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Samantha Bee Presents The Seattle Seawards

When five Seattle councillors, all women, voted against public money for a new sports arena downtown the hate poured in. Source: Deadspin The Seattle City Council voted 5-4 against selling a block of the city that would have made it possible for hedge fund manager Chris Hansen to move forward with plans for a new NBA arena. Show More Summary

Mitch McConnell Is Surprised Donald Trump Hasn't Released Taxes: 'That's Tradition'

Donald Trump has been adamant about not releasing his tax returns, which has the media and many Americans wondering what he has to hide. On Tuesday, Sen. Mitch McConnell was asked if Donald Trump should release his tax returns: “Most...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Burnt Orange Report: Zika and draconian abortion restrictions in Texas could mean a health care crisis in the Lone Star State. The Moderate Voice: Findings from a new analysis of primary voting could mean there is no such thing as the...Show More Summary

Open Thread - Feelin' Trumpy?

Thanks Barry M. for the image. Open thread below...

C&L's Late Nite Music Club Remembers Guy Clark

Back in November I brought a Guy Clark song to the music club to celebrate his birthday. In that post I covered some of his background and how many of his songs are lauded for their craft. Tonight we're going to listen to another of his most well known songs in remembrance of him. Guy Clark passed away today at the age of 74. What are you listening to tonight?

Seth Myers Shows Why The Trump Fake Publicist Story Matters

On last night's Late Night, Seth Myers carefully illustrates why it matters that Donald Trump pretended to be his own publicist twenty-five years ago. Shorter Late Night: Donald Trump is a liar, a lunatic, and way too close to the Presidency. Politifact has ranked 76% of Trump's statements as at least false. Show More Summary

Young Woman Harassed In WalMart For Appearing Transgendered

If you think discrimination against transgender people has nothing to do with you, think again. A very brave young woman named Aimee Toms was washing her hands in a WalMart ladies' room when another customer flipped her off and called...Show More Summary

Educated Voters Frustrate Dooce On The Loose

Fox and Friends Host, Steve Doocy, had a bit of a rough morning on the streets of NYC outside the Fox 'News' studios. He tried to find some voters who will validate Fox News' obsession with discrediting and maligning Hillary Clinton,...Show More Summary

Alex Jones, Trump Supporter: 'Michelle Obama Is A Man' Who Murdered Joan Rivers'

I wouldn't post as much of this freak if he weren't so heavily tied into the Republican party as he is. His obsession with the 9/11 inside job narrative and his relationship to the retired Rep. Ron Paul, spurned Paul onto big fundraising...Show More Summary

Kentucky, Oregon Primary Open Thread

Primary night, and we'll likely have to wait for Oregon results as they vote by mail. Primary results open thread below...

Trump's Ex-Butler Still Wants Obama Dead After Secret Service Chat?

Trump's crazy butler hasn't changed his mind about death to Obama. Yep, turns out you can't fix crazy, but you can keep spewing it, even after the Secret Service has The Talk with you. Talking Points Memo: “I think they (Secret Service) wanted to make sure I wasn't going to go there with a rifle," Senecal told the newspaper. Show More Summary

Colbert Started Last Night's Show With A Disclaimer

Stephen Colbert had to warn his viewers last night about some content that may not be appropriate for "children, adults, and anyone with a mouth." Trump's candidacy is also deemed inappropriate. True! But during his monologue he asked an important question: is it news to anyone that Donald Trump is a pig when it comes to women? Okay, pig is my word. Show More Summary

Trump's Possible Mafia Links Comes To Light - Is This Why He Refuses To Release His Taxes?

Why won't Trump release his taxes? This is the question dogging the candidate over the last few weeks, especially since just last week he came out and said that he refuses to do so until after the election. Rumors of paying no taxes,...Show More Summary

Boston Trump Bros Who Attacked Homeless Man Sentenced To Prison

These are the kinds of stories we will be reading about on a daily basis as the general election gathers steam. Boston brothers who beat and urinated on a homeless Mexican man, then told police "Donald Trump was right: All these illegals...Show More Summary

Brit Hume: Obama Should 'Share Credit' For Economy With Dubya

If it's rewriting history, it's Fox News. Brit Hume is rolled onto the stage to talk about the economy and starts off with the Roger Ailes standard that the Trump and Sanders campaigns are exactly the same and appeal to exactly the same voter. Show More Summary

Pat Robertson: I Told You We Should Have Assassinated Hugo Chavez

I've been watching the 700 Club with Pat Robertson, more than normal since it's general election time, and I have to tell you, I could post three videos a day of the insane stuff he says as a supposed "Man of God." Today was a high water mark of crazy for Robertson, because this morning he told his audience he was correct in wanting the U.S. Show More Summary

CNN Anchor To Bill Kristol: 'My Job Is To Be A Reality Check, Not A Cheerleader'

Bill Kristol, a leader of trying to draft a third party candidate to undo Trump's Republican nomination, was greeted by an unagreeable CNN host. While discussing his screwy plans to have someone parachute in - get on the general-election...Show More Summary

WI Voter Suppression Law Goes On Trial

The good people at One Wisconsin Now and Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund filed a lawsuit a year ago against the State of Wisconsin regarding the newly enacted voter suppression law. The trial started on Monday with fireworks...Show More Summary

Oops! One Of Two Copies Of The CIA Torture Report 'Accidentally Destroyed'

This really is shocking and not just in a sarcastic way. According to Yahoo! News, one of the two remaining copies of the Senate CIA torture report has been "accidentally" destroyed. The CIA inspector general’s office — the spy agency’s...Show More Summary

Was Marco Rubio Drunk-Tweeting Last Night?

For no apparent discernable reason, Marco Rubio went off on Twitter last night, apparently objecting to the anonymous sources leaking stories about his future or something. Here we go... Funny to read about unnamed "people close" to me who claim to know my thinking on future plans.They just make it up. Show More Summary

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