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Why Is Reince Priebus Coming Home Early?

It appeared that there wasn't anybody minding the store when Air Force One went wheels up en route to the Middle East. All the big name advisors were on board, from Tillerson, to Bannon, to Kushner. But late last night--only 24 hours...Show More Summary

Fox Guest Lies About Trump's Tweet Attacking FLOTUS For Not Covering Her Hair In 2015

As Carla Herreria over at the HuffPo discussed here, an old tweet of Donald Trump's was coming back to haunt him during his trip to Saudi Arabia this weekend: Trump Slammed Michelle Obama For Not Covering Hair In Saudi Arabia, But...: Prominent visitors aren’t required to wear a head scarf. Show More Summary

TIME: Russia's War On America Via Social Media

TIME magazine has released a stunningly detailed piece about how Russia used social media to attack Hillary Clinton: For many Americans, Russian hacking remains a story about the 2016 election. But there is another story taking shape. Show More Summary

SNL: Trump White House Belts Out Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' In Season Finale

Alec Baldwin reprised his role as Donald Trump for the season finale of Saturday Night Live: This season’s regular President Trump impersonator returned once more, but in a bit of twist, didn’t crack a string of biting jokes to open up this week’s episode. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Alright, that's it for me this week. See you again soon, when, well, who knows what will be going on with the Orange Turd and his kleptocratic fascism. I mean, just look back at this week alone. This is of course always the case, but...Show More Summary

With DHS Position, Clarke Would Be The First ‘Patriot’ Leader To Hold A Federal Post

The apparent elevation of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke to a position within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security would mark another “first” of sorts for the Trump administration: It’s the first time any known participant...Show More Summary

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach--God Give Me Strength We are an instant gratification society. We saw the craziness of Donald Trump on the campaign trail, the lies, the pandering, the busting of norms and we're impatient for the rest of the media (and country) to catch up to us. Show More Summary

Patti LuPone Speaks To Our Collective Trump Frustration

Broadway Diva, Tony Award winner and American icon Patti LuPone is as dumbstruck as the rest of us over whom is 'leading' this country. What the hell has happened to this great nation? Apparently the worst person on Earth: Donald J. Trump. LuPone appeared as a guest on Show People With Paul Wontorek. Show More Summary

Open Thread - Dwayne Johnson Joins SNL 5 Timers Tonight

The good old days of 2015, when we made fun on how Republican members of Congress undermined the President's foreign policy. Good times. Good times.

C&L's Sat Nite Chiller Theater: The Man From Planet X (1951)

In the trailer for his episode of "Master Class", David Mamet's says that all he really needs to do his thing is a pencil and some paper for the dialogue and two chairs and one location to stage the play. And with not a lot more than that, fame low-budget director Edgar G. Show More Summary

Fox Friend: Russiagate Is A Scam Perpetrated By The 'Democrat Media Complex'

Now more than ever, it appears that Fox News isn't even trying to convince viewers of the 'veracity' of their fantastical accounts of reality. Ever since Ailes cashed in his chips and has relocated to become Nixon's new roommate in Hell,...Show More Summary

What's The Real Scandal About The 2016 Election?

Hillary Clinton stood on a stage next to Donald Trump and called him Putin’s puppet. This was the @NYTimes “News Analysis” the next day: — Jamison Foser (@jamisonfoser) February 14, 2017 Melissa McEwan, who's...Show More Summary

Impeachment Now

"History on Hyperdrive." - Presidential biographer Jon Meacham on MSNBC this past Thursday, describing our current domestic political environment. If he's right, the speed at which new allegations, admissions, and revelations enter the...Show More Summary

Trump And The Saudis: Give Him A Gold Necklace, And He's Good To Go

How comfortable is Donald Trump with authoritarian regimes? Rosa Brooks and Nayyera Haq has this exchange on AM Joy this morning. "He's like them, but sort of dumber," Brooksa said. "And I think the Saudis have absolutely got his number. Show More Summary

Fox’s Earhardt: Many People Think Roger Ailes Saved This Country By Starting Fox News

Fox host Ainsley Earhardt didn't just eulogize Roger Ailes, she all but suggested he should be memorialized on Mt. Rushmore. I do not like to speak ill of the dead and I do sympathize with the Ailes loyalists who have been reeling for almost a year since his ouster in the wake of sexual harassment allegations. Show More Summary

What Can We Expect As The Trump Circus Travels Overseas?

Much speculation on AM Joy this morning about how the Trump circus will play overseas. Malcolm Nance is looking on the bright side. "What we're seeing is the United States being seen by the rest of the world as the clown show," he said. "I...Show More Summary

Trump Lands In Saudi, Gives Big Thumbs Up

Trump's hypocrisy and stupidity was evident the moment he stepped on Saudi soil. The hypocrisy is obvious enough, but the hand gesture is open to debate. According to some sources for business etiquette, the thumbs up gesture literally means "up yours", or that you wish to sodomize someone with your thumb. Show More Summary

Bill Maher, Cornel West Get Into Yelling Match Over Election

Last night, Bill Maher and Cornel West got into a shouting match on Real Time over West saying Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were "equally awful." West insisted that Bernie Sanders could have won the election, and took a shot at Clinton...Show More Summary

Fox Attacks The Media As 'Opposition Party' For Reporting On Trump Admistration Scandals

If you're wondering why your crazy Uncle Liberty (h/t Driftglass) still believes Trump is the Greatest President Ever, here's what life looks like inside of the right-wing bubble. Over in GOP-TV land, otherwise known as Pravda Fox "news," the problem is not Trump or his administration's behavior. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Remind me again who the "nut job" is? Yeah, it's this abhorrent, despicable guy. Lance Mannion: The Republican plan is to make life miserable for the non-rich. Occasional Planet: There's no Howard Baker among the Republicans these days. Echidne...Show More Summary

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