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Near a 7-Eleven? Pop in, pick up a Slurpee and pay your IRS tax bill in cash … but plan ahead and be careful

Nearly 10 million households didn't have bank accounts in 2013, according to the latest survey of individuals' banking habits by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). That's a lot of folks for whom cash is king. That's also a lot of people for whom paying a federal tax bill is not that easy … until now. Show More Summary

SoFla rappers sentenced for roles in tax fraud 6 men face a combined 52+ years in jail and nearly $30 million in restitution

A group of South Florida rappers allegedly created a music label as a front for a massive tax refund fraud ring. Click image to watch the MoneyKing_GroundUP111 video on YouTube. Maybe the erstwhile rappers should change their musical moniker to Doin' Time since six of them were sentenced to jail last week in connection with the tax fraud scheme. Show More Summary

Tax mistakes, breaks and post-filing drinks!

We're now into the single digit countdown (you are watching the clock in the right column, right?) to the April 18 tax return (and due tax payment!) deadline. That means millions of us are starting to get a little frantic. And that can be really, really bad when it comes to taxes. Show More Summary

New tax phishing scam targets D.C. area residents Senate Judiciary chairman introduces bill to increase tax identity theft penalties

Tax con artists apparently like playing in the Internal Revenue Service's backyard. The 2016 tax-filing deadline is just days away and new phishing scams are popping up. Just last month they did so symbolically, pretending to be members of the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel, a group dedicated to helping taxpayers get better service from the tax agency. Show More Summary

Dueling tax calculators: Vox & The Nation face off over presidential candidate tax proposal costs, benefits

The presidential candidates are duking it out for their parties' nomination, with things heating up on both the Democratic and Republican sides as the hopefuls look to the New York primary. So far The Donald and Cruz and Hillary and Bernie haven't gone head-to-head over their tax plans. Show More Summary

Former tax court judge indicted for tax evasion

Diana L. Kroupa was appointed as judge to the U.S. Tax Court in June 2013. Her term was supposed to have run for 15 years, but in June 2014 she retired early. This week Kroupa, 60, was indicted on two counts each of tax evasion, filing false returns and obstruction of an IRS audit. Show More Summary

6 Obamacare tax-filing tips

Obamacare, the popular name for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), was supposed to be a key factor in the 2016 presidential election. It still might be one in the general election once Democrats and Republicans have settled on their respective candidates. Show More Summary

Tax moves to make on April 18 and beyond

Uncle Sam's favorite month has arrived. By the middle of every April every year, the Internal Revenue Service has heard from most U.S. taxpayers. Sure, it's not friendly hellos. Millions of us are contacting him to get refunds. Some of us, though, are sending him a few more dollars Either way, Uncle Sam is thrilled. Show More Summary

IRS refunds still trickling out

The main 2016 tax filing season is almost over, and things definitely are slowing down, at least form the refund issuance standpoint. The Internal Revenue Service says that through March 25, it had received 89.4 million returns and processed almost 87 million of them. Show More Summary

Still waiting for more Bernie Sanders tax returns, too Hillary Clinton is lone White House hopeful to more fully open her tax life to the public

We're still waiting for Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, to release any of his personal tax returns. It's not a campaign requirement, but it is a tradition that we, the voting public and media, have come to expect. Show More Summary

Not saving enough for retirement? The tax code can help

The hubby and I took a day trip today to check out a cool exhibit of a William Shakespeare First Folio. The book, produced in 1623, seven years after Shakespeare's death, includes 36 of his plays, 18 of which had never been before published. Show More Summary

Craigslist ad seeking false tax dependent filing data leads to federal indictment of Missouri man

When the hubby and I head to a sporting event where only young fans are given freebies, say a team-logo cup or a bobble-head doll, we joke that we should be able to rent a kid or two so we could get the goodies. Yes, we would take sports-related candy etc. Show More Summary

Letter from Trump lawyers confirms IRS audits Also provides GOP presidential front-runner a legal excuse for not releasing tax returns

Donald Trump has turned to taxes to divert attention from his restrictive, then recanted, comments on women's reproductive rights. Donald and Melania Trump in pre-presidential campaign days, heading into an Oscar de la Renta fashion show in New York City in September 2006. Show More Summary

Tax help in finding new work, or what to do differently from Jimmy McGill if you don't like your job

You thought it was the perfect job. And it was. For a while. But it's time to move on because, like Jimmy McGill in AMC's "Better Call Saul," your way of doing business is just too flashy for your company's more staid culture. Good news. Show More Summary

Film industry's willingness to sacrifice tax breaks helps defeat Georgia's anti-gay marriage law

"Millions flee Georgia for the safety of North Carolina's bathrooms," quipped New Yorker columnist Andy Borowitz after the Tar Heel State's governor signed into a law a measure that, among other things, revokes local protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. Show More Summary

Which 2016 presidential candidate will cut your tax bill?

All of us tax procrastinators -- and yes, I use "us" because I'm one of them -- still have three weeks to file our 2015 returns. But in the spirit of delaying my current personal tax task a bit longer (c'mon; 21 days is plenty of time!),...Show More Summary

Problems with prepaid card tax refunds

Each tax season, millions of folks get a large chunk of money. For many, this refund money is the largest lump sum they'll see all year. A lot of those folks, however, don't have bank accounts. So they either get their Internal Revenue Service refunds in check form or they have the money loaded onto a prepaid card. Show More Summary

Easter baskets, dinners, travel and taxes

The eggs in your Easter basket are probably tax-free. Only a handful of states tax groceries. But you had to pay tax on the dye kit you dropped in your shopping cart, along with the chocolate rabbits and crème-filled eggs. Sweets and other snacks, seasonal and year-round, tend to be subject to sales tax. Show More Summary

A quick lesson on education credits & tuition deduction

During this presidential primary season, the cost of higher education has been a major campaign issue, especially on the Democratic side. Taking a study break. "University Life 159" by Francisco Osorio via Flickr. Sen. Bernie Sanders is proposing free college for all. Show More Summary

IRS' 35-cent solution and other tax-filing numbers

Folks who were at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on March 24 to hear Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen speak literally were rewarded. They got 35 cents. Thanks Washington Post money blogger Jonelle Marte for sharing via Twitter. Show More Summary

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