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The Spiritual Healing of the Native American Flute

The Native American flute is one of the most mystical instruments available to people. Its wonderful, spiritual voice carries the power of spiritual healing to everyone who is willing to benefit from it. And you don’t have to be a Native...Show More Summary

New Website – Reiki Paths, teaching Reiki With Articles and Tutorials

After a lot of work, I have launched my new website – Reiki Paths – an educational website focused on the practice of Reiki, a method of spiritual healing. You should be familiar with this method, because I have published few articles on the subject here, on A State of Mind, in the past few […] Learn psychic abilities, Reiki, runes and clairvoyance with my books on Amazon.

How to Improve Your Intuition Through Meditation

A lot of you may be interested in improving your own intuition. There are many ways to improve intuition, but one of these methods is often neglected by the people of the West. It’s meditation. Today, I wish to teach you a basic form...Show More Summary

FAQ: Problems with Psychic Healing and Meditation

A reader of my  book, Psychic Development Simplified, wrote to me with a question, to which I have provided an answer. Today, I publish both the question and the answer, since it may be very helpful to other people, as well. Get My Book...Show More Summary

Negative Intentions in the Practice of Reiki (Book Excerpt)

This is an excerpt from my new book, “Learn Reiki”, which is a guidebook to the practice of the first degree of Reiki. Because Reiki is an intelligent energy and it knows what must be healed, and how it must be healed, we – as practitioners – must learn few things about intentions, with which [...] Learn psychic abilities, Reiki, runes and clairvoyance with my books on Amazon.

My New Book “The Essentials of Magick” + FREE Giveaway!

“The Essentials of Magick” is my newest book! A universal guide to the essential basics of magick. It teaches the general theory and practices common to all magical paths of the World. Besides theory, learn practical skills of cleansing, grounding, magical self-defense, intuition development and more. Show More Summary

Learn Reiki: First Degree Manual – My New Book

I’m happy to report that my newest book, “Learn Reiki: First Degree”, has been published. “Learn Reiki: The First Degree Manual” is a complete guidebook to the practice of the first degree of Reiki, called Shoden (meaning: preliminary teachings). my e-book Living with Reiki Explore the path of Reiki and modern spiritual truths with a A [...]Show More Summary

Gratitude and Value on the Path of Healing Our Civilization

Today, due to the recent lessons I have experienced in my life, I wish to discuss to important aspects of our modern civilization and each one of us separately – gratitude and value. What should we be grateful for? What is value? What can be considered to be valuable? And why the problems with have [...] Learn psychic abilities with my Psychic Development Simplified guidebook.

An Infographic on Reiki – Read, Share, Enjoy

I decided to translate an original infographic which I’ve prepared in Polish a year ago, and now it’s available in English. It’s a nice infographic that introduce into Reiki. It’s available under Creative Commons Attribution, so you can share it and republish it as long as you will provide a link back to A State [...]Show More Summary

Common and Not-So-Common Shields

The best offence is a good defense. We’ve all heard this cliche associated with things like sports or martial arts, but it applies to the world of psionics as well. The most fundamental way of protecting oneself against the outside world is a shield. Just like psi balls, they can be programmed to do an [...]

Telekinesis: Thoughts, Techs, and Tips

Hello one and all. I’ve learned a lot since the last time I’ve spoke to everyone about telekinesis. For the past few months I’ve been practicing pretty regularly with the paper-on-pin exercise from my first article, Introduction to Telekinesis. After a lot of success, I started to keep a kind of “journal” recording things I’ve noticed [...]Show More Summary

An Introduction to Energy

These are my beliefs… I understand that people will disagree… that’s fine. Energy. This is probably the most used term in the psion’s vocabulary. Unfortunately, a lot of newbies don’t understand the whole concept. It can be very confusing – you have Psi, Ki, Manna and all these ways of manipulating each, different techniques for [...]Show More Summary

What Your Should Learn About Spiritual and Magick Teachers

A painful truth of today is that kids don’t respect teachers these days – by teachers I mean people who are experienced and knowledgeable. Tell me, when you was a child, did you obeyed your parents? Or school teachers? The kids in the early XX century and in the centuries before were different. They respected [...]Show More Summary

An Introduction to Huna and the Art of Creation

I decided to write about Huna today to introduce everyone to this interesting art of creation and manifestation of a great life. Sort of, because Huna itself is kind of a complex school of thought where you need to learn the history, and all these fancy, Hawaiian-like terms. So I decided to talk about the [...]

Are Chakras and Auras Real? What Can You Actually See Through Clairvoyance?

Recent article on Powered by Intuition website about mapping the human energy field inspired me to write few words about chakras and auras. Today, I would like to make those of you, who are clairvoyant, wonder – how real are the things which you can perceive? Or should I say, how real are the things that [...]

Reiki & Sex, Things You Should Know About Healing and Embracing Your Sexuality Through Reiki

I’ve wrote few articles about Reiki already, and it’s time to write one again. This time about a subject that appears to be a taboo, even among Reiki practitioners. It seems that I’m a rare example of a Reiki teacher who is not afraid to write about difficult subject of Reiki and sex. From my [...] Learn psychic abilities with my Psychic Development Simplified guidebook.

Why Gratitude is a Powerful Spiritual Tool and How to Use it to Improve Your Own Life

There are few things I’ve learned about gratitude in the past years. First, gratitude is a a great, powerful, positive emotion that you can fall in love with. Second, it’s very, very easy to use on daily basis. And third, it’s a powerful spiritual tool that can help you attract anything you really want.  As [...]Show More Summary

What Is Self-assessment and Why Do You Need It For Your Spiritual Growth

So, you want to develop psychic abilities? Or maybe you wish to start your journey towards spiritual enlightenment? Maybe you want to become a healer? Or maybe you simple wish to apply some simple spiritual rules and tips to improve your daily life, family, relationship or work? Well, whatever it is you want to do, [...]Show More Summary

Why Am I Reiki Evangelist and Why Should You Try Reiki For Yourself

A long time ago I was taught that in order to create a successful blog, you must gather an army of “evangelists” – people who will promote your blog for you. To do so, you need to create great products and share great knowledge. An evangelist is a person who shares the vision of someone [...] Learn psychic abilities with my Psychic Development Simplified guidebook.

Learn The Only (Spiritual) Business Secret You Will Ever Need & Create Awesome Business!

The series of articles about attracting abundance and creating awesome life continues. Today, I wish to discuss the subject of creating businesses from spiritual perspective. As always, it will be simple yet very educational. Most books and economy teachers agree: if you want to make money, you need to create product people are willing to [...]Show More Summary

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