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The Blasphemous Car Wreck That Is Ann Coulter's New Book

Holy Christian Dior. And Trump immediately tweets that he hasn’t read it. .@AnnCoulter's new book, 'In Trump We Trust, comes out tomorrow. People are saying it's terrific - knowing Ann I am sure it is! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 23, 2016 I think the part that makes me cringe the most is the E Pluribus Awesome. Show More Summary

Jeffrey Lord: 'Dems Couldn't Even Bring Themselves To Apologize For Slavery'

CNN brought their resident bigot and Trump apologist Jeffrey Lord, front and center to once again confound viewing audiences everywhere with bogus accusations against Democrats. We've heard him reach back to the 1860s to explain whyShow More Summary

Giuliani Only Needs 'The Google' To Diagnose Hillary Clinton

It's easy to lambaste Republicans for their 'zero medical evidence' health diagnoses of Hillary Clinton. Last night's Late Show with Stephen Colbert poked delicious fun at Rudy Giuliani for recommending that viewers search the internet...Show More Summary

Did Trump Write Doctor's Letter Trumpeting His 'Extraordinary' Strength And Stamina?

Donald Trump and his campaign are floating phony conspiracy theories on Hillary Clinton's health, which is being billed as Hillary Health Truthers, but it's now also spurring medical doctor's like Dr. Sanjay Gupta, to take a closer look...Show More Summary

Clinton Calendar, AP's NothingBurger: Deja Vu All Over Again

As Yogi Berra would say, "It's like Déjà vu all over again!" The current fooflah over the AP story on Clinton's Secretary of State calendar entries rang a bell. Of course they did. I wrote about it back in June. What I said then still applies now. Show More Summary

Paul Begala Slams Double Standard Of Clinton Foundation Critics

Paul Begala has had it with those who say Hillary Clinton somehow engaged in "Pay to Play" with the Clinton Foundation. The AP story is so full of holes, and the attacks so partisan, that the whole argument reeks of desperation bothShow More Summary

Kellyanne Conway: We're Winning And All The Polls Are Wrong

It's one thing to read what she said in print, as I did yesterday, and quite another to actually see Trump's campaign manager say out loud such foolishness, as she did for an interview for a British news program recently. Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC and two republican strategists had themselves a good chuckle last night when he played this. Show More Summary

Fox News Cites Alex Jones As Source For Google Conspiracy Theory To Protect Hillary

Last night on The O'Reilly Factor, Bill complained that there is "so much garbage on the internet and that garbage finds its way out into the legitimate media." Fox News and Fox Business didn't heed O'Reilly's complaints because they...Show More Summary

Ana Navarro: Latino Voters Will Not Get "Election Amnesia" About Trump

On last night's Anderson Cooper 360, Ana Navarro was asked about the Trump campaign's "softening" on immigration. Her perspective on the inner workings of the campaign apparatus is really insightful. She's clearly worked with campaigns...Show More Summary

Irony Is Dead Because Of Bill O'Reilly, Again

There's a regular feature over at the funny blog "Mock, Paper, Scissors" called "Eiron, the Goddess of Irony, laughed so hard she farted" I thought of that immediately when this video of Bill O'Reilly came across my screen this morning. Show More Summary

White Nationalist Media Empire Or The Presidency? Trump Thinks He Doesn't Have To Choose

Has Donald Trump given up on trying to win the election in November because, as Greg Sargent speculates, he's more interested in constructing a post-election white nationalist media empire? I think there could be some truth to this,Show More Summary

Ben Carson Calls On 'Elderly' Presidential Candidates To Release Their Medical Records

Another sterling effort from the good doctor on 'elderly' Donald Trump's behalf. Source: Talking Points Memo Both “elderly” major party candidates for President should publicly release their full medical histories, retired neurosurgeon...Show More Summary

Eric Bolling: Blacks Being Treated More Fairly Than Whites By Police

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson went on Fox News' The Five and freaked out co-host Eric Bolling because he defended the Black Lives Matter movement. But while he was trying to rebut Johnson's correct beliefs that blacks...Show More Summary

VP Candidate Mike Pence Got The Most Awkward Haircut And CNN Was All Over It

It must have been a slow day at CNN. Trump didn't say or do or tweet anything insane today. No new conspiracy theories or emails to talk about. So what did those intrepid journalists do? Send a camera to record Mike Pence's haircut. Yes,a haircut is apparently breaking news. Let me set the scene for you. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Today we say welcome back to our longtime friend His Vorpal Sword who has returned to blogging and we say goodbye to Gawker. Badtux the Snarky Penguin offers a suggestion. Infidel753 reminds us that there are more of us than there are of them. Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh: Beware Of Lesbian Farmers!

OMG, grab your kids and hide because it's the rise of the lesbian farmers and they are coming for you, rural America! Rush Limbaugh has found another oen of Obama's secret plans to destroy America with and it starts with infiltrating...Show More Summary

Open Thread - Full Frontal Asks Trumpee's, When WAS America 'Great?'

In this web extra, Full Frontal asks Trump supporters "when WAS America great?" The answers may surprise you! Or probably not. Open thread below....

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Psychic TV

Well, my hometown made the news over the last day or two. Not just in the USA and in Canada but internationally as well. I grew up on these waters. I know their power and respect them. Apparently, a lot of people thought they were just...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Isn't Worried About Emails

Jimmy Kimmel's Youtube: "Secretary Hillary Clinton says she isn’t worried about the emails of hers that will be released shortly before her debate with Donald Trump." She reports that her emails are ultimately boring, and confesses that...Show More Summary

CNN's Kirsten Powers: Hillary Health Truthers Are Sexist

Kirsten Powers,the new CNN political analyst, pretty much nailed it today on "New Day" when she said that the bogus conspiracy theory being peddled about Hillary Clinton's "health crises" have “an element of sexism to it.” Uh, yeah. Ironic that this statement came from Powers, as she just left Fox after serving as a contributor. Show More Summary

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