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The Fast Track Fight Begins In The Senate Right Now

The final fight to stop fast track begins this week. The new trade promotion authority ("fast track") bill could be released in the Senate at any moment. (It might be out by the time you read this.) Hatch and Wyden Poised to Introduce...Show More Summary

The Crazy Base Still Hates Marco Rubio, And Some Might Go Birther On Him

Earlier this evening, Marco Rubio officially declared that he's running for president. In my Twitter timeline, it seemed as if a lot of non-conservatives were impressed by Rubio's speech (or at least the journalists were). Over at Free Republic, by contrast, Rubio can't get any love: He’s an untrustworthy backstabber. Nope. Show More Summary

A Black Man Is Treated Fairly By Police And His Video Goes Viral

When a black man is pulled over for a moving violation and the episode ends with him just receiving a warning, this is newsworthy. Will Stack, a 22 year old South Carolinian and African American, was let off with just a warning whenShow More Summary

Megyn Kelly Thinks She Should Interview Hillary Clinton – For Clinton’s Own Good

Megyn Kelly is dying to interview Hillary Clinton. Not for her own sake, mind you, but because Kelly’s brand of respect and listening – and hard pressing – would be good for Clinton. Kelly discussed the matter with Judge Andrew Napolitano...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Good Tuesday morning! I do like John Legend. Just sayin.. The American Prospect: Today's GOP: The Party of Jefferson Davis - - Not Lincoln Relevanza: Government Surveillance as a Matter of Course Author Zone: Can Writing Make You Healthier? News...Show More Summary

CEO Cuts His Pay, Raises All Workers' Pay To $70,000 Per Year Minimum

More like Dan Price, please. This is truly putting your money where your mouth is. Gravity Payments is a credit card processing firm located in Seattle, and Dan Price is the CEO. Mr. Price has decided to do more than think or talk about income inequality. Show More Summary

The Daily Show Pokes Fun At The Response To Clinton's 2016 Rollout

The Daily Show had a bit of fun with Hillary Clinton's big announcement this week. After mocking her fairly boring campaign video, host Jon Stewart praised Clinton for "not acting like she's dropping a bombshell with the announcement,...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Slice

NEW! ATTENTION LATE NITE MUSIC CLUB DEVOTEES! Hey everybody, we're mixing things up a bit on Late Nite Music Club. We're going to be featuring LIVE musical performances and interviews right here on C&L. Tonight we're featuring a band called Slice, who will be playing their song, Hallelujah. Show More Summary

Open Thread - Fox News Has A Purpose?

A very serious question from the First Church of Polydeism. h/t Washington Monthly Open thread below.

Fox's Cavuto And Bozell Whine About Media's Treatment Of Cruz And Paul

Fox's Neil Cavuto and The Media Research Center's Brent Bozell are very unhappy with the media's treatment of the current members of the GOP 2016 clown car, compared to what Bozell called "giddy" coverage Hillary Clinton. After showing...Show More Summary

Mika Brzezinski Force-Feeds Carly Fiorina A Heaping Dose Of Truth

This was one of those times when Mika did her job. (So did Steve Rattner.) And the deer-in-the-headlights look on Carly Fiorina's face is a joy to behold: MIKA BRZEZINSKI:, MSNBC: You said [Hillary Clinton] does not have a track record of accomplishments, why do you say that? CARLY FIORINA: She really doesn't. Show More Summary

43-Year-Old Marco Rubio Is Bold, Hillary Clinton Is Too Ambitious?

Today's announcement by Marco Rubio (R-FL) will reiterate the message that was repeated ad nauseum in Nashville this weekend at the NRA Annual Meeting. It is time to get rid of those pesky blacks or women who think they should occupy the White House. Show More Summary

I Have An Idea

Quick! Everybody go donate in Dick Cheney’s name.

The NRA's Wayne LaPierre Disparages The Female Demographic

The only occupant of the clown car who was missing from the NRAAM 2015 was Rand Paul, because he aligned himself with a different ammosexual group. Let's face it, the GOP is for the loosest gun laws while claiming to be the most ethically...Show More Summary

Dear George Will, One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Is George Will so craven that he simply refuses to acknowledge any uncomfortable reality that might challenge the authoritarian beliefs so beloved by Fox's key demographic? He gets in a dig that this arrest "proves" the Justice Department...Show More Summary

Action Alert: TPP Fast Track Bill To Be Introduced Tomorrow. Call Or Email!

I was on a call with Sen. Bernie Sanders last night, and he said it was very important that you email or call your congressmembers and senators this week, no matter where you think they stand on TPP. He said if we can kill it this time,...Show More Summary

Are You Ready For Hillary Derangement Syndrome?

Bob Cesca writes about Hillary Derangement Syndrome and has a few observations to offer: Hillary is Republican-lite. No, no she’s not, actually. Admittedly, she’s not Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) either. Then again, Bernie Sanders would be unelectable nationally. Show More Summary

Reince Priebus Calls Hillary Clinton 'Untrustworthy'

Reince Priebus, Chief Liar of the National Republican Party, went on television with Bob Schieffer and proved that irony and hypocrisy is not dead among Republicans: SCHIEFFER: Welcome back to FACE THE NATION with the 2016 campaign now...Show More Summary

What Do Scott Walker And A Vending Machine Have In Common?

See? At heart, Scott Walker is just like a vending machine. If you put enough money in, he will sell you whatever you want! Now that he has been anointed by the Kochtopus, he fervently worships at the feet of the NRA. He evolved (actually, I guess he de-volved) -- in a way that made the odds of more high school principals being killed even higher. Show More Summary

Arizona Supreme Court Considers Whether Accused Child Molester Can Cross-Examine His Victims

[Cross-posted at Hatewatch.] The Arizona Supreme Court intervened in the child-molestation trial of onetime Minuteman leader Chris Simcox on Thursday afternoon, calling a halt to the proceedings until it can consider whether Simcox –...Show More Summary

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