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[Content Note: Bigotry.]So, yesterday, Donald Trump refused to endorse either Speaker Paul Ryan or Senator John McCain: "In an interview with The Washington Post on Tuesday, Trump said he was not backing Ryan in his primary election next Tuesday in Wisconsin, or McCain in his Arizona primary later this month. Show More Summary

Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker Gabriel Lamarre: "What anime or manga can you recommend to your fellow feminists?"


[Content Note: Misogyny.]I've got a new piece up at BNR about the unbelievable, even by Donald Trump standards, Trump campaign event in Virginia today, in which he went after Hillary Clinton with sexist commentary, criticized her for not being besties with Putin, made jokes about a Purple Heart given to him by a supporter, and kicked out a crying baby. Yeah. I mean. Yeah.

Photo of the Day

[Photo: Michael Davidson for Hillary for America.] I've been doing some reading about Anne Holton, who is married to Tim Kaine, over the past few days, and I like her a lot! She seems really swell.One of my favorite things that I'veShow More Summary

I Write Letters

To Whom It May Concern:Donald Trump is not (that he has disclosed, anyway) "crazy." He is not insane, nuts, batshit, wacko, delusional, cuckoo, or any other euphemism for mentally ill.He is a vile bigot.The two are not, of course, mutually...Show More Summary

In the News

Here is some stuff in the news today...Yesterday, I tweeted: "Who is going to be the prominent office-holding Republican to have the courage and decency to repudiate Trump and endorse Clinton? Bueller...?" And we now have our answer, if you ignore the "prominent" part and pretend it doesn't matter that Rep. Show More Summary

Daily Dose of Cute

"Hahaha I'm looking at you! Hahaha I see you, Two-Legs!"

Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Misogyny.]"If [Bernie Sanders] would've just not done anything, just go home, go to sleep, relax, he would've been a hero. But he made a deal with the devil. She's the devil. He made a deal with the devil."—Donald Trump,...Show More Summary

Trump Defends Sexual Harassment

[Content Note: Sexual harassment; rape culture.]I've got a new piece up at BNR about Donald Trump's latest disgusting garbage:When Fox News' Kirsten Powers followed up with Donald during a phone interview, she asked what if an employer treated Donald's daughter Ivanka the way Ailes had allegedly treated his female employees. Show More Summary

Let's Be Clear

Donald Trump is trying to delegitimize the results of the general election already:.@realDonaldTrump on general election: "I'm afraid the election's going to be rigged." — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) August 1, 2016 Trump, at a campaign event: And Bernie! Poor Bernie. Show More Summary

Open Thread

Hosted by a very popular baby giraffe.

Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker April23: "Do you like pictures of yourself? What kind of pictures (selfies, candid, action shots) do you like/not like?"I used to hate all pictures of myself, and now I'm pretty fine with all of them, which has absolutely everything to do with how I feel about myself and my body.

The Monday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by green onions.Recommended Reading:Monica: [Content Note: Guns; violence; disablist language] Ugh, Texas College Campus Carry Law Takes EffectJoseph: [CN: Classism; racism; displacement; violence] RioShow More Summary

This is so the worst thing you're going to read all day.

[Content Note: Manclaiming; rape culture.]WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT: "Yoga for bros: 'Broga' a new twist on thousands-year-old practice."It's hard for me to say what is my favorite, ahem, part of this article. Is it referring to women...Show More Summary

Quote of the Day

"If individual Republicans don't break off their support for Trump's candidacy now—by, say, withdrawing their endorsements—they run the risk of having no choice but to do so after Trump sinks even further into wretchedness and depravity, to a point of true no return. Show More Summary

In the News

Here is some stuff in the news today...[Content Note: War; drones] "The United States has carried out airstrikes on positions of so-called Islamic State in Libya, following a request by the UN-backed government there, the Pentagon says. Show More Summary

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