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I Never Let My Kids Win; They Beat Me!

Categories: Uncategorized Written by Vaughn Rachal  The fact that some companies expect digital investments to produce returns immediately, shocks me.  To expect that just because you use digital tools or channels that results are going to instantly appear is delusional. I remember … Continue reading ? (Read more...)

The Glide Path to Digital…or the Agony of Defeat!

Categories: Uncategorized Written by Andrew Ranson Digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight or all at once. It’s not an all or nothing proposition either, but if you don’t get on the path, you risk crashing and burning in the long-term. In a recent global … Continue reading ? (Read more...)

What Technology Does to an Eight Year-Old

Categories: Uncategorized Most 8YO’s of today will have no conscious memory of a time without the augmentation of a mobile device on their person, and an instant connection to the worlds information.  For them, every answer to every question is seconds away … Continue reading ? (Read more...)

Executive Digital Denial

Categories: Uncategorized By Vaughn Rachal, Future Point of View There’s no denying that technology is perpetually accelerating in both performance and function! The changes we’ve seen in the last ten years alone have dramatically altered how the world operates, how people communicate, … Continue reading ? (Read more...)

Top 5 Reasons Lean Projects Fail

Categories: Uncategorized This paper is written by Andrew Ranson Technology mastery is an x-factor in organizational success today. Organizations that understand this are using “humalogical” profit amplification techniques to raise revenue while keeping costs low. Humalogy is applying technology and humans in the … Continue reading ? (Read more...)

Humalogy: The Perfect Blending of Humanity and Technology to Optimize Performance

Categories: Uncategorized This paper was written by Vaughn Rachal, FPOV consultant. At the turn of the century, a widening gap between productivity and private employment showed up in federal labor statistics. Digital technologies boosted productivity in the United States without spurring the expected … Continue reading ? (Read more...)

Why CrowdScribed is the Future of Publishing

Categories: Uncategorized Have you noticed the traditional publishing industry seems to be experiencing a multifaceted crisis? Publishers, trying to survive the breakneck pace of a changing retail environment, are assuming bigger financial risks than ever before with no proven way to predict … Continue reading ? (Read more...)

Rebranding in the Digital Age – Now Mandatory!

Categories: feeds echnology Uncategorized If you are the type of person who thinks branding is some mysterious science that really has little value, hit the back button now and go on with your life.  If on the other hand you understand that branding creates … Continue reading ? (Read more...)

When the Only Thing Left is Loving Your Customer

Categories: feeds echnology Uncategorized I have started to see articles that state a common theme. It is that all products and services will eventually commoditize to the point where it is virtually impossible to distinguish them by price or performance. This result is driven by a rise … Continue reading ? (Read more...)

SnapChat, Nudity, and New Communication

If you noticed the title and have no idea what Snapchat is, I urge you to load it on your mobile device and try it out.  This application is sweeping through the teenagers of the U.S. and seems to be … Continue reading ?

The Technologies I am Thankful for – Thanksgiving 2012

In the spirit of being grateful, I thought I might start a new tradition. Here is my list of things I am grateful for in the technology space this year: That the Web, software, hardware, and bandwidth have conspired over the past 10 … Continue reading ?

The Technology Integration of Man – Another Nail in the Coffin

In order for you to really understand this post, you will have to click on the following link and watch this video of Hatsune Miku.  Before you do, she is not real, she is an avatar, but after you watch the … Continue reading ?

Building Your River of Information: Additional Resources

As you might imagine, I’m always looking out for or stumbling across loads of new tech resources and tools in my trade, whether it be through client strategy building or actively staying up on the latest trends with my own … Continue reading ?

The Seven Deadly Technology Sins

Sin: something you really must avoid because there are consequences – and not the good kind.  There are Godly sins, and there are technology sins, and these are what I want to write about today.  I have done a large … Continue readi...

In the Digital Arena – Amplified Evil vs. Amplified Goodness

There is an escalated conflict going on in humanity and it has ancient roots.  As long as humans have breathed, we have wrestled with the dark and the light – the unhealthy and the healthy – abject evil, and heart … Continue reading...

The Disrupted Life: Technology Driven Chaos

At every level, technology is now a game changing tool – and a great weapon of destruction.  I suspect there has been little in the history of humanity that has more ability to change our lives, careers and fortunes save … Continue reading ?

IQ, EQ and now VQ – Vision Intelligence

Leaders by their very nature are under pressure to have advanced intellectual and emotional intelligence.  In today’s economy, they better add one more – VQ, The Vision Quotient.  The pace of change is speeding up.  Each and everyday, the competition … Continue reading ?

Social Augmentation: Is Technology Addiction Really Bad for Us?

There seems to be a built in negative filter for most people when it comes to the concept of humans being dependent, or “addicted” to technology.  They assume that anytime people are unnaturally attached to a device, there must be … Continue reading ?

Citizen Journalism – More Powerful Than We Realize

Web 2.0 has ushered in a number of concepts that are going to change society more than we now understand.  I am confident that 100 years from now, we will look at this time in the same way we now … Continue reading ?

A Springboard or Quicksand – What is Your Technology?

I sometimes have pictures explode into my mind – metaphorical pictures that tell a story.  I am convinced God made all our brains uniquely with various strengths and weaknesses.  For example, I am horrible at memorizing text.  I can read … Continue reading ?

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