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Fox's Steve Doocy Apologizes For Jeff Sessions' Racist Remarks As 'That 20-Year-Old Joke'

While Democratic strategist Brian Benjamin told Fox and Friends' host Steve Doocy why Jeff Sessions racist remark was troubling, the Fox News host referred to it as "That 20-year-old joke?" The Fox News host did a segment on race relations in America after President Obama's presidency and Doocy brought up Al Sharpton's planned protests of Sen. Show More Summary

Trump Senior Advisor Begs CNN Host To Look Into Trump's 'Heart' Instead Of His Words

While trying to defend president-elect Trump against his own words and actions, Kellyanne Conway asked CNN's Chris Cuomo why he always just believes Trump's words and said, "You always want to go by what's come out of his mouth rather...Show More Summary

As Predicted, Trump Has Twitter Fit About Meryl Streep

Twitter's response to Trump's by-now-utterly-predictable and utterly unwarranted "counter attack" to Meryl Streep... Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood, doesn't know me but attacked last night at the Golden Globes. Show More Summary

Kellyanne Conway Accuses Meryl Streep Of Inciting People's Worst Instincts

The irony is rich with this one. Source: Business Insider Kellyanne Conway told "Fox and Friends" Monday that she's "concerned that somebody with a platform like Meryl Streep's is inciting people's worst instincts." Streep did not mention Trump by name. Show More Summary

WTF? The New York Times Describes Jeff Sessions As An 'Outsider'

Welcome to Post-Fact TrumpAmerica, where words no longer have meaning and the mainstream media doesn't feel any compulsion to be honest or informative. What do I mean? Look at this New York Times headline: Um, wait, what? Tell me how a twenty-year senator can be considered an "outsider". Show More Summary

Cory Booker: ACA Repeal Like Shoving Someone Off A Cliff

Appearing on Face the Nation Sunday, Cory Booker criticized cynical Republicans for their stance on the ACA repeal-and-delay absurdity. "This isn't about politics," Booker said. "This is about real people in America who will be hurtShow More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Goblinbooks: Trump's nuclear war is really going to make those libtards cry! The Debate Link: Out/In – the 2017 inauguration edition. his space intentionally left blank: On this idea that things have to get worse before we can make them better. World O' Crap: Conservatives versus Wonder Woman. This installment by Batocchio. E-mail tips to mbru AT crooksandliars DOT com.

Open Thread: Meryl Streep's Amazing Golden Globe Speech

It's hard to be more beloved or iconic as an actress than Meryl Streep. And it's good to use that status to inject a little personal message amid the congratulations and laudatories of getting essentially a lifetime achievement award...Show More Summary

James Baker Wants Trump Admin To Lead International Coalition To Save Elephants

Former Reagan Secretary of State James Baker has been known to do a little big game hunting. However, he draws the line at hunting elephants, a rare redeeming quality in a man who has steeped himself in partisan politics for decades. So...Show More Summary

You're Fired! Trump Drops Announcer Who Has Covered Inaugurations Since Eisenhower

See that spry octogenarian? He's Charlie Brotman. Back in 1957, he was announcing the Washington Senators baseball game on Opening Day. Dwight D. Eisenhower threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Something about Brotman's voice stuckShow More Summary

Fox Contributor Turned Trump Adviser Monica Crowley Is A Big Plagiarist

Apparently, Donald Trump has a penchant for plagiarists. First, it was wife Melania, now it’s deputy national security adviser for strategic communications Monica Crowley being accused of plagiarism. As we reported in 2004, allegations...Show More Summary

Trump Apologists Keep Denying Russian Impact On U.S. Election Integrity

Imagine if one fraction of the evidence that any Democrat encouraged foreign espionage to commit election fraud existed, like Trump openly admitted. Would his or her political career would be over in a matter of minutes? There's no question there's an obvious double standard at play. Show More Summary

Mitch McConnell: Democrats Hoping To Delay Cabinet Nominations Need To 'Grow Up'

(h/t Heather) Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with compelling evidence that turtles possess no moral compass, no sense of ethics or the ability to feel shame for utter hypocrisy. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appeared on...Show More Summary

Kellyanne Conway: WikiLeaks Emails Had An Effect On Campaign -- But No Impact On Election

Gaslighting Trump campaign manager and soon-to-be White House counselor Kellyanne Conway told CNN's State of the Union host Jake Tapper this Sunday that the stolen DNC emails publicized by WikiLeaks had an effect on the Trump campaign,...Show More Summary

Listen To Mark Hamill Read Donald Trump's New Year's Tweets In Sinister Voice Of The Joker

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill put his voice acting skills to work over the weekend by reading tweets from President-elect Donald Trump as the Joker, a villain from Batman comic books. Hamill, who voiced the part of the Joker in "Batman:...Show More Summary

Reince Priebus: 'There's No Reason' To Do Background Checks On Trump's Cabinet Picks

Reince Priebus, chief of staff to Donald Trump, argued on Sunday that there was "no reason" to complete background checks on the president-elect's cabinet appointments. The Office of Government Ethics warned last week that background...Show More Summary

Trump's Call To Investigate NBC News Leak Is Just The Beginning

Donald Trump hasn't even been sworn into office yet, but he's already targeting the media and leakers for making him look bad, since NBC News was alerted to the intelligence report which states Russia was involved in hacking the US presidential...Show More Summary

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

"Seriously" - Leslie Odom, Jr. How I would love to hear President Obama's farewell appearance to be this raw and powerful. Or maybe as aggressive and in-your-face as Luther, the Anger Translator. Of course, we know it won't. No-Drama Obama will go high just as the Trump proxies this Sunday will go low. And boy, what lowness there is to consider. Show More Summary

C&L's Saturday Night Chiller Theater: Kiss Me Deadly (1955)

Pssst. Gotta deal for you. Best deal in town. A vintage classic. The real thing. Pure, uncut noir, smuggled in from 1955. Slipped it through customs disguised as a nothing of a film, see? No budget. No big-name actors. A minor-league...Show More Summary

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