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NBC's Peter Alexander Busts Pence: He Made Reporters Wait In Van For Pre-planned NFL Stunt

Vice President Mike Pence left the Indianapolis Colts NFL game early on Sunday after players kneeled during the national anthem as a protest against systemic racism -- but many people suspect the White House of orchestrating the stunt...Show More Summary

Brian Kilmeade Defends Pence Walkout: Not A Stunt Because Peyton Manning

Fox News' Brian Kilmeade came up with the most asinine defense of Mike Pence's stunt walking out on the Colts game. It couldn't be a stunt because the so-called vice president really wanted to be there to celebrate Peyton Manning's career. Trump's...Show More Summary

Smerconish Says Corker's Building A 25th Amendment Case

The panel on CNN was buzzing this morning on the meaning of what Senator Bob Corker is saying to the New York Times. "This is extraordinary," Alisyn Camerota said. "Extraordinary. This is a top Republican who is unplugged now and saying things people have only said off the record or whispered about in the halls of Congress. Show More Summary

The Weinstein Sexual Harassment Is All About Mika...And Hillary?

Help me out here. Does anyone remember Mika Brzezinski denouncing Donald Trump for his sexual harassment, either before or after the Access Hollywood tape? Because I think we're safe in assuming that anyone who ever socialized with Trump must have known he was a pig. Show More Summary

Steve Schmidt: Pence 'Should Be Ashamed' Using Flag As PR Stunt

MSNBC Republican strategist Steve Schmidt lit into Mike Pence for his "appalling" and "disgusting" behavior using "the flag and the anthem as a prop" yesterday On Sunday Trump and Pence concocted a PR stunt to make believe Pence was upset about players kneeling during the National Anthem. Show More Summary

Trump Brags About Coining The Term 'Fake News'

As Trump was bragging about how awesome his response was in Puerto Rico after the hurricane hit, he bragged to Mike Huckabee that he was proud of coining the phrase "fake" around the news. Mike Huckabee, whose level of boot-licking is...Show More Summary

Open Thread - There Is No 'I' In Donald Trump?

He more than makes up for the lack of "I's" in his name. Open Thread below....

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With School Damage

I know we've still have a few months left before 2017 end but the "best of" lists will start popping up soon. I wait til the final week of the year before I even consider making picks my public. I'll be spending the next couple of months...Show More Summary

Huckabee Swears 'We Will Forever Vote For You' During Trump Interview On Christian TV

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee vowed to "forever" vote for Donald Trump after the president praised his daughter, Sarah Sanders, who he described "the most talented" White House press secretary ever. During an interview thatShow More Summary

Trump, Pence Use The Flag, Veterans For A Political Stunt

It all started when Mike Pence, Putin's puppet's puppet, made a grandiose show of how he got up and left the Indianapolis Colts-San Francisco 49ers game because he was just so distraught over players kneeling during the anthem: I left...Show More Summary

AM Joy Panel Shreds The GOP And Media's False Equivalency Game With Harvey Weinstein

This Sunday on MSNBC's AM Joy, Joy Reid's panel, which included Media Matters' Eric Boehlert and Christina Lopez, author Gabriel Sherman (who has been one of the best reporters out there covering the sexual harassment problems over at...Show More Summary

Torch-Wielding Nazis Try To March Again In Charlottesville

Having been battered by some bad press lately, a few dozen khaki and white polo-wearing Nazi virgins fired up their citronella torches in Charlottesville for an impromptu rally on Saturday night. After all, it's the last place they got praise...and from the president no less. Yes, it was just as pathetic as it sounded. Show More Summary

Trump Attacks Corker On Twitter, Corker Decimates Trump Instantly

Trump must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, because he decided to lash out at outgoing senator Bob Corker on twitter....and boy, did it backfire. Just a reminder, Corker has been a critic of Trump for awhile now,...Show More Summary

Roger Stone Says James Clapper Is A 'Ccksucker' For Worrying About Nuclear War

Roger Stone, an unofficial adviser to President Donald Trump and longtime conservative political ratfcker, lashed out at former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper for expressing concern that the president's mental stateShow More Summary

Chris Wallace Grills NRA Executive Director For Lying About Gun Control: 'That's Actually Not True'

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace took on NRA Executive Director Chris Cox about his organization's resistance to gun safety laws following the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas. "You say common decency [means] let's wait [on discussing gun laws], what's enough time?" Wallace wondered. Show More Summary

FEMA Administrator Calls San Juan Mayor’s Criticism Of Relief Effort 'Political Noise'

Someone's been taking lessons on playing politics from their boss. Never mind that his agency has deleted data on the Puerto Rico’s crisis from their web site and has chosen to play games with people's lives for the sake of political...Show More Summary

'Fcking Delusional': Wayne LaPierre Shows His Face On TV -- And Twitter Pounds Him Over Vegas Deaths

National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre was pilloried by viewers on Sunday after he appeared on CBS to dissuade Congress from pursuing gun safety laws following the massacre of 58 people in Las Vegas. During...Show More Summary

Steve Scalise: The Right To Bear Arms Is 'Unlimited'

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who is recovering after being shot earlier this year, said on Sunday that he believes gun rights in America are "unlimited." During an interview on Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd asked Scalise about...Show More Summary

After Vegas, Rep. Tim Ryan Gives NRA $ To Gun Control Groups

Finally, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), who once had an “A” rating from the NRA, has seen the light, according to the Washington Post. He not only donated an equivalent amount of his NRA donations to prominent gun-control groups, he's calling for more gun restrictions. Show More Summary

Why Does The GOP Hate Women?

Throughout my 20s and early 30s, I suffered from a condition called endometriosis. It is the literal displacement of endometrial lining outside of the uterus. I had scar tissue wrapped around my spinal cord and attached to organs. I had three surgeries over the course of 15 years to remove the scar tissue, to try to alleviate the debilitating pain. Show More Summary

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