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A Connecticut Taliban in Bloomberg's Court?

It may be that the Pakistan-based Taliban, the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), has quietly established a Connecticut franchise while we weren't looking. That's possible. But it seems far more likely to me that the perpetrator of the...Show More Summary

Crippling, Crushing, and Suffocating Iran

On Wednesday afternoon, members of the House and Senate gathered for a conference committee meeting to discuss the bills passed by each house to impose sanctions on Iran. As I sat down at my desk to write this, I pulled out my Roget's Thesaurus to see how many synonyms for "crippling," 'crushing," "overwhelming," "suffocating," and so on there are. Show More Summary

Tehran's Coup in Iraq, Part II

Nearly seven weeks after the March 7 election in Iraq, there's no movement at all toward creating a new government. As the August deadline for drawing down U.S forces to 50,000 troops gets closer -- and even those troops are scheduled...Show More Summary

Depopulating Tehran

It might sound psychotic, but in fact it could be one of the cleverest and most diabolical counterinsurgency measures of all time. President Ahmadinejad of Iran says he wants to depopulate Tehran, Iran's capital, because of the threat...Show More Summary

Torture Prisons in Iraq

The 'Los Angeles Times' reports today that the government of Iraq held hundreds of Sunni men in a secret torture prison where they were suffocated with plastic bags, shocked with electricity, and sodomized. Back in the bad old days,Show More Summary

Mullen: No Attack on Iran

There's a lot of hullabaloo about the 'New York Times' article on Sunday, breathlessly reporting a "wake up call" from Secretary of Defense Robert Gates about the urgent need to rush contingency plans for attacking Iran. Don't worry about it. Show More Summary

The Kyrgyz Great Game

The Great Game for influence in Central Asia, pitting the United States against Russia (with China as a more-than-just-interested observer) has taken a sharp turn in Russia's favor, in the wake of the Russian-induced regime change in...Show More Summary

War Crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan

War crimes, massacres, and, as Al Jazeera properly calls it, "collateral murder," are all part of the US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. The release last week of the Wikileaks video, thirty-eight grisly minutes long,Show More Summary

Iraq, Iran, and Sistani

Ayatollah Ali Sistani, the Persian cleric who wields great influence in Iraqi politics, has been quiet lately. Too quiet, they might say in a horror movie. Sistani, of course has cultivated a reputation as a "quietist," that is, as a...Show More Summary

Who's the Enemy Again?

When it comes to Afghanistan, it doesn't sound like President Obama is in a negotiating mood. His in-and-out visit this weekend to Kabul, bomber jacket and all, included a rah-rah speech to US forces that didn't mention a word about a political settlement of the conflict. Show More Summary

Tehran's Coup in Iraq?

Iran is losing no time in assembling a pro-Tehran government in Iraq, and in so doing Tehran may push the Sunni minority in Iraq into violent rebellion. Already, there are reports from Iraq -- from Iraqi political insiders -- that former...Show More Summary

Allawi's Victory

Former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi emerged from the election with a plurality of seats, winning 91 delegates to the next national assembly, against Prime Minister Maliki's 89. It is, it seems, about to get ugly. Allawi, a former Baathist...Show More Summary

The Iraqi Rubik's Cube

Final results of the Iraqi elections may, or may not, be released Friday. Of course, that will be the beginning, not the end, of the post-election crisis in Iraq. Despite the trumpeting of democracy by US defenders of the war, sadly nearly all Iraqis voted along communal lines. Show More Summary

Light at the End of the Afghan Tunnel?

A lot happening on the AfPak front. It's Pakistan week in Washington, and nearly the entire Pakistan government is in town for meetings with the Obama administration. But the real action is half a world away, where a delegation fromShow More Summary

Not Chalabi's Iraq

Final results in the Iraqi elections, held March 7, won't be announced until Friday at the earliest. And even then, the vote count is likely to be disputed by nearly everyone, with Prime Minister Maliki issuing veiled threats that he won't relinquish the reins of power no matter the result. Show More Summary

GOP Peaceniks?

Last December, when President Obama launched his second escalation of the Afghan war, he did so with the unflinching support of the Republicans, the right, and neoconservativies. But a small group of conservatives, libertarians and assorted...Show More Summary

Pentagon vs. Israel?

Nearly a year ago, I wrote about General Keith Dayton's address to the annual Soref Symposium of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the pro-Israeli thinktank. In that address, I noted, Dayton -- who'd been assigned the job...Show More Summary

US-Israel Showdown?

The Israel lobby is mobilizing for what might turn into the most significant confrontation between the United States and Israel since, well, the Suez War of 1956, when President Eisenhower told Israel -- and its covert allies, the UK and France -- to halt the unprovoked assault on Egypt. Show More Summary

Hopeful Signs in Iraq?

Facts are scarce, and spin is everywhere, in the aftermath of Iraq's election on Sunday. I'll be updating this entry later today and tomorrow as preliminary results from the election are announced. Some initial thoughts: voter turnout was 62 percent, according to initial reports from Iraq. Show More Summary

Obama, Iran and Iraq

Just like love and marriage, Iran and Iraq go together. As much as the Obama administration might like to, there's no having an "Iraq policy" without having a closely related "Iran policy." As the song says, you can't have one without...Show More Summary

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