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'Redskins' cited as basis to revoke NFL's tax-exempt status

I am a glutton for punishment. For work, I write about taxes. For fun, I'm a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan. The abuse I get in both cases runs neck-and-neck, with seasonal fluctuations for whatever group is most in the public eye at the time. Show More Summary

Tax extenders outlook cloudy in the 2014 lame duck session

Representatives and Senators clocked in today, meeting as lame ducks for the 20th time since 1940. Not exactly lame, but some say these pool toys are just as effective as some lame-duck lawmakers. "Rubber Ducks" photo by artur84 via Show More Summary

A question for Congress on Veterans Day: Will the business tax break for hiring returning military members be renewed?

Getting a job sometimes is the hardest job of all. And military veterans face particular challenges as they transition from the Armed Forces to civilian life. Image courtesy Monster's November 2014 Veterans Talent Index A recent survey...Show More Summary

2015 inflation adjustments for exemptions, deductions, more!

A lot is going on in the next eight weeks. The holidays are almost here. Got your turkey yet? Made your Santa wish list? Meantime, you're also checking out the year-end tax moves you need to make to ensure you pay Uncle Sam the lowest possible 2014 tax bill. Show More Summary

IRS taxpayer service outlook, short- and long-term, is bleak

Continuing cuts to the Internal Revenue Service budget could have deleterious long-term effects on the agency's knowledge transfer, according to one IRS official. In order to preserve as much of its reduced budget as possible, the IRS has opted in recent years to halt hiring of new employees. Show More Summary

San Francisco, Berkeley voters split soda tax ballot initiativesRecent sugary beverage battles recall the time when sodas were 'healthy'

Berkeley, California, finally went where no taxing jurisdiction has gone before. Voters in the city on the eastern side of the San Francisco Bay area overwhelmingly voted on Nov. 4 to tax sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda and juice. Show More Summary

Supreme Court to determine Obamacare tax credit availability

So you thought it you'd get at least a brief breather from contentious political topics after this week's election. Sorry. The Affordable Care Act, known on the Republican campaign trail as Obamacare, is back in the news big time. The...Show More Summary

Most of 2014's tax ballot questions approved by voters

Tax reform might have been an implicit issue in the Nov. 4 federal midterm elections, but the matter of assessing, collecting and exempting taxes was specific on many state and local ballots. In most cases, voters approved the tax ballot initiatives. Show More Summary

5 tax record keeping questions ... and answers!

I been on a recent tidying up kick of late. As the before and after photos below show, I finally found my office's floor. The old material at left was filed or tossed. Mostly filed. I also sorted through my grocery coupon collection....Show More Summary

Tax reform a big factor for mid-term election voters

Most of us won't vote on tax-related ballot initiatives today, but taxes still will guide our choices, according to a recent poll. Public Opinion Strategies' (POS) national pre-election survey found that tax reform is a major concern for most voters. Show More Summary

Election Day 2014: House, Senate, state tax initiatives at stake

Vote! Vote, vote, vote, vote. Vote! The hubby and I voted early. Sometimes we wait until Election Day. Either way, we always vote, as the collection of polling place stickers on our bedroom dresser mirror attests. While I want my candidates...Show More Summary

November tax moves to help you avoid tax turkeys

Here we are, into the final two months of the year. That means much of our time will be spent thinking about getting ready for cold weather, use-or-lose vacation days and the rapidly approaching holidays. But we also need to think about taxes. Show More Summary

Illinois recovers $100 million+ in unpaid gasoline sales taxes

Many states depend on sales taxes to add to their coffers. So when sellers don't remit the proper tax amounts, they take it seriously. Illinois is a prime example, especially when it comes to taxable fuel sales. For years, the state's tax department and Attorney General's office have been cracking down on gas tax fraud. Show More Summary

Best states for business tend to have no or low taxes

It was a lovely Saturday in Austin, so the hubby and I spent the day checking out areas of the city that we've heretofore never really explored. The most fun was at Chinatown Center in North Austin. As we wandered the aisles of the 100,000-square-feet MT Supermarket at the Center, we saw some brands that we recognized. Show More Summary

Boo to this Halloween trick: scary state sales taxes on candy!

Last year, I forgot to buy Halloween candy. The hubby and I ate an early dinner, turned off all our lights and hid upstairs until the trick-or-treaters finished their rounds. This year, our house smells like chocolate! Our Halloween candy bowl! I was smart enough to wait until this morning to open the bags of candy. Show More Summary

2015 income tax rates, income brackets Rates the same, but income amounts increased for inflation

This is why people hate taxes. OK. There's no one "this" when it comes to tax loathing. But here's one big reason: confusing dates. Right now we're working on ways to reduce our current year's tax bill. To do that, we must make many tax moves by Dec. Show More Summary

Voters get their say Nov. 4 on myriad ballot initiatives

Nov. 4 is not just a day to decide which candidates will fill local, state and federal legislative offices. Voters across the country also will be having their say on 146 ballot measures. The topics awaiting the people's voice rangeShow More Summary

Desert island bipartisanship, sort of, on new reality TV show

What does it take to get U.S. Senators from opposing parties to work together? Dropping them off on a deserted island. That's the premise Rival Survival, a new reality TV show that debuts at 10 p.m. (9 Central) Wednesday, Oct. 29, on Discovery Channel. Show More Summary

IRS seizes honest taxpayers' assets under forfeiture program

Oh my Lord, IRS. What in the hell were you thinking? The Internal Revenue Service is already the most hated government agency, and then you go and seize honest working people's assets just because you can. Even worse, you make it incredibly hard for them to prove that it's you, not them, that is in the wrong. Show More Summary

Dolce & Gabbana tax conviction overturned by Italy's top court

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, founders of the high-end Italian fashion label Dolce & Gabbana, are no longer convicted tax evaders. Italy's highest court on Oct. 24 erased two lower court convictions that the duo had participated in what Italian prosecutors called a "sophisticated tax fraud" scheme. Show More Summary

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