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Take A Friday Break And Watch Bill Nye Answer Twitter Questions

Bill Nye answers science questions from Twitter and is of course, wonderful. Don't forget that tomorrow is the #MarchforScience. The March for Science is a celebration of science. It's not only about scientists and politicians; it is...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Slams Trump On LGBT Rights

We appear to be going backwards under Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton, speaking last night at a dinner at which she received an award for her work advocating rights for LGBT people, minced no words when it comes to the Trump administration and its backwards stance on gay rights. Show More Summary

Tucker Carlson Demeans Female Political Scientist: 'What Does Your Mom Think?'

Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host chosen to replace Bill O’Reilly, deliberately tried to demean political science professor Caroline Heldman’s argument for higher taxes on the very wealthy by saying, ”You’re from an affluent family.Show More Summary

Trump Makes Democrats An Offer They Absolutely WILL Refuse

How many times did we hear that Mexico was going to pay for Trump's ridiculous wall? Over and over again. It was a call and response at all his rallies. But now that the media-created 100-day milestone is looming large upon Donald Trump,...Show More Summary

Trump Will Fail Again On Health Care 'Reform'

Fear Not. That's the message Lawrence O'Donnell had for moms like me last night. Those of us who shed real tears thinking that our health insurance might be taken away by Republicans. America now has a whole generation that will remember...Show More Summary

Jeff Sessions Doubles Down On His Hawaii Insult

The most authoritarian Attorney General in US history, Jeff Sessions, took a lot of heat on Thursday for making nasty and ignorant remarks about the state of Hawaii and the judge who ruled against Trump's "Muslim ban" executive order. On...Show More Summary

The Other Bill O'Reilly Obscenity: His Payoff

Can we just talk for a minute about how disgusting it is that a criminal harasser pig like Bill O'Reilly got paid $25 million a year to begin with? And now he gets that for a year for leaving? The New York Times reports: Mr. O’Reilly...Show More Summary

Alex Jones Says Pot Is Getting Stronger, Blames George Soros

Alex Jones is on trial to keep his kids and it's nuts, but you knew that: Alex Jones testifies he smokes marijuana to “monitor its strength,” adds it’s now too strong because of George Soros — Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) April 20, 2017 I would like to take this opportunity to thank George Soros. Show More Summary

Trump's First 100 Days Brings Lowest Approval Rating Ever

The Trump administration's first one hundred days, a milestone in every presidency, has in short, had a 'Keystone Cops' feel to it. Remember when he said, "It’ll happen so fast, your head will spin.” Outside of dropping the biggest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan, they haven't passed one piece of meaningful legislation. Show More Summary

Watch: Buh Bye! O'Reilly So Racist Trevor Noah Isn't Even Mad

This is the funniest of the late night riffs on Bill O'Reilly's ouster I've seen so far. Do stay for the "MF'n Iced Tea" bit. Trevor Noah notes that Bill O'Reilly is so racist "I can't even be mad." Enjoy! From the April 19, 2017 The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Crossposted at News Hounds.

With No Hillary To Kick Around, The New York Times Politics Desk Makes Do

Hillary Clinton's not around anymore to act as an everyday punching bag, so how will New York Times politics writers stay in fighting trim? Well, it looks as if they're found someone new to pound on: The Democratic Party today: Spends...Show More Summary

Trump Gives A Shout Out To Luciano Pavarotti, His 'Great Friend'

It's always about him. Even when he's discussing my ancestral home of Italy, Trump makes a fool of himself. During a press conference with Italian Prime Minister Gentiloni, while praising their great culture and artistic accomplishments,...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Non Sequitur: The airing of grievances as argument. On the Economy: Supply-side, trickle-down nonsense on the NYT op-ed page. The Rectification of Names: Trump's immigration claims versus reality. Gin and Tacos: Trump's immigration policies versus history. This installment by Batocchio. E-mail tips to mbru AT crooksandliars DOT com.

Why Bill O'Reilly Is Out At Fox News

Bill O'Reilly is out at Fox News. This is excellent news. I'm going to brag about WHY he is out at Fox News. Not that he is out, but why. Because there is a significant point I want to make. O'Reilly didn't get pushed out because he is a serial sexual harasser, or because he called for the killing of Dr. Show More Summary

Open Thread - That New (Old) Hit Song, 'Shut Up!' (Bill O'Reilly!)

Our own John Amato: I wrote and recorded this song satire in October of '04 with the help of Donny D., as a response to Bill's outrageous behavior, bogus claims and clashes with Al Franken. So much has happened since. Maybe Sting can...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Black Uhuru

Today is 420. A day that many people celebrate Mother Earth and her bounty of a particular green. Something Black Uhuru has been doing for years. What are you listening to tonight?

Palin, Breitbart And Fox Struggle With The Concept Of Linear Time

Breitbart's Ian Mason tells us that Sarah Palin believes Elizabeth Warren stole her intellectual property: Exclusive–Sarah Palin Shreds Liz Warren for Ripping Off Her ‘Fight Like a Girl’ Quote Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) tweeted “fight like a girl” to her followers Tuesday. Show More Summary

Dow Chemical Gives Trump Inaugural $1M, Wants Deregulation... On Nazi Gas?

Seriously, Trump White House? You can't make this stuff up. Dow Chemical and two other chemical companies have asked the EPA to discard a study showing some pesticides damage endangered species. Brett Hartl, government affairs director for the Center for Biological Diversity, is in the Resistance against Dow. Show More Summary

Mike Pence: Codpiece 2.0

VP Mike Pence went to South Korea to tell the world the time of appeasing North Korea is over and then he headed over to the DMZ to stare them down. What that means, nobody knows and I imagine the South Korean people, who don't haveShow More Summary

Sessions Writes Hawaii's Statehood Off: 'An Island In The Pacific'

Our Attorney General, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, would like everyone to know that judges in the great state of Hawaii really just operate from "an island in the Pacific." Speaking on Mark Levin's show, Sessions said, "I really...Show More Summary

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