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3rd Graders' Questions Should Be Asked At The Debate

Third-grade teacher Evelyn Pollins challenged her students to submit questions they have about the upcoming election, and their answers are heartbreaking. Her original tweet: Today I asked my 3rd grade students to make a list of things they are wondering about the upcoming election. Show More Summary

Trump Campaign Chair In Ohio: 'There Was No Racism Before Obama'

This piece by The Guardian's Paul Lewis looks and sounds more like something pulled straight from The Daily Show, but it's probably an accurate reflection of the views of some mostly older, white voters who don't find anything offensive...Show More Summary

Keith Olbermann: Repudiating Trump's Sick Obsession With A Hillary Assassination

For "The Closer," Number 6, Keith Olbermann takes on what he considers Donald Trump's greatest sin / crime / disqualification: his weird, sick obsession with the assassination of Hillary Clinton. From "you Second Amendment people might...Show More Summary

Hours Before Hosting Trump’s African American Town Hall, Hannity Smears Shooting Victim Terence Crutcher

In discussing the police killing of unarmed African American Terence Crutcher, Sean Hannity repeatedly tried to suggest that Crutcher was a violent criminal, although that would have had no bearing on whether he was wrongfully shot and...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

David E's Fablog - more dead black men; d r i f t g l a s s - still haven't reached peak Fournier; Mike the Mad Biologist - welcome to the ninny state; Mock Paper Scissors - news that will drive you to drink; No More Mr. Nice Blog -Show More Summary

Charlotte Protester Yells At Fox News Reporter: 'You Wanna Make A Fcking Fabricated Story'

There was a person shot tonight during the second straight day of protests in Charlotte, North Carolina over the fatal police shootings of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa and Keith Scott in Charlotte. Fox News' Steve Harrigan took to the streets...Show More Summary

Open Thread - What The Heck, Amazon?

But this dude: Is Amazon's algorithm invading his privacy, or can Jeff Bezos smell him from The Cloud? Open thread below...

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Leonard Cohen

There's 82 on candles on the cake for Leonard Cohen today. I am sure he'll celebrate his birthday in some suave and understated way. There's more on Cohen and the "darkness" of his latest effort at NPR. Could this be his farewell album? Or some other message? And what are you listening to tonight?

Second Night Of Protests In Charlotte Turns Violent

Tonight is the second night of protests over the fatal police shootings of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa and Keith Scott in Charlotte. One person has been shot and is on life support in a Charlotte hospital. Police are saying it is a civilian-on-civilian shooting. Show More Summary

Throughout History, 'Trump Voters' Have Not Cared About 'Facts'

Last night's Daily Show video interviewing Trump supporters about their "evidence" for wacky conspiracy theories, coincides so beautifully with this Desert Beacon post, it seemed a shame not to put them together. -- eds. “George Templeton...Show More Summary

Wake Up, White People: This Week Is Why Colin Kaepernick Is Protesting

I got the Blavity email newsletter this morning, and was struck with this oh wow, connect-the-dots statement: The day we learned no charges would be brought against the officer who shot Korryn Gaines, Charlotte Police killed a disabled black man named Keith Lamont Scott. Show More Summary

Trump Proposes National 'Stop And Frisk' Law At Hannity 'African-American Town Hall'

The picture above was taken at the much-touted Donald Trump "Town Hall for African-Americans" he was supposed to do with Sean Hannity today. He did the town hall, but there weren't a whole lot of Black voters there, which caused FoxShow More Summary

Donald Trump On Profiling: 'I Never Said Muslims'

Donald Trump has openly supported the profiling of Muslims and putting Mosques under surveillance, but when Bill O'Reilly asked him Monday night, if his plans would turn off "peaceful Muslims," Trump replied, "I never said that they were Muslims." Say, what? Who was he talking about then? Trump continued, "You did. Show More Summary

PERFECT! Rep. Gutierrez Ate Skittles And Dissed Trump At IRS Hearing

Honestly, there is not much I can say because this video is absolutely perfect. Rep. Luis Gutierrez used his 5 minutes today to multitask and cover a variety of issues, including: Skittles Refugees Race Religion Acceptance Donald Trump IRS Trump...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Gives Major Policy Speech On Economy And The Disabled

Clinton is expected to address the police shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina of an autistic man who was on the ground when he was shot, but also to lay out more broadly her vision for an economy that works for everyone. Watch the live stream above, beginning at 11 am PDT. Update: This event has now ended. Show More Summary

Andrea Mitchell Concern Trolls All Over John Lewis

Andrea Mitchell just can't help herself with the Hillary hate. She had John Lewis on her show, and she had to make it about how Hillary Clinton doesn't "inspire" Black voters like Barack Obama does. I dunno, maybe because she's not Black?...Show More Summary

Kellyanne Conway Refutes WaPo's Trump Foundation Story By Calling Reporter 'Obsessed'

Donald Trump's campaign manager was questioned by CNN's Erin Burnett over the Trump Foundation's alleged illegal operations and Kellyanne Conway claimed the Washington Post reporter covering the story was "obsessed" with Donald Trump. She...Show More Summary

Don King Uses The N-Word While Introducing Trump

Don King perfomed for the crowd at Trump event in Cleveland, as was his place and his message. Source: New York Times The former boxing promoter Don King let loose a racial epithet while introducing Donald J. Trump in Ohio on Wednesday...Show More Summary

FAIL: Mike Pence Can't Cite One Error In WaPo Trump Foundation Story

Gov. Mike Pence told MSNBC's Brian Williams that David Fahrenthold's Washington Post story on the Trump Foundation is filled with a number of "factual errors," but couldn't come up with one single error to back up his claim. Fahrenthold's...Show More Summary

WATCH: Don Lemon Has Had It With Trump's Racism

It almost isn't fair. Almost. Last night Don Lemon was forced to cover Donald Trump's racist rhetoric again. And he had to have CNN employee and Trump paycheck recipient Corey Lewandowski on to defend Trump. Corey was so outgunned on the facts and argument part of the program, it almost wasn't fair. Show More Summary

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