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RepiTitiationes ~ 04.12.15

Explorator 17.51 | Explorator — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) April 12, 2015 yahoo is really starting to bug me … — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) April 12, 2015 @EquineAnn one doesn't stop until oneShow More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.11.15

Newly digitized 19th-century sketchbooks depict sites across the Mediterranean — The Getty (@thegetty) April 11, 2015 Here, the mythological hero Perseus triumphantly presents Medusa's head. Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 04.10.15

al-T?si's #Euclid 's Elements (Rome, 1594) #geometry Arabic text and #marginalia #histsci — OUHOS Collections (@OUHOSCollection) April 9, 2015 Some #Amazons kill Greeks! Not all #warriorwomen were imaginary...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.27.15

2nd Classics Seminar 2015: Dr Graeme Miles presents ‘a Sophist on Sophists: Philostratus’ Vita Sophistarum’. Hum 477A, 4pm. — UTAS Classics (@ClassicsUTAS) March 27, 2015 festinate: verb tr., intr.: To hurry or hasten. adjective: Hurried or hasty. Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.26.15

Vercingetorix surrenders, Lego style. — Mr. Lasater (@MBLatinNerd) March 26, 2015 #latin How did you learn (or how are you learning) Latin? #LatinLanguage — (@LatinDiscussion)...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.25.15

Labels of these genitives? #latin #LatinGrammar — (@LatinDiscussion) March 25, 2015 #quoteoftheday House of Atreus are like the characters of the Marvel Universe. They turn up in each others' stories with a new backstory. — Dominic Mercer (@dom_mercer) March 25, 2015 quid tibi dolet? (What hurts) Identify the parts of the body in […]

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.24.15

@museiincomune whoops… I meant caracalla — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) March 24, 2015 Bellum Dacicum – Trajan's Dacian Wars in a survey by NatGeo:… — Lindsay Powell (@Lindsay_Powell) March 24, 2015 This Greek pair of eyes was once set in the sockets of an over-lifesize statue. Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.23.15

The lasers and research that helped find the oldest known Roman fort — Smithsonian Magazine (@SmithsonianMag) March 23, 2015 How to say your age? #latin #LatinGrammar...Show More Summary

RepiTitationes ~ 03.22.15

. @DimitriNakassis @rogueclassicist @risatrix Here's a graph of that APA hiring data, year vs. type of hire — Bruce Robertson (@heml) March 22, 2015 @heml @rogueclassicist @risatrix Yep. Here's another chart...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.21.15

Will be digging at Hadrian's Villa this summer! #tivoli #gottafindmytrowel — Elizabeth H (@vergilophile) March 21, 2015 A middle Corinthian Pyxis (cosmetic box) that shows friezes of lions, sirens, sphinxes and birds. (C. 600-575 BCE.)...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.20.15

@cameronreilly @rogueclassicist Fascinating battle but Pompey wasn't ready to take on Caesar-if he ever would be. Look forward to listening. — Barry Strauss (@barrystrauss) March 20, 2015 Yahoo > What he ever did for the Romans: SHEPPARD...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.19.15

Trajan's Column – Reading an Ancient Comic Strip | National Geographic — Lisa Hughes (@LAHughes68) March 19, 2015 Tunisia's besieged Bardo museum also a site of ancient treasures — The Guardian...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.18.15

The Roman teenager who was his mum’s little superhero – Podcast 1 — Warwick Epigraphy (@W_Epigraphy) March 17, 2015 Reporting from Leptis Magna today: — Darius Arya (@SaveRome) March 17, 2015 Roman ivory showing bestiarius / venator fighting a bear (4th c. Show More Summary

RepiTitationes ~ 03.17.15

Ancient manuscripts of unknown provenance under threat in public speeches — Roberta Mazza (@papyrologyatman) March 16, 2015 @papyrologyatman ye gods… And making a docudrama of one's self to give it that extraShow More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.16.15

Rare bronze mask of god Pan found at Golan dig — (@haaretzcom) March 15, 2015 Did increasing numbers of statues turn ancient cities into museums? My new blog post – Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.15.15

a (surprisingly) somewhat quiet day: One of several mosaics w/ the apotropaic phrase Caesar uttered. @wmarybeard @barrystrauss — Caroline Lawrence (@CarolineLawrenc) March 15, 2015 14...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.14.15

Know @rogueclassicist like holey pots, so here's one from Crete in @MAF_Firenze — Dorothy Lobel King (@DorothyKing) March 14, 2015 @DorothyKing @MAF_Firenze holey pot! — rogueclassicist (@rogueclassicist) March...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.13.15

Delving into Underground Rome. Explore what lies beneath with Megan Williams @MKWilliamsRome, — CBC Radio's Ideas (@cbcideas) March 12, 2015 The Hippocratic Oath in cruciform: Byzantine,...Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.12.15

Portrait of Ronald Reagan as Centaur, by Komar and Melamid, 1981 — Art Pics Channel (@ArtPicsChannel) March 11, 2015 Dacian gold bracelet, dated to the 1st century BC or 1st century AD, from Sarmizegetusa Romania. Show More Summary

RepiTitiationes ~ 03.11.15

#Pompeii by Robert S. Duncanson 1871 #arts #culture #museums #exhibitiondisplay #Pictures — Pompeii (@Pompeiitouch) October 29, 2014 A child's stripey knitted sock from the Roman period!...Show More Summary

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