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Restaurants Use Menu Psychology to Make You Spend More Money: Here Are 7 Techniques to Avoid Being Suckered

Click here for reuse options! Experts deconstruct the menu-making process to help you order what you actually want. What would you rather order? A $10 bowl of mac-and-cheese or a $12 four-cheese baked pasta skillet topped with artisanal breadcrumbs? For many, the dinner is in the details. Show More Summary

Franken and Moore Lesson: 'When It Comes to Sex Scandals, the Politicians... Most Guilty and Least Repentant Are The Ones Who Survive'

Yes, dumping Al Franken might cause short-term political pain. Looking ahead, much bigger issues are at stake. “... If the allegations are true.” That was the qualifying statement that preceded or followed almost every prominent Republican’s...Show More Summary

Don’t Worry, Conservatives: 6 Signs Christmas Is Alive and Well

As if we needed more evidence that the war on Christmas is a myth. The mythical war on Christmas probably ended last year, when bizarrely, Fox News sent its staff a Season's Greetings holiday card, effectively abandoning its decade-long...Show More Summary

Trump Appears Delusional—But Then So Is the Republican Party

Donald Trump has taken the Republican tradition of lying to daring new heights, and so does the Republican Leadership. Donald Trump’s tenuous relationship with the truth has always been somewhat of a mystery, and it has often been difficult to tell whether the president is truly delusional or simply the biggest con man on the planet. Show More Summary

AlterNet's 2017 Ethical Holiday Shopping Guide: 16 Gifts Under $100

Click here for reuse options! Ditch the mass-produced trinkets and shop for gifts that improve lives and protect the planet. ‘Tis the season for giving, but there's more than one way to show loved ones you care. As our penchant for over-consumption...Show More Summary

Segrenomics: Cashing In on Our Unequal Education System Goes Way Back

Click here for reuse options! Today's Silicon Valley hustlers belong to a long tradition of making money off a segregated education system. Noliwe Rooks is the director of American studies at Cornell University and the author of Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education. Show More Summary

Trump and GOP Tax Cut Is Handing Corporations Like Ford a Giant Incentive to Move Offshore

Click here for reuse options! Giant corporations got what they wanted out of Republicans on taxes, now they’re lobbying the Trump administration hard to retain their NAFTA privileges. Ford hit Michigan and its auto workers with some crappy holiday news. Show More Summary

With Spinoffs like Goat Yoga and Beer Yoga, What Has Yoga Become?

There is no doubt that yoga has been re-invented to fit the needs of those it serves; but in some cases it may have gone to far. There is no doubt that yoga has been re-invented to fit the needs of those it serves; yoga today is far different from the yoga taught traditionally by gurus in India. Show More Summary

The Folks at Senior Centers Are Using a Lot of Marijuana

Older Americans are finding relief from medical marijuana. The rise of marijuana as a prevalent recreational substance of choice exploded when today’s senior citizens were becoming adults, so many Boomers grew up accustomed to the herb. Show More Summary

Tom Morello: Making America Rage Again

“We’re at a crucial historical juncture, where literally the fate of the planet hangs by a thread,” says rocker Tom Morello. “We are musicians, so our message is in the mosh pit.” Tom Morello knows something about Trump Country. TheShow More Summary

Watch Van Jones School a Black Trump Supporter Unfazed by Trump’s Racist History

“It’s easy to show up for a symbol of racial progress, it’s hard to actually stand for the substance of racial progress.” The host of New Day Saturday on CNN brought on two commentators of color to debate the protests of President Donald Trump’s visit to the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. Show More Summary

As L.A. Burns, Republicans Vote for a Tax Hike on the Victims

What a perfectly-timed way to pay for tax cuts for the rich: Raising taxes on victims of natural disasters. By now you’ve probably seen the apocalyptic photographs of what looks to be red-hot liquid magma rolling down a volcano toward the Sepulveda pass along the Interstate 405 freeway in Los Angeles. Show More Summary

Trump Led American Politics Is Swamped by Epidemic of Unprecedented Lying

Trump will soon tell his 2,000th lie as president. Seventy-one percent of Alabama Republicans believe Roy Moore. Americans are drowning in a sea of political lies—and depending on their politics, they don’t notice, don’t care, and if they do care there’s little anyone can do about it.  There’s even competition for the worst daily lie. Show More Summary

Is the Radical Right Attempting Another Media Takeover?

Click here for reuse options! As conservatives consolidate wealth and power, the press has never looked more vulnerable. Imagine, if you can, reading a glowing profile of former national security adviser Steve Bannon, or a featurette about White House communications director Hope Hicks' favorite hobbies. Show More Summary

The U.S. Military Is Bioengineering Plants to Be Spies

Click here for reuse options! Watch out for that unfamiliar shrub. The U.S. military is always looking for newer, better, stealthier spies. Its newest recruits in covert missions? Bioengineered plants. The U.S. Defense Advanced Research...Show More Summary

Millennials and Capitalism Just Don't Mix

Click here for reuse options! Data show rising dissatisfaction with economic status quo. Millennials have a reputation for being technology-savvy and independent-minded. But recent reports indicate that one thing they’re not are capitalists. Show More Summary

Jeff Sessions Wants to Crack Down on Legal Marijuana—Will Congress Let Him?

UPDATED: Limits on federal pot prosecution just got a brief extension, but medical marijuana may still be at risk. UPDATE: Congress gave the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment a temporary reprieve after this piece was originally published, extending protections until Dec. Show More Summary

Why Trump's Tax Plan Spells Disaster for the Environment

Click here for reuse options! People who care about clean air, fresh water, public lands and wildlife are horrified by the GOP's tax plan. For all of the terrible elements in the Republicans' new tax plan—the extreme giveaways to the...Show More Summary

Trump Is on His Way to Corrupting American Democracy Beyond Repair

It turns out, most despots are not only twisted, but also incompetent. The following is an adapted excerpt from the new book The Despot's Apprentice: Donald Trump's Attack on Democracy by Brian Klaas (Hot Books, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, November 2017), available for purchase from Amazon and IndieBound: It could never happen in America. Show More Summary

Just How Right-Wing Is Eastern Europe?

For starters, it's the birthplace of Trumpism. He was a rich businessman, an outspoken outsider with a love of conspiracy theories. And he was a populist running for president. In 1990, when Donald Trump was still beyond the furthest outskirts of American politics, Stanislaw Tyminski was trying to become the new president of post-communist Poland. Show More Summary

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