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Trump's New Top Aide: 'He Doesn't Hurl Personal Insults'

Donald Trump's new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway told ABC's THIS WEEK that her boss, doesn't in fact, "hurl personal insults." And you thought the Trump campaign couldn't become even more ridiculous than they've already been? Donald...Show More Summary

Joy Reid Hammers Another Trump Surrogate: 'Completely Disingenuous And Wrong'

Joy Reid has been on a roll this week. If she keeps this up, her producers at MSNBC may have a hard time getting these lying Trump surrogates to come on the air with her, not that that would break my heart. The Trump campaign is apparently...Show More Summary

Trump's New Campaign Manager Flip Flops On Releasing His Tax Returns

During the 2016 Republican presidential primaries, Kellyanne Conway ran a Super PAC that supported Ted Cruz called, Keep the Promise I, and back in April she told CNN's Don Lemon that Trump needed to release his tax returns for the sake...Show More Summary

RoJo: Replace Teachers With Videos

RoJo, Our Dumb Senator, has a new, brilliant idea on how to improve education - get rid of the teachers and replace them with DVRs. Via Amanda Terkel at HuffPo, we learn that RoJo shared this latest bright idea at a political forum in...Show More Summary

Giuliani Continues To Push The Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory About Clinton's Health

What do you do when you can't win based on policy, intelligence, skill, record, temperament or talent? You try to take down your opposing candidate by creating false conspiracy theories about them. Case in point, Trump's latest attempt...Show More Summary

Trump Campaign Manager Admits He's Getting Advice From Roger Ailes

This will just add more fuel to the fire over the rumors that Trump, Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon are really just laying the groundwork for a new conservative media empire. CNN's Dana Bash asked Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway...Show More Summary

Newt Praises Trump's 'Energy' At Flooded Louisiana Photo-Op

Newt Gingrich has been a Republican for a very long time which makes him one of the most skilled liars in his party. Keep in mind, however, that his party's best and brightest is Donald J. Trump, likely the biggest liar to ever run for...Show More Summary

Has Roger Ailes Become A Key Strategist For The Donald Trump Campaign?

According to The New York Times, ex-Fox News CEO Roger Ailes helped oust Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and advised Trump on advertising. You may recall that when The Times reported earlier this week that the disgraced Ailes is...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Jared Bernstein: What happens when four seemingly unrelated stories on the economy are actually all connected? Mad Mike’s America: What happens when the ship deserts the rat? Orlando Weekly: What happens when capybaras take over Florida? Rewire:...Show More Summary

Trump's Louisiana Visit: Us Versus Them, Over And Over Again

You may have concluded from various news reports that Donald Trump did nothing in the Louisiana flood zone yesterday except hand out Play-Doh, but that's not accurate -- Matthew Teague of The Guardian notesthat in St. Amant, Louisiana, Trump handed out diapers and water bottles. Show More Summary

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

(John Oliver on the suffering newspaper industry and why it's bad for journalism.) Speaking of being bad for journalism... that's perpetually true of these Sunday gab-fests passing themselves off as "news." Once again, Meet the Press...Show More Summary

C&L's Sat Nite Chiller Theater: 'The Virgin Spring' (1960)

You wouldn't normally categorize an Ingmar Bergman film as a horror move, but what happens in this film is horrifying on not only a physical level, but on as a spiritual one well as. Wes Craven based his brutal The Last House On The Left on this tale of unspeakable violence and wavering faith. The film caused quite a stir back in the day. Show More Summary

GOP Pundit Blames President Obama For Creating Trump

Michael Smeronish is one of those TV personalities who makes a good point every once in a while, but usually clings to the center of the road opinion that is more on the right side of the spectrum than the liberal side. Smerconish is...Show More Summary

The Long List Of People Hannity Has Smeared In Service To Donald Trump

When Sean Hannity isn’t busy outright promoting Donald Trump, chances are he’s attacking a Trump critic. The list of Hannity's targets is impressive and includes Pope Francis, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, five Republican senators...Show More Summary

Joe Scarborough Back On The Trump Train: 'He's Playing A Role'

Joe Scarborough is back on the Trump Train, making excuses for The Donald. Friday's show had Joe insisting that Donald Trump is just "playing a role" as a "loud, screaming, racially insensitive, at times race-baiting buffoon that gets...Show More Summary

Mike Pompeo (R-KS) Pretends The Iran-Ransom $$ Lie Is True

The worn out, far-too-common claim that 'both sides' are equally to blame for everything can be disproved when we finally admit that one of those sides fabricates their own facts and propagates lies exclusively. When we hear of this "aisle" that has "two sides," we think about what differentiates Liberals from Conservatives. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Eviscerates Trump Over His 'Teleprompter Regrets'

It is so easy to hit Donald Trump with his own words, but it's harder to do it in a way that's as devastating as this is. This new video from the Clinton camp uses clips from his own interview where he says over and over again that he...Show More Summary

Joy Reid Cuts Off Pastor: 'You're Not Going To Come On My Show And Make Things Up"

Joy Reid's deft handling of a lying, filibustering pastor this morning was a sight to behold. Everyone should take a lesson about how it's done. During a segment this morning with Pastor Darrell Scott, things got ugly when Reid started to discuss Trump's birtherism. Show More Summary

Kayleigh McEnany: Trump Is On Cutting Edge Of Civil Rights Movment

Apparently the executives over at CNN believe that allowing their employees to go on the air and spout racist bile while insulting the other guests is good for business, because that's what they've been allowing the many Trump surrogates...Show More Summary

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