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Donald Trump Feigns 'Regret' For Saying Things That Hurt People

In an effort to restart his failing campaign yet again, Donald Trump took a surprising conciliatory tone when speaking to his rallygoers in Charlotte, North Carolina Thursday and said he regretted saying the "wrong thing" at times during...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz' Popularity Has Dropped Like A Rock In The Republican Party

Apparently acting like a jackass at an RNC convention does has consequences. We knew there was no love lost between Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump after Donald repeated smeared Cruz, his wife and father repeatedly during the Republican...Show More Summary

Midday Open Thread - Politics On Facebook? Ha!

If you are not coming to my election party? You are literally Hitler. h/t Capper. Open thread below...

Your Child's Life Is Less Important Than Big Pharma Profits

Remember the Martin Shkreli supervillain (pictured) who raised the price on a much-needed drug used to treat patients with AIDS? How could you forget when he upped the price from $13.50 to $750 PER PILL? It's hard to forget the mostShow More Summary

Trump Visits Louisiana; But Governor Asked Obama To Stay Home

This is a tough call for any politician. Do you go to a disaster area to offer support, or stay away to allow workers to do their job? LA Times: Obama himself is facing criticism for not cutting short his annual summer vacation to visit...Show More Summary

The Rats Takes The Bait...and Run With It

And the bait was taken. Not only taken, but gleefully tossed about, like a rat-sized balloon. Less than 48 hours after the FBI turned over the Clinton investigation material to Congress, the first major leak found its way to the press. Show More Summary

Joy Reid Flattens Trump Apologist Who Blames 'Liberal Media'

How many times do you shout at the TV, 'just answer the question!' Thankfully, there's someone at MSNBC who is doing EXACTLY that. Joy Ann Reid, filling in for Chris Hayes on "All In," interviewed Trump defender/apologist Steve Cortes...Show More Summary

Mitt Romney's Finance Chair: 'Trump Will Never Be Fit To Be The President Of US'

David Nierenberg, Romney’s former finance chair, discussed his decision to vote for Hillary Clinton with MSNBC and declared that Trump is "unfit" to be the president. He told Craig Melvin that Trump doesn't have the "temperament andShow More Summary

Katrina Pierson Goes Too Far: 'Clinton Has Brain Disease'

It's getting very silly that cable news networks are letting on air medical doctors and political surrogates to diagnose Hillary Clinton for a nonexistent illness. The latest moron to do this was Trump's Spox Katrina Pierson on MSNBC yesterday afternoon. Show More Summary

DOJ To Allow Private Prison Contracts To Expire After Scathing Findings Released

The private prison industry, by profiting off a socially skewed-criminal justice system, has been a real thorn in the side of many of us who actually think and vote with some empathy. Prisons by nature are prone to fostering abuse, misconduct and neglect. Show More Summary

Gold Star Dad Tells Trump To Put Up Or Shut Up

You may recall Gold Star Dad Fred Boenig from his confrontation with "Tehran Tom" Cotton last year. Boenig has three children on active duty and lost one in Iraq. He also has a message for Donald Trump: Put up or shut up. Mr. BoenigShow More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

EclectaBlog: Young voters have a message for the GOP and the “repeal Obamacare” crowd. Calculated Risk: The percentage of American homeowners “underwater” has dropped by almost two-thirds over the past five years. Mainly Macro: After comparing Trump and BREXIT voters, the U.S. Show More Summary

Lewis Black On Nightly Show - 'This Election Has To Stop'

On Wednesday night's Nightly Show, Lewis Black drank mini-bar liquor (sent over by Stephen Colbert) and railed about this year's election. "This election, at some point, has to stop.... If you wanna do it this long, than it has to stop, Memorial Day weekend, until Labor Day, JUST SHUT UP! It's the fcking Summer, okay?" But seriously. Show More Summary

Open Thread - Fund Our Schools

I also recommend Donors Choose for finding a local school to support. Open thread below...

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With The Move

Carl Wayne of the Move was born on this day in 1943. "I Can Hear The Grass Grow" has always been one of my favorite songs from the era of right before psychedelic pop started to melt into prog-rock. Also, after a few weeks of scorching days and everything turning brown and burnt we finally got some rain in our parts on the world this week. Show More Summary

CNN's Brian Stelter Speculates On True Nature Of Trump-Breitbart Merger

Donald Trump's campaign of insanity has hit yet another crazy patch this week with the newly published New York Times article linking his campaign manager, Paul Manafort, to a pro-Russian political party. Whoops. This article sheds even more light on the incredibly dangerous relationship Trump has pursued with Russia and Comrade Putin. Show More Summary

Ron Johnson Is Perfectly Fine With Trump Having Nuclear Codes

On the tail of Hillary Clinton and Vice-President Joe Biden saying that Donald Trump wasn't to be trusted with the nuclear launch codes, a reporter asked Our Dumb Senator if he felt safe with Trump having the codes. RoJo's short answer...Show More Summary

Rick Perry Can Beat Ted Cruz In 2018 Based On New Polling

Wouldn't this be rich? A new PPP poll says that Rick Perry would easily beat Sen. Ted Cruz by 9 points if the election were held today. The former Texas governor would beat Cruz by 9 percentage points, according to the forthcoming survey from the Democratic-leaning firm Public Policy Polling. Show More Summary

Wingnuts Lose It As Fake PPP Poll Shows 74% Florida Lead For Trump?

What is it with conservatives and conspiracy theories and faking desired results? This happened last week with someone faking Hillary Clinton's health records. The photoshops or faked documents spread over the right wingo-sphere like...Show More Summary

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