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HPA, N2, Compressed Air Tanks in a Nutshell

What is it, how it works, which tank you should get, and how many shots each size will get you. Compressed Air and N2 are both gasses that go in HPA paintball tanks. HPA stands for High Pressure Air. Nitrogen and Compressed Air are both high pressure gasses. These gases are cleaner, and [...]

Big Pimpin Paintball Pump Gun - CCM T2 Mid-Block

Brand new, just came out.  The CCM T2 is a pump on a custom autococker designed and manufactured by Chipley Custom Machine. The T2 comes with many awesome features, and if you ever get tired of them you can always pick and chose from the hundreds of autococker upgrades available today.  Of course, because the T2 [...]

Make Paintball Guns, Grenades, Paintballs, Bazookas, Silencers & More FREE

For free, you can download over 40 plans of how to make various paintball gear such as paintball guns, grenades, paintballs, bazookas, silencers and more. A lot of time was spent collecting the best articles and videos for this guide, so you are guaranteed to find something useful. The best part is this guide [...]

How to Make a Paintball Bazooka With Simple Home Depot Parts

Make a paintball bazooka with parts you can find at a hardware store.  Use it to launch nerf vortex rockets, paintball grenades, or a mass-ton of paintballs. The parts you will need to make your own paintball bazooka are listed below. 2'' x 15'' PVC Pipe 2'' PVC Tee 2'' PVC Cap 2'' PVC Reducting Bushing 3 1/4 Short [...]

How to Make a Homemade Paintball Silencer

For the stealthy paintballer, making a paintball silencer is a must. Here's how to make a paintball silencer using PVC piping and other materials. All you will need to make your own homemade silencer is 3/4ths inch PVC piping, a drill, PVC primer and cement, duct tape, and two couplers. When your done making [...]

How to Make a Homemade Paintball Caddy

Why spend $40 bucks on a paintball caddy when you can make your own for a fraction of the cost. There are a couple of ways you can make one, each involve different containers you can find in just about any store, and all are extremely easy (no cutting or gluing). How to make a Paintball Caddy [...]

RAP4 T68 Gen3 Paintball Pistol - Versatile & Durable

The RAP4 T68 is one of the lightest.68 caliber paintball pistols on the market. Its ergonomically designed to feel great and balanced to make aiming and firing an ease. If you've been looking into buying a paintball pistol for some time, consider the T68. One of the coolest features it has is the option [...]

RAP4 Camelback Hydration Pack

Keep hydrated with RAP4's camelback hydration pack, that is... if it doesn't rip first. Over Oklahoma D-Day I picked up an RAP4 hydration pack and bladder for a measly $25, mostly because I couldn't afford the other $60 hydration packs floating around at the event. Big mistake. I'm a little ashamed with myself because [...]

Ward off Gimme Hands With This Funny Paintball Decal

Keep toolbags from touching your paintball marker with this kick butt paintball decal. If you have ever left your paintball marker at a field only to come back to find fools manhandling your marker, then you understand the importance of this paintball decal. This high quality paintball decal is loaded with the perfect warning to keep gimme-hands [...]

The Pinokio Hopper: A Paintball Loader of Epic Proportions

It quite possibly is the goofiest paintball hopper available for sale today, but if you put all that aside, the pinokio hopper is nothing short of amazing. "You gotta have balls to rock a pinokio." Nothing could me more true, with 140, 250 and 400 round attachments, you will have no problem meeting the needs of [...]

T68 UDSF Sniper Paintball Gun by RAP4

The popular saying "what you put in is what you will get out," has been going around to describe Oklahoma D-Day.  As a matter of fact however, this saying does a pretty good job in describing the T68 Sniper paintball gun, as the amount of options RAP4 paintball offers around this ultimate sniper rifle is [...]

The Top 4 Worst Moments in Paintball

We've all had them, and chances are, will have them again. These are the moments in paintball we dread, they keep us from our hour of glory, and make us question "why? Why THEN, why ME, Why!?" 1. You make a miraculous move and get to an advantage point, the other team is ready [...]

Pump Paintball Tactics

Pump paintball is coming back, and with it a whole new range of tactics... or is there?  Of course with a pump you can stay longer outside a bunker, and bigger moves are possible since less paint is in the air.  Other than that, what's the big difference? The video below covers some tactics you can [...]

BT TM-7 Mil-Sim Paintball Gun

Here it is, one of the coolest mil-sim paintball markers on the market today. It can shoot 20 BPS, its lightweight, compact, sweet looking (made to resemble an HK MP7A1, for pictures scroll to the bottom), and built to last. Here's what BT has to say about it... The BT TM-7™ utilizes Mini™ Technology [...]

Search the Internet, Win FREE Paintball Gear

This is the umpteenth post I've written about programs that are giving away free paintball gear, I'd stop, but they just keep popping up! But why complain, this is yet another chance for paintballers to win free paintball guns and gear. The good news is this particular website isn't just another survey or sign-up site like [...]

How to Make Homemade Paintball Air Bunkers

If your short on money, or have time to kill, here's an easy way to make some homemade airball bunkers you can throw up in your backyard for a makeshift paintball field. What materials do you need to craft a homemade air bunker? A couple of trash bags, a vinyl bag you can stuff them in, [...]

Automatic High Powered Nerf Gatling Gun

Shooting at 10 shots per second, this paintball gun has been modded to shoot Nerf darts. The paintball gun used to make this contraption was a Spyder VS1. Add a microprocessor, some plastic, a servo, and some Nerf darts, and you have one freakishly sweet high powered Nerf gun.

How to Convert a Paintball Gun Into a Nerf Gun

Nerf guns can only shoot so hard, and with this mod you'll be able to blast your friends with high powered Nerf dart goodness. This particular mod converts a BE Blade pump paintball gun into a Nerf gun, and is fairly simple to do. Props to Yakman for creating this tutorial. For the full [...]

High End Paintball Machine Gun FOR SALE

No joke. Buy a high end, high quality, paintball machine gun. Made and produced by RAP4 Paintball, the RAP4 M249 SAW Paintball machine gun is for the paintballer that wants to bring out his inner Rambo. And bring out your inner Rambo you will after picking up and holding one of these.  At [...]

Find and Buy Cheap Paintball Guns

Unless you are a very wealthy person, and money doesn't matter to you, finding cheap paintball guns is probably of no interest.  However, for the other 90% of paintballers out there, finding cheap paintball guns is a must.  In fact, if there's one thing most paintball players share, its the unstoppable quest for finding the [...]

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