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Mark Halperin Yearns For Seat On 'Mr. Trump's' Airplane

Mark Halperin is nearly giddy with joy over Corey Lewandowski's firing because he finally has a scapegoat for the fascist's behavior. Also, too, he's probably really anxious to land a seat on Trump's campaign plane. Maybe the one the Washington Post vacated, you think? Apparently Halperin is a big fan of Paul Manafort, Putin's pal. Show More Summary

John Oliver Brilliantly Takes Down The Brexit Movement

Unless you're a semi-avid viewer of financial news, you probably don't care one way or another about the Brexit, aka the British Exit from the European Union (EU). That's why John Oliver's takedown of the Brexit's proponents last night was helpful to even the most ambivalent of people. Show More Summary

Lewandowski Doesn't Know Why He Was Fired, 'Wants The Best For Mr. Trump'

Corey Lewandowski gave CNN's Dana Bash a 20-minute Trump campaign exit interview earlier today. Despite Bash's commendable efforts to pin him down on anything, Lewandowski repeated his talking points of love for "Mr. Trump" throughout. I...Show More Summary

Trump Supporter Wayne Allyn Root Calls For Apple Boycott Over RNC/Trump Snub

Wayne Allyn Root, a leading and vicious Obama conspiracy theorist, who Trump picked to emcee a rally in Nevada, tells FNC's Fox and Friends that Apple has crossed the line by dumping their support of the RNC and Trump at the Cleveland...Show More Summary

FL Prosecutor Suspended After Facebook Rant Against 'Ghetto Thugs'

Assistant State's attorney Kenneth Lewis took to Facebook after the Orlando massacre to rant about...Orlando. He didn't hold much back in his now-deleted post. NBC affiliate WESH captured the text before it was taken off his page. “Downtown Orlando has no bottom. Show More Summary

BREAKING: Lewandowski Out As Trump Campaign Manager

NYTimes broke the story. All they really have is this: The person briefed on the change said that the campaign is looking toward bringing the party together, including hiring new staff members and adjusting to the campaign’s needs for the race against Mrs. Show More Summary

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Challenge To Sandy Hook Assault Weapon Ban

Video above is from the signing of the ban in 2013. Washington Post: The Supreme Court declined Monday to review bans on a lengthy list of firearms that Connecticut classified as “assault weapons,” the latest example of the court’s reluctance...Show More Summary

CNN Host Laughs In Larry Pratt's Face When He Said Bar Owners Should 'Control The Amount Of Booze' They Sell

CNN's Carol Costello had on Larry Pratt, guru of Gun Owners Of America because the Senate is taking up four gun measures today, including not allowing people on the terror watch list to buy a weapon. Pratt, a bug-eyed pro-gun advocate...Show More Summary

Trump: It Would Have Been 'Beautiful' To Have A Shootout In Pulse Nightclub

Proving that he has absolutely nothing to offer our national conversation, Donald Drumpf took the stage this weekend and started spewing nonsense about how great it would have been if a Good Guy With A Gun shot into a confused crowdShow More Summary

This Week In The Clinton Email Right-Wing Drama Industry

Cross-posted at Burningbird. Following up on my previous stories regarding the FOIA lawsuit related to the Clinton emails, earlier this month Judicial Watch  deposed Karin Lang, Director of Executive Secretariat Staff at State, and Ambassador...Show More Summary

Please Donate To C&L's 2016 Fundraiser And Nab A Rick Perlstein Book

I know it's Monday, but I've got some good news. For anyone donating $99 dollars or more, the great Rick Perlstein has graciously offered to send you a copy of his wonderful and most current book called "The Invisible Bridge." The New...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Applesauce - Trump roast? black ink scribbles - GOP propaganda explained; BPI Campus - Jonah Goldberg, still dumber than a bag of hammers; Horus the Light - Gilligan or Gunsmoke? No More Mr. Nice Blog - the dogs bark... Steve in Manhattan (blogenfreude) blogs at and suggests you PC users sooth yourselves with some haiku. Send tips to mbru AT crooksandliars DOT com.

Trump Is 'Neo Fascist,' 'Pathological Liar.' So No More 'Both Sides'?

In case you have never been in the liberal blogosphere before, the beltway media has a religion, and that religion's First Commandment is, "Thou Shalt Always Say Both Sides Do It." You are not allowed to say one side is wrong. You are not allowed to say one side is worse. You can say Candidate A said this and Candidate B said that. Show More Summary

Gov. Huckabee Claims HRC Wants To Fight Terror By Taking Your Guns Away

As a sad week has elapsed since the horrific Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando. A few funerals have already come and gone, but the shock and horror have hardly subsided. Naturally, the high death toll can be attributed to the super-efficient...Show More Summary

NRA Lobbyist Knocks Down Trump's Assertion That Club Goers Should Be Carrying Guns

How pathetic is it when you're rambling nonsense about alcohol and firearms gets knocked down by the NRA? At a campaign rally this weekend, Donald Trump told his supporters that "the Orlando nightclub massacre might not have ended so tragically had clubgoers been armed." "If in that club, you had some people, not a lot of people... Show More Summary

RoJo Splunges On T. Rump

Ron Johnson, Wisconsin's Dumb Senator, appeared on CNN's "State of the Union" with Dana Bash. It was not RoJo's most glorious moment to be sure. The first question Bash asked RoJo was whether he supported Republican delegates that are pledged to Hair Furor. Show More Summary

Sen. Sessions Gets Hammerd By Chris Wallace Over Trump's Bad Relations With GOP

It's been a brutal week for Donald Trump's campaign as many Republican leaders have blasted him for the way he's handled himself after the Orlando massacre. Fox News Sunday' Chris Wallace hammered Senator Jeff Sessions, a key policyShow More Summary

Wayne LaPierre Uses Orlando Shooting For A 'Full Court Press' To Sell Guns

In the wake of the massacre at Pulse night club in Orlando, National Rifle Association (NRA) Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre argued on Sunday that American families should arm themselves because terrorists were "on the vergeShow More Summary

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