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C&L's Saturday Night Chiller Theater: Day Of The Triffids

Britain has a long tradition of producing fine science fiction, and while searching for an intact online copy of the excellent "Quatermass and the Pit" (known to us Yankee rebel dogs as "Five Million Years To Earth") I ran across this terrific and evergreen (pun intended) example of the genre from Security Pictures Ltd. Show More Summary

Fox 'News' Liars Claim Clinton Wants To Repeal 2nd Amendment

The scourge of Fox and Friends Weekend, Tucker Carlson, based his entire interview with right-wing hate radio host, David Webb on the fallacy that Hillary Clinton plans to repeal the Second Amendment, because fear is all Republicans have these days. Show More Summary

Armed Intimidators Of Democrats Are The Real Victims Here

Via Charlie Pierce, and Talking Points Memo, I learn about two guys who thought it was a swell idea to stand outside a Democratic congressional candidate's campaign office open-carrying in a menacing manner: On Thursday, a Fluvanna County...Show More Summary

Dana Bash Appalled By Attacks On Hillary Clinton's Looks

I don't have to tell anyone reading this post that Donald Trump judges women solely on their looks, and that any woman whose looks fall below his "standards" he dimisses them at best and denigrates them at worst. And Friday he took the opportunity to comment on Hillary Clinton's looks on the debate stage last Sunday. Show More Summary

Hey Donald, You Go First On The Pre-Debate Drug Test, Okay?

During yet another deranged rally today, Donald Trump claimed Hillary Clinton was at home getting "pumped up" ahead of Wednesday's debate, in a clear reference to some mysterious drug use he's convinced she has. Sniffer-in-Chief Trump once again projected, saying "Athletes. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Dismantles Teleprompters In Frustration During Rally

During a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina Friday night, Donald Trump got frustrated when his teleprompters stopped working and dismantled them to the crowd's delight, while shouting, "You know what? I like it better without the teleprompter. Show More Summary

The Five: Greg Gutfield Wishes Trump Was A Robot

This segment from The Five started with Eric Bolling spinning fantasies that Trump might actually be "activating" heretofore unknown motherlodes of Republican voters, and Juan Williams laying down actual poll numbers and some painful...Show More Summary

Curt Schilling Grosses Out Fox Business Host While Defending Trump

Fox Business Network's Trish Regan interviewed Trump supporter Curt Schilling and asked him about the Access Hollywood sex tape and the "locker room talk" excuse when Schilling veered off into a different direction and the interviewShow More Summary

Newt Gingrich: 'Virtually A Lynching' Of Donald Trump By The Media

Just when I thought CNN was winning the contest for having the most repulsive Trump surrogates on the air, Fox manages to prove me wrong. Here's Hannity and Newt desperately trying to convince the lemmings that watch Hannity's show that...Show More Summary

'The Apprentice' Winner Confirms Sexual Harassment On Set

Move has a petition to NBC and MGM to release the Apprentice raw footage. If you thought the tape of Donald Trump bragging about sexual assault to NBC's Billy Bush was bad, buckle up. Multiple TV producers are now saying there's...Show More Summary

Dana Perino Smacks Trump Surrogates: 'I'm Done'

Hard to tell if the latest revelations about sexual harassment from Trump were the straw that broke Dana Perino's patience. All of the women who are still on air at Fox News have had a year when it comes to revelations of sexual harassment,...Show More Summary

Bill Maher Rips Ken Bone And His Fellow Undecided Voters

Why in the hell anyone fell in love with Ken Bone, one of the so-called "undecided voters" that asked a question about energy policy at the last presidential debate, is beyond me, but they did, hailing him as some model of mutual respect and decency. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Informed Comment: The U.S. is risking another fine mess, this time in Yemen. The Cascadia Advocate: Donald Trump isn’t the only disaster for Washington State conservatives; right-wing ballot measures are a bust, too. Plunderbund: IsShow More Summary

A Readers' Guide To Trump's Five Favorite Sexual Myths

Donald Trump not only lies vociferously, but he also relies on America's great myths, a vast storehouse of inaccuracies; longstanding, disproven tales; power-protecting falsehoods that are cultural staples about women and sexual contact--what...Show More Summary

Accused Sexual Harasser O'Reilly And Serial Adulterer Gingrich Attack Media Coverage Of Donald Trump’s Alleged Sexual Abuse

It takes a certain gall to pair twice-accused sexual harasser Bill O’Reilly with serial adulterer Newt Gingrich as a team to complain about the media coverage of multiple allegations of Donald Trump’s sexual abuse. Even worse, each has...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Danny & The Darleans

Yes! The weekend is here. Get out and have some fun. I'm doing just that tonight by checking a gig by Dan of the legendary Detroit band the Gories latest combo, Danny & the Darleans. Their newly released 2nd album, Bug Out, is being described as Apocalyptic party rock. Show More Summary

OOPS! Trump's Own 'Witness' Puts Him Right On The Plane, Contradicting Trumps Story

So as we all know, the torrent of women coming out with stories of Donald Trump sexually assaulting them has started snowballing. First it was a trickle, starting right after the video from Access Hollywood came out last Friday where...Show More Summary

CNN Has A Trump Surrogate Problem

NOTE: This video has some not-work-safe language. I also think it's one of the most important videos you will watch this campaign season. (After yesterday's speeches by Michelle and Barack Obama, of course.) CNN has hired Trump surrogates to turn their election coverage into meaningless shouting matches. Show More Summary

Why Trump Followers Can't Watch Our Polls In Pennsylvania

So Donald Trump, who simply can't admit he ran a bad campaign and is getting beaten by a girl, is ginning up his supporters with fairy tales about voter fraud in you-know-what-kind of sections in Philadelphia. And his Jesus-y right-hand man is repeating the lie at his rallies. Show More Summary

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