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Michigan Mayor Refers To Blacks As 'Chimps', Older Women As 'Dried Up Cnts'

Welcome to more of Trump's America. For his part, the good mayor denies saying what the tapes said he said, because they were fabricated by his enemies. That's an interesting defense. Source: CBS Detroit Warren Mayor Jim Fouts facedShow More Summary

Donald Trump Calls Syrian Refugees Taken In By Germany 'Illegals'

I was going to write a piece today on why Donald Trump's Twitter account is a national security risk, but after reading his interview overseas today, I think I'll amend that to every time he is interviewed on foreign policy. In a joint...Show More Summary

'Diversity For Trump' Chair Pretends Carson Will Save Our Inner-Cities

We have seen many disturbing coincidences from this unsettling Trump transition team. This one will, at least, lighten the mood a little, because the coincidence doesn't involve trips to visit Vladimir the Invader, or furtive, lucrative...Show More Summary

Politics And Reality Radio: The Crimes Of Seal Team Six; Trump, Russia And The Left

Seal Team Six-- the highly trained "tip of the spear" widely hailed for killing Osama Bin Laden -- has taken on legendary status in the American imagination. But this week, Matthew Cole offered a painstakingly reported look at the darker side of the vaunted special operations group for The Intercept. Show More Summary

Whoops! Trump Promises 'Insurance For Everybody!'

UH OH. Donald's speaking in public again. NEWS: Trump talks to WaPo, vows ‘insurance for everybody’ in Obamacare replacement plan — Robert Costa (@costareports) January 16, 2017 So what the HELL are Republicans going to do now? Fox News activate! As Heather describes the video above: Fox's "medical A-team" member Dr. Show More Summary

Serial Plagiarist Monica Crowley Backs Out Of Trump Job

Former Fox News analyst Monica Crowley, who was tapped to be the new "senior director of strategic communications at the National Security Council," by Donald Trump has dropped out after being implicated in charges of plagiarism. InShow More Summary

Priebus Won't Say Whether Medicaid Is Safe From Trump

Reince Prieubs was on ABC News “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” on Sunday when Priebus was asked directly whether his boss, Donald Trump, would cut Medicaid. Despite being asked twice, Priebus danced around the question beforeShow More Summary

Joe Scarborough Will Never Admit Trump Is A Republican

Nevermind that Trump ran as a Republican. Nevermind that he had more Republican primary votes than anyone in history. Nevermind that registered Republicans STILL support him in large numbers. Joe Scarborough insists that Trump is not a Republican. Show More Summary

David Frum Uses Segment On 'GOP Lies' To Lie Some More

So the topic on AM Joy was "Republican Lies during the Obama Administration" and I thought they were having David Frum on for some sort of "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" ceremony where Mr. Frum would be indelibly marked as a responsible...Show More Summary

Sean Spicer Defends Trump’s Attack On Civil Rights Icon: John Lewis Started It!

Donald Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, defended his boss’ hideous race-baiting attack on civil rights icon John Lewis by blaming Lewis for having “start[ed] the game off” by calling Trump’s election “illegitimate.” Fox host Howard...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Padre Steve's World: Neither Safe, nor Politic, nor Popular: The Call of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Booman Tribune: Actually, some of Trump's racism is subtle. Naah. Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Oh noes! Who will protect the constitutional...Show More Summary

Resistance In The Age Of Trump

A few days ago I flew back from Beijing on Air China and they had a very limited English-language movie library for the 11 hour flight. I watched Roman Polanski's award-winning 2002 film with Andien Brody, The Pianist, and a less well-known new movie set in Prague, Anthropoid. Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Captain Beefheart

Once you've heard Captain Beefheart, you never forget it. Sure, for many it is something that completely puzzling or disturbing but for those who dig it, it's something that they make part of their musical diet from then on. I'm in the latter category. The Captain, Don Van Vliet, was born on this day, January 15th in 1941. Show More Summary

Reince Preibus Wants Democrats To Grow Up And Fall In Line

Reince Preibus is a ridiculous person with a shameless ability to ignore what happened 30 seconds earlier -- much less 8 years -- and instead just fall in line with our new Republican dictatorship. Mediaite: Stephanopoulos pointed out that Trump questioned Obama’s legitimacy for years by playing up birtherism. Show More Summary

Mike Pence Defends Trump Attacks On John Lewis By Attacking Lewis Some More

After civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis told Meet the Press host Chuck Todd that he did not believe Donald Trump's presidency was legitimate, the backlash from the Trump team, his supporters and Trump himself were entirely predictable. And as Steve M. Show More Summary

Santorum: 'Obama One Of The Most Vindictive Presidents'

During one of CNN's interminable panel discussions on State of the Union, Jake Tapper asked Rick Santorum (of all people) about how well President Obama took the slings and arrows of being President. And oh, my, you could have askedShow More Summary

Scottish Newspaper's TV Guide Brilliantly Nails Trump's Surreal 'Twilight Zone' Inauguration

Scotland's The Sunday Herald struck a chord this week with a hilarious and chilling preview of Donald Trump's presidential inauguration. In its Sunday TV guide section, the paper characterizes Trump's swearing in as a return of The Twilight...Show More Summary

Chief Ethics Lawyers: Trump Will Be In Violation Of Constitution When He Takes Oath Of Office

Former chief ethics lawyers to President Obama and Bush made it very on ABC's THIS WEEK earlier today, saying as it stands now, Donald Trump will be in "violation of the Constitution" because of the Emoluments Clause when he takes the...Show More Summary

Rep. Jason Chaffetz Says He Never Goes On 'Fishing Trips' To Investigate Politicians

After publicly bullying Walt Shaub from the OGE for questioning Donald Trump's non-compliance to government ethics, Rep. Jason Chaffetz laughingly told ABC host George Stephanopoulos three times he doesn't go on "fishing expeditions"...Show More Summary

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