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This Vegan, Gluten-Free Quiche With Winter Greens is Comfort for Belly and Soul

  iStock/bhofak2 Come winter, many of us gravitate toward heavier, denser foods. We look for dishes that keep us grounded and warm but often reach for the less than ideal options to satisfy this need for comfort. You don’t need extra fat and calories just to get that hearty touch to your meals. Show More Summary

Caramelized Fuyu Persimmons Recipe with Thyme and Olives

iStock/Josef Mohyla   An often-overlooked fruit—the persimmon—is currently in season and an ingredient you should stock up on as long as it’s available. Fuyu persimmons are reminiscent of the Granny Smith apple, only it carries it own unique charm. Show More Summary

These 5 Vegan Mexican Recipes Mean It’s Time to Eat!

Image care of Minimalist Baker Discover some of our favorite plant-based comfort food recipes featuring a bit of spice. These vegan Mexican recipes are perfect for warming you up as the cold weather sets in. 1. Quinoa Taco “Meat” This...Show More Summary

Vegan Chestnut Rotolo Recipe: A Seasonal (and Simpler) Take on an Italian Classic

iStock/LauriPatterson Rotolo isn’t widely known outside Italy, but its flavors are quite recognizable. “Rotolo” translates to “scroll”, “roll”, or “coil”, and it is traditionally made with a fresh pasta sheet that is spread with a spinach and ricotta filling and rolled up to create a roulade. Show More Summary

5 Holiday Cookie Recipes You Have to Make This Winter

Whether it’s your Nonna’s Italian rainbow cookies or your Bubby’s rugelach, holiday cookies are heavy on comfort, but they’re not always the healthiest thing you’ll make all year. While it’s definitely time to celebrate with a special...Show More Summary

Ginger-Pear Bread Pudding Gives Leftover Thanksgiving Bread a New Life

  iStock/cobraphoto There’s a lot of eating heading our way, with both Thanksgiving and Christmas on the radar. However, just because the holiday season can be a time of excess, doesn’t mean it has to be a time of waste. This pear ginger...Show More Summary

You’ve Got to Try This Boozy Apple Cider

Make the ultimate boozy apple cider for your holiday festivities. Related on EcoSalon Sherry Wine Cocktail Recipe with Elderflower and Persimmon Puree 5 Fall Cocktails to Distract You from What Will Probably Be the Worst Thanksgiving...Show More Summary

How Organic Valley is Growing the U.S. Market for Renewable Energy

iStock/grandriver Organic Valley announced in late October that it would be transitioning to 100 percent renewable energy by 2019 – an announcement that is significant not only for the dairy co-op but also for trends in growing renewable energy nationwide. Show More Summary

Cheesy Vegan Potato Soup (You Don’t Need the Cream to Make Creamy Happen)

iStock/alexbai If you are under the impression that you need the cream, butter, and cheese to make a rich, velvety soup, then prepare to be pleasantly surprised with this cheesy vegan potato soup recipe. When I consume soup, I want to eat it, not drink it. Show More Summary

Can Luxury and Sustainability Coexist?

iStock/manjik “These wines were created to give back,” the sommelier tells our table. She’s talking about ONEHOPE, a California winery with charitable and environmental components built into the business model. It funds hunger relief efforts, tree plantings, aiding in natural disaster relief, and scores of other programs. Show More Summary

Sip on 5 Fresh Holiday Cocktails, Coffee, and More (Booze Optional)

Image care of Suja It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to holiday drinks. Whether you’re looking for a new latte to replace that pumpkin spice standby or something better (and slightly less boozy) than Christmas punch, these simple crowd-pleasers offer the perfect simple solution. Show More Summary

Plantlab: Renowned Chef Matthew Kenney Shares His Secrets to Crafting the Future of Food

Photo courtesy Adrian Mueller. Can an instruction book become art? In the case of Matthew Kenney’s new work, “PLANTLAB: Crafting the Future of Food,” the answer is a definitive yes. PLANTLAB is the culmination of Kenney’s life work as...Show More Summary

Are Prisons Creating the Next Generation of Cheesemakers?

iStock/RGTimeline Prison dairy farms are not only creating a new generation of trained cheesemakers but also providing incarcerated people with the ideal way to insert themselves back in society. Prisons have long offered incarcerated...Show More Summary

This Savory Vegan Spaghetti Squash And Quinoa Waffle is an Autumn Delight

iStock/Qwart This savory vegan waffle recipe combines the best of both worlds: warm comfort and guilt-free noshing. Don’t you just love it when you can take a beloved comfort dish and turn it “healthy” or, rather, less of a burden on...Show More Summary

Is Meat-Eating Murder?

iStock/Vladimir Vladimirov Surely meat eaters have their reasons for choosing to eat animals—most humans do it—but how often do meat-eaters consider the number of animals they’re expected to eat in a lifetime? It’s a startling number: 7,000. Show More Summary

This Friendsgiving Looks Epic

If you’re stumped on how to craft a great Friendsgiving, this video has all the information you need. But maybe skip the Taco Bell-infused food… Or don’t! After all, it’s Friendsgiving—traditional rules don’t apply. Related on EcoSalon...Show More Summary

Blue Cheese and Asian Pear Crostini: Crunch, Cream, and Crisp in One Bite

iStock/metkalova The beauty of this blue cheese and Asian pear crostini recipe is that you don’t need to fuss so much about the amount of each ingredient you use and instead can focus on quick assembly, presentation, and then, of course, the eating. Show More Summary

Should You Be Eating Gluten-Free? Experts Weigh In

iStock/lolostock The way that some folks talk about gluten, you’d think it was as bad as glyphosate, but that’s not necessarily the case. With folks sans celiac opting for a gluten-free diet left, right, and center, experts weigh in on whether or not this is a healthy choice. Show More Summary

Here’s Why Vegan Probiotic Coconut Yogurt is Having a Well-Deserved Moment

image via Coconut Cult / Instagram Vegan probiotic coconut yogurt is taking center stage, with cult-favorite Coconut Cult at the helm. But the brand isn’t the only player in the game. The probiotic coconut yogurt hysteria is hard to resist. Show More Summary

Reviewing the Trend: Plant-Based Meal Subscription Kits for Every Lifestyle

Image courtesy of Purple Carrot In a society where productivity and efficiency is paramount, many of us find we have less time and energy to cook. Eating out gets expensive and tends to add to our waistline, and frozen meals are so 90’s. Show More Summary

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