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Comedic Brilliance: Colbert Explains Trump's Russia Problem

Stephen Colbert notices that this Russian dilemma raises questions, aside from the obvious question, 'are you f^king kidding me?' Taking cues from the majority of media outlets that there's plenty of smoke here, Colbert's take was, "Where...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Night Music Club With Blues Control

Many of the things that Blues Control have done remind me of paintings of expansive landscapes. They don't do it with watercolor, acrylics, and oils though. They do it with sound. What are you listening to tonight?

FBI: Yes, Flynn Lied. No, We Won't Recommend Charges.

Michael Flynn is a liar and the FBI has proof. Earlier today the Washington Post reported that Flynn lied to FBI agents during an interview last month regarding any discussions regarding sanctions with Russia's ambassador prior to Trump...Show More Summary

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Barred From Meeting They Requested With ICE

As reports of ICE raids ramp up nationwide, even more troubling news is coming out of DC today. Lawmakers were meeting with the with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) acting Director Tom Homan today to discuss a variety of issues around recent ICE enforcement initiatives. Show More Summary

Jake Tapper Remembers All Of Trump's Conspiracy Theories

Jake Tapper went there. CNN is reporting the true, backed-up story that some of Trump's top aides were in constant communication with Russian officials during the campaign. Flynn resigned or was fired because he lied to the American people and the vice president. Show More Summary

When You've Lost Fox News, Maybe It's Time To Regroup

Shep Smith was not at all pleased with Trump's 76-minute gaslighting session today, and let that be known. While he was mostly angry about how CNN's Jim Acosta was treated, he had words to say about the general tenor of things in the room. "It's crazy what we're watching every day. Show More Summary

Seattle Divests $3bn From Wells Fargo Over DAPL And Put It WHERE?

Last week the Seattle city council unanimously voted to sever ties with Wells Fargo Bank over the bank’s funding of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Hours later, Davis, California followed suit. A few days later New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio publically indicated his interest and possible willingness to implement similar actions. Show More Summary

Trump Calls Fox And Friends 'The Most Honest Morning Show'

Donald Trump spent much of his time during today's press conference spewing wall to wall attacks on the credibility of the media, labeling them as proponents of spreading lies and endless "fake news" stories against his administration. However,...Show More Summary

Trump: People Protesting Over Obamacare Aren't 'Republican People That Are Representatives'

During the most bizarre presidential press conference I've ever witnessed, Donald Trump was asked a question about the ACA repeal. His response, as unintelligible as it was, was also very disturbing. "We've begun preparing to repeal and replace Obamacare," he assured his questioner. Show More Summary

NBC's Peter Alexander On Trump's Electoral Claims: 'Why Should Americans Trust' You?

Trump began his press conference and claimed, yet again, how incredible his electoral college victory was over Hillary Clinton; how it was the biggest since Ronald Reagan. C&L fact check replies: FALSE! He then railed against the press...Show More Summary

Fox And Friends In Sync With Trump Again! 'Russia Is Fake News'

Fox and Friends opened their broadcast by parroting Trump's claims that Russia had nothing to do with influencing the election because, "the Democrats had to come up with a reason why they lost so they said Russia hacked the election." The...Show More Summary

Comedy Central App Turns Trump's Tweets Into Kiddie Crayon

Leave it to Comedy Central to put Trump's Tweets in just the right....font? Last night Trevor Noah told Daily Show viewers about a new Chrome/Firefox extension that converts all of Donald Trump's Tweets into a child-like crayon font. Called...Show More Summary

Scarborough Hammers Wall Street Journal, Trump Cheerleader

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough began his show this morning by attacking the Wall Street Journal for "bending over backwards" to support the administration. Scarborough was responding to a story in the WSJ that had a headline which said, "Spies...Show More Summary

Bob Woodward On Flynn Resigning: 'All My Alarm Bells Went Off"

Last night Bill O'Reilly laid on the "media is anti-Trump" narrative as thick as molasses, particularly in defense of General Flynn. Bob Woodward didn't buy Bill's Trump apologist narrative:, "My alarm bells went off. And I think the...Show More Summary

Samantha Bee Celebrates Paul Ryan, Trump's 'Loyal Husky'

To make it easier on poor Paul Ryan (not), last night Samantha Bee created an imaginary president for Paul Ryan to impeach: Consider, if, in theory, a hypothetical president-- we'll call him Doug-- were to collude with a foreign enemy,...Show More Summary

Feds May Be Investigating Fox News Over Ailes Sexual Harassment Suits

Federal prosecutors in New York have subpoenaed the attorney representing Andrea Tantaros in her sexual harassment suit against Fox News. The attorney believes the prosecutors are investigating the company’s attempt to hide from shareholders...Show More Summary

Fox Biz Stuart Varney Gives A Thumbs Down To Trump's Border Tax

Fox Business' Stuart Varney is no fan of Trump's Border Tax proposal and told Fox and Friends that, "retailers hate it with a passion" and the middle class "are "suddenly going to find themselves paying higher prices because of a tax imposed by the Trump administration." Earlier today, Trump met with retail CEOs to talk about tax reform and imports. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Infidel: Iran in pictures. Mock Paper Scissors: Updated: Activism: Scandal? Treason? Take Action Stinque: Headline of the Day is not work safe. And here's a real ad featuring Trump that was made before Russian hookers took over the internets. Round up by Frances Langum / Blue Gal of The Professional Left Podcast. Send tips to MBRU (at) crooksandliars (dot) com

America's Dumbest Traitors

So, like everyone else, I'm reading this New York Times story... Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian...Show More Summary

Open Thread - Puppies Explain Flynn-gate

Yeah this slide show could benefit from some background music and one less typo (dealt not dealth) but still... It's easy to understand when puppies and kittens are connecting the dots. h/t Vic Stoddard Open Thread below...

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