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Billionaires Buy L.A. School Board Members

Los Angeles' May 16th election day is coming fast, and citizens are being inundated with fliers, phone calls, texts and emails. Most victims of this advertising tsunami have no clue who exactly is behind this man-made disaster. Thankfully though, someone has been doing their homework. Show More Summary

Clapper: US Institutions Are Under Assault From Trump

Fairly remarkable. A former high-ranking intelligence officer of the United States basically calling the President an enemy of the state, or at the very least, of its institutions. TAPPER: Let's take a wider view of this for one second and then get back to more detailed questions. Show More Summary

Biggest Paper In Wisconsin Fails To Report On Biggest Slumlord

Last fall, 17 people were poisoned by carbon monoxide in Mantiwoc, Wisconsin. The three buildings in which the people were poisoned are owned by Republican State Representative Paul Tittl: The incident took place Oct. 31, 2016, and affected Susie Kay’s Café at 1110 Washington St., the Republican Headquarters office at 1112 Washington St. Show More Summary

SNL Cold Open: Lester Holt Discovers 'Nothing Matters' When It Comes To Trump

SNL's cold open was a blunt and brutally funny take on the insanity that was this particular week with Donald J. Trump. Alec Baldwin, as expected, played Donald Trump while Michael Che took on the role of NBC Anchor, Lester Holt. During...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Gizmodo: F.C.C. Chair Pai is a real piece of work. Trump on health, exercise yada at LG&M indicates he could keel over at any min. Fingers crossed! Alternet: "Dutch TV did what no American TV network dares, suggesting Trump's past includes illegal racketeering." No, really? And a kitty to close the wk.! Mothers & Others Rounded Up Today by M. Show More Summary

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Natalie Merchant-Wonder Happy Mother's Day to one and all. This is my first Mother's Day without my mom, so it is particularly bittersweet for me. I'm in my fifth decade on this planet and a mom myself, but the loss of that primal connection is still so raw for me that I get teary thinking about it. Show More Summary

SNL: Trump Gives Spicey The 'Kiss Of Death'

This has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for Sean Spicer. Not the least of which the constant rumor-mongering that he will be out of a job soon. (P.S. Sarah, don't think for a minute that there's a chance of you taking over, by the way. Show More Summary

Open Thread - Don't Forget Tomorrow Is Mother's Day...

And a happy day to all. This is the first Mother's Day without my mom, who passed away last Fall. I wish all those who've lost their moms a day of happy memories. Open thread below...

C&L's Saturday Night Chiller Theater: The Lodger (1944)

If film noir and gothic chiller had a baby it would be John Brahm's "The Lodger" (which itself is a fine remake of Hitchcock's 1928 silent classic "The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog".) A stranger has moved into the neighborhood and...Show More Summary

ACLU Pushes Back On Trump's Stupid Voter Fraud Commission

The ACLU is pushing back hard on the nutty "Voter Fraud Commission" created by Donald Trump this week. Dale Ho, director of the ACLU Voting Rights Project, says there are specific things we all need to do to protect our voting rights...Show More Summary

Hey Republicans: Cleek's Law Means You're Stuck With Trump

Dust off the world's smallest violin and play a sad song for Republicans on Capitol Hill. Jonathan Swan of Axios reports: There is widespread concern among Congressional leadership about Trump's frame of mind in the wake of the Comey firing. Senior Senate aide: "It has to stop... Show More Summary

Joke Of The Day

#RESISTANCE ASSIGNMENT: make it happen immediately! #snl #msnbc #indivisible — A Aryeh Perez (@Jethro_Aryeh) May 12, 2017 PS. NBC News fact checked some of Trump's interview with Lester Holt. I don't even think we have 17 intelligence agencies," Trump said.

If Trump Is Brought Down, Will Republican Voters Ever Admit That He Deserved It?

I'm a natural pessimist, but even I can see that the president of the United States was asking for trouble by firing James Comey, and might be on the verge of getting what he asked for. Here's The Washington Post on that: Many [FBI and...Show More Summary

James Clapper Confirms Comey Would Never Have Done What Trump Said He Did

"Andrea Mitchell Reports" aired this interview Friday, around noon, which seems to be the last calm before the storm known as the Weekend Breaking News Trump Dump. I am certain, however, if you are on this site, you are quite happy when...Show More Summary

Former FBI Agent Explains Why Trump's Version Of Comey Dinner Is Suspect

On AMJoy this morning, Joy Reid asked former FBI agent Clint Watts about the idea the director of the FBI would asked to have dinner with the president "in order to save his job, does that ring true to you?" Watts explained why that was so unlikely. "No. Show More Summary

Newsflash: Your Furniture Is Out To Kill You!

From the perspective of New Yorkers who witnessed the World Trade Center attacks and then pitched in to rebuild the city, if not the country, in its wake, the War on Terror made a lot of sense. If anything, the "war" seemed a day late...Show More Summary

Maher: 'Welcome To The Apprentice, Nuclear Edition'

Real Time host Bill Maher opened his show this Friday by blasting Donald Trump for turning the presidency into a very dangerous version of reality television. MAHER: I think we're all thinking the same thing, TGIF, after a week of WTAF. Show More Summary

Impeachment Is Not Enough

The problem with impeachment is it doesn't really solve our problem. The problem we have goes so far beyond just Trump and into flaws in the design of our system. George Washington established rule by "norms" when he declined to run again for President, saying we are not a nation of kings. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

That was close: Missed Friday the 13th by just one day! Oliver Willis kinda asks, "Budget Director Mulvaney to start death panels for diabetics?" Hullabaloo's digby pulls the good parts from yet another story about just how incredibly pathetic Trump's world-view, attitudes, yada are. Show More Summary

Open Thread - Speaking Of Saturday Night Live...

I want Stefon to confront Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer and say one word..... "SPICY!" Open thread below...

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