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Capitol Police Drag Disabled Health Care Protesters from Their Wheelchairs in Front of Mitch McConnell's Office

The Trump administration has proposed a $600 billion cut to Medicaid. Hours after a draft of the GOP Senate's new health care bill was released, protesters from across the country began staging sit-ins and die-ins in response to its draconian measures. Show More Summary

'Morning Joe' Panel Slams 'Dear Leader' Trump with Horrifying 2-Minute Mashup of His Iowa Lies

Historian compares rally to those held in Nazi Germany or fascist Italy. A “Morning Joe” panel examined President Donald Trump’s lie-filled rally in Iowa, where his supporters cheered each falsehood and jeered when he attacked the media. Show More Summary

Samantha Bee Hilariously Debunks One of the Right's Dumbest Myths About the Left

"The right is kind of short on bogeymen these days." With the Fourth of July right around the corner, "Full Frontal" host Samantha Bee is feeling nostalgic for the slow news days of summer. Instead, the headlines are dominated by terrorist...Show More Summary

The True Face of Republican Evil Doesn't Belong to Donald Trump

Mitch McConnell's gruesome health care scam exposes the anti-democratic character of the GOP. In the hellish months since Donald Trump’s inauguration, a dark parlor game of sorts has cropped up in liberal circles that I like to callShow More Summary

Why Did Democrats Ossoff and Parnell Lose Their Congressional Races in Georgia and South Carolina?

Low turnout among black voters likely sealed their fate. Democrats around the country were hopeful that they could win two special elections Tuesday in what had long been “safe” Republican districts in Georgia and South Carolina. Instead, both Democratic candidates — Jon Ossoff and Archie Parnell — narrowly lost. Show More Summary

Stephen Colbert Scalds Senate Republicans for Their Secret Health Care Negotiations

"They even put a sock on the doorknob so no one barges in while they're screwing poor people." "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert celebrated the first day of summer Wednesday by shaming a desperate GOP itching to repeal the AffordableShow More Summary

Congressional Black Caucus Refuses to Meet With Donald Trump

Chair says the president’s policies will "devastate black communities." The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has declined a proposed meeting with Donald Trump citing its conviction that the Republican president’s policies “will devastate black communities”, and the administration’s unresponsiveness to the CBC to date. Show More Summary

Rachel Maddow Finds the Connection Between Russian Hacking and GOP Voter Data Downright 'Spooky'

New testimony from Homeland security officials reveals at least 21 states were targeted in the 2016 elections. Rachel Maddow on Wednesday drew a line between the scattered details emerging about Russia’s targeting of individual precincts in the 2016 election and the voter data gathered by Donald Trump’s team and the GOP. Show More Summary

Trump Comes Out and Says He Doesn't Want a 'Poor Person' Managing the Economy

The president offers a dumbfounding defense of all his Goldman Sachs hires. / > Related Stories Trump Comes Out and Says He Doesn't Want 'Poor People' in Cabinet Roles The American Empire Is Now Effectively Being Run by Generals The Trump Administration Has Launched an Unlimited, Borderless War on the Muslim World, Without Our Even Realizing

The Philando Castile Jury Was Stacked With Pro-Gun, Pro-Cop, Middle-Aged White People

The system works exactly the way it's meant to. Dashcam footage of the exact moment Philando Castile was murdered by Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez was released late Tuesday. The video proves two things: Castile could not have been more compliant, while Yanez responded with violence and seven rounds of gunfire. Show More Summary

The Conspiracy Theorist-in-Chief Will Decide the Fate of Secret Documents on JFK's Assassination

Trump's Twitter fingers and the Grassy Knoll. A version of this story first appeared in Newsweek. He’s called global warming a hoax, suggested that Barack Obama was not an American and linked autism to childhood vaccinations. And soon,...Show More Summary

No Regrets for Trump Voters: The Media Needs to Stop Looking for Buyers' Remorse

Psychological research shows people are too tribal and afraid to admit they were wrong to regret their votes. What’s it going to take to get Donald Trump’s supporters to see the light? It’s a question on the minds of not only liberals...Show More Summary

What's the Most Eco-Friendly Pet? The Answer May Surprise You—and If You Own a Cat or Dog, Here Are 7 Ways to Make Their Lives More Sustainable

Most of us aren't Michael Jackson, but enough people decided to buy pythons and then abandon them in the Everglades that they created an ecological crisis. Google "how pets harm the environment" and you'll find articles decrying a litany...Show More Summary

Anti-Racism Author Tim Wise: Injustice Is Not a Glitch, It's a Feature: Reflections on the Murder of Philando Castile

The jury should have understood: When a man intends to shoot you, he does not announce the presence of his weapon first, so as to give you time to draw and shoot yours. If, as the saying goes, insanity is doing the same thing over and...Show More Summary

Activists Push to Defeat Trumpcare

Activists are ready to push their senators to play hardball. Mitch McConnell is holding the country's health care hostage in a blacked-out Senate, and millions are rising up in anger. You’d think a bill that revamps a sixth of the American...Show More Summary

The American Empire Is Now Effectively Being Run by Generals

The military has been given free rein to massacre at will, especially in the Muslim world. Last Thursday, the well-connected political scientist Ian Bremmer tweeted the following: “Heard from Defense Min of a US ally: Mattis & Tillerson...Show More Summary

The Saudi Regime Is Playing Donald Trump Like a Fiddle, With Potentially Disastrous Consequences

It could in the end destabilize the Middle East in ways not seen in our lifetimes. At this point, it’s no great surprise when Donald Trump walks away from past statements in service to some impulse of the moment. Nowhere, however, has...Show More Summary

What Is Insanity in the Age of Trump?

There is no definitely normal reaction to abnormal circumstances. In the current era of a Trump presidency, I find myself asking, what is insanity? Is insanity being a black man in America fearing persecution from strangers and deducing...Show More Summary

After the March Against Monsanto, What’s Next?

Without an infrastructure of resistance, protest is a dead end. “Yes, we must absolutely go out into the streets, but our protests need to be more than generalized expressions of collective rage and grief; they must target the very functioning of the system that seeks to destroy us.... Show More Summary

10 Politically Themed Movies You Don't Want to Miss This Summer

From "Detroit" to "The Big Sick," this year's offerings are refreshingly topical. Summer is typically the season of mindless blockbusters, but this year's slate offers more than its fair share of political intrigue. Here are 10 such films that are worth a closer look. Show More Summary

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