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Jeff Sessions Warns Against Eroding 'Anglo-American Heritage Of Law Enforcement'

Earlier today, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III strayed from his script to admonish his audience at the National Sheriffs' Association to always protect and be mindful of the potential to erode white folks' policing. "The office of Sheriff is a critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement, " Sessions said. Show More Summary

Velshi & Ruhle Shred Andy Card For Supporting John Kelly: 'The Media Isn't Creating These Distractions'

MSNBC co-hosts Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle on Monday took on former Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card for defending President Donald Trump's chief of staff after he failed to fire an employee who had been accused of abusing his wives. Ruhle...Show More Summary

Reliable Sources Calls Out Fox For Ignoring Trump Wife Beating Staff

It's another week where CNN's 'Reliable Sources' notices that one of these networks is not like the other. FRANK CESNOS: It is the tale of two narratives once again, Red news versus Blue news when it comes to one of the biggest newsShow More Summary

Hypocrite Mo Brooks: Trump Staff Wife Beating Is 'Soap Opera News'

Apparently Mo Brooks likes to ignore wife beating when it's a Republican. This morning on CNN's New Day, Brooks clutched his pearls and refused to stoop to the level if discussing such "soap opera news" with host Chris Cuomo. "When you...Show More Summary

Rep. Jim Himes: There's A Double Standard For Democratic Memo

Chris Cuomo welcomed Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) on New Day to talk about the Democratic rebuttal to the Nunes memo. "There is an apparent double standard going on here. Reading through the notes of the White House counsel about why they were okay releasing the Nunes memo doesn't seem to be the same standard. Show More Summary

Brian Kilmeade Goes Off-Script

Someone went seriously off-script this morning at Fox & Friends. Only for a moment though, and soon the pom-poms were waving just as enthusiastically as ever. Telling moment though, however brief. Gidley: The president has been veryShow More Summary

Scarborough: Trump Is 'Finished' With Kelly --And Staffers Can't Wait

Morning Joe's host Joe Scarborough rebutted Kellyanne Conway’s claim that White House chief of staff John Kelly still enjoyed the president’s full confidence. Conway said Sunday that Kelly enjoyed the full confidence of the president, and that his job was safe. “A lot of back and forth going on here, it could be confusing,” Scarborough said. Show More Summary

Central Park 5 Whacks Trump Over 'Due Process': 'Our Lives Were Destroyed'

Members of the Central Park Five took a shot at Trump for his hypocritical calls for "due process" when it comes to himself or his fellow abusers of women. Trump took to Twitter to voice his complaints about how terribly unfair it is...Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Hello, everyone. It's good to be back. Let's get right to the key question of our time: Curling is the greatest Olympic sport, right? Discuss. (Yes, I'm Canadian.) The Mahablog: (White) House of bad security clowns. Gin and Tacos: Politics as an Aaron Sorkin fever dream. Perrspectives: Lower costs for U.S. Show More Summary

Goal: Replacing Devin Nunes In November

If California is the beating heart of progressive America, how can it be possible that the most powerful leader of Donald Trump's Praetorian Guard hails from the Golden State? I'm speaking, of course, of Congressman Devin Nunes, a man...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Kyuss

Snow. Ice. Freezing rain. Mean winds coming off the lake from the north. It was what I dealt with all weekend. Had me thinking of somewhere warm amd dry. Like the desert even. Next thing I know I am jammin' to Kyuss. It sorta did the trick. What are you listening to tonight?

Pence's Brainless Non-Diplomacy At Korean Olympics

While officially, the Olympics is an event that is supposed to transcend politics and promote good will between nations, it has historically been a chance for the United States to also display its strength and commitment to equality....Show More Summary

Fox & Friends Loses It After Ivanka Is Compared To Kim Jong Un's Sister: 'It's The Most Insane Analogy'

The hosts of Fox & Friends on Sunday lashed out at the "media" for making comparisons between the sister of North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un and the daughter of Donald Trump. Multiple segments on the Fox News morning show took aim at...Show More Summary

ABC Panel Rips GOP Strategist For Saying Not To 'Stone' Men Accused Of Assault

Things didn't go so well for GOP strategist Alex Castellanos when he tried to make the men out to be victims during a discussion about accused wife-beater Rob Porter on ABC's This Week. STEPHANOPOULOS: Alex Castellanos, in this way the president is actually pretty transparent. Show More Summary

After Wife Beating Allegations, Trump To Publicly Sign 'Protecting Young Victims From Sexual Abuse' Law

Donald Trump this week plans to hold a public signing ceremony for a sexual abuse law just days after he defended a White House staffer who was accused of abusing his two ex-wives. Politico reported on Sunday that Trump's Wednesday schedule...Show More Summary

Chris Christie Forced To Admit Trump Administration Botched Handling Of Porter Debacle

Even Trump booster Chris Christie couldn't defend the indefensible when he was asked about the White House's handling of the security clearance for accused wife beater and assistant to Chief of Staff John Kelly, Rob Porter, on ABC'sShow More Summary

Conservative Commentator Rips Fox For Using Lewandowski To Opine On Porter's Resignation

I'm a broken record about this, and it's the reason we focus so much attention on the Sunday news shows: He who frames the debate invariably wins the argument. On Sunday's Reliable Sources, conservative commentator Bethany Mandel questioned...Show More Summary

Mick Mulvaney: White House Handling Of Rob Porter Wife Beating Allegations Was 'Normal And Reasonable'

White House Budget Chief Mick Mulvaney on Sunday argued that it was "normal and reasonable" for the White House to defend a staffer who had been accused of spousal abuse. On Sunday's edition on Face the Nation, host Major Garrett noted...Show More Summary

Gingrich Wants Us To Believe Trump Firing All Those People Proves He's Innocent

It's through the looking glass again over on Fox "News." Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo brought on disgraced former House Speaker and grifter extraordinaire Newt Gingrich to discuss the latest efforts by Republicans to muddy...Show More Summary

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