: 'I Think The World's On Fire'

What an unctuous little turd Ted Cruz is. I wish Seth Myers had been a little more aggressive with him, but I guess that's just because I'm using to comedians being the only media types who fight back: Despite his comments at a recent speaking event in New Hampshire, Sen. Show More Summary

Being A Moderate Republican

There's a funny term that the beltway media still uses in 2015 and it's called a "moderate Republican." The Republican party has changed many times in the course of its history, but ever since the religious right hijacked it after Reagan took office, they've continued on an extremist trajectory. Show More Summary

Glenn Beck Says He's 'Done' With The Republican Party

Glenn Beck is on a roll of sorts. last week he threatened the NRA that he was leaving their organization if they didn't investigate Grover Norquist and so they initiated an inquiry about his "Muslim" ties and today he announced that he's no longer supporting the Republican Party. "I’ve made my decision – I’m out. Show More Summary

O'Reilly: Iraq 'Was A Victory Until President Obama Mucked It Up'

In an interview with Vice, the HBO news program, President Obama said that the formation of ISIS was an unintended consequence of our invasion of Iraq in 2003. Naturally, Bill O'Reilly became unhinged over this fact, claiming the opposite is true. Show More Summary

Schools Brace For Massive Cuts In Scott Walker's Budget

Ah yes, yet another way states fall victim to Republican presidential fever! Poor Wisconsin --if only more people had voted for Scott Walker's recall: This week, Wisconsin kicked off a series of hearings on Governor Scott Walker’s proposed...Show More Summary

NYC Gun Store 'Sells' Weapons Used In Mass Killings And Accidental Shootings

This hard-hitting ad will surely enrage the gun fetishists everywhere, probably even more so than their previous efforts, including "Ed". As they put it, "Every gun has a history. Let's not repeat it. Learn more at More Summary

Fox News' Ralph Peters Calls President Obama "A Good Little Leftist"

Much like Dick Cheney, Colonel Ralph Peters excoriated President Obama's six years as President. He gives a few reasons why he feels this way, and his assertions become increasingly nutty as he goes along. He begins his tirade, "There's...Show More Summary

Obama Is Working Behind The Scenes To Get Climate Accord

Via Politico. Voters need to be prepared to fight back against Republican obstruction or retribution: President Barack Obama is quietly but steadily working behind the scenes on what could become one of his signature achievements: A global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. What he’s seeking out of the December U.N. Show More Summary

Gov. Brownback: Anti-Abortion Laws Grow The Economy!

You know, I have had this abortion discussion with people. And when I say that the right wing wants larger, poorer families so corporations have desperate workers who will take what little they can get, I'm told I'm "crazy" or "paranoid."...Show More Summary

Here's The Good News: Donald Trump Seems To Be Running For President

Unless this is some kind of negotiating tactic to get even more money for his crappy reality show. it looks like Donald Trump really is running for president! O, happy day! Vox reports he's launching an exploratory committee today, and...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush Wants To Eliminate Minimum Wage: 'Leave It To The Private Sector'

Former Florida Governor and potential GOP 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush wants a race to the bottom on wages in America. We already know what happens when we "leave matters to the private sector." Jeb Bush Calls For The Elimination...Show More Summary

The GOP: A Coalition Of Suckers

From this Tuesday's Thom Hartmann show: Thom Hartmann says the Republican Party is the party of the rich and suckers and is made up of a collection of hardline fringe suckers. Thom takes a look at the gun nuts, anti-abortion zealotsShow More Summary

Former Walker Aide Still Guilty

The original John Doe investigation into Scott Walker and his staff, commonly referred to as Walkergate, resulted in six people close to Walker being convicted on assorted crimes. One of the most prominent of those arrested and convicted was Kelly Rindfleisch, who Walker hired to be his deputy chief of staff while he was Milwaukee County Executive. Show More Summary

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