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Lady Birds, Mothers, and Wonder Women: The Best of 2017

Last year was filled with complexity, contentiousness, and change. Sometimes, it was for the betterment and progression of society, and other times it happened in ways that dragged efforts backwards -- but little of it occurred without most people gaining and revealing some battle scars along the way. Show More Summary

The Force Further Awakened in Bold Spectacle of 'Last Jedi'

Directed by: Rian Johnson; Runtime: 152 minutes Grade: B+ I felt a great disturbance in The Force, as if millions of fans suddenly cried out in terror. Whenever a longstanding franchise decides to try something bold or different that deviates from its legacy, there's bound to be some blowback. Show More Summary

TV Season Coverage Roundup at

Check out some of the TV reviews I've been responsible for lately over at "Maps are featured prominently in this first half of Game of Thrones' final thirteen episodes, appearing as newly-created murals along a floor, buried within ancient texts, or rediscovered in the unkempt halls of a familiar location. Show More Summary

Oddities of Korean Psycho-Thriller 'Bluebeard' Tough To Digest

Directed by: Lee Soo-youn; Runtime: 117 minutes Grade: C- Practicing medicine isn't an easy or straightforward profession regardless of the specialization, but there's a vagueness and complexity to gastroenterology -- the digestive tract...Show More Summary

Gerwig's 'Lady Bird' is Confident, Perceptive, and Charming

Directed by: Greta Gerwig; Runtime: 94 minutes Grade: A Oftentimes, coming-of-age movies tend to embellish their tone and mannerisms, perhaps in hopes of holding younger viewers' attention with their catchy, larger-than-life presence. Show More Summary

Undermarked Oversights: One Dark Night (1982)

Never underestimate the simple effectiveness of a horror film's ability to gradually and properly build up its concept. Oftentimes, entries in the genre rush toward the expected scares at such a rapid pace that they neglect how an audience...Show More Summary

DC's Powerhouses Assemble in Deficient 'Justice League'

Directed by: Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon; Runtime: 119 minutes Grade: C+ The drama surrounding Justice League getting onto the big screen has been nearly as prevalent as the general anticipation for the superhero film itself, if not more so. Show More Summary

'Atomic Blonde' a Sleek, Brisk, Stylized Doppelganger

Directed by: David Leitch; Runtime: 115 minutes Grade: B- Yeah, Atomic Blonde ends up being exactly the way it looks -- the female version of John Wick -- but that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. With the right woman filling...Show More Summary

Celestial Intervention Fuels Shaky and Preposterous '2:22'

Directed by: Paul Currie; Runtime: 98 minutes Grade: D+ The adage that a love affair or an event was "in the stars", meaning meant to be, gets taken quite literally in 2:22, the fantasy-romance thriller and decades-later sophomore effort from Paul Currie. Show More Summary

Movies I Love: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Hayao Miyazaki's reputation for creating and properly utilizing female lead characters has continuously elevated over the years, reaching peaks with the scrappy ambition of a young witch living on her own and the absorbing emotions of an untamed princess seeking to preserve and protect her land. Show More Summary

Real-Life Foundation of 'Glass Castle' Can't Support Theatrics

Directed by: Destin Daniel Cretton; Runtime: 127 minutes Grade: C+ Adapting a memoir for the big screen can get complicated, especially if the story involves harrowing circumstances that could make one question the genuineness of what's happening. Show More Summary

'Devil's Candy' Unwraps Disturbing, Flimsy Supernatural Horror

Directed by: Sean Byrne; Runtime: 78 minutes Grade: C Despite leaving a mark on the horror genre with The Loved Ones, a polarizing mixture of revenge cinema and torture porn centered on a rejected high-school dance invitation, it took Australian director Sean Byrne over a half-decade to follow up on the mounting cult status of his feature debut. Show More Summary

Assayas Can't Close Deal With Obscured 'Personal Shopper'

Directed by: Olivier Assayas; Runtime: 105 minutes Grade: C Olivier Assayas seems to have discovered a new muse in Kristen Stewart, an actress whose specific sort of grim, troubled dramatic aura struggled over the years under the weight of awkward Hollywood outings, from the cumbersome reimagining of Snow White to, well, y'know … Twilight. Show More Summary

Exceptional 'Blade Runner 2049' Not An Experience To Fear

Directed by: Denis Villeneuve; Runtime: 164 minutes Grade: A- Merely the suggestion of producing a sequel to a revered classic can push film lovers over the edge. This can be caused by the fear that said sequel won't feel like a proper...Show More Summary

'Mune' an Arthouse Fairytale That's Both Silly and Sluggish

Directed by: Alexandre Heboyan and Benoît Philippon; Runtime: 86 minutes Grade: C+ Animated films walk a fine line between the jubilance that appeals to a younger audience and the nuanced artistry that'll rope in older viewers. It'sShow More Summary

Lacking Personality, 'Guardians' Not Up To Heroic Challenge

Directed by: Sarik Andreasyan; Runtime: 89 minutes Grade: D+ Ahead of what'll seem like a pummeling on Guardians, Russia's entry into blockbuster superhero cinema, it's worth mentioning that comic studios "liberally borrowing" concepts...Show More Summary

Enduring Tortures of Well-Crafted 'Glass Coffin' Lacks Purpose

Directed by: Haritz Zubillaga; Runtime: 75 minutes Grade: C- The Glass Coffin (El ataud de cristal) arrives a little late to capitalize on that short-lived burst of interest in one-location survival thrillers from a few years back, but...Show More Summary

Future's Dark For Universal's Monsters After Dismal 'Mummy'

Directed by: Alex Kurtzman; Runtime: 110 minutes Grade: D Every time the Mummy franchise gets resurrected, it takes on a new attitude, spanning from the mood-heavy dread of the ‘30s classic to plucky, bombastic thrills in the ‘90s reboot. Show More Summary

Blair Witch Knockoff 'Phoenix Forgotten' Easy To Forget

Directed by: Justin Barber; Runtime: 87 minutes Grade: D- As The Blair Witch Project inches closer to the 20th anniversary of its creation, so too does the found-footage horror subgenre itself, marking decades during which the concept has had every opportunity to strengthen, evolve, or, as some folks would prefer, simply run its course. Show More Summary

'Behind the Mask' an Uneven, Skewed Look at Batman Short

Directed by: Eric Dow; Runtime: 98 minutes Grade: C+ Might seem hard to believe at this point, but there was a time in the late-‘90s to early-‘00s where big-screen Batman underwent something of an identity crisis. The creative folksShow More Summary

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