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New Study Shows Government Massively Miscounted Killings by Police—They're So Much Higher Than We Thought

Harvard study finds over half of deaths wrongly classified, in latest example of databases greatly undercounting police killings. Over half of all police killings in 2015 were wrongly classified as not having been the result of interactions with officers, a new Harvard study based on Guardian data has found. Show More Summary

Trump Advisers Fear He's 'Unraveling'—and Even Bannon Thinks He Won't Serve His Full Term: Report

The cult of personality is broken. President Donald Trump’s constant rage is becoming more and more explosive, and a new report from Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman claims that even his trusted advisers feel the president is coming apart at the seams. Show More Summary

Ex-Trump Aide Outrageously Justifies Harvey Weinstein and Male Sexual Assaulters Everywhere

Which fits quite well with the ethos of this White House. Sebastian Gorka, a former adviser to Donald Trump who was ousted in August, took to social media on Tuesday night to share his thoughts on the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal. Show More Summary

Trump Takes a Page Out of the Authoritarian's Playbook with New Threat Against NBC

The president lashes out on Twitter over an explosive new report. President Donald Trump angrily lashed out at NBC News over its report that he wanted to dramatically increase the United States’ nuclear arsenal by threatening to go after the network’s broadcasting license. Show More Summary

The One Lesson from the Harvey Weinstein Scandal No One in the Media Can Afford to Forget

Journalists make a choice every time they're confronted by a massive abuse of power. Last Thursday, New York Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey published a gut-wrenchingly detailed and thorough article revealing decades of sexual harassment reports made against prominent film producer and serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. Show More Summary

An Emboldened KKK Is Utilizing a Deeply Disturbing Recruitment Tool

Fliers have reportedly been distributed across the south targeting high school students. The Ku Klux Klan hopes to recruit future white supremacists at high school football games. The racist group distributed propaganda fliers at a Friday night football game at Gray’s Creek High School in North Carolina. Show More Summary

New Video Exposes the Racist Lie Behind White Nationalist's Assault Claim in Charlottesville

Virginia police have charged DeAndre Harris with "unlawful wounding." The criminal case is unraveling against a black man beaten at the same white nationalist rally where Heather Heyer was murdered, one day after police in Charlottesville, Virginia issued an “unlawful wounding” warrant for the victim. Show More Summary

Did Trump Just Have His Benghazi Without the Mainstream Media Even Noticing?

Four U.S. soldiers are ambushed in Niger, and the political press shrugs. Four dead Americans. It’s been five years since terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012, leaving four Americans dead. Last...Show More Summary

Robert Reich: 5 Reasons the GOP Tax Plan is a Cruel Joke

The evidence is overwhelming—trickle-down economics simply doesn't work. Trump and conservatives in Congress are planning a big tax cut for millionaires and billionaires. To justify it they’re using the oldest song in their playbook,...Show More Summary

Eminem Rips 'Kamikaze' Trump Over NFL, Gun Control and Puerto Rico in Shocking Freestyle

The rapper left no room for misunderstanding. Eminem, the rapper who built a deeply problematic career by portraying a misogynistic villain, is letting the world know via freestyle that he actually "fcking hate[s]" President Donald Trump and disavows everything the president's been doing. Show More Summary

John Kelly and James Mattis Have Likely Discussed Tackling Trump if He Grabs the Nuclear Football: Report

Concern is mounting in the West Wing over the president's mental stability. New York Magazine contributing editor Gabriel Sherman on Tuesday reported on a remarkable conversation he had with a senior Republican official, who described imagined conversations Donald Trump’s chief of staff Gen. Show More Summary

What Ultimately Prompted Rex Tillerson to Call Trump a 'Moron'

An NBC report sheds new light on that fateful Pentagon meeting. President Donald Trump reportedly asked for a dramatic increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal during the same Pentagon meeting where Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called...Show More Summary

Bannon Is Trying to Take Over the GOP Within 1 Election: Can He Pull It Off?

The goal is ousting Trump critics in primaries and turning to Democrats in the fall. The Republican Party’s white nationalist, anti-Washington wing led by Steve Bannon is hoping to turn 2018’s Senate elections into a GOP civil war in...Show More Summary

It Took This Long for One Elected GOP Senator to Publicly Oppose Trump? What Cowards

Tennessee’s retiring Republican Bob Corker speaks the truth about Trump—and reveals the craven cowardice of his own party. On Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence spent taxpayer money on a stunt orchestrated by the president: He walked out of an NFL game when some players took a knee during the national anthem. Show More Summary

5 Things Trump Lied About Inventing

So many transparent lies. For Donald Trump, lying comes as easily as breathing, and perhaps it's even more effortless. He makes up falsehoods about not only big political issues or even sensitive personal matters, but everything. That includes the small stuff, especially if he thinks the lie will make him look good. Show More Summary

Why America Is Desperately Trying to Understand the Vegas Shooter's Motives

A missing motive is worse than frustrating. It disrupts the moral order. Means, motive, opportunity. For detectives, nailing down those is the perp trifecta. In Las Vegas, the forensic postmortem on the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history stands at two out of three. Show More Summary

9 Fierce Reactions to the FBI’s Dangerous New Targeting of 'Black Identity Extremists'

The FBI has a long history of dedicating valuable resources to the surveilling of black activists. Despite the violence and death in Charlottesville in August, a growth in white supremacist groups tracked by both the Southern Poverty...Show More Summary

Defense Contractors Demonstrate That They Care About America's Soldiers Least of All

Your tax dollars support the soldiers of fat cat defense contractors. Here’s a question for you: How do you spell boondoggle? The answer (in case you didn’t already know): P-e-n-t-a-g-o-n. Hawks on Capitol Hill and in the U.S. military...Show More Summary

Why It's Basically Impossible to Be an 'Ethical' Meat Eater

No matter how animals are raised, they are all killed the same way. By now, most of us know that factory farming is terrible for animals, our planet and our health. But what about people who call themselves ethical meat-eaters? Doing something ethical by definition means that you’re doing something right or good. Show More Summary

Our Addiction to Palm Oil Is Wiping Out Wildlife and Threatening Food Security

Click here for reuse options! Palm oil is everywhere—in foods, cosmetics, soaps, medicines and biofuels. And it's ruining the planet. Palm oil is now a ubiquitous international commodity. It’s a key ingredient in a wide range of consumer products—foods, cosmetics, soaps, pharmaceuticals and biofuel. Show More Summary

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