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Securing taxpayer data is the IRS' biggest challenge

I'm a big believer in lists. I can't grocery shop without my piece of paper detailing all the edibles the hubby and I need or want. Yes, I still buy things that don't make the list, but if I forget it, I always have to make another trip to pick up a critical comestible I forgot. Show More Summary

DoJ closes IRS-Tea Party probe, won't bring charges GOP angry that Lerner, Koskinen let off the hook in tax-exempt targeting scandal

After reviewing how the Internal Revenue Service mishandled tax-exempt requests of Tea Party and other groups, the Department of Justice (DoJ) determined that poor management is not necessarily a crime. Lois Lerner, the former IRS executive...Show More Summary

Married? Filing a joint return? Then make sure both spouses sign the 1040 or prepare to pay tax penalties

Marriage means doing things together, even things you hate, like visiting the in-laws, cleaning out the garage and filing taxes. You might be able to let those first two slide, but when it comes to taxes, no such luck. Most couples file a joint tax return. Show More Summary

As Ryan gets ready to take on House Speaker role, Ways & Means members jockey for tax-writing chairmanship

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) appears to be on his way to becoming the next Speaker of the House. The Republicans' 2012 vice presidential candidate apparently convinced enough of the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus (HFC) that he's their man. Show More Summary

IRS issues 2016 tax inflation adjustments Next year's numbers come out on 2015's Back to the Future Day

Time, and time shifting, is always a factor when it comes to taxes. We filed our 2014 taxes in 2015 (some of us earlier than others!), simultaneously looking at what we need to do now so that when we file our 2015 returns in 2016, our tax bills are as small as possible. Show More Summary

Increased e-filing security planned for 2016 filing season IRS Security Summit announces new efforts to fight tax ID theft, fraudulent refunds

When you electronically file your tax return next year, get ready to provide a stronger password and meet tougher validation procedures. That's just one of the ways the Internal Revenue Service and the tax industry is planning to protect taxpayer accounts from criminals. Show More Summary

Infamous tax protester Irwin Schiff has died His tactics live on, as do penalties for those who insist on using them

Irwin Schiff, the man who mainstreamed the tax protester movement, has died. His family said he passed away on Oct. 16 at a Fort Worth, Texas, hospital affiliated with the federal prison where he was serving, yet again, time for tax evasion. Show More Summary

3 costs of tax evasion: Countries lose more than money

Tax evasion is a global problem. Around the world, countries are struggling to make sure that their citizens are paying the taxes they owe. Here in the United States, we try both the stick (audits and even criminal prosecution in some cases) and the carrot (tax breaks) to encourage compliance. Show More Summary

Treasury takes in record $3.25 trillion in FY15 taxes

Uncle Sam just closed out the 2015 fiscal year with a bang. Taxpayers handed over almost $3.25 trillion in taxes by the Sept. 30 closing of the U.S. Treasury's 2015 books. That, according to the Treasury Department's September report issued last week, was $228 billion higher than the total receipts in fiscal year 2014. Show More Summary

GOP presidential candidates tax trash talk on Twitter Rand Paul responds to Donald Trump's filing Tweet; Jeb Bush releases 2014 return

Donald Trump was among the millions of taxpayers who sent their 1040s to the Internal Revenue Service on Oct. 15. He even shared some photos of him signing his tax return on Twitter. Trump's implication, of course, is that the ginormous stack of apparent tax paperwork in his photos will be negated under his 'amazing' tax reform plan. Show More Summary

Celebrating tax terms on Dictionary Day

Today, Oct. 16, is National Dictionary Day. It was created to honor Noah Webster, the publisher of the first dictionary in 1806. Oct. 16 was chosen because it was the day 257 years ago on which Webster was born. Dictionary Day is a day to learn new words with the help of a dictionary. Show More Summary

6 tips to ensure your 10/15 tax filing makes it to the IRS

Happy Tax Day! No, I'm not six months late. Millions of ultimate procrastinators every year get an extension to file their tax paperwork. That absolutely final filing deadline is Oct. 15. Today. I must confess I'm one of those who delayed filing back in April. Show More Summary

Be like Trump: Pay as little tax as possible

I can't believe I'm about to type this, but Donald Trump is right. Here's the caveat. I'm talking about Trump's approach to paying taxes. The pompous billionaire says he pays as little as possible in taxes. Donald Trump, in an Aug. 2, 2015, telephone interview with CBS Face the Nation host John Dickerson, discusses his tax strategy. Show More Summary

Presidential candidate debates out draw zombies

Did you watch the wannabe Democratic presidential nominees debate last night? Good for you. And good for America. Although the first Democratic debate drew less than half the audience of the last Republican one, the more than 15 million CNN viewers who tuned in to see Hillary Clinton et al is a record debate viewership for the Democratic Party. Show More Summary

Tonight's first Democratic presidential debate offers candidates a chance to highlight their tax plans

One thing is certain about tonight's debate between the candidates who want to be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016: None of them is Donald Trump. The Republican nominee front-runner has, however, threatened promised to troll cover tonight's event via Twitter. Show More Summary

Some in GOP question Ryan's conservative commitment; others say he serves the party best as tax-writing chair

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) is still contemplating whether he wants to be Speaker of the House. Meanwhile, opposition to what some had seen as the consensus candidate is growing. Looking for less powerShow More Summary

77% of corporations, partnerships e-file tax returns

Business tax filers are catching up with individual taxpayers when it comes to electronically submitting returns. The Internal Revenue Service estimates that in 2015 around 77 percent of all corporate and partnership returns were filed electronically. Show More Summary

Computer scientists' tax code algorithm could make it easier for IRS to catch partnership tax cheats

Computers and taxes are inseparable. Most of us use our computers to file our taxes every year. The Internal Revenue Service relies on its computers, which it keeps telling Congress it needs money to upgrade, to process those millions of electronically completed and filed returns. Show More Summary

Beware crooks using South Carolina floods to scam charity donors

I love that Subaru commercial where the little kid (he's 5!) imagines what it would be like to drive his dad's car. My favorite part is when he exasperatedly utters, "People." That's how I feel today after the Internal Revenue Service...Show More Summary

McCarthy ends House Speakership quest; Ryan still says 'no'

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) withdrew today from the race to succeed Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) as Speaker of the House. "Over the last week it has become clear to me that our Conference is deeply divided and needs to unite behind one leader," McCarthy said in a statement released by his office. Show More Summary

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