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First Time In History, Senator Testifies Against Nominated Colleague

Cory Booker is about to make history. NBC News: Booker's office said Monday that the Senate historian had been unable to find any previous instance of a sitting senator testifying against a fellow sitting senator nominated for a Cabinet...Show More Summary

Welsh Singer Charlotte Church Hilariously Declines To Perform For Trump

Church, who grew up singing opera before becoming a more mainstream pop star, called Trump "a tyrant", and declined the invitation to perform, complete with poo emojis. Later, Church got into a bit of a twitter spat with Piers Morgan...Show More Summary

Confirmation Hearing Update: General "Mad Dog" Mattis, Defense Secretary

Up next we have General Mattis for position of Secretary of Defense. Typically this position must be held by someone who has been a civilian for at least 7 years, a qualification Mattis has not met since he just left uniform service in 2013. Show More Summary

Alt-Right "Mafia" Using Digital Brownshirt Tactics To Hijack Progressive Groups

Recently, I've been made aware of a group of miscreants on Facebook calling themselves the Catena Mafia. According to my sources, they've been responsible for hacking into multiple Democratic and Progressive supporting groups, posing...Show More Summary

Elizabeth Warren Calls GOP Cowards For 'Repeal And Run'

We've all had moments (hours?) of despair since Donald Trump was "elected" President. That's especially true for those of us who depend on the Affordable Care Act to keep our families healthy, and in some cases, alive. One important thing to remember at those times of anguish? Elizabeth Warren is on our side. She took to the Senate floor last night. Show More Summary

Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Bill O’Reilly And Fox News Co-President Settled

There are new sexual harassment allegations against Bill O’Reilly and a high level Fox News executive and they were recently settled for an amount reportedly in six figures. LawNewz has the details about former Fox anchor Juliet Huddy’s...Show More Summary

No, Meryl Streep Is Not The Reason Jeff Sessions Will Be Approved

BooMan, I'm with you on most things, but not this: I have no problem with Meryl Streep having her say about what she thinks of our incoming president. I think it’s fine that screenwriters for the show Blackish decided to use their platform to make an anti-Trump statement, and I see no problem with promoting the show during NFL playoff games. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Indomitable: It was the racism, stupid. Echidne of the Snakes: Further tales from the demolition derby administration. Seeing the Forest: Billionaires celebrate their own Social Security Freedom Day. The Rude Pundit: Rural elitists. This installment by Batocchio. E-mail tips to mbru AT crooksandliars DOT com.

ExxonMobil Broke Iran Sanctions On Rex Tillerson's Watch

From 2003-2005, ExxonMobil did business with Iran in violation of the sanction imposed by the United States, according to a just-published USAToday report. ExxonMobil did business with Iran, Syria and Sudan through a European subsidiary...Show More Summary

Open Thread - Fails Of The Week

NOT WORK SAFE language. PS. Repealing Obamacare is like throwing a firecracker in the toilet. via Tastefully Offensive. Open thread below...

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With The Pastels

Though the actual release day is perhaps clouded by time, this month marks the 30th anniversary of the first Pastels album Up For A Bit With... In 1982, the Scottish combo released their first single and had a half dozen under through 1986, but Up For A Bit With... Show More Summary

Meryl Streep Wasn't Only Golden Globe Winner Dissing Trump

Hugh Laurie won the Golden Globe for Best Actor/Miniseries for his role in "The Night Manager," in which he played the evil billionaire arms dealer Richard Onslow Roeper: In his acceptance speech last night, Laurie commemorated his award...Show More Summary

Five Republican Senators Seek Delay For ACA Repeal Vote

Just getting news in that five -- count them, FIVE -- Republican senators are seeking a delay in the ACA repeal vote on the basis that there is no consensus around a replacement plan. Senators Corker, Portman, Collins, Cassidy and Murkowski...Show More Summary

Spicer: Trump May Hold Briefings For 'Conservative Media' Only

The Trump inauguration, which should be renamed 'the Installation' of America's first Russian-approved dictator is only a few days away and Trump's sycophants and inner circle are starting to drop some really frightening clues aboutShow More Summary

Report: Infamous Internet Troll Chuck Johnson Working Inside Trump Transition

Forbes reports that famed internet troll Chuck Johnson, banned from Twitter for doxing women and harassing everyone he can online, is working with the Trump transition to recommend people for the White House team from the ranks of the alt-right. Show More Summary

Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooter Did Everything Legally Until He Pulled The Trigger

Fort Lauderdale airport shooter Esteban Santiago did everything by the book, right up to the time he opened fire on people in an airport baggage claim. Everything. He had the permit, he checked the gun, and the weapon was registered. And yet... Show More Summary

Politics And Reality Radio: The Resistance Against Trumpism Begins

t's our first show since the holidays, and we want to wish everyone a happy New Year! Hopefully 2017 will suck less than last year. This week, we'll be joined by progressive organizer extraordinaire Billy Wimsatt to talk about the emerging...Show More Summary

Rand Paul's ACA 'Replacement' Sounds Like Another Trump Scam

Sen. Rand Paul told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that he will unveil his new health care bill to replace Obamacare "within two days" so Congress can vote on it at the same time as they try to repeal the ACA. As the interview began, Sen. Paul sounded...Show More Summary

Politico Co-Founder Mike Allen Heaps Praise On Breitbart

I'm old enough to remember when Breitbart was a fringe site considered to be doing fringe things. Now Politico's co-founder Mike Allen has nothing but high praise for them. ThinkProgress: During an interview with Breitbart News Saturday,...Show More Summary

James O'Keefe Stung By His Own Sting!

You may have heard news over the weekend that James O'Keefe was doing his best to catch liberal groups in the act of taking money to incite violence during the inaugural. It was a typical O'Keefe operation, right down to the core. Infiltrate...Show More Summary

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