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Fox’s Ainsley Earhardt Is ‘So Tired Of Protecting’ Rights Of ‘The Minority’

Poor Ainsley Earhardt is just “so tired of protecting the minority” in this country. She was talking about religion in this case but Earhardt’s racial record suggests that she was likely thinking of other minorities as well. On Outnumbered,...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

In college my econ class was an homage to guns and butter; life in the US today is an homage to gun violence. The Rude Pundit grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, and has something to say about the US Gun Cult. News Corpse noticed that Bill-O...Show More Summary

Jon Stewart Mocks Huckabee Without Saying A Word

Jon Stewart and his crew decided to find out what happened if they made good on an old running joke at The Daily Show. Stewart managed to make a mockery of old HuckaJesus, his recent crack about President Obama "marching the Israelis...Show More Summary

Open Thread - Happy 75th Birthday, Bugs Bunny! Bugs Bunny "made his official debut July 27, 1940, in the Warner Bros. theatrical short A Wild Hare, went on to become one of the world’s most recognized cartoon characters...." The video is best viewed in full screen. Open Thread below....

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Jungle

I've been digging this song this past weekend. Kind of reminds me of Off the Wall era Michael Jackson, which is always enjoyable for me. Plus, they've got a neat video with a synchronized dance routine. They've got lots of other cool stuff, too; definitely worth checking them out. What are you listening to tonight?

'Amy' Winehouse Documentary Is Riveting

I must admit that when Amy Winehouse broke out onto the music scene in 2007, I was going through my own shtstorm so to speak, healthwise. I was blogging up a storm, but my nerve damage/abdomen tear never seemed to give me a minute of peace. Show More Summary

If Scott Walker Is Afraid To Confront Trump, How Can He Fight ISIS?

Fox News built up Scott Walker's appearance with Neil Cavuto heavily and made it all about the barbs being thrown around by his campaign and Donald Trump. "Coming up now, Gov. Scott Walker will answer Donald Trump's accusations!!!! Only...Show More Summary

Cosmic Insight: Free To Stand On Our Own

Emotions will gain priority this week as Luna continues to swell; gearing up for her Full Moon event, Friday July 31. As sensitivities bubble, we may want to ask ourselves: ‘what do I want’ and ‘what am I hoping for’ – especially as New Moon intentions prepare to peak. The Full Moon will bring a spotlight to endings, letting go, and the truth. Show More Summary

John Oliver Looks At Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Vox did an excellent background piece to go with Oliver's segment: Oliver cited the story of several prisoners serving decades-long or life sentences for mandatory minimums — including Weldon Angelos, a father and nonviolent drug offender...Show More Summary

John Bolton Tells Alan Colmes That He Wants To Strike Iran

John Bolton strikes terror in those who watch and listen to him. He still has a strong desire to be President of the United States one day, but thankfully, he realizes that is highly impossible. But his warmonger persona comes through loud and clear in this week's Versus with Alan Comes on Show More Summary

Ann Coulter Says Trump Could Win The Election

In yet another desperate attempt to regain attention, Ann Coulter hitches her wagon to Donald Trump's star: In a D.C.-based radio interview, best-selling author Ann Coulter Friday defended GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump and believes he could be a “nominee who could win” the election. “Trump is different. Show More Summary

Guess Who Else Called For Diplomatic Solutions To Iran's Nukes?

When you're fighting for a spot in the Fox News Republican Debate, anything goes. But let's not pretend they mean a damn thing they say. Just yesterday, Mike Huckabee called President Obama a Nazi. Oh, he didn't use the word Nazi. He...Show More Summary

Fox And Friends Support Missouri Sheriff Violating The Law

This seems to be a recurring topic in right-wing circles: the constant violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. The First Amendment's Establishment Clause prohibits the government from making any law “respectingShow More Summary

NYT Makes Classic Non-Apology Apology For Hillary Clinton Story

Margaret Sullivan, the NY Times public editor, wrote a sort of mea culpa about their inaccurate and wrongheaded story that Hillary Clinton was facing a criminal investigation over her email. As soon as the story hit the Intertubes, it immediately took massive criticism over its truthiness from all across the country. Show More Summary

Fox Attacks Jon Stewart’s Interview With President Obama As Not Fair And Balanced

It’s hard to think of anything more laughably hypocritical than two media critics on Fox News whining that an openly liberal comedy show host was too friendly to President Obama. As if their own supposedly real news network isn’t just...Show More Summary

How Chris Dodd's MPAA Coordinated Attack On Google

TechDirt has the scoop on this shocking/not shocking BFD of a story about Google and the Motion Picture Association of America: Earlier this month, we noted that the Hollywood studios were all resisting subpoenas from Google concerning...Show More Summary

President Obama Reacts To Huckabee Comments On Iran Deal

It really is disgraceful that Republicans feel free to say any damned un-American, undermining, fabricated piece of insanity they think will help them politically, and our media acts like it's normal. Via Morning Joe: Speaking from Africa,...Show More Summary

Planned Parenthood Head Calls Out Center For Medical Progress As Extremist Frauds

On the day Ted Cruz and his pals tried to defund Planned Parenthood, its President made an appearance on This Week to inform the audience about just how extreme and fake the maker of that edited video is. Cruz failed; Richards did not,...Show More Summary

Big Talker Walker Can't Back Up Claims

Now that Scott Walker has let the cat out of the cellophane bag and admitted that he is running for president, he is getting more scrutiny from the national press. This scrutiny has brought some embarrassment to the media in Wisconsin...Show More Summary

Carly Fiorina Asks Where Concern Was Over 'Highly Edited' Romney 47 Percent Video

Carly Fiorina resorted to just babbling gibberish while helping the anti-abortion zealots and their attack on Planned Parenthood with the release of some highly edited sting videos on this weekend's Fox News Sunday. For some unknownShow More Summary

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