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Wednesday Link List

This is theme to Wednesday’s list, the opening theme to Wednesday’s list. Paul called me up and asked me, ‘Would you write a theme song?’ This is the theme to Wednesday’s list. (I think we’re past the part now that shows up as a preview on Twitter…Did anyone get the reference?) She was a victim […]

Sobering Stroll

Ruth wasn’t feeling like cooking last night so we grabbed our coupons and headed off to Subway®. We then walked to see what was being built at the other end of the retail complex, and then looking across the road I noticed a cemetery. I have bicycled through it when the kids were young, but […]


by Aaron Wilkinson to read this at Aaron’s blog, Voice of One Whispering, click this link. I had never been one to have heroes, or “idols/role models/etc.” My classmates in school would admire celebrities or athletes but I never really got that. I recognized good traits in the grownups around me and I would feel […]

Remembering Nabeel Qureshi

Yesterday, this world lost a key Christian apologist. CBN News reported, Ex-Muslim turned Christian apologist, Nabeel Qureshi, passed away Saturday after a year-long battle with stomach cancer. The 34-year-old left behind a wife and two-year-old daughter. The very man who led Nabeel to Christ, David Wood, announced his death on Twitter saying, “My beloved bother […]

Reaching Outside Your Megachurch’s Bubble

So let’s pretend that you go to a megachurch in a large urban area. Oh wait, that’s not a ‘pretend’ for many of you. Now let’s pretend that your church is one of the really “hot” churches in town; you’ve got a great children’s, youth and college and career program; the type of church where […]

When Information Took a More Leisurely Route

There was a time before the internet. It seems like long, long ago but in fact most people had no knowledge of the net 25 years ago. It was a land before dial-up. Working in the Christian bookselling environment back then was probably much more frantic than it is now. Stores had more staff working […]

Practical Advice for the Aspiring Actor, Poet, Playwright, Singer, Songwriter

Good news for the aspiring artist: You don’t have to starve. Furthermore, Jeff Goins believe there are four financial paths an artist can follow, with poverty and starvation being simply one option! Real Artists Don’t Starve isn’t the usual type of book we cover here. Because I review books for HarperCollins Christian Publishing, it’s offered […]

Wednesday Link List

Welcome to Link List #375, and it’s a good one! I promised a tighter number of links, but this post actually runs longer because of the excerpts. Op-Ed Essay of the Week: This is both hard to read and must reading at the same time. How I Became a Heretic (or How the Evangelical, Conservative […]

When the Color of the Carpet Actually Matters

In Evangelical parlance, the phrase “the color of the carpet” is used as a euphemism for other superficial issues which can serve as a distraction to true worship and fellowship. It functions in the place of a myriad of other topics which can be divisive in the life of a Christian congregation. I’ve always sworn […]

Two Communities Converge to Rescue Each Other

Sometime after lunch yesterday, I carried the book out to the backyard with the intention of reading, at best, three chapters. By late last night I had devoured all 192 pages in just two sittings. All Saints: The Surprising True Story of How Refugees From Burma Brought Life to a Dying Church by Michael Spurlock […]

Charts: Ten Largest Churches in America

The Outreach Magazine list is always considered the most authoritative, but only includes participating churches. Nonetheless, here’s how it looked in 2016: North Point (Atlanta) 39,056 (Andy Stanley) Church of the Highlands (Birmingham)...Show More Summary

Charts: The Real Bestselling Christian Books

This is from the list from the Christian Bookseller’s Association’s July bestsellers list, the last one posted online; it’s what you get when you eliminate: all the iterations of Jesus Calling (highest individual rank #5) all the iteration of The Standard Lesson Commentary all the various adult coloring books (Update: turns out there were none […]

A Group Exercise in Transparency

In what will soon be ten years of blogging, I’ve been privileged to meet a number of other online writers, but only on rare occasions have those meetings been in-person. Diane Lindstrom is one of those exceptions. Although we don’t have grandchildren yet — note to the boys if you’re reading this — her Nice […]

Special Report: Barbuda

  In the wake of Hurricane Irma, we’ve learned that up to 95% of the structures on the island of Barbuda have been damaged; but many of us weren’t all that aware of this island at all until these reports surfaced. We checked Wikipedia: Barbuda (/b??r?bju?d?/) is an island in the Eastern Caribbean, and forms […]

Crowdfunding “Maybes” vs. Supporting “Already Dones”

Driving home on a Fall day two years ago, a radio station was discussing crowdfunding as “the new panhandling.” The hosts were skeptical about the projects, the necessity, the ethics and the fact that it has become all too easy to put your request out there and wait for a response. That got me thinking […]

Wednesday Link List

Again, some great articles you may have missed in the past 168 hours. First of all, if you missed it, check back for our exclusive article about the Dalit people of India, published yesterday on the 20th anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa. An open letter to Joel Osteen in the wake of Hurricane […]

Who are the Dalits? What Does it Mean to be One?

A Thinking Out Loud Exclusive Note: Today’s article is the product of two face-to-face meetings with the author, who is not being named for security reasons. That it appears here on the date of the 20th anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa was not planned but is certainly an interesting coincidence. For more information […]

The Degree to Which We Confer Celebrity

For several years while it was in its heyday, it was my custom to try to catch part of a slightly delayed broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show on WHAM-AM radio in Rochester. Some of it resonated; some did not. I am a fiscal conservative though I recognize its liabilities and pitfalls. At the time, […]

If It Seems Creepy, Cut Your Losses

I was a blue-jeaned 17-year old who had come out to my youth group as a half-competent piano player. He was a well-dressed mid-20-something who the church frequently sent out to traditional, small churches as a soloist. He needed an accompanist. He came by the house with a brown leather briefcase stuff with more sheet […]

Why the Need to Make a Statement?

Despite the presence of other things which should have been competing for our attention, the top religious news story of the week was something called The Nashville Statement, in which, under the umbrella of the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, a group first organized 30 years ago, in 1987. Its first major manifesto was […]

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