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‘It’s a Bogus Story Sold to Adults’: Watch Atheists Narrate Hilarious Tour of Kentucky’s Ark Encounter

One of the consistent themes of their tour was the lack of visitors. Creationist Ken Ham’s $92 million Noah’s Ark theme park was mercilessly mocked in a video tour of the government-subsidized Kentucky boondoggle. Atheists Seth Andrews...Show More Summary

5 Weird Ways Marijuana Affects Men And Women Differently

Estrogen plays an important role when it comes to THC. Marijuana affects men and women in different ways and it’s not because of size. Some research claims that estrogen and THC have a pretty meaningful relationship, giving a boost to women and  how they experience cannabis’ benefits. Show More Summary

Why Al-Qaida Is Still Strong 16 Years After 9/11

ISIS grabs the headlines, but the group that brought us the September 11 attacks is still here. Sixteen years ago, on September 11, 2001, al-Qaida conducted the most destructive terrorist attack in history. An unprecedented onslaught from the U.S. Show More Summary

Why Are U.S. Universities Arming Themselves with Grenade Launchers?

Education should never feel like a warzone This piece originally appeared on Truthout Sending an ominous signal to student protest movements nationwide, universities across the US are once again able to equip their police forces with castoff military gear, tying them ever more intimately into the military-industrial complex. Show More Summary

New Hampshire Just Decriminalized Marijuana Possession

All of New England is now a minor pot possession bust-free zone. As of noon Saturday, the possession of small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized in New Hampshire. Now, people in New England who are caught with a joint or two will not be subject to arrest. Show More Summary

Conservative Columnist Who Voted for Clinton Says Trump's Supporters Were Duped

They were "bamboozled." During an interview with New York Times editor Bret Stephens on Real Time, host Bill Maher maintained that the United States could survive President Donald Trump — barely. Stephens explained that he believes what...Show More Summary

Bill Maher Delivers Epic States' Rights Monologue

Watch him hilariously turn the tables on conservatives. Republicans have been using states' rights as a shield to avoid equal rights for longer than HBO host Bill Maher has been alive. The Real Time host decided it's about time liberal states claim their own rights. Show More Summary

Rachel Maddow Explains Why Mike Pence Is in Huge Trouble

The vice president should be worried. Rachel Maddow explained Friday that Vice President Mike Pence seems to keep escaping the scandals of President Donald Trump, but won't actually emerge unscathed. Pence has repeatedly made false statements about Trump-related controversies and saw his own press secretary quit this week. Show More Summary

Why the Texas Shooting Is a Deadly Symptom of Male Entitlement and a Gender Issue

Our culture still teaches men that women owe them affection—and that can have horrific consequences. It’s a sad sign of the collective learned helplessness of Americans when it comes to gun violence that the recent shooting in Plano,...Show More Summary

The GOP Is Plowing Ahead with an Audacious Effort to Hijack the Vote and Rig Elections

Click here for reuse options! From Trump’s “election integrity” commission to Mitch McConnell, the GOP targets the levers of power. The Republican Party’s efforts to disrupt voting and thwart representative government was on full display...Show More Summary

Bill Moyers: Renowned Psychiatrist Warns That Trump Is a Danger to Us All

"We have a duty to warn if someone may be dangerous to others." There will not be a book published this fall more urgent, important, or controversial than The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, the work of 27 psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts to assess President Trump’s mental health. Show More Summary

Before Dems Get All Chummy with Trump, Let's Remember What a Disgusting President He Has Been So Far

Trump's comments about the "bad dudes" of antifa, and his painful Tim Scott moment, remind us who he really is. Word on the street says that Donald Trump is feeling his oats. He believes he has put the ugliness of Charlottesville behind...Show More Summary

Woman Fired for Having a Period at Work—Now the ACLU Is Taking on Her Case

Click here for reuse options! The steps taken by "menstruation activists" should really not be as shocking as they are in 2017. This summer, the ACLU announced it is taking on the case of Alisha Coleman, a woman who was fired for bleeding onto her office chair while menstruating at work. Show More Summary

A Ball O’ Confusion Is Comin' to Your TV: Ken Burns' PBS Series on Vietnam Gives Its Corporate Sponsors Little to Worry About

Don't expect an honest accounting of the atrocities commited by the U.S. Breaking fake news! Bank of America is withdrawing its support for the Ken Burns/Lynn Novick PBS documentary series "The Vietnam War," which starts Sunday night, because the series turned out to be too antiwar. Show More Summary

Jared Kushner's Data Operation Increasingly Suspected of Aiding 2016 Russian Propaganda Attack

Ultra-conservative billionaires Robert and Rebekah Mercer may have contributed to Kushner's scheme. The news regarding Russia’s use of social media platforms to push propaganda and inject false narratives in the U.S. conversation around...Show More Summary

Marijuana Is Getting So Mainstream That We Have a Former Republican Senator Lobbying for It

The hardcore conservative and former Republican senator is going to be a paid pot lobbyist. Alphonse D'Amato, the former Republican U.S. senator from New York, will be a lobbyist for the Marijuana Policy Project, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday. Show More Summary

If Trump Upsets the White Nationalists, Who Will He Have Left?

In his weekly analysis of right-wing commentary, Jason Wilson casts his eye over Trump’s decision to deal with Democrats—and the predictable howls of outrage. Many people seem confused about the nature of the “deal” Donald Trump might be cutting with Democratic minority leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Show More Summary

French Workers Are Being Steamrolled by Macron, but They Could Learn a Thing or Two From India's Farmers

Click here for reuse options! French workers are being asked to make "useless sacrifices," says Francois Hollande. Victories for ordinary people are rare and rarer still our times dominated as they are by Money and Strongmen. In France...Show More Summary

'Will the 9/11 Case Finally Go to Trial?': Andrew Cockburn on New Evidence Linking Saudis to Attacks

Saudi Arabia is already trying to change the law so that they can’t be sued. As the nation marks the 16th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, questions still swirl about the role of Saudi Arabia in the attacks. The 9/11 attack was carried out by 19 hijackers, 15 of whom were from Saudi Arabia. Show More Summary

WATCH: Driver Speeds Through St. Louis Anti-Police Brutality Protestors Minutes After Speaking With Cops

The protest was for Anthony Lamar Smith, an African American man shot by former police officer Jason Stockley. In video uploaded to YouTube, a white man driving a large SUV plowed through a group of Black Lives Matter protestors only moments after talking to a police officer. Show More Summary

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