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Reptitiationes ~ 01/12/16

Fulvia married Marc Antony in 47 BC when he was "Master of the Horse” = 2nd most imp. man after Caesar in Rome. Had 2 kids w. Antony. #3P06 — Nadine Brundrett (@BrundrettNadine) January 12, 2016 Alternatively: She was simply an adept, effective public figure and all them other dudes were just jealous. — […]

Repititiationes ~ 01/11/16

When you look at your son's dessert and see the Phaistos disc #youreaclassicist :) @rogueclassicist @stephenjenkin — Edward Zarrow (@drzarrow) January 11, 2016 Today in ancient #history: Lucius Calpurnius Piso Licinianus is appointed by Galba as deputy Roman Emperor. Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 01/10/16

wow … the Roman latrine thing seems to have received almost as much coverage as Bieber's site expulsion … — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) January 10, 2016 yes … Explorator is taking forever today … — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist)...Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 01/09/16

"You only learn this by living, working, and breathing #Palmyra. And that was the treasure of Khaled al-Asaad." #aiascs #SAFEaia — SAFE (@saveantiquities) January 9, 2016 If nothing else, #aiascs is great for meeting (and remeeting) twitter friends @IdaOstenberg @AECoker @akpavlick @hashtagoras — Virginia L. Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 01/08/16

@carolemadge interesting… I wonder if we can identify Maenads by their similar tops… — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) January 8, 2016 Congratulations & thank you, Cindy Ho! Winner of #aiascs Outatanding Public Service Award. #SAFEaia...Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 01/07/16

Play along with us at #SCS2016 #AIA2016 — RealTalkSCS (@RealTalkSCS) January 6, 2016 #aiascs Jodi Magness introducing keynote Colin Renfrew the speaker needs no introduction — Morag M. Kersel (@mokersel) January...Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 01/06/16

Essential #aiascs equipment. — Sebastian Heath (@sebhth) January 6, 2016 Life of Brian is the best historical film ever made. Fact. He just said so. #epigraphy #NACGLE — Virginia L. Campbell (@campbell798) January 6, 2016 Life of Brian, #epigraphy and Cole Porter in the first 15 minutes. This might be the best paper […]

Repititiationes ~ 01/05/16

At Corfinium the Socii (Italian Allies) minted coins to fund war against Rome. Italia = Confederation of Italians. — Nadine Brundrett (@BrundrettNadine) January 5, 2016 Only Roman ruins I could find picture of at Corfinum (Corfinio). Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 01/04/16

For the holidays I received an awesome addition to my reading collection: @wmarybeard’s SPQR! — Robin Ngo (@robintngo) January 4, 2016 #onthisday 112 AD, Trajan took his sixth and final consulship & dedicated his new Forum & Basilica complex in Rome. Show More Summary

This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem iii idus januarias

ante diem iii idus januarias Carmentalia begins (day 1) — a two-day festival (with a three day break between the days) in honour of the deity Carmenta, who was possibly a goddess of both childbirth and prophecy. 49 B.C. — Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon (by another reckoning) ?? B.C. — dedication of the Temple […]

This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem iv nonas januarias

ante diem iv nonas januarias 43 B.C. — Octavian is granted propraetorian imperium and admitted to the senate 17 A.D. — death of Publius Ovidius Naso … a.k.a. Ovid 18 A.D. — death of Titus Livius … a.k.a. Livy 69 A.D. — dies imperii of Vitellius 1866 — birth of Gilbert Murray

Repititiationes ~ 01/01/16

Happy new year! — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) January 1, 2016 A Luddite blog: the 4 daftest events of 2015 and my 2016 Aristotelian resolution — Edith...Show More Summary

Snakes on a …. boat? I don’t think so …

As I was pondering New Year’s Resolutions and the like last night while watching assorted Times Square Events, the gods smiled on me and dumped a ‘made-for-rogueclassicism’ item in my lap. The story was broken by ANSA and really has to be reproduced in full: Italian zoologists have identified three live specimens of the rare […]

January 1, 2016 … the Resolution

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions –I’ve never been quite sure why this particular point of revolving around the sun should have special meaning for changing up something in one’s life — but I think I’ll actually make one anyway in regards to this blog. Over the past couple of years, the workload […]

This Day in Ancient History ~ kalendae ianuariae

[I don’t think I’ve posted this feature on New Year’s Day in a decade] 291 B.C.– dedication of the temple to Aesculapius on the Tiber Island 194 B.C. — dedication of the temple to Vediovis on the Tiber Island 153 B.C.– beginning in this year (if not before) the Consuls would enter office on this date 7 B.C. […]

Repititiationes ~ 12/31/15

Pantheon Vintage: the last big flooding of Rome in 1870! #Pantheon #curiosity #Rome — Pantheon Roma (@pantheon_roma) November 24, 2015 Turkey takes steps to restore Monumentum Ankyranum, Temple of AugustusShow More Summary

This Day in Ancient History ~ pridie kalendas januarias

pridie kalendas januarias 192 A.D. — death of Commodus; dies imperii of Pertinax 1855 — death of Karl Friedrich Hermann (Classicist and antiquary) 1910 — birth of Jeanne Robert (Hellenist)

Repititiationes ~ 12/30/15

@drzarrow I thought this was the Roman "Spotify"! #Caesarsplaylist — Srta. Testa (@SrtaTesta) December 29, 2015 @drzarrow Look where I spent the day! Took some pics for you! #Merida — Srta. Testa (@SrtaTesta) December 29, 2015 Top find #2 of 2015 is this beautiful wooden bath clog c. AD 120. Amazing preservation at […]

Repititiationes ~ 12/29/15

Guide to San Francisco from Local Arrangements Committee — SCS (@scsclassics) December 29, 2015 The Capone fountain is one of the fountains of #Naples #italy located in the historical center "il mascherone' More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/28/15

@FTKettering possible… — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) December 28, 2015 Zeno: "sorry I missed your party" Plato: "np" Zeno: "are you gonna ask why?" Plato: "is it because mo–" Zeno: "BECAUSE MOTION IS IMPOSSIBLE" — ExistentialShow More Summary

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