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C&L's Late Night Music Club With Big Joe Turner

It's been a non-stop on the work front for me the past week and a half. Get out of one gig and then off to the other. Staff meeting, things that need to be done before the holiday breaks, year ending obligations and so on. Tonight though...Show More Summary

Ben Carson Compares Syrian Refugees To Rabid Dogs

As the days go on, the GOP presidential field keeps making the most outlandish statements regarding the Syrian refugee crisis and today, it's Ben Carson's turn. The neurosurgeon has recently seen his national poll ratings begin to drop...Show More Summary

CNN Correspondent Suspended For Two Weeks For Speaking The Truth

Elise Labott is CNN's Global Affairs correspondent, and she's pretty good at her job. Unfortunately, she slipped while tweeting the terrible news that the House of Representatives bowed before Daesh. House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees. Show More Summary

Rep. Steve King Asks If There Was 'Any Suicidal Terrorist Who Is Not Muslim'

This is your United States House of Representatives, in full hatred mode. In a hearing today on Syrian refugees, Rep. King asked U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez, "Can you identify for me a suicidal terrorist that was not a Muslim?" Please pick your jaws up off the floor. Show More Summary

House Science Chair Lamar Smith Goes After NOAA's Climate Findings

When the findings of a report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) become problematic for the Chair of the House Committee on Science, what better way to fight inconvenient facts than by personally attacking...Show More Summary

Conservatives Angry That Hillary Clinton Refuses To Say 'Radical Islam'

Republicans, Fox News and other Conservative media outlets continually demand that Democratic politicians use the GOP talking points that have been approved by Frank Luntz, or else they are weak, weak, weak on terrorism, hates America and wants us to lose. Show More Summary

Donald Trump: Muslims Should Carry Special Forms Of Identification

I've been writing like many of us have that the 2016 presidential election was going to about foreign policy because that's the only strategy Republicans felt like they could accomplish anything with. Donald Trump began his campaignShow More Summary

Fox News' Hater Pastor Robert Jeffress Says Christian Terrorism 'Almost' Non-Existent

Gretchen Carlson brought on fundamentalist Christian hater Robert Jeffress to explain to the terrified Fox News audience why we simply cannot accept Syrian refugees into this country. His basic argument follows what you would expect....Show More Summary

LIVE: Bernie Sanders Speaks On Democratic Socialism

Bernie Sanders is speaking live at Georgetown University on Democratic Socialism and how to defeat ISIS. Watch the live stream below:

Carly Fiorina Can't Stop Lying About The Syrian Refugee Crisis

We've grown accustomed to Carly Fiorina's brand of truth-telling. She seems to lie so easily, I don't even think she knows the difference between fact and fiction at this point. The overarching theme of her Fox and Friends interview today is fearmongering. Show More Summary

Sir, Is That Your Official Dancing With The Stars Position?

Tom DeLay lives in my neck of the woods and local Republicans still bow down to him when he walks by. I do not know why because he hasn’t had a job since he left Congress so he just goes from one Republican women’s club to the next trying to peddle his book, “No Retreat. Show More Summary

The Man Who Thought Sarah Palin Would Make A Great VP Attacks Kerry As Inept

Senator John McCain joined the Fox News Exploitation Of Paris Tragedy party today with attacks on John Kerry and President Obama. On Your World, host Neil Cavuto all but prodded McCain to attack Kerry (part of today’s Fox meme) by quoting...Show More Summary

Drown Out The Voices Of Hate: Tell Congress To Welcome The Refugees

I grew up with aunts and uncles, but no grandparents. They died in the Holocaust. My parents were survivors of the Holocaust. They brought me to America as a baby - “die goldene landt," they called it. I was always enormously grateful...Show More Summary

Y Kant Andrew McCarthy Read?

National Review's Andrew C. McCarthy wants you to know that President Obama is a an evil lying traitor because -- says McCarthy -- federal law insists on a religious test for refugees seeking asylum, contrary to what the president says: In...Show More Summary

The Internment And Fear Of The 'Foreigner': Groundless Then, Groundless Now

[Cross-posted at Orcinus.][ “President Franklin D. Roosevelt felt compelled to sequester Japanese foreign nationals after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and it appears that the threat of harm to America from ISIS now is just as real and...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush's 'Dumb As A Stump' Answer About Screening Syrian Refugees

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, told CNN that we should only be taking Syrian Christian refugees into our country this past Sunday. There are a lot of Christians in Syria that have no place now," he explained. "They'll be either executed or imprisoned, either by Assad or by ISIS. Show More Summary

NRA And Its GOP Stooges Block Bill To Keep Terrorists From Buying Guns

With the news that the Kochtopus has funded its own spy network and other Republican activities, it shouldn't surprise you to discover they also gave the NRA Institute for Legislative Action nearly $5 million in 2014. I'm sure it's paying...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Today we look at the media, because sometimes one must analyze the analyst. You Might Notice A Trend takes on the Green Room Commandos. The Rectification of Names opens a value-sized can of whoop-ass on David Brooks. Strangely Blogged...Show More Summary

The Nightly Show Watches Stabby Ben Carson's Campaign Go Off The Rails

The Nightly Show has a bit of fun with old Stabby Ben's presidential campaign and his recent troubles. First up was the Carson campaign's trouble with maps that TPM discussed here: Ben Carson Can't Place New England On A Map (PHOTO): Retired neurosurgeon Dr. Show More Summary

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