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Some Hotels Still Don't Understand Broadband

last monthTechnology : VoIPWatch

I just spent three weeks on the road, working remotely in Europe. Along the way, I stayed in hotels in London, Paris, Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona, and in my winemaker friend's Gite. Now I'm back in the USA and realizing that despite...Show More Summary

Mobile Service on The Metro Impressively Fast

2 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

I've been a long time visitor to Paris for many years and remember my first experience on the #14 line, also known as the Meteor and how I was able to receive email on my Nokia 9000 Communicator. It was back in the 00's and the iPhone was not even in existence. Show More Summary

The Next Few Months In VoIP

2 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

January is CES, the National Retail Federation and of course the run up to the Super Bowl. Not to be forgotten is the boondoggle of all boondoggles, the very well timed PTC gathering in Honolulu which is happening now, just before the NFL's Pro Bowl comes to the island. Show More Summary

Broadsoft Clears Another Merger Hurdle

2 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

On Friday the news came out that Cisco's purchase of Broadsoft had one more roadblock removed. That hurdle was the possibility of an anti-trust violation due to restrictive competition. In it's ruling the DOJ basically said they don't see this as restrictive in nature. Show More Summary

Fe Fi Fo Fum Fi and T-Mobile Are Data Down Globally but Not In The USA

2 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

How come none of the media who are paid to know what's what have connected the T-Mobile USA and Google Project Fi outages today on an international level? After reading about the Fi outage, I Googled the words T-Mobile and outage. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to make the connection since Fi piggybacks off of T-Mobile.

My New Cable Box is a Chromebook and Chromecast

3 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

Over the past few months I've been using YouTubeTV and various streaming services like CBS All Access, Netflix, Showtime and more. As of this month, I've dumped my cable box, and the associated $90.00 a month bill that comes with it....Show More Summary

The Confusion Around CBDs, CBD Oil

3 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

I love reading about the confusion surrounding CBD's and CBD oil as well as the ill conceived attempts to keep people from living healthier lives. At the base of it all is greed by likely two things. First is big pharma, who lobbying efforts can rival, or even surpass, the cable companies and telcos efforts around net neutrality. Show More Summary

Cannabis Watch

3 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

I'm getting into the Cannabis world more and following it the way I did with VoIP in 2003. I'm not a smoker/toker, I've never enjoyed it, but the medicinal effects can't be pushed aside, and that's where I see great promise. So fromShow More Summary

Freedom Pop Becomes an MVNE of Sorts

3 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

FreedomPop, the very interesting, low cost or even sometimes free provider of data connectivity, and some voice, has made a move that's to say the least intriguing. They have in essence by announcing the white labeling of their platform...Show More Summary

Sparkling Move By AT&T and Cisco? Maybe

3 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

Why am I not surprised to see AT&T coming out with Cisco surrounding Spark. For years, as far back as the days of Bell South, Southwestern Bell and the regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC's) Cisco and they were thick as thieves, as the saying goes. Show More Summary

My Newsletter The Comunicano

4 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

For the past few years I've been putting out a newsletter, The Comunicano. First I used Flash Issue, a very well thought out platform. But as we have all seen with technology, someone always comes along and builds something better. And Revue is that better platform. Show More Summary

Voxbone Goes Into Competition For Business Customers-IT Guy Required

4 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

Yesterday Voxbone, a former client of Comunicano's, and a company that always took a path of being the service providers' provider, made a move to compete with their own customers. They announced global SIP Trunking. And as they said...Show More Summary

Cisco Just spent $1.9 Billion dollars to acquire Broadsoft.

5 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

The reason may not apparent to many but it has to do with Microsoft and Skype for Business having the attention of MSP’s, carriers, mobile operators, as they are the channel partners for Microsoft and Cisco had nothing really in the cloud to attach Spark to in telecom. Show More Summary

Mr. Walker (and Dialpad) Goes To Canada!

6 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

I’ve been a Dialpad user since the early days of Two years ago when I spent four months living over in Europe where I was running a few projects in the UK, while also keeping Comunicano operating from 8 and 9 hours away, the use of Dialpad allowed me to really work from anywhere. Show More Summary

The New Trade Show

6 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

I have to admit; I miss the days of VON vs. IT Expo vs. just about any other VoIP focused conference. I also miss DEMO, the three-day "what's new" show in tech. Shows like VON were more than "hot rod shows" the term coined by pal Chip Wilcox, the Chief Product Officer at Temasys. Show More Summary

Polycom at 25 Years

6 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

Polycom, the venerable and long established leader in room based speakerphones, is now 25 years old. Yesterday they announced a series of new devices to celebrate. Given the changing landscape and workplace environments, Polycom is changing for the times. Show More Summary

NoJitter's State of Enterprise Communications

7 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

The other day I was hunting around for what is happening in VoIP. VoIP, which I built this blog and an agency on is like motor oil in a car. But 14 years ago, VoIP was like TESLA and electric cars. You knew it was there but it was an uphill battle. Show More Summary

Mitel Buys Shoretel

8 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

Mitel bought ShoerTel yesterday. I looked around for news coverage of it, and beyond the news announcement being largely rewritten, only two insightful pieces came out. The best was from a sales channel partner of both, Matrix, and the other came from analyst Zeus Kerravala. Show More Summary

On ClueCon Weekly TO

9 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

Today, I'll be on the ClueCon Weekly starting at 10 AM PDT. You can watch it via YouTube or from ClueCon's Facebook Page. Streaming Media, AT IT'S FINEST!!

It's A Deal, Genband and Sonus Merge

10 months agoTechnology : VoIPWatch

Last Wednesday, I broke the news that Sonus and Genband are getting hitched. Today the announcement came out to make it official. Why does this feel so much like the Nokia-Siemens deal to me? Why is this feeling like some jobs are going...Show More Summary

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