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C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Buck Owens

Buck is woken up around midnight. He then has to run past the graveyard. As a 1970's kid and being raised by parents who were big country & western music fans, I heard this song for more than a few Halloweens. It was also Buck's 2nd to last top ten single in his career (not counting the "Streets Of Bakersfield" duet with Dwight Yoakam.) What are you listening to tonight?

Colorado Lunatic Legislator Worries Hillary Might Kill Him If She Wins

Gordon Klingenschmitt, former pastor and now Colorado state representative, is very, very afraid of Hillary Clinton. She must keep him up at night hallucinating or something, because his latest is even more insane than some of his other rants, even the exorcism he performed on YouTube. But now, he's sure she's going to kill him if she gets elected. Show More Summary

A Look At Trump's 'Good Old Days' ...for Women

This video is really worth watching. I can remember as a child in the 1960's that my mother had one store credit card with my dad's name on it. She had no credit to her name at all. And another woman my mother's age told me about hiding...Show More Summary

Bad Lip Reading Does 2nd Debate: 'Presidential Poetry Slam'

Hot off the presses, the latest installment of Bad Lip Reading's take on the Presidential Debates. This one features a poetry slam, Ken Bone, and...flies?

Curt Schilling Takes Jake Tapper Interview Into A Weird Anti-Semitic Place

What is it with these Trump supporters? Almost every media appearance is either filled with lies or turns creepy rather quickly. As CNN's Jake Tapper was interviewing Curt Schilling about his possible Senate run against Elizabeth Warren,...Show More Summary

Sheriff David Clarke, Poll Denier

During a segment on Donald's 'rigged election" comments, Trump supporter Sheriff David Clarke told Fox News' Outnumbered panel that he doesn't believe in any of the polls and said, "I don't know the methodology that's why I don't trust...Show More Summary

Trump Goes After Michelle Obama In Latest Tirade

At his rally earlier today, the Donald went after the one person in this campaign he should never, ever attack -- Michelle Obama, beloved First Lady. Granted, he was trying to drive a wedge between Mrs. Obama and Hillary Clinton, but his supporters don't care about that. Show More Summary

Chuck Todd: Trump Lost The Al Smith Dinner

When Catholic priests boo you, it's time to go home. Chuck Todd "breaks down" the Al Smith Dinner: Self-deprecation is a problem with him. If he had a joke writer, he didn't listen to him. And if this is the result of hiring a joke writer? He should fire him. Find. Show More Summary

Former RNC Head Michael Steele Will Not Vote For Trump

Buzzfeed's Ben Smith reported that MSNBC's Michael Steele, who is the former head of the RNC, will not be voting for Trump because he's "captured that racist underbelly" of America. "I will not be voting for Clinton,” Steele told a dinner in honor of the 40th anniversary of the progressive magazine Mother Jones in San Francisco Friday. Show More Summary

CNN's McEnany: It's Trump Supporters Versus Black Panthers With Guns At The Polling Places!

CNN analyst and Trump surrogate, Kayleigh McEnany revealed Donald Trump's plans for his followers on election day after claiming there's massive voter fraud being perpetrated agaimst his candidacy. She told CNN's Don Lemon that Trump...Show More Summary

Texas Republican Congressman: 'Ladies Need To Be Told When They're Nasty'

[embed eid="20897" /] With friends like these, Donald Trump.... Texas (of course) Republican (of course) Trump supporter (yeah) Brian Babin said to Alan Colmes that some women need to be told when they're being nasty. [embed eid="20898" /] No, he wasn't. Show More Summary

Even Fox News Doubts Trump's Voter Fraud Claims

Fox News took a mini-segment to discuss Trump's claim that the election is rigged because of in-person voter fraud. MARTHA MACCALLUM (CO-HOST): So, how many ballots are usually found to be fraudulently cast in a national election, Peter? PETER...Show More Summary

Sean Hannity Haz A Sad Over Paul Ryan

We now have scientific proof that supporting Donald Trump lowers your IQ points. Sean Hannity, y’all, is not taking Donald Trump’s failed campaign in good spirits. He’s all over Paul Ryan like ugly on a bullfrog. HANNITY, who is close...Show More Summary

Open Thread - The Future Of 'Conservative' 'Media'

h/t @angusdwyer, as well as @epicciuto, who comments, "I'm old enough to remember seeing Weekly World News on newsstands, before it evolved into Breitbart and became a political movement." Open thread below...

Trump Booed At Al Smith Dinner; Clinton Slays

At the weird dark farce known as the Al Smith dinner, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off for the last time before Election Day. My personal feeling about this dinner is that it's really weird to pull candidates off the campaign trail and make them play nice with gentle barbs and self-deprecating jokes. Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With The Gun Club

Last night in the music club Roky told us what we have if we have ghosts. Tonight, Jeffrey Lee tells us about seeing one on the highway. What are you listening to tonight?

Oregon Takes On Corporations' Money And Politics With Measure 97

Much of Congress is captured by corporate money. So literally nothing gets through Congress if it interferes with the corporate/1% -boosting agenda. Many in the federal regulatory agencies are captured by promises of corporate payoffs...Show More Summary

Dana Perino Is Not Impressed With Trump's 'Nasty Woman' Comment

Fox News' Dana Perino didn't think Donald Trump had a very good debate performance and "He had a strong first thirty minutes, I just don't think that's enough.:" She felt that Trump had a chance to use the economy to his advantage but...Show More Summary

Nate Silver Tells Colbert How Bad Trump's Night REALLY Was

Colbert's live show after the Las Vegas Debate/Trumpster Fire featured the man who we all turn to when we want the most accurate polling compilation:'s Nate Silver. (Still laughing at one of the comments on the video...Show More Summary

It's Time For The 'Commission On Public Debates' To Go

“No, you’re the puppet!” Well, that was grueling. How did the third and final debate manage to be so sensationalistic and yet at the same time so boring? It seemed to go on forever. The media declared that Donald Trump lost the debate...Show More Summary

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