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Walmart Closing Five Stores For 'Plumbing Problems'

Just one of those coinky-dinks that seem to dog any Walmart stores that see union activity. Just another coincidence that the store has never applied for a plumbing permit, either! I'd love to hear them explain why all those laid-off...Show More Summary

Rand Paul: The Nastiest Candidate Of Them All

I really don't care what anyone thinks about Hillary Clinton on a personal level, but I'm already tired of the sexist, ageist empty slams at her looks and her past. Say what you will, but she is a woman who has spent the majority ofShow More Summary

Can Rubio Get Away With Saying (In Spanish!) That He'll Retain DACA As President (Even Temporarily)?

The GOP Establishment's alterna-Jeb, Marco Rubio, will let the DREAMers stay in America as president, at least for a while, says Breitbart. Can a guy win the Republican nomination if he says that and lacks Jeb Bush's money and connections? Sen. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Americans Against the Tea Party - famous Canadian says Americans are gun crazy; Mad Mike's America - can Hillary become Bobby Kennedy? Pleasantly Eccentric - armed college students... what could possibly go wrong? The Booman TribuneShow More Summary

Fox's Lars Larson: It Will 'Be A Hoot' If Sanders Gets In

As we already discussed here, Sen. Bernie Sanders subjected himself to an interview with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace this weekend (why I do not know) and actually did a pretty good job on there defending progressive values toShow More Summary

Open Thread - Logos!

Bennett at The Chattanooga Times Free Press. Open thread below...

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Skee-Lo

Skee-Lo gives us another perspective in the world of hip hop, one of insecurity and inadequacy. Rather than the bragging you hear in a lot of mainstream hip hop these days, he's talking about what it's like to grow up in a society that glorifies all the traits that you don't have. Pretty interesting, to say the least. Funny, too. What are you listening to tonight?

Chris Wallace Tries To Get Bernie Sanders To Attack Clinton And Fails

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace did his best to make his interview with potential 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders all about the Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton and to get Sanders to attack Clinton personally,...Show More Summary

Alan Grayson-- A Congressman With Spine, Nerve, Backbone And Cojones

Last Monday we offered to give away a rare, collectible platinum record award for Enya's  Paint the Sky with Stars. Tomorrow (Monday) is your last chance to "win" this contest. At noon (PT/3pm on the East Coast), we'll randomly select one person from this who contributed to Alan Grayson's campaign on this page. Show More Summary

Smarter Than A Climate Scientist? Marco Rubio Knows With 'Certainty' He's Wiser About Global Warming

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio (R-FL) asserted on Sunday that he was skeptical of human-induced global warming because there "never has been a moment" when the climate was not changing. During an interview on Face theShow More Summary

Rove Admits Holding Up Lynch Nomination Was A Mistake, But Defends It Anyway

Karl Rove did his best to try to have his cake and eat it too when it comes to the Republicans holding up the confirmation of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General on this weekend's Fox News Sunday. Rove knows full well the optics are awful...Show More Summary

Reliable Sources: Hannity Is Gatekeeper For 2016 GOP Field

For those who might have had even a nagging doubt about Fox News' role as the Republican News Channel, let's lay it to rest and start asking why it is that there is no requirement for Faux News to report all of this free air time asShow More Summary

Reagan Campaign Manager Claims THIS Is The Best Field Since 1980

If you gave any Republican a choice of whom they would like to run, dead or alive, they would all invoke the name of Saint Ronnie Reagan. On Sunday Morning Futures, Maria Bartiromo discussed the topic of the current G.O.P. field. Who better to ask than the very same manager from Reagan's 2nd term campaign, Ed Rollins. Show More Summary

McCaskill: Rubio 'Folded Like A Cheap Shotgun' On Immigration

Sen. Claire McCaskill took a whack at her colleague, Sen. Marco Rubio on ABC's This Week when asked to respond to him calling Hillary Clinton "a leader from yesterday" during his own 2016 announcement earlier this week. RADDATZ: Your...Show More Summary

Kathleen Parker: Clinton Has To Let This 'Inner-Ayatollah Get Out Of Her Head

This is what passes for a "moderate" Republican these days. So much for Parker pretending to be one of the "thoughtful" members of the GOP. Kathleen Parker on this Sunday's Meet the Press, apparently very distraught over Hillary Clinton's campaign rollout. PARKER: I thought... Show More Summary

Tucker Carlson Defends CEO Who Says God Doesn't Want Women Presidents: 'No One Can Call You Sexist'

A Texas CEO who has said that women should never be president defended her assertion on Sunday, telling Fox News that God created different roles for each gender. After a Facebook post criticizing Hillary Clinton presidential campaign...Show More Summary

WI Republican Proposes Jim Crow Diet For The Poor

In the latest of lame-brained, poor shaming ideas from Wisconsin's Republicans war on the poor, Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) has a doozy. He wants to put poor people receiving food stamps to go on a Jim Crow diet: Food stamp recipientsShow More Summary

Lindsey Graham Calls Clinton Listening Tour 'Something Out Of North Korea'

Sen. Lindsey Graham with a lame attempt at some humor at this Saturday's New Hampshire Republican Leadership Summit: Lindsey Graham: Clinton campaign tour 'something out of North Korea': Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) mocked Hillary Clinton's...Show More Summary

Cashin' In Crew Attacks CEO Who Upped Workers' Pay To $70K A Year

We're already used to seeing the regulars on Fox's Cashin' In attacking minimum wage workers and and supporting companies that want a race to the bottom on wages and claiming that we don't need the government to interfere because the...Show More Summary

Scott Walker Caught Trying To Rob Family-Planning Clinics

It's no deep dark secret that Scott Walker will pander to any special interest group that might support him, including the right to life groups. Hence, Walker will do whatever he can do - whether or not it's legal or ethical - to prevent...Show More Summary

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