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Trump's Maniacal U.N. Address Has Set America on a Course with Cataclysm

The president announced to the world this week that the U.S. is a rogue state. For a red-state campaign rally, President Trump’s speech to the United Nations was a stirring package of moralistic rhetoric, nationalistic posturing, and self-righteous rage. Show More Summary

Jimmy Kimmel Calls GOP Health Care Bill a 'Scam,' Tells Senator 'Stop Using My Name'

"This guy just lied right to my face." Jimmy Kimmel used Tuesday's taping of his ABC late-night show to rain fire upon the Graham-Cassidy bill. The host explained how Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) flat-out lied to him by claiming to support a host of healthcare positions the senator's own new bill directly contradicts. Show More Summary

GOP Senator Too Embarrassed to Answer Health Care Repeal Bill Question on MSNBC

His deflection told you everything you need to know. Host Katy Tur tried valiantly to get  Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) to answer a straightforward question about the Graham-Cassidy bill during an interview on MSNBC. She wanted to know if people with pre-existing conditions in Wyoming would still be able to afford insurance. Show More Summary

Alt-Right Leader Promises a Future Europe with Hitler on Its Currency

"It's gonna end with concentration camps." Alhough many members of the alt-right claim to not be racists or white supremacists, videos recorded by an infiltrator among their ranks proves otherwise. Patrik Hermansson, a 25-year-old Swede,...Show More Summary

Leah Remini Calls Out Scientologists Like John Travolta and the Media Who Enable Them

"Whether you’re a celebrity or not, something has to go off in your mind that this isn’t right." Leah Remini called out celebrity Scientologists like John Travola — and the reporters who accept their feeble justifications of the cult-like religion. Show More Summary

Black and White Americans Have Astonishingly Different Views of Police

Police abuses in communities of color have led to colder feelings among black Americans toward law enforcement. In a Twitter post earlier this month, NFL star Michael Bennett detailed abuse he allegedly faced from Las Vegas cops whoShow More Summary

The Media Establishment Feigns Outrage Over Trump's Crew, But Rest Assured They Will Join the Club

Sean Spicer's Emmys cameo is a harrowing glimpse of things to come. He crept out furtively like a swollen possum into the daylight, blinking in anticipation of a round of boos that never came. Less than two months after resigning asShow More Summary

The Trump Nightmare: How It Ends

A scenario that becomes more likely by the day. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I find the following scenario increasingly plausible. Let me begin by giving away the punch-line: When Robert Mueller’s report comes out, the Republican leadership will quickly huddle, and tell Trump that he needs to resign or face impeachment. Show More Summary

The 10 Biggest Companies That Do Not Engage in Workplace Drug Testing

These companies care about the quality of one's work, not the state of one's urine. For the past 35 or so years, millions of American workers have had to submit to a humiliating, privacy-invading procedure to get or keep a job: the urine sample drug test. Show More Summary

Education Can't Solve Poverty—So Why Do We Keep Insisting That it Can?

Click here for reuse options! Wages are down and unions are weaker than ever, but still the myth that education can "fix" poverty persists. Unions are weak. Wage growth is non-existent. Plutocrats have all the power. And yet the myth that education is all we need to finally "fix" poverty persists. Show More Summary

3 Signs That Gentrification Is Inevitably Coming to Your Neighborhood

Long-term residents reflect on losing their communities to rising rents and cultural whitewashing. When she returned one evening from what I thought was a routine dog walk around the neighborhood, my partner was nearly in tears. Perplexed...Show More Summary

Federal Refugee and Asylum Officials Criticize Trump's Muslim Travel Ban as Ill-Informed and Un-American

The union representing 11,000 DHS officials files a Supreme Court brief and wants to resume vetting refugees. The union representing 11,000 Department of Homeland Security employees who screen foreign refugees and asylum seekers hasShow More Summary

With Trump on Your Mind, Explore What Makes a Jerk a Jerk

Ten trapdoors that prevent careful exploration of bad behavior. Obsessed with some particularly obnoxious politician or just bothered by someone persistently awful in your life? If so, take the opportunity to do some exploring and learning, but beware. Show More Summary

Activists Rally in Last Push to Kill Trumpcare

Click here for reuse options! Republicans are counting on burnout; let's show them we're ready to fight. Republican leaders' thirst for depriving millions of health care remains unquenched. With a make-or-break September 30 deadlineShow More Summary

NFL Stars Defy Breitbart Haters on Colin Kaepernick

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers say the quarterback’s protest politics shouldn’t keep him off the field. In a few short years, Colin Kaepernick has gone from quarterback of the future to spokesman for social justice. But what he would really like right now is to be is an employed football player—and more and more of his fellow NFL players agree. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Took $107 Million Promised to Charities... And Kept It

The money hasn't gone to help anyone but Trump. Occupying the White House has proven lucrative for Donald Trump. He’s been able to charge the Secret Service hundreds of thousands for rental space and golf carts. He’s been able to turn his Washington Hotel into a place where the emoluments clause is put to constant test. Show More Summary

How Depressed Are the People of Europe? You Would Be Surprised Which Country Tops the List

The data revealed the percentage of depression sufferers in the UK was more than double that of people in Greece, Italy and Poland. British people are among the most depressed people in the Western world, according to new data.  TheShow More Summary

Fake Planet's Apocalyptic Prediction Gains Internet Cache on YouTube

An amateur astronomer claims Nibiru, an invented planet, threatens to hit earth in days, and thwarts public attention from more important matters. On Saturday, September 23, the Sun, Moon and Jupiter will conjoin in the constellation of Virgo. Show More Summary

What Is Marijuana Doing to Your Penis?

All about erections, sperm count, orgasms and other issues. Since marijuana is one of the most popular recreational drugs on the planet, scientists have been interested to know what all that consumption may be doing to the sexual experience. Show More Summary

Bill Nye on Powerful Hurricanes: 'This Is Probably the Future'

Climate change is the culprit. Bill Nye delved into the debate between hurricanes and climate change in recent interviews. When asked by TMZ if Harvey and Irma—as well as Jose and Katia, two other dangerous hurricanes swirling in the...Show More Summary

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