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What Harney County And The Malheur Occupation Mean (to Us)

“Game laws are said to be directly opposed to the liberties of the subject: I am well persuaded that they may be carried too far, and that they really are in most parts of Europe. But it is equally certain that where there are none, there never is any game” read more

What Harney County And The Malheur Occupation Mean (to Me)

I came of age in Harney County. I first visited at 19 under the tutelage of the venerable Dr. Steve Herman, a faculty member emeritus at The Evergreen State College, and I caught his infectious love of wild things in wild places. Growing...Show More Summary

Open Thread - Why He Lost.

Matt Filipowicz's video answers the question, why did Donald Trump lose in Iowa? Maybe it's because he's an obnoxious, ill-mannered, white supremacist, sexist....well, you get the point. Open thread below....

Coin Tosses Did Not Decide The Iowa Democratic Caucus

After media -- I'm looking at you, Steve Kornacki -- reported that Hillary Clinton won ALL the coin tosses in the Iowa caucuses, there was a lot of noise online from people outraged that a coin toss could determine the nominee. And yes,...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With The Besnard Lakes

Whenever listening to Montreal's Besnard Lakes many different reference points come to mind. They always manage to meld spaced out psychedelia, orchestra tinges, honeyed melodies, mystic grooves and intermittent abrasive blasts intoShow More Summary

Lindsey Graham Says Cruz Will Get 'Creamed' By Any Democrat

Joe and Mika are just beside themselves over the dismal numbers for Jeb! in Iowa. They try to ask Lindsey Graham to soothe their worry. Lindsey reminds them that McCain won in New Hampshire after a poor Iowa showing. Then things get interesting. Show More Summary

David Brooks Isn't Real

Last night, at the Republican caucuses in the already-forgotten state of Iowa, the explicitly theocratic fanatic and serial liar with the dentist's drill voice came in first, the fascist carnival barker and serial liar came in second,...Show More Summary

Chuck Todd Goes Full 'Opposite Day' In Describing Sanders

(h/t Heather for the video) Sometimes, as our Media Overlords try to pound every single political event into their Both Siderist frame, the results are just goofy and weird. For example, here we find dutiful Comcast employee Chuck Todd...Show More Summary

Melissa Harris-Perry Narrowly Escapes An Attack During Iowa Caucuses

Melissa Harris-Perry has a rather harrowing tale to tell about a terrible experience at the Iowa caucuses. Rather than paraphrasing it, I'll let her words speak for themselves. Monday night I was sitting in a hotel lobby in downtownShow More Summary

Kim Davis' Lawyer: 'Christians Will Face Discriminatory Tax'

Kim Davis' loathsome lawyer and the law firm known for defending Christian bigots, the Liberty Counsel, is phenomenally adept at playing the victim. The idea of religious persecution of Christians in this country is really a stretch,...Show More Summary

Hillary Wins All The Coin Flips; Do Carolina, Denver Want That Coin?

According to the Des Moines Register, in at least five instances last night, Hillary Clinton won a delegate on the basis of a coin flip. She won all the flips. As commenter Justaslob points out below, maybe Denver or Carolina should hire Mrs. Clinton for the coin-flip Sunday?

Independent Journamalism!

The Hill reports that there was much hand-wringing about Donald Trump at the Koch brothers' winter retreat this past weekend. Anti-Trump strategies were discussed: On the eve of the Iowa causes, Koch network officials revealed in a private meeting with donors that they had commissioned focus group research to identify Trump’s vulnerabilities. ... Show More Summary

Santorum Chair Has One Weird Trick That Gets Your Candidate Zero Votes!

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Nevermind, it's Santorum! I'm laughing. TPM: Monday night's Iowa caucuses were especially rough for former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), who polled at less than one percent four years after winning the contest. Show More Summary

Ben Carson: Ted Cruz Used 'Dirty Tricks' To Hurt His Campaign: UPDATED

Ben Carson is not a happy camper this morning and he was not quiet about why he felt he got screwed over by Ted Cruz. He questioned Ted Cruz' campaign for cheating and using "dirty tricks," against him by telling voters he had suspended...Show More Summary

Criminal! FBI Joins Flint Water Investigation

It's about time there was a criminal investigation. Detroit Free Press: The FBI is now investigating the contamination of Flint’s drinking water, a man-made public health catastrophe, which has left an unknown number of Flint children...Show More Summary

Favorite Tweets From Last Night - Trump Loser Edition

The best tweets of last night came as Donald "bought the farm." (h/t @maddow) So @realDonaldTrump, did YOU just "get schlonged" in the #IowaCaucus? #IAcaucus — Jon Hutson (@JonHutson) February 2, 2016 #IowaCaucus tonight. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Calls His Campaign A 'Testament To The Grass Roots'

Ted Cruz's victory was a testament to something, but the power of the grass roots ain't it. Here's what he told the crowd in Iowa following his victory last night: Cruz says his Iowa win is victory for 'grass roots': A triumphant Ted...Show More Summary

Screenshot Of The Night: Fox News Right For Once

What a riot. Fox News goes out on a limb with their Dem predictions last night.

Trump Stuns By Not Going Ballistic As He Comes In 2nd Place To Canadian Ted Cruz

Donald Trump, who no one thought was a viable candidate for President just 6 short months ago, managed to come in a solid second place in today's Iowa caucuses. For some, the fact that he didn't come in first was shocking, for other's,...Show More Summary

Marco Rubio Gives Victory Speech For Finishing 3rd In Iowa

Marco Rubio and many of the pundits from the Mainstream Media are absolutely tickled that Marco finished in third place in the GOP Iowa Caucuses. Marco was over the top ecstatic himself, and his 'victory' speech hardly reflected a normal victory. Show More Summary

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