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Repititiationes ~ 12/27/15

new year's on Olympus — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) December 27, 2015 Explorator 18.35 ~ December 27, 2015 | Explorator — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) December 27, 2015Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/26/15

Romans Ruled: Fun poems for kids about Ancient Rome (History For Kids) #ancienthistory — Jansu (@medicalmyths) December 25, 2015 Archaeologists Uncovered Evidence of a Coup in Ancient Greece More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/25/15

Il video promo dell'emozionante corto su #Pompei di Pappi Corsicato. @dariofrance @matteorenzi @ALES_SpA — MiBACT (@MiBACT) December 24, 2015 NORAD is currently tracking the whereabouts of Odysseus's ship. #atreidxmaseve...Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/24/15

@Ferrata_Victrix @rogueclassicist my very own #DrHay popina of Sextus Pompeius Amarantus, #Pompeii that served food. — Sophie Hay (@pompei79) December 24, 2015 Ancient Corinth's harbour town of Lechaion excavated. More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/23/15

'A taste of Ancient #Rome' #Food #Cuisine — Ancient History (@ahencyclopedia) December 23, 2015 Happy Saturnalia from Dr. Kaiser and the department! — UE Archaeology (@UEArchaeology) December 22, 2015 New issue of The Journal of Hellenic Studies – Vol. Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/22/15

CPF: Classical Association Conference 2017 — SCS (@scsclassics) December 22, 2015 Today's a great day for a trip to the Forum with @SaveRome — AIRC Roman Culture (@AIRomanCulture) December 22, 2015 Something new something old. Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/21/15

#latin Quid Audis Nunc? #LatinLanguage — (@LatinDiscussion) December 20, 2015 Roman silver from today's dig. — Metal Detectives (@DetectingDigsUK) December 20, 2015 @rogueclassicist...Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/20/15

The latest @Ancient Warfare magazine podcast is available looking at "The Hittites and their Successors"… — The History Network (@historynetwork) December 20, 2015 Question after reading Brent Shaw's JRS 2015Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/19/15

The whole "safe haven" for antiquities idea isn't new. Also, it was always imperialistic, xenophobic, and racist. — Donna Yates (@DrDonnaYates) December 19, 2015 Gold armband (200BCE) More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/18/15

Our favs: at the tip of Sirmio survives ruin of a large Roman villa: Grotte di Catullo; but not likely Catullus' — BrockU Classics (@brockuclassics) December 18, 2015 Also in the Pergamon museum in Berlin: the propylaea (gateway) to the temple of Athena on Acropolis of Pergamon. Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/17/15

Gold openwork hairnet with medallion (200–150BCE) Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York — Ancient Greek Hero (@AncGreekHero) December 17, 2015 This mosaic from a Pergamon palace c. 2nd BC has beautiful garland and above a parrot – note the shadow below bird. Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/16/15

Graces and Venus dancing before Mars Antonio Canova, 1797 Museo Canova, Rossagno ?@Asamsakti @emanuelaneri14 — Lucia Tassan Mangina (@LuciaTassan) December 15, 2015 this askos c1500BC ???? #mycenaean #greece #aegean...Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/15/15

Caestus also on 2 Roman coin types – triens (Umbria) & denarius of Cestianus (as a pun) @SarahEBond @carolemadge — Edward Zarrow (@drzarrow) December 15, 2015 Parthenon (447-432 BC) east pediment, depicting the birth of Athena. Show More Summary

This Day in Ancient History ~ ante diem vii idus decembres

ante diem vii idus decembres 43 B.C. — death of Cicero (Marcus Tullius Cicero) as he half-heartedly fled the proscription of Marcus Antonius et al. 1985 — death of Robert Graves (I Claudius, among others)

Repititiationes ~ 12/06/15

History News Network | Herodotus Lives! — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) December 6, 2015 A Don’s Life: Museum legs in Vienna — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) December 6, 2015 AWOL...Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/05/15

Boris was on top form. Asked which city he was the best place to live, ancient Athens or Rome, he said "London!" — Jane Mason (@classicalanthol) December 2, 2015 Learn more about @Pelagiosproject here Show More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/04/15

'The Pythia – Priestess of Ancient #Delphi.' #History #AncientGreece — Ancient History (@ahencyclopedia) December 4, 2015 4 Rep. temples of Largo di Torre Argentina in Campus Martius in Rome = great examples of Victory temples. Show More Summary

This Day in Ancient History ~ pridie nonas decembres

pridie nonas decembres ca. 235 — martyrdom of Barbara … this has traditionally been a very slow day for Classics … must be connected with exams or something …

Repititiationes ~ 12/03/15

Hey, I'd appreciate shoutout/ RT 4 @AIRomanCulture #saverome benefit @ahencyclopedia @carolemadge @rogueclassicist — Darius Arya (@SaveRome) December 3, 2015 SapphoFest: Friday, December 11, 2-4pm Round tableShow More Summary

Repititiationes ~ 12/02/15

I finally realize after 20 years teaching – even upper level Latin assessments can be done well without translation — Edward Zarrow (@drzarrow) December 2, 2015 Trends in #Classics: What the Critics are Saying...Show More Summary

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