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Stephen Miller: 'Sean Spicer, As Always, Is 100 Percent Correct'

Top Trump adviser Stephen Miller asserted on Sunday that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is always "100 percent correct." During an interview on ABC's This Week, host George Stephanopoulos noted that Spicer had recently accused...Show More Summary

'Another Douchebag Emerges': Internet Destroys Stephen Miller For Scripted Sunday Show Interviews

After appearing on four Sunday news shows, Stephen Miller, a top adviser to President Donald Trump, was ruthlessly mocked on Twitter. Broadcasting from the White House briefing room, Miller repeated the same talking points in interviews with CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox. Show More Summary

How To Remain A Management Genius In Your Own Mind No Matter How Much You Screw Up

Donald Trump is backing down from his defense of the travel ban executive order. Except maybe he isn't backing down. So there! President Trump vowed on Friday to order new security measures by next week intended to stop terrorists from...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Alright, that's it for me this week. Keep up the fight, everyone. Resist! (And, my dear Americans, if you're part of this resistance, you're making your country and its ideals proud. And you're giving hope to those of us, Americans or not, who still believe in the possibility of a more perfect union. Show More Summary

Alveda King Attacks Sen. Elizabeth Warren For 'Playing The Race Card'

It's bad enough that Martin Luther King's niece, Alveda King, whitewashes her famous uncle's legacy in order to make it more palatable for white folks who watch Fox. Now, she's doing the same thing to MLK's wife, Coretta Scott King, in order to accuse Senator Elizabeth Warren, whose now famous speech on the Senate floor included Mrs. Show More Summary

Fight Fascists With Mockery, Not The Violence That Feeds Them

[Cross-posted at Orcinus.] Early on during the Inauguration Day alt-right event on the University of Washington campus that eventually devolved into a near-fatal melee, I looked around Red Square, and I had a bad feeling. I wasn't just afraid that things would get ugly. Show More Summary

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

"Springtime for Hitler" -- The Producers (1967) Clearly, Propaganda Barbie and Lyin' Spicy Spice have been benched this Sunday. Either Trump is tired of giving SNL more material or the sheer cognitive dissonance of having to catapult the propaganda is so exhausting that even those two camera hogs needed a rest. Show More Summary

SNL's Sean Spicer Explains Extreme Vetting, Shows Off 'His' New Podium

I really don't want to give much away on this, except to say that if you enjoyed last week's Saturday Night Live press briefing, this one will make you laugh at least as hard. Our journey tonight includes creative name pronunciations (or perhaps one might call them lazy), a visually-aided demonstration of extreme vetting, and an upgraded podium. Show More Summary

Yes, Innocent People Sit In Jail In The USA...Because Money

You will not believe this video about the US Money Bail Rip Off. Except you will. Reports from the Pretrial Justice Institute indicate that reforming the bail system would, you know, save taxpayers money. Highlights include: read mo...

Cory Booker: 'Alt-Right Is A Euphemism For White Supremacy'

Senator Cory Booker was on fire during his appearance on Hardball Thursday, especially with regard to Trump's ties to Russia, white supremacists, and the real terrorists in this country. With regard to terrorism, Booker pointedly noted...Show More Summary

The False Debate About The Future Of The Democratic Party: Time To End Either/Or Politics

When a political party loses a big election (especially an election they clearly should have won), and finds itself out of power at every level of government, a debate needs to be had about the future of that party. The Democratic party...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Happy weekend, everyone! (Aw, crap. This is when #PresidentBannon really takes over, isn't it?) Hullabaloo: The emperor is naked, stupid, and mentally unstable. Just Security: Flynn, mirroring his boss, is a pro-Russian traitor. Zandar...Show More Summary

Open Thread - Body Language Catch Of The Day

Abe's facial expression is h/t Scarce, Open Thread Below....

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Jimmy McGriff

Let's make this Friday a funky one before we fly off into the weekend. This Jimmy McGriff jam from 1971 has got the groove grease. What are you listening to tonight?

Indiana Republicans Begin To Roll Back Mike Pence's Damage

Just a few weeks after Pence left his post as Indiana's Governor, his fellow Republicans in the Hoosier State went to work undoing a few of his not-so-hot policies. Ironically, his VP bid wasn't the slightest bit adversely affected by his REAL email scandal, but IOKIYAR. Show More Summary

Rep. Tom McClintock Dismisses Pre-Existing Conditions As 'Nuisances'

Rep. Tom McClintock made an appearance on MTP Daily today to discuss his raucous town hall last weekend and health care policy in general. If what he is selling is what Republicans are planning to try and replace the ACA with, he's deluding...Show More Summary

Not Fake News: Sarah Palin Hinted As Ambassador To Canada

Last year's interview with Jake Tapper, whose restraint is amazing. Sorry, Sarah, the Energy Department destruction job (which he too found out wasn't about oil and coal) went to the other Mensan of the GOP, Rick Perry The Op-Ed at The Ottawa Citizen did not sugarcoat it: she is, as enduring and empty as a tin can in a landfill. Show More Summary

U.S. Intelligence Officials Able To Corroborate Parts Of Russia-Trump Dossier

CNN is reporting that intelligence officials in the United States have been able to corroborate some of the reports in the dossier gathered by a former MI-6 intelligence agent. According to the report, they "confirm that some of theShow More Summary

Rep. Peter King Re-Brands 'Travel Ban' To 'Terrorist Ban'

Rep. Peter King, a supporter of Trump's immigration executive order, tried to re-brand Trump's defeated executive order earlier today. Speaking to Wolf Blitzer, King said, "This is a to me a very serious issue. I believe strongly that the -- that the terrorist ban, this stay of immigration was important for the president to implement." Rep. Show More Summary

ICE Agents Following School Buses - Can Mass Deportations Be Far Behind?

It would appear that the mass deportations are now ramping up, beginning with schoolchildren. In Atlanta, agents are swooping down and catching more in the net that Trump's executive order called for. Despite the limitation in Trump's...Show More Summary

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