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Ben Carson Would Never Politicize Anything, Except His Religion

I know Steve Doocy has a tendency to be a little silly and lighthearted, hell, he's one of the three smiling faces on the Curvy Couch, also known as the Giggling Couch Tumors™. But even I expected a little more seriousness when addressing the current GOP front runner, Dr. Show More Summary

Bobby Jindal's Parent-Shaming Rant Is Disgusting

Bobby Jindal launched into an epic rant in a blog post this morning, shaming the Oregon shooter's father and demanding an apology for him for being such a failure as a parent. It's all culture's fault, don't you know? Let's take it point-by-point. We...Show More Summary

Sanders Staffer Tells Pro-Palestine Activists: Put Your Sign Away Or Leave

Via The Intercept, a conflict between security and a couple of activists at his Boston rally Saturday that was triggered by a Sanders staffer: Among those visitors were a number of young activists from Boston Students for Justice in Palestine, who were curious about Sanders’ position on the occupied territories. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders Announces Nationwide Tour Of Black Communities

Bernie Sanders announces he'll be making a targeted effort to engage with black communities: Bernie Sanders has come a long way since Black Lives Matter activists shut down his speeches in Phoenix and Seattle. Popular Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Show More Summary

Ben Carson Would Stand Up To Any Mass Shooter!

Faster than a speeding bullet! I used to hang out at a bar near one of the big teaching hospitals, and we all learned the hard way not to date any neurosurgeons -- because of their massive ego problems. Ben Carson just reminded me of...Show More Summary

Chris Christie: Private Email For Me But Not For Thee!

Huh. One would almost think Christie's criticism of Clinton was for political purposes, and not sincere! Via International Business Times: On the campaign trail, Chris Christie has criticized Hillary Clinton for using a private email address while secretary of state, accusing her of trying to inappropriately hide information from the public. Show More Summary

Boy Shoots, Kills 8-year-old Girl With His Father's Gun Over Puppy

Let's see: Rural area? Check. Hunting rifle? Check. Responsible adult gun owner in a southern state with respect for gun culture? Check. But according to some people, gun violence is only a real problem with Chicago street gangs! Gee,...Show More Summary

New Polls: Bernie Sanders Could Win In General Election

Jamelle Bouie in Slate: In the swing state of Iowa, according to the latest poll from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, Bernie Sanders leads Donald Trump by 5 points and trails Jeb Bush by just 2 points. In purple New Hampshire, likewise, Sanders leads Trump by 10 points, and is tied against Bush. Show More Summary

Guy Who Said No On Sandy Aid Wants Blank Check For SC Floods

Pure, unmitigated horse manure from Lindsey Graham. Democrats believe in helping people, of course they'll vote for the funding. But let's not forget that the entire South Carolina congressional delegation, along with most Republicans, voted against aid for their fellow citizens after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Show More Summary

Arguing With Gun Nuts On Twitter

Via @BobbyBigWheel (not sure if he actually created it), this is a wonderful way to while away the time with wingnuts. Hang onto it, I'm sure you'll find it handy at the next family gathering!

Do Fox News Viewers Actually Take This Crap Seriously?

There is a point where Fox News just becomes a giant troll joke. No one could take this crap seriously, right? Take yesterday's little chat about Hillary Clinton's gun proposals on The Five. It begins with mention of "gun-free zones,"...Show More Summary

Joe Scarborough Just Doesn't Know What To Do About Bernie Sanders

Ooooh, Bernie Sanders' Big Giant Rally last weekend that brought in 25,000+ people (which, by the way, is a record) has Joe Scarborough's panties in a bunch. This is the formula for any mention of the 2016 Democratic field on Morning Joe. Show More Summary

When The Inmates Take Over Public Schools: A Nevada Tale

Teaching Public School In Nevada By @AngieSullivan0 I love my state. I'm one of the rare people who was raised here. When I was a young girl, I received a first class education in rural Nevada. I went on to obtain degrees and successfully...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Addicting Info - national scold Huckabee says shootings due to sin, not live ammo; Climate Crocks - climate denial crock of the week; Disaffected and it Feels So Good - our 2nd amendment suicide pact; Lawyers, Guns & Money - John Kasich, bad governor, worse human being; No More Mr. Show More Summary

Larry Wilmore Takes On America's Conversation About Not Talking About Guns

The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore opened up his show this Monday with a shot across the bow at Donald Trump, and his recent comments on the shooting at UCC in Oregon, and his statement that the teachers there should have been armed. WILMORE: After a tragic school shooting in Oregon, Donald Trump says that mass shootings are inevitable. Show More Summary

Open Thread - Jaws 19 - A Movie About A Shark

Celebrating the date Marty McFly travels to in Back To The Future II (Oct 21, 2015), Jaws 19 now actually has a trailer. Via CollegeHumor. Open thread below...

Bill O'Reilly Attacks Liberals Over Calls For Gun Control

Fox's Bill O'Reilly seemed a bit confused during his Talking Points Memo this Monday evening, when he lashed out Hillary Clinton and "liberals" in general over calls for more gun control laws. Bill-O did his best to try to convince his...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With The Districts

This is craft brew music. Goes down easy. What are you listening to this evening?

Florida Wants To Beef Up Stand Your Ground, Impose Financial Penalties

Florida's state legislature is so incredibly right-wing, so invested in pleasing their NRA masters, that they're beefing up their self-defense laws. In the wrong direction. If you think you might ever shoot someone, I have good newsShow More Summary

Republican History Repeats Itself, First As Tragedy

Second as farce. Third as genius campaign strategery! From the New York Times: A Conundrum for Jeb Bush: How to Use George W. GREENVILLE, S.C. — With Jeb Bush struggling to connect with some Republican activists, his campaign has begun...Show More Summary

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