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Building a market for renewable thermal technologies

Renewable thermal technologies have significant market potential in the state if supported by appropriate public policy and financing tools, a new analysis concludes.

Experts successfully test a novel oil spill cleanup technology

Tests of a novel technology that can accelerate the combustion of crude oil floating on water demonstrated its potential to become an effective tool for minimizing the environmental impact of oil spills. The Flame Refluxer, developed...Show More Summary

White families with children drawn to less diverse neighborhoods, schools

Racial segregation is declining, but it remains higher for families with children than those without, a new study shows. Race appears to be a 'proxy' for school quality for many white families with children as they decide where and in which school districts they want to live, suggests a new report.

Artificial photosynthesis steps into the light

A new project aims to create an efficient, simple-to-manufacture oxygen-evolution catalyst that pairs well with semiconductors for advanced solar cells. The technique could lead to unique catalysts for other applications.

People often use the word 'you' rather than 'I' to cope with negative experiences

Researchers say it may seem contradictory that a means of generalizing to people at large is used when reflecting on one's most personal and idiosyncratic experiences.

The global tobacco control treaty has reduced smoking rates in its first decade, but more work is needed

Despite worldwide progress since the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO-FCTC) came into effect in 2005, not all key demand-reduction measures have been fully implemented at the same pace, but doing so could reduce tobacco use even further, say researchers.

Lack of leisure: Is busyness the new status symbol?

Long gone are the days when a life of material excess and endless leisure time signified prestige. According to a new study, Americans increasingly perceive busy and overworked people as having high status.

Antenatal screening in Europe: How to avoid mother-to-child transmission of infections

Transmission of infections with HIV, hepatitis B, syphilis or rubella from mother to child before and during birth as well as in infancy still occur across Europe -- despite existing prevention methods. A new report outlines the cornerstones for effective antenatal screening programs across the EU/EEA countries.

Having a laugh with recruitment

Can humour on social media help managers find the most appropriate candidates for the job vacancies they hope to fill? Researchers suggest that humorous recruitment campaigns can increase exposure for a given job ad but conversely the...Show More Summary

Food insecurity in early childhood linked to young children's skills in kindergarten

In the United States, estimates show that a substantial number of children under age 5 live in households that are food insecure. That means that they do not have food, or they lack sufficient quantity or quality of food to fuel a healthy and active lifestyle. Show More Summary

Coffee shops, 24-hour ATMs the best locations for life-saving AEDs, research shows

Tim Horton's tops the list: researchers studied data on cardiac arrest locations in Toronto to draft a list of 'top 10' businesses where placing automated external defibrillators would save lives.

Better policy needed to protect privacy of smart TV viewers

Dutch and European policymakers should do more to protect media users’ privacy instead of leaving the matter entirely to data protection law and data protection authorities, recommend privacy experts.

Transport systems face disruption by extreme weather

Extreme weather conditions due to climate change pose a new threat to aging infrastructure, and authors of a new report, we need to be better prepared.

Abortion restriction may have new momentum after 40 years of pervading policy

Originally a single-sentence prohibition on Medicaid funding for abortion, the Hyde Amendment has provided the blueprint for ever-expanding prohibitions on public expenditure for the procedure.

Canadian academics urged to strengthen ties to US peers in face of Trump travel ban

In the face of the Trump travel ban, academics must strengthen, rather than sever, ties to the United States, suggests a Canadian researcher.

From entanglement to invasions of alien species: the harm caused by marine litter

Marine litter is a threat to the marine ecosystem, human health and economic activities. A new report sheds light on the many effects of litter in our oceans, and highlights the severity and scale of the issue. The report confirms that plastic items have the highest direct and indirect damaging impact.

Weapon physicist declassifies rescued nuclear test films

A weapon physicist is on a mission to preserve decomposing films of U.S. atmospheric nuclear tests. The first batch of these declassified films were released today.

ESHG supports the principle of genetic privacy at work

The European Society of Human Genetics calls for the genetic privacy of individuals to be upheld in the light of the bill that would allow companies to require employees to undergo genetic testing and disclose the results to their employers, or risk having to make health insurance payments of thousands of dollars extra.

YouTube users be aware: Your viewing habits can be tracked

It's important to know that video encryption is not as secure as once thought. Google, YouTube's parent company, is not likely to patch the gaps, since it would be prohibitively expensive to create a traffic obfuscation mechanism for every user's every video request.

Antarctica: Everyone wants it, but no one owns it

For over 70 years seven different countries have claimed sovereignty over parts of Antarctica. But are these claims legitimate? This issue is now going to be considered by a group of philosophers.

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