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If You Believe Every Email Forward You Receive, No Wonder You Feel Extremely Alienated

A post at Breitbart draws attention to an Ipsos survey conducted last month that finds a large degree of alienation in the American public -- particularly among Republicans: More than half (58%) of Americans don’t identify with what America has become. Show More Summary

Morning Joe Yakkers Beat The Drum For War With ISIL

Sometimes, I think maybe, just maybe, Morning Joe will have on a guest that will overpower Squint's obvious and total disdain for President Obama. With guests like Richard Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations and Harold Ford Jr., that is as likely as July rain in Israel. Show More Summary

Ben Carson Praises Thomas Jefferson For 'Crafting The Constitution'

An odd claim for someone supposedly well-versed on the subject, with several books under his name on the Constitution. Source: Washington Post It’s a common misconception that Thomas Jefferson participated in drafting the United States Constitution in 1787. Show More Summary

Fox's Pirro Lies About Syrian Refugees While Begging Obama To 'Be Honest For Once'

No, this is not a parody from The Onion, and yes, this woman has allowed all the Botox in her face to bleed directly into her brain. Every time I think Fox's so-called "Judge" Jeanine Pirro can't fall any further off of the rails, the...Show More Summary

Fox News Sunday's Embarrassing Rush Limbaugh Appearance

In the last few weeks we've had Democratic and Republican debates, the Paris and Mali terror attacks, the G20, David Vitter's big election loss and an unleashing of xenophobic fury at letting in Syrian refugees into our country, so what does Fox News Sunday do? They book Rush Limbaugh to appear on their show as the second guest star behind Sen. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Disaffected and It Feels So Good: ISIS and the Chicken Hawk Right-Wing Rush to send You to War Bark Bark Woof Woof: November 22,1963 Smartpants: Driving the Republicans Crazy Nameless Cynic: Happy Holidays 2015 Edition Round Up by Swimgirl (@miamiswimmer). Send tips to MBRU (at) crooksandliars (dot) com.

Who Will Fight Climate Change? Meet Paul Clements

Four years ago, the L.A. Times named Congressman Fred Upton our planet Earth’s number 1 enemy in Congress. He continues to excel. As a climate science denier and chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Upton is the most powerful Representative working to block action to rein in global warming. Show More Summary

John Oliver Lays Waste To Republican Fearmongering Over Syrian Refugees

Last Week Tonight's John Oliver did a masterful job taking apart the ridiculous arguments by Republicans who are claiming that the Syrian refugees aren't being vetted during his final show of the season this Sunday. After first reminding...Show More Summary

Open Thread - Everything Wrong With Quantum Of Solace

The "Everything Wrong With" series is worth watching. Here's Quantum of Solace. Open thread below....

C&L's Late Night Music Club With Füxa

Sunny California and Michigan winters. No, not usually two things that go together. Bright and sparkly 80's pop songs aren't really a thing that comes to mind when thinking about twinkling space rock from the Motor City either. In 2012,...Show More Summary

Greenwald Blasts CNN For ‘Despicable’ Anti-Muslim Comments And Push For More War

Glenn Greenwald once again blasted the media for their anti-Muslim scapegoating and the drumbeat for more war, but this time he went directly after CNN on CNN. Greenwald appeared on this Sunday's Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter,Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh Admits Carson Isn't Qualified To Be President, But He'd Vote For Him Anyway

So nice to see Mr. OxyContin is sticking to his "principles" on who is qualified to be President of the United States, which is Hillary hate above all else. Here he is on this weekend's Fox News Sunday admitting that old Stabby Ben isn't...Show More Summary

Ben Carson Accuses Media Of 'Misusing Their Power' To Dig Up Dirt On Him

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson lashed out at some members of the media over the weekend, saying that they had misused their power as the "only business protected by our Constitution" to dig up dirt on him. During an interview...Show More Summary

Louie Gohmert Accuses President Obama Of Playing Politics With Syrian Refugee Crisis

"Terror babies" Louie Gohmert with another huge heaping helping of projection on Fox "news" this Sunday. Here's how he responded when asked by host Shannon Bream what he thought of President Obama criticizing those who objected to his...Show More Summary

Christie Punts On Whether Refugees Living In NJ Should Have To Leave His State

Mr. Tough Guy had plenty to say about President Obama and his handling of the Syrian refugee crisis, but not so much when asked about the refugees currently living in his state: Christie Dodges Answering Whether Refugees Living In NJ Should Have To Leave: Republican presidential candidate New Jersey Gov. Show More Summary

Arsalan Iftikhar Denounces Hateful GOP Islamic Rhetoric On MTP

The embarrassing, offensive rhetoric coming from the GOP clown car lately is shocking, even for these people. Chuck Todd played a couple of clips from this week's latest rantings. DONALD TRUMP: A database is okay. And a watchlist is okay. Show More Summary

Rising Through Communications

Saturn/Neptune square, Full Moon. Confusion and doubt continues to seep into this busy holiday week with a heightened influence from the Saturn/Neptune square, and a Full Moon on Thursday November 26. As direction blurs, persistence seems to weaken. Show More Summary

Ben Carson Equates Being Against Waterboarding With 'Political Correctness'

Dr. Ben Carson had another one of his rambling foreign policy discussions on national TV today, courtesy of ABC News' This Week earlier today. He was all over the map on topics and even though his answers were rehearsed, that didn't make them sound any more plausible. Show More Summary

What Is It Going To Take To Get The Media To Quit Propping Up Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins?

CNN's Michael Smerconish is just the latest member of the corporate media to prop up the anti-gay zealot hate group leader Tony Perkins. Apparently Smerconish and his producers believed that his audience just could not make it through...Show More Summary

Trump: BLM Protester At Rally 'Should Have Been Roughed Up'

Fox News didn't even blink when Donald Trump said the Black Lives Matter protester who interrupted his rally should have been roughed up at his rally yesterday. ED HENRY (HOST): I would add to that, sir, that yesterday at that largeShow More Summary

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