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SC State Rep: 'Somebody With The Means Of Self Defense Could Have Stopped This'

This South Carolina rep, William Chumley, doesn't seem too thrilled about taking down the Confederate flag, and comes up with the convoluted argument that we shouldn't let the hate groups influence how we live -- by taking down their...Show More Summary

Nashville Businessman: 'Slavery Was The First Form Of Social Security'

Bill Dorris is a businessman in Nashville, Tennessee. He is also the guardian of the really awful Nathan Bedford Forrest statue off of I-65 in Nashville, which was sculpted by James Earl Ray's lawyer, Jack Kershaw. With everything that's...Show More Summary

Judge Nixes 'Kill The Gays' Ballot Initiative

Sanity has prevailed here in sunny California. Tuesday a Sacramento judge ruled that attorney Matthew McLaughlin's "Sodomy Suppression Act" proposing to kill gay people did not have to be placed on the California ballot. Saying a proposed...Show More Summary

O'Reilly Goes Off The Rails When Asked If He's Got Any Black Friends

Guest Kirsten Powers probably got a taste of how Bill-O's ex-wife feels on this Tuesday's O'Reilly Factor. O'Reilly started off his show with another race-baiting Talking Points Memo, where he attacked liberals for daring to point out...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

I'll just say this: Banishing the Confederate flag to the dustbin of history, where it belongs, isn't going to solve the problem that Republicans, and many Americans generally, simply refuse to acknowledge, let alone address in any meaningful...Show More Summary

CNN Asks, 'Should President Obama Apologize For Slavery?'

This is one of those CNN moments that makes you wonder whether any of their producers have a brain in their head. Because a New York Times op-ed writer wrote a thing that was provocative, CNN decided they had to discuss it. Here's that...Show More Summary

Nightly Show Wonders How It Went For CNN Intern Buying Lemon's N-Word Sign

Apparently CNN's Don Lemon was attacked on Twitter for a segment this Monday, where he held up a sign with the word nigger and asked his audience "Does this offend you?" in the wake of the dust up over President Obama using the wordShow More Summary

Cooter Jones Bravely Takes On CNN Host Over Confederate Flag

Now we have moved into the phase where denial is over and the True Believers will defend their right to fly a hate symbol on state property to the death. Behold, Cooter Jones, aka former Representative Ben Jones, Southern Democrat and Proud Defender of the Confederate Flag. Show More Summary

Open Thread - Hostage

by Michael de Adder of the Toronto Star. h/t Reagan Was a Terrible President. Open thread below...

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With James Horner

The plane belonging to Horner crashed with an as of yet unidentified pilot as its sole occupant. The pilot is presumed to be Horner and no one close to the composer has been reported to have heard from him. Unfortunately, the situation looks grim and, whether or not the pilot is Horner, it is still tragic. Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh Says The American Flag Is Next To Be Assaulted By The Left

Rush Limbaugh came up with a whole new conspiracy theory about what the true meaning is of the calls to take down the Confederate Flag from South Carolina. Limbaugh hasn't found a racial stereotype that he hasn't reveled in so this isn't really shocking at all. Show More Summary

Right Wing Called Pope Francis Their Friend Until Climate Change Encyclical

By now, most of us know there's no loyalty among conservative thieves and liars. Conservative media can make you a darling one day and rip you to shreds the next, which is what they're trying to do to Pope Francis right now. After all,...Show More Summary

Trump Bump: The Donald Leaps Into Second Place In New Hampshire

Meet the candidate who has leapt into the #2 spot in New Hampshire polls: The Donald The new poll from Suffolk University has Jeb Bush in first place at 14 percent — followed closely by Donald Trump with 11 percent. Rounding out theShow More Summary

Poll: Protests Are Great For America Unless Protesters Are Black

Look no further than this poll to understand why Ferguson protesters were regarded as "thugs" but Tea Partyers were just Americans exercising their First Amendment right. The public generally agrees that when Americans speak up and protest unfair treatment by the government, it makes the country better. Show More Summary

Texas Man Bolts 6-foot Wooden Confederate Flag On Wall Across From County Courthouse

A Texas man who nailed a 6-foot wooden Confederate flag to a building across from the Montague County Courthouse refused on Monday to take it down even though leaders throughout the South had called for the removal of offensive Civil War-era symbols. After Republican Gov. Show More Summary

The Suddenly Radioactive Flag

Suddenly, American business awakes as if from a dream and decides selling racist symbolism isn't the smartest of ideas: .@Etsy just sent me a statement that said it is banning Confederate flags/goods. Story coming... —...Show More Summary

Obama Wins Cloture Vote On TPP

It's pretty much a done deal at this point, and no guarantee of Republican support for another trade dislocation assistance bill: WASHINGTON -- The Senate on Tuesday handed President Barack Obama the biggest legislative victory of his...Show More Summary

Mark Fuhrman Pretends He Doesn't Know What Racism Is

One of Megyn Kelly's pet projects is to defend police officers from conscientious commissioners and prosecutors who are accountable to the people they serve and protect. Last night on The Kelly File, she expressed her disbelief that Baltimore P.D. Show More Summary

Haley Barbour: It's South Carolina's Business How They Want To 'Decorate' Their Capitol

Haley Barbour. Where to begin? Can we talk about how this racist dog used his influence to make sure beachfront properties in Mississippi were prioritized after Hurricane Katrina, siphoning off money that was supposed to rebuild NewShow More Summary

President Obama's WTF Podcast Interview Was One Of His Best

It really bothers me that Fox News went out of the gate yesterday with the whole "N-word" nontroversy in Marc Maron's hourlong interview of the President, covering an excellent interview in a total distraction. As interviews go, this...Show More Summary

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