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Telecom networks could back up GPS time signals, say experts

Experts involved in the operation of US civilian and military time standards have worked with two companies to identify a practical GPS backup possibility: commercial fiber-optic telecommunications networks.

Chronic sinusitis associated with certain rare head and neck cancers among elderly

The associations of chronic sinusitis with subsequent head and neck cancer in an elderly population have been evaluated in a new study. Acute sinusitis is a common inflammatory condition of the sinuses often caused by viral or bacterial infections. The condition is considered chronic when the episode persists longer than 12 weeks.

The influence of fat when gut bacteria is reduced by antibioticsm

Additional insight has been shed on how bacteria in the gut, or lack thereof, influences intestinal mast cells (MMC) activation and perhaps fat absorption. Mast cells are intimately involved with the immune system in the body.

New insights into tumor-infiltrating T cells

A distinct gene module for T cell dysfunction distinct from activation in tumor-infiltrating T cells has now been discovered, thus paving the way for the development of new precision therapeutics.

Sharing stories synchronizes group memories

People synchronize what they remember and what they forget after sharing memories with one another, according to new research. The findings, have an applied scope: policymakers could use them to bust myths about certain topics, like how Zika virus is spread.

A tenth of the world's wilderness lost since the 1990s

Researchers reporting in the journal Current Biology show catastrophic declines in wilderness areas around the world over the last 20 years.

Chemists devise revolutionary 3-D bone-scanning technique

A scanning technique for bones has been created that does not expose patients to X-ray radiation but provides exceptional 3-D images from which diagnoses and prognoses can be made. Their technique now provides information on bone quality as well as quantity.

Common molecular mechanism of Parkinson's pathology discovered in study

Intracellular defects that lead to cells' failure to decommission faulty 'power packs' known as mitochondria cause nerve cells to die, triggering the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

The history of beer yeast

Today's industrial yeast strains are used to make beer, wine, bread, biofuels, and more, but their evolutionary history is not well studied. Researchers have now described a family tree of these microbes with an emphasis on beer yeast. Show More Summary

Kill them with cuteness: The adorable thing bats do to catch prey

A bat's head waggles and ear wiggles synch with its sonar vocalizations to help it hunt, demonstrating how movement can enhance senses like sight and hearing -- not just in bats, but in dogs and cats, and even in humans.

Study sheds light on factors affecting employees' commitment

As it becomes increasingly common for older workers to report to younger supervisors, a new study has examined how disparities in experience and education influence subordinates’ commitment to their organizations.

Entrepreneurs fare better if they resist the temptation to follow the crowd

Few entrepreneurs and investors can resist the temptation to follow the herd into a new, “hot” market, even when they understand that it is rarely the path to riches. New research finds that entrepreneurs who resist pressure to follow the consensus are most likely to stay in a market, receive funding and ultimately go public.

Open floor plans may lead to more eating

Dining environments can have serious consequences for eating behaviors, say investigators. The study findings may have important implications not only for college and university students, but also for people who need to eat in health care, group home and military settings.

Deriving inspiration from the dragon tree

Could dragon trees serve as a source of inspiration for innovations in lightweight construction? A team of researchers has laid the groundwork for designing technical fiber-reinforced lightweight ramifications modeled on branch-stem attachments.

New material to revolutionize water proofing

A new spray-on material with a remarkable ability to repel water has been developed by researchers. The new protective coating could eventually be used to waterproof mobile phones, prevent ice from forming on airplanes or protect boat hulls from corroding.

Cover crop mixtures increase agroecosystem services, first-of-kind study suggests

Planting a multi-species mixture of cover crops -- rather than a cover crop monoculture -- between cash crops, provides increased agroecosystem services, or multifunctionality, according to researchers.

New reptile species from 212 million years ago

An extinct reptile related to crocodiles that lived 212 million years ago in present day New Mexico has been named as a new species, Vivaron haydeni, report scientists.

More underrepresented students obtain science degrees and pursue STEM, due to research mentoring

A new study indicates that undergraduates who participate in mentored research not only graduate more often with science degrees, but also attend graduate school and pursue STEM careers at higher rates.

Researchers uncover new potential genetic links to common brain disorder

A set of 30 inherited recessive genes that play a role in intellectual disability, a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects as many as 213 million people around the world, has been, for the first time, identified by an international group of researchers.

Yellow or black, large or small? Ant color and body size respond strongly to environment

A study of ants across three continents has revealed that their color and size is strongly influenced by their environment, and that the dominant color and average body size can change from year to year as temperatures vary. This finding has implications for how ant communities will cope with rising global temperatures.

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