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Blinker Tinker

Robert had to ask question #3;  Could you help me locate a relay in my 02 gran am, which would cause a random repeating clicking noise like my blinker was turned on.   Robert, you need to purchase a manual for this task and many more issues you will be fixing  on your car. It will be [...]

First Brake job

Robert also wondered about this;   I did the brakes on my grand am for the first time my self. After that I here a little noise from the front right of the car, kind of creeking. heard when moving not stopping.   Robert, since it is your first brake job you may want to take that right front [...]

Heater control

Robert tells me;   Heater control has dial going from (1-5)1,2,3 does not work anymore while 4&5 are unaffected. same results for heating and cooling   Robert, the fan speed control switch is going out and needs to be replaced. Good luck…   Dave

Dodge Caravan 2004

Samantha wonders;   My engine light has been coming on and off and when its on it the engine appears to buckle and it makes me go real slow where i cant go faster than 30   Samantha, the light is trying to tell you what is wrong but you must have it hooked up to an analyzer [...]

1997 Saturn

Mike tells me this;   After adding oil, my 1997 Saturn 1.9 engine started knocking. It calms down in higher gears. What’s up?   Mike, it all depends how low it was before you added more oil. If you ran it low for a while then you may have problems. If it calms down in high  gears it [...]

90 Toyota Tercell

Boyd tells me this;   My car overheated on me i stopped topped of the coolant in cooled off i parked it for the night next morn.,started it to defrost the windows came back 10 min./ there was steam coming from under hood i noticed steam and a small drip of coolant it is behind the [...]

transmission problem

John has this situation;   1995 dodge caravan 3.0 motor over drive transmission changed input output sensors will shift into second then when it trys to shift into drive it try to slip then goes back ito first gear and won’t shift back up and engine check light comes on if i let it shut off [...]

New cv boot for a renault kangoo 1999

Andy asks;   How do I put a new cv boot on a renault kangoo 1999. Do I have to take the whole right hand drive shaft out or only part off it. thanks. Andy..   Andy, I would take off the whole shaft assembly off so you can attach the new one correctly. You do realize that [...]

Chevy S-10 1994

Jim says this;   My sons chevy s-10 1994 is turning over but wont start what should i check?   Jim, all depends how long its been sitting. First check the fuel, Then ignition. This would be the procedure to follow in that order. Check trouble codes, fuel pump, all filters, spark plugs, spark wires, etc…   Dave

2002 dodge grand caravan

Gregg  tells me;   Van starting to hesitate when starting from a stop seems worst when cold also van dies on ocassion when at a stop any suggestions on what could be wrong?   Gregg, sonds like you need new plugs and a general tune up. Take it in and all should be OK. Good luck…   Dave

Oil pan gasket

Chris asks;   Changing oil pan gasket on 95 sunfire 2.2L, do you have to raise motor to get pan off?   I am not sure but if there is a cross member in the way, its one or the other that must be moved. Get a manual and check to see.  Good luck…   Dave

1997 Mercury Grand Marquis

Tommy sys;   Hi I have a 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis with 60,000 original miles. when I reach between 35 and 40 mph I feel a vibrating feeling like from the driveshaft, kind of a gear grind wobble feel then immediately above 40 it disappears and all is well. This concerns me as the [...]

1995 Saturn SL2

Jeanne wonders about this;   Car seems to have bad trans. Recently checked. Diagnoised bad computer. Could this cause trans problem? Would new/used computer help? Car runs really bad, at times. Are computers expensive and are they easy to install? Thanks!   Yes, Jeanne, a bad computer can cause transmission problems. the computer tells the transmission when to [...]

Ohms sending unit

Rob asks;   What are the ohms on 1995 chevy tahoe fuel gauge i thought it was 0-90 trying to install aftermarket gauge?   Rob, check the one you took out, or look in a manual. That would be the best way to find out. Otherwise you check what voltage the sending unit range is and match up [...]

Rover 45 Club SE 1600 2004

Stan says;   When I switch ignition on the overheat fan comes on. radiator water level is correct. Advice would be appreciated!   Stan, I would look in the direction of a fan relay switch, which sounds like it is sticking. A manual should help you locate the relay and replace. Good luck Stan…   Dave

2000 trans am

Randalls situation is as follows;   I am working on a 2000 trans am and i just replaced the master cylinder and the slave cylinder and and a stage 2 clutch and it won’t disengage the trans i took the line off the trans and the pedal got real hard but when i hooked it up [...]

95 mustang gt

Greg asks;   Can i take the smog pump out by only removing the three attaching bolts 6.0 liter.   Greg, I am not sure. Make sure you don’t just leave the hose ends hanging.  Best to plug them if you are going to do that.  Good luck…   Dave

1999 Ford Taurus

David asks;   This is my daughters car,passed down from myself.It has 98,000 miles on a 3.0 v6.I have always keep it in good running order changing the oil, brakes, and the little things myself.She just brought it over from her drive home from work,smoking and smelling of oil.When i opened the hood it had oil [...]

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