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Hillary Clinton Pokes Fun At Herself At St. Patrick's Day Dinner

In case you missed it, Paul Ryan was raked over Twitter for his sad excuse of a head on his Guinness during yesterday's St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Shame on ye, Paul. Paul Ryan looks like he’s never held a beer before —...Show More Summary

More Like This, Please: Jake Tapper's Edward R. Murrow Moment

Jake Tapper took a moment last night and spoke directly to his viewers. It deserves to go viral: The White House, apparently unaware that when the White House, in the world's most powerful nation, cites a news story as proof of whatShow More Summary

Boo Hoo. Fox News Forced To Deny Napolitano's Claims

Yesterday during his presser with Angela Merkel, Trump threw Judge Napolitano and Fox News under the bus, refusing to accept any responsibility for implicating British intelligence in his wiretapping fantasies. Of course, Trump was promoting another phoney story he saw on Murdoch's grind house channel. Show More Summary

White House Propaganda, Graft: This Is Not Normal

Early in this millennium, Mississippi's Trent Lott was the Senate's Majority Leader. Then it was disclosed that he had done something outside the bounds of what most Americans considered "normal" and acceptable. Lott had spoken favorably about Strom Thurmond's 1948 Presidential candidacy on a platform of racial segregation. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Crazy Eddie's Motie News: Trump came to Michigan this week, and the locals let him know what they think of him. Hecate Demeter: Misplaced emphasis distorts our understanding of what's happening in politics. Progressive Eruptions: When...Show More Summary

Does Trump Need Marco Rubio To Explain Where Budgets Come From?

"Donald, when a mommy tax-cut and a daddy tax-cut love each other very much..." Perhaps (no, not perhaps, definitely) because there's a need to distance the Republican Congress from the meanest budget blueprint ever, Marco Rubio told...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Thin Lizzy

With it being St. Patrick's Day I thought about a long passed aunt who was very proud of her Irish heritage. I heard a quite a few Celtic folk tales and legends from her when I was a child. One of the main subjects was Cuchulain. He was a warrior who went through a lot of crazy thing in his life. Show More Summary

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Shreds Sheriff David Clarke

There is a growing concern among Wisconsin Democrats that Sheriff David Clarke is being groomed to run against US Senator Tammy Baldwin in 2018. Apparently, they felt it was time to send a clear message to Clarke regarding their feelings...Show More Summary

Sean Duffy Is Ridiculous: Blows Up Another CNN Segment

An almost normal segment between CNN's Chris Cuomo and Rep. Sean Duffy suddenly descended into ridiculousness when Duffy changed topics to lie about U.S intelligence services for supposedly targeting Gen. Flynn and surveilling him. Um, they were surveilling the Russians, Sean. Show More Summary

Angela Merkel Puts Up With Yet Another Rude US President

As the longest-serving elected official in the free world, Angela Merkel has had to deal with some serious jerks. The latest being Donald J. Trump, who in a photo op with the German Chancellor, pretended to ignore requests that the two...Show More Summary

Wait, Now Fox 'Cannot Confirm' What Napolitano Said ON AIR?

This is rich. Fox News' Shepard Smith opened his show with the "controversy" regarding Judge Napolitano. Napolitano, a paid Fox News employee, had said on-air that Fox had three sources confirming that Obama used British intelligence...Show More Summary

Trump Continues His Fantasy Promises On Healthcare

At a joint press conference with German leader Angela Merkel (now on her fifth "We're So Sorry" relaxation gift basket from the Joint Chiefs of Staff), Donald Trump insisted that his health care Obamacare replacement package is going...Show More Summary

Trump Blames Fox News' Napolitano For British Insult

Trump told a German reporter at a joint press briefing with Angela Merkel that he wasn't responsible for the international flap caused by his White House with Britain's GCHQ and said, "All we did was quote a certain very talented legal...Show More Summary

Morning Mika Asks The Right Question On Breitbart, But...

At the beginning of this clip I was clapping. "Finally!" Someone (Mika Brezinski) is asking the question I've been asking for weeks! BREZINSKI: Is Breitbart the reason that we now talked for two weeks about President Trump's claim that...Show More Summary

Paul Ryan Dreamed About Cutting Medicaid At His College Keg Parties!

Oh, how conservatives hate the poors. And nothing exemplifies that than this bit of conversation between Speaker Paul Ryan and Rich Lowry. The two were discussing their pet project, "The Federal Debt," waxing poetic about who the drivers...Show More Summary

Rex Tillerson Tells North Korea: 'All Options Are On The Table'

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sent North Korea a threat of military action while he's in Seoul, telling the regime that from now on "all options are on the table." Tillerson said, “Let me be very clear: The policy of strategic patience has ended.” “We’re exploring a new range of diplomatic, security and economic measures. Show More Summary

Fox And Friends Wonders If Maddow 'Stole' Trump's Tax Returns

Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy wondered this morning if Rachel Maddow stole Trump's tax returns and if that made her criminally liable to be sued. Fox Business is reporting that Trump is weighing his legal options over his disclosed...Show More Summary

Feeling Down About Trump? Impeachara May Be Right For You

Too funny. A fake ad via Sam Friedlander sells "Impeachara" -- "Talk to your doctor to see if this medicine may help with symptoms of T.I.A.D. or Trump Induced Anxiety Disorder." No mention in this ad about YBISWAPIAD or "Yes, But I'm...Show More Summary

Here's How To Be A Trump Dead-Ender: Matt Schlapp Of CPAC

If you want to know what a Trump dead-ender looks like, look no further than CPAC's Matt Schlapp. This video is hilarious because Craig Melvin does such a good job of not allowing Schlapp to play the "hog the segment" game. So oftenShow More Summary

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