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Who’s Protecting Airbnb’s Guests From Discrimination?

The debate over Airbnb in Miami and Miami Beach is getting hotter by the day between the $30 billion short-term rental company and city officials, especially the mayors, who are showing a rare instance of bi-partisanship. ExecutivesShow More Summary

Muslim Ban 2.0 Is Blocked By Federal Judge In Hawaii

For a man who says he never loses, he sure is losing a lot lately. Just a few weeks ago the first version of the ban was blocked in Washington State. Trump appealed and lost. So he resubmitted a newly written (but not really at all)Show More Summary

Trumpcare Based On Reagan/Nixon's Racist Southern Strategy

After a presidential campaign filled with racist rhetoric, the Republicans have proposed a healthcare agenda that will harm many black, brown, and poor Americans while helping the white and wealthy. It’s the same cynical strategy Richard...Show More Summary

Trump Appoints FIFTH Goldman Sachs Alum To His Growing Swamp

Add one more Goldman Sachs bankster to the Trump White House. What could possibly go wrong? Wapo: President Trump on Tuesday said he planned to nominate Goldman Sachs managing director James Donovan to serve as deputy treasury secretary,...Show More Summary

John McCain: Rand Paul Is 'Now Working For Putin'

About an hour ago, Senator John McCain called for a vote to allow Montenegro into NATO, mostly due to the fact that they are under attack by Russia and could really use some NATO alliances and protections right about now. Just as heShow More Summary

White House Willing To Release 2005 Tax Return Info, Why Not The Rest?

So Rachel Maddow's segment on Trump's 2005 Tax returns was pretty much a dud, but what came out of it was how quickly the Trump administration responded to the news, (whether they planted the story or not) and that the White House was...Show More Summary

Republican Congresswoman Revolts On Trumpcare: Constituents Want Coverage

Surprise! Republicans in Congress, especially those in not-too-safe districts and/or districts in which Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, are balking at the idea of taking away health insurance from their own constituents in order to give a tax cut to the 1%. Show More Summary

C&L's 2017 NCAA March Madness Tournament! Deadline Thursday!

It's March Madness time once again! I'm bringing back C&L's NCAA Tournament by popular demand. It's easy to join and free. You can pick your winners for this year by going to the tourney site and then just following the directions. It's that simple. Show More Summary

Ryan On GOP/Trumpcare: White House Helped Write It

Speaker Ryan told Trump supporter and AM talk show host Laura Ingraham that Trump's top people at the White House helped write the House bill. CNN captured some audio and played it. Ryan: We wrote this bill with our friends in the White...Show More Summary

Corey Lewandowski And Stuart Varney Claim Trump Tax Returns Leak Is A 'Deep State' Obama Conspiracy

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and Fox Business host Stuart Varney asserted on Wednesday that allies of President Barack Obama and the so-called "deep state" had conspired to release President Donald Trump's tax returns. On...Show More Summary

BREAKING: House Intelligence Says 'No Evidence' On Trump Wiretap Claims

Congressmen Devin Nunes (R) and Adam Schiff (D) held a press conference today to announce that there is "no evidence" that Trump's 'wiretapping' claims against Barack Obama are true. You're going to hear those words again and again:Show More Summary

Monica Crowley Now A Foreign Agent For Pro-Russian Oligarch

After being caught plagiarizing, Monica Crowley is now working for Vichy Democrat and Fox News contributor Doug Schoen and she has registered as a foreign agent to do work on behalf of a pro-Russian, Ukrainian oligarch. You may recall...Show More Summary

Darrell Issa Is Sinking Like A Sunset

California Republican Congressfool Darrell Issa has written a check with his mouth that his butt can’t cash. Issa was elected on the thinnest of margins in the country. And guess who is sawing off that margin: An internal poll by Issa’s...Show More Summary

On Health Care, Trump Is A Weak, Pathetic Non-Leader -- And His Fans Don't Even Notice

Much of the political world -- not just right-wingers but the mainstream media -- is talking about Breitbart's release of audio from October in which Paul Ryan, responding to Donald Trump's Access Hollywood tape, told House Republicans...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Max's Dad: A lively profile of Steve King. The Field Negro: From microwaves to medicine, how far down the rabbit hole of self-delusion can the wingnuts go? Hysterical Raisins: The definitive poster for the new Republican "health plan". Noahpinion:...Show More Summary

Republicans Commence To Eat Their Own

"I am going to save Social Security without any cuts. I know where to get the money from. Nobody else does." (May 21,2015) "I am going to save Medicare." (Oct. 30, 2015) It's promises in tweets like these that caused many Americans to jump on the Trump train. Show More Summary

Open Thread - Snow Picture 'Too Hot' For The New Yorker?

"Whiteout" NYer cover that won't run. Too "pointed". — Carter Goodrich (@Cartergoodrich2) March 14, 2017 Open thread below...

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Slim Gaillard

It seemed every time I checked any of the social media channels I belong today I kept getting reminded it is National Potato Chip Day. Tonight, it has reminded me to celebrate the greasy, crispy and oh so fun & flavorful snack with my friends in the music club with this ditty from Slim Gaillard. What are you listening tonight?

Texas Men Seem Opposed To Reproductive Law Aimed At Them

Texas Democratic State Representative Jessica Farrar is a damn hoot and smart to boot. Since Republicans in Texas have decided to spend the entire session making abortion impossible and checking genitals prior to entering a restroom,...Show More Summary

The Daily Show Uses Hilarious Toddlers In Trump Vs. S. Korea Scenario

South Korea has removed their president for corruption, as we should be sensibly doing given the overwhelming evidence of heinous criminal conduct by Donald Trump and his family. But sensible is no longer a characteristic of these United...Show More Summary

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