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This Day in Ancient History ~

pridie nonas octobres ludi Augustales scaenici (day 2 — from 11-19 A.D. and post 23 A.D.) — — festival in honour of Augustus involving primarily mime and pantomime theatrical displays ludi Augustales scaenici (day 4 — from 19-23 A.D.) 105 B.C. — the Cimbri inflict a massive defeat on Roman legions at Arausio 68 B.C. […]

Repititiationes ~ 10/05/15

Hear The Epic of Gilgamesh Read in the Original Akkadian & Enjoy the Sounds of Mesopotamia — Open Culture (@openculture) October 5, 2015 Bradley's Arnold Question Thread More Summary

This Day in Ancient History ~ iii nonas octobres

iii nonas octobres mundus patet – the mundus was a ritual pit which had a sort of vaulted cover on it. Three times a year the Romans removed this cover (August 24, Oct. 5 and November 8) at which time the gates of the underworld were considered to be opened and the manes (spirits of […]

Repititiationes ~ 10/04/15

Saving the Villa of the Mysteries #ancient #history — (@LatinDiscussion) October 4, 2015 In praise of the British School at Rome. — The Classics Library (@stephenjenkin) October 4, 2015 @DorothyKing I was trying to see if the panel in the wall behind (in the painting) was it… I don't think so — rogueclassicist […]

This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem iii kalendas octobres

ante diem iii kalendas octobres 106 B.C. — birth of Gnaeus Pompeius 61 B.C. — Pompey celebrates his third triumph in recognition of his victories in the Third Mithridatic War 48 B.C. — Pompeius Magnus, in the wake of his defeat at Pharsalus, is murdered as he steps ashore in Egypt (another possible date … […]

Repititationes ~ 09/28/15

2015.09.44: Coulter H. George, Expressions of Time in Ancient Greek. Cambridge Classical… — BMCR (@BMCReview) September 28, 2015 Emeritus Professor Richard Green receiving his Order of Australia award in London...Show More Summary

Speaking of Pompey’s Murder …

As part of our ‘Grand Tour’ this summer, our relatives took us to the Chateau  de Modave, which is in the province of Liege in Belgium and is a fine example of what the ‘second’ and ‘third’ tier nobility of the Renaissance would have enjoyed as a country house. Amongst several items of Classical interest […]

This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem iv kalendas octobres

ante diem iv kalendas octobres 48 B.C. — Pompeius Magnus, in the wake of his defeat at Pharsalus, is murdered as he steps ashore in Egypt

Reptitiationes ~ 09/27/15

Explorator 18.23 ~ September 27, 2015 | Explorator — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) September 27, 2015 Available: Postumus Cologne RIC 80 Providentia Ch VF (EB-4470) More Summary

About Our Header Image: Sirens vs Muses

One of my favourite images from antiquity that I’ve come across long ago became the ‘official’ header image of rogueclassicism (scroll to the top of the page if you’ve never seen it). It comes from a sarcophagus currently in the Metrolpolitan Museum and depicts an incident mentioned in Pausanias (via Perseus): On the market-place of […]

Sixth Century B.C. Domus on the Quirinal

This story is actually a week or so old, but I had to do some investigating … the source for most of the coverage appears to be a report in ANSA; an excerpt: […] The sixth-century BC abode had a rectangular layout most likely divided into two rooms, on a tufa stone base and with […]

This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem xiv kalendas octobres

ante diem xiv kalendas octobres ludi Romani (day 14) 31 A.D. — execution of Sejanus (still not sure about that one     53 A.D. (?) — birth of the future emperor Trajan 96 A.D. — murder of the emperor Domitian; dies imperii of the emperor Nerva 1709 — Birth of Samuel Johnson

Repititiationes ~ 09/17/15

The Bay of Naples and Vesuvius – Ivan Aivazovsky, 1840 — Europe's History (@EuropesHistory) August 5, 2015 Meet up in Dublin: #Stoicism #Stoic — Stoicism Today (@StoicWeek) SeptemberShow More Summary

Roman Vicus at Gernsheim

A Goethe-Universitat press release: FRANKFURT/GERNSHEIM. During their first Gernsheim dig last year, Frankfurt University archaeologists suspected that a small Roman settlement must have also existed here in the Hessian Ried. Now they have discovered clear relics of a Roman village, built in part on the foundations of the fort after the soldiers left. This probably […]

This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem xv kalendas octobres

ante diem xv kalendas octobres ~ ludi Romani (day 13) ~ 14 A.D. — the dead emperor Augustus is declared to be Divus Augustus ~ 134 A.D./C.E. — ‘martyrdom’ of Rabbi Akiva


Originally posted on Classics for All Reviews:By Rex Winsbury Bloomsbury (2015) p/b 246pp £21.99 (ISBN 9781474237123) At the beginning of this book W., a veteran journalist and historian, puts Pliny in the dock. He acknowledges that his letters give us a unique insight into the social, literary and domestic conventions of upper class life…


Originally posted on Classics for All Reviews:By Ann Vasaly CUP (2015) h/b 209pp £55 (ISBN 9781107065673) Was Livy really a ‘small man, detached from affairs’ (Ogilvie), a ‘non-political moralist’ (Walsh) and a ‘political innocent… unable to interpret historical phenomena or visualize historical change’ (the view of Collingwood and Syme, as summarised by Walsh)? In…


Originally posted on Classics for All Reviews:By Gwendolyn Compton-Eagle CUP (2015) h/b 198 pp £65.00 (ISBN 0781107083790) Aristophanes’ first productions made great use of visual effect. Slapstick performances, seriously inventive staging and occasionally fantastical costumes enhanced their comedic impact. Show More Summary


Originally posted on Classics for All Reviews:By Jerry Toner Profile (2015) p/b 152pp £8.99 (ISBN 9781781254202) OUP has been publishing ‘Very Short Introductions to…’ for over twenty years, and Profile is now trying its luck in the same field with its ‘Ideas in Profile’ series, subtitled ‘Small Introductions to Big Topics’, of which the…

Repititiationes ~ 09/16/15

@ROMtoronto #AskaCurator outside of the skull+helmet., do you have other items said to be from marathon? — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) September 16, 2015 Did you know that in Serbia were born a 17 Roman emperors #serbia #history...Show More Summary

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