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Rep. Marsha Blackburn Gets Flustered On CNN, Claims Didn't Know 'Birtherism' Was A Topic

Rep. Marsha Blackburn joined CNN last night to discuss Donald Trump's Birther issue, and when she couldn't give any facts to support her claim that Hillary used "Birtherism" in the 2008 election, she claimed she was unaware the birther topic was going to be discussed. Rep. Show More Summary

Donald Trump: ‘My Strongest Thing Is My Temperament’

Donald Trump thinks his best feature is his temperament. But his explanation proved the exact opposite. In a visit to The O’Reilly Factor tonight, Trump argued that Hillary Clinton's attacks on his temperament are bound to fail because that’s just another of his super awesome traits. Show More Summary

Colbert Celebrates Trump's Newfound 'Grasp On Reality'

Other obvious lessons Donald Trump might consider: "Water is wet, bears poop in the woods, and Donald Trump isn't qualified to be President of the United States." Stephen Colbert is stunned Trump is pretending he "fixed" birtherism. "No you didn't. Show More Summary

Multiple Fallacies Are Keeping Trump In Contention

In Glenn Thrush's story about an interview with Dr. Jill Stein for the Politico podcast Off Message, there's a passage that catches Charlie Pierce's eye: But [Stein's] contempt has a more cutting quality when she talks about Clinton....Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Booman Tribune - from Bridgegate to Trump; Cutting Through the Crap - for which we stand... Gin and Tacos - sad armed white guy; The Hoffman Files - from gallstones to gout; The Mahablog - this isn't freedom. Steve in Manhattan (@blogenfreude)...Show More Summary

Open Thread - Trump Snap-Back Of The Day

h/t Reagan was a Horrible President. Open thread below...

Samantha Bee Rips Into Networks For Falling For Trump's Birther Stunt

Sam Bee asks the right question: "Why do so many Americans think playing footsie with fringe hate groups isn't a disqualifier from polite society, much less the presidency?" Her answer will not please some of Trump's enablers, like NBC...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Rocket From The Crypt

Hitting the ground running on Monday is not easy for many. The speed has to be built up for a bit until it's at a decent cruising clip. It's songs like this, with each part joining in and getting louder, that help work up such momentum. What song helped your Monday get into the motivation pace?

Trump Jr. Tweets Illiterate Meme Comparing Refugee Children To Skittles

Donald Trump, Jr. is as dumb as a rock, but even he isn't so dumb as to be ignorant to the fact that the meme he tweeted out earlier today is not only racist as hell, it's also a favorite of the white supremacists online who still indulge...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Outraged About NYC Bombing Suspect Getting Health Care, Food

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump heavily criticized the U.S. instrument for justice that protects the rights of its citizens as part of a cynical effort to instill more fear and loathing than he already has. During a rally...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Woos Millennials With Impassioned Speech

Hillary Clinton continues to struggle with a voting bloc that helped propel President Obama into the White House - millennials. She has tried a variety of outreach techniques, but none seem to be working so far. FiveThirtyEight reports...Show More Summary

NY Bombing Eyewitness 'Burrito Lady' Deserves To Go Viral

Let's take a moment. The bombs that went off in New York and New Jersey resulted in no fatalities. The perpetrator appears to be a lone wolf, and he has been apprehended. He shot at a police officer and hit the officer's bulletproof vest. Show More Summary

St. Cloud Police Chief Quietly Shames Fox & Friends For Smearing Somali Refugees

The dopes at Fox and Friends were made to look like really small minded idiots when they tried to get St. Cloud Police Chief William Blair Anderson to smear Somali refugees in his community. Over the weekend there was a stabbing attack...Show More Summary

Trump Can't Help It: Brags To Fox And Friends 'I Knew It Was A Bomb'

Of course Trump brags that he knew all about the explosions over the weekend in New Jersey. Of course he is being treated unfairly. And of course he used a phone-in interview with Fox and Friends to pontificate about it. Everybody says I was right. Show More Summary

Did Someone Say, Media 'Circus'?

Used to be circuses were fun. A place to go to get away from the cares of the world. And it used to be that the existence of white supremacists and their fellow-traveling useful bigot idiots (Useful Bigiots?) was something we could acknowledge. Show More Summary

Prosecutors: Gov. Chris Christie Knew About Bridgegate All Along

"Lock him up, lock him up!" For the first time since the Bridgegate scandal began, Gov. Chris Christie has formerly been implicated in the illegal lane closings of the Washington Bridge that was punishment for those who refused to help Christie's reelection campaign. NY Times: Gov. Show More Summary

Corey Lewandowski Melts Down On CNN Trying To Blame NYC Bombing On 'Naturalized Citizen'

Trump's former campaign manager and CNN analyst Corey Lewandowski tried to use the NYC bombings to flog Trump's anti-immigration policies, but was dumbfounded when he was told Ahmad Khan Rahami, the suspected bomber, is a naturalized U.S. Show More Summary

Spot The Difference: Hillary Clinton Did Not Promote A New Hotel At Her Press Conference

Hillary Clinton held a press conference on a New York tarmac before flying to Pennsylvania to continue campaigning for President. Her press conference focussed on the recent incidents in New York and Minneapolis/St. Cloud, and included...Show More Summary

Oh Noes! Reince Priebus And John Kasich Are Feuding!

In a sure sign that the 2016 Presidential Race is all but over, no really, Reince Priebus has threatened John Kasich for refusing to support Donald Trump. "Those people need to get on board," Priebus said. "And if they're thinking they're...Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders Warns Supporters That 'Now Is Not The Time For A Protest Vote'

Bernie Sanders is preparing to hit the campaign trail full-time for Hillary Clinton after the Senate recesses, but in the meantime he has a message for his supporters. Before holding a rally in Ohio over the weekend, Sanders was firm. "This is not the time for a protest vote, in terms of a presidential campaign," Sanders said. Show More Summary

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