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Bryan Fischer Warns That Gay Marriage Legitimizes Incest

Bryan Fischer may not be up to speed on his Duggar clan news, but this little rant could not have come at a worse time for all these homophobic, self-proclaimed Christians who are about as Christian as a turd floating on the ocean. "We...Show More Summary

Reporter Stumbles Across ALEC Meeting, Gets Kicked Out Of Hotel

ALEC recently had its spring meeting to decide what fresh hell to rain down on all of us little people, and one reporter discovered what happens when they actually do what reporters should do. It's refreshing to see local reporters actually...Show More Summary

Scott Walker Fired From His Own Job Creation Agency

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) was going to be the feather in Scott Walker's cap as he prepared to run for president. It was with this quasi public/private entity that Walker was going to create the 250,000 jobs that he had promised while campaigning for governor. Show More Summary

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Falsely Claims Planned Parenthood Poll Attacked Carly Fiorina

As the mouthpiece for the rabid, anti-choice right wing, Fox News never wastes an opportunity to attack Planned Parenthood. This morning, Elisabeth Hasselbeck continued that fine tradition in asking why Planned Parenthood would dare to say that Carly Fioriana, a woman, would be a threat to women. They didn't - but this is Fox & Friends. read more

Mike's Blog Round Up

Hinterland Gazette: Carly Fiorina’s Senate campaign staffers don’t like her, either. Shakesville: Humankind went to the dogs much earlier than previously thought. Baseline Scenario: This is why taxing capital is so important. Left in...Show More Summary

Open Thread - Is This "Pulling A Boehner"?

Not to make fun of the young lady who, as I used to say about my own, "needs a nap", but as @schamwowww said, look here, it's "The GOP 's relationship with Obama over the past 7 years - captured in one picture". Open thread below...

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Flash

Peter Banks was quite the guitarist in his lifetime and was with the band from pretty much the very beginning in the form of The Syn (remember them?). However, he and the band would part ways in 1970 and he'd go on to form Flash, another progressive rock group. Show More Summary

Jim Bob Duggar Didn’t Report Son’s Alleged Sex Offenses For More Than A Year

This story just keeps getting uglier all the time. As we already discussed here, TLC hit reality show '19 Kids and Counting' star Josh Duggar was turned in by his father at the age of 17 as the "alleged offender" in an underage sexual abuse probe. Show More Summary

Tucker Carlson Accuses Obama Admin Of Engaging In 'Nazi Stuff' On Alex Jones Show

Tucker Carlson seems determined to remove any shred of respectability that he might have had left with this move. For anyone who wasn't already sure that the guy is nothing more than one giant asshole and right wing flamethrower, here...Show More Summary

Sen. Chris Murphy Summarizes The Republican King V. Burwell Plan

Sen. Chris Murphy took to the Senate floor this Thursday with a perfect depiction of the Republicans' response to King v. Burwell, and proceeded to lay out all of the problems with Sen. Ron Johnson's proposed legislation. It’s a historic day for memes. Show More Summary

Hannity Uses Christian American Fighting ISIS To Bash President Obama

In order for Sean Hannity to justify his objection to anything and everything President Obama has ever done, he seeks like-minded people of equal plausibility and intellectual fortitude. He's very tight with the Duck Dynasty people and...Show More Summary

URGENT – Senate Debating Fast Track Now: Call Your Senators

On a Wednesday press call Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown complained that the Senate leadership is "rushing" through a vote on "fast track" trade promotion authority – a procedure that in essence preapproves trade deals before the public can know what is in them. Show More Summary

John Oliver Does Brilliant Expose Of The Politics Of The Chicken Industry

As much as I enjoy Jon Stewart, he doesn't really hold a candle to John Oliver: Because Oliver always draws the line between outrageous situations and the political actors who created them. Because Oliver urges you to contact your legislators and get something done. Show More Summary

Wingnut Sheriff: The Real Problem In The Ghetto Is Liberalism

Every wingnut's favorite lawman, Sheriff David Clarke Jr., testified before the House Judiciary committee Tuesday about tensions between the police and the black community. You'll never guess who he blamed for the problems! Clarke criticized...Show More Summary

Cleveland Police Filed Charges On Tamir Rice To Justify Shooting Him

If you're a cop and you've just shot a 12-year old kid dead without giving him a chance to follow your orders, what do you do? You file a report making it look like he was a criminal, that's what. Cleveland police charged 12-year-old...Show More Summary

Megyn Kelly And Michelle Malkin Go On Racial Rants Against Michelle Obama And The DOJ

Megyn Kelly teamed up with Michelle Malkin to further Kelly’s racial obsession with smearing the Obama Department of Justice... and for dessert: a racial attack on Michelle Obama. read more

If There's One Thing Worse Than A Cabal Of Neocon Scumbags Lying Us Into The Wrong War

It's a buncha goddamn mouthy Liberals who still keep pointing out that we were lied into the wrong war by a cabal of Neocon scumbags. No. Really. Behold the kind of mind-bending idiocy which now walks the land in broad daylight and unashamed...Show More Summary

In His Own Words, John Kasich Disparages The Troops

Last month, while appearing on Hugh Hewitt's show, Republican Governor and possible 2016 GOP clown car addition, John Kasich was asked if Bush made a mistake taking us into Iraq. Here's his response: Hewitt: You're not saying Iraq when you say the first Gulf War and Afghanistan. Show More Summary

Rich Guy With Soft Job Mocks Richer Guy With Soft Job

So I guess we're all supposed to be shocked to learn that people on high-profit network TV make money: ABC has plenty of reasons to be freaking out over the George Stephanopoulos scandal -- 105?million, to be exact. The “Good Morning...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Plunderbund: Will Ohio Republicans go through with their plan to take away health insurance from hundreds of thousands of low income Buckeye State residents? Obsidian Wings: Is Japan becoming extinct? Squatlo Rant: Who do 4th graders...Show More Summary

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