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Medicinal Herbs

Herbs have long been revered as saviors in the wake of sickness and pain. They are medicines and because of their ability to heal and restore, they are kept dried and in dark bottles so that they can be used all year round. Herbs are...Show More Summary

Medicinal Herbs - 12 Herbs for Men

A good portion of information about medicinal herbs is related to women, but what about men? Some common herbs may help relieve or prevent health issues related to men. From athletes foot to sperm count, 12 common herbs and the possible benefits they can provide may help your man's health. Garlic (Allium Sativum) - Possibly reduce cholesterol. Show More Summary

Medicinal Herbs - 5 Benefits of Healing Herbs

Today's women are turning to the healing garden of herbs to treat and prevent things such as colds, headaches, and allergies etc. Healing herbs can be found right outside your backdoor. 5 Benefits of Healing Herbs: 1. Herbs are an effective alternative to chemically produced prescriptions or even over the counter medicines. Show More Summary

Indian Medicinal Herbs

The Ayurvedic Medicine practitioners of India have long used medicinal herbs to heal their patients. While originally the only medicine available in historic times, many of these Indian medicinal herbs are still used today. Those that...Show More Summary

Growing Medicinal Herbs - Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the most common medicinal herbs that you can grow in your garden. It is fairly easy to grow and with its many uses, especially as a medicinal herb, it definitely is a valuable addition to your home herb garden. Grow Chamomile Chamomile, grown for its daisylike flowers, prefers full sun outdoors. Show More Summary

The Ancient Power of Medicinal Herbs

Lately, more and more of my patients have expressed an interest in using herbs for their specific health concerns. They are concerned, as am I, about side effects, as well as rising costs of prescription drugs with health care insurance...Show More Summary

Growing Medicinal Herbs - A Healthy Alternative

Among the uses that can be made of herbs, home remedies is one of hem. Though generally known for its culinary usage, growing medicinal herbs is favored by many and has been used for many, many centuries. They are most often presented...Show More Summary

Health Benefits Of Natural Herbs

Natural Herbs Can Be A Healthy Part Of Your Lifestyle While he use of natural herbs to improve one's health has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity, the health benefits of natural herbs has been known throughout the world since prehistoric times. Show More Summary

Natural Herbs for Detox Can Change Your Life

There are a lot of chemicals, pesticides and other harmful factors in the environment that would jeopardize one's health. The foods hat we eat is also adding to toxin build up, which lowers our immunity. There is a tendency for tissues and cells to have a toxic load as a result of high intake of processed foods. Show More Summary

Treating Anxiety With Natural Herbs and Over the Counter Supplements

This article will discuss the symptoms associated with anxiety and some of the best all-natural remedies with anti-anxiety properties. Every living person feels anxiety at one time or another. We all know what it's like to feel worry, nervousness, fear and that heart-pounding feeling in your gut like something awful might happen. Show More Summary

What Are Some Natural Anti Inflammatory Herbs?

There are different plants and anti inflammatory herbs which you can find all over the world. These herbal medicines can be used as reatments for inflammation. Inflammation is the reaction of your body o an irritation, infection or injury. Show More Summary

Hair Loss Herbs - Natural Herbs and Vitamins That May Help Fight Hair Loss

Losing your hair can be devastating. According to experts, approximately 50% of men are plagued with genetic hair loss (i.e. male pattern baldness). And unfortunately in our youth-and-beauty-obsessed culture this can affect everything...Show More Summary

Aloe Vera For Sunburn And Different Natural Herbs

Aloe vera for sunburn is one of the most common known uses of his plant as well as for treating minor burns and skin irritations too. Using the gel of this plant by breaking the stems off soothes irritated and painful sunburns and helps promote faster healing. Show More Summary

Natural Herbal Supplements for Liver Health

One of the largest glandular organs, the liver is very important in the vital functions within the body and is thought in Ayurvedic medicine to be the center of the dosha, or constitution, known as Pitta. Essentially, he liver performs...Show More Summary

Maintaining a Healthy Immune System and Antiviral Herbs

At this time of the year most people in the northern hemisphere are thinking more about the warmth and sunshine of the coming summer than the colds, flus and other common viruses that tend to attack us in the colder months, but for many...Show More Summary

Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally With Antiviral Herbs

The human immune system is a complex process that guards our health and provides protection from viruses, bacteria, microbes, parasites and toxins. Antiviral herbs support the body's natural ability to stay in healthy balance and strengthen the immune system naturally, which is the first line of defense against illness and disease. Show More Summary

Grow Your Own Medical Herb Garden

Today everyone is concerned about health and organic food. That is why herb kits have been very popular. Some question you might ask is: If it is worth the effort to grow your own fresh herb garden? Are fresh herbs truly that much better? One alternative to find out the answer is to make it a try. Show More Summary

Antiviral Herbs for Quick and Safe Relief

Antiviral herbs are part of the holistic approach to maintaining health. Contrary to the way over-the-counter drugs like antibiotics work, which targets the elimination of infectious pathogens such as fungi and bacteria, antiviral herbs complement the body's ability to heal itself even from supposedly incurable diseases. Show More Summary

Discover Purely Natural Herpes Therapies

Purely natural herpes remedies manage herpes infections in three ways. Making use of combinations of fast and simple at-home therapies, herbal formulations and relaxation strategies; natural treatments for herpes stand in opposition to high-risk prescription as well as over-the-counter medicines in providing asymptomatic relief. Show More Summary

Ayurvedic and Anti-Aging Herbs

Ayurveda is the oldest documented body of holistic medical knowledge, with a system of plant oils and herbs, originating in India over 6,000 years ago. While Ayurveda has many herbal formulas to rid the body of disease and keep it healthy, it also has a few special products for beauty. Show More Summary

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