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Shaolin Flying Monks Temple: Wind Tunnel Facilitates Midair Kung Fu Fighting

Mixing modern architecture and traditional arena theater design, the Shaolin Flying Monks Temple features a massive wind tunnel that lets combatants in rural Henan, China, fly and fight in front of hundreds of fascinated observers. The mountainous setting is home to the historical Shaolin Monastery (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and is considered the birthplace of Zen …

THE HAUS Berlin: Abandoned Building Taken Over By 165 Street Artists

Set to be demolished in June to make way for an apartment building,THE HAUS in Berlin is a formerly abandoned 5-story building filled with site-specific works by 165 street artists. Dreamed up by artists Kimo, Bolle and Jörni of Die Dixons collective, THE HAUS was once a bank on avenue Kurfürstendamm, but fell into disuse …

Transparent Intentions: 13 Glass Additions to Historic Architecture

Transparent additions to historic architecture physically expand the space while making the subtlest possible changes to the building exteriors, allowing you to see the original structures right through the glazed walls. Augmenting 500-year-old...Show More Summary

Sleeves Are For Nerds: Geeky iPad, Tablet & eReader Covers

Tablets, iPads and eReaders are so ubiquitous, nerdy owners are employing extreme acts of graphic personalization to imbue their devices with unique geek chic.

Digital Knitting Machine: Kniterate is a 3D Printer for Custom Apparel

Borrowing logic from the 3D printing industry, Kniterate lets users turn ideas and designs from digital files to one-off wearable garments in hours. Able to “print” shirts, scarves, sweaters, dresses and more, the machine is aimed at enabling customized creations as well as rapid prototyping. Compact, portable and affordable, the gadget itself links into computer …

Selective Hearing: These Earplugs Let You Turn Down Sounds of the World

We’ve all had moments where we wished we could tune out a particular person or muffle loud music without losing the ability to hear a friend’s voice, but standard earplugs don’t exactly allow for a lot of fine-tuning. But with a new product called ‘Knops,’ you can literally turn the volume of the world up …

Collecting Inspiration: 3 Must-See Data Artists & Designers at Eyeo 2017

Jenny Odell collects and organizes all kinds of things, from meticulously sorting digital finds on Google Maps to tracing the origins of everything she used, wore, ate or bought on one particular day in 2013. Her work often pulls objects out of context, aggregating and arranging something like a set of pools against a neutral backdrop (as seen …

Fractal Fruit: Produce Carved into Elaborate Geometric Patterns

S The mathematical precision of the patterns cut into raw fruits and vegetables is almost too perfect to be real, but on top of that, Japanese artist Gaku has to work as rapidly as possible to capture a photo of the finished product before it starts to turn brown. Imagine how hard that is with …

Visionary High-Rises: Winners of the 2017 eVolo Skyscraper Competition

The way we design and engage with our built environments will rapidly change as we grapple with climate change and develop new technological innovations, and in some cases, radical new ideas will be required. The annual skyscraper design competition held by eVolo recognizes visionary ideas for high-rise projects that challenge our understanding of vertical architecture …

Still Life with Smoke Bombs: Artist Live-Paints Berkeley Protest Violence

This past Saturday, Trump supporters and counter-protesters from the left clashed violently in liberal Berkeley, all while one intrepid street painter captured the scene live on canvas. As reporters filmed and photographed the chaos, John Paul Marcelo biked his mobile painting station into place. Show More Summary

Guitar for Modern Nomads: This Digital Instrument is Designed to Travel

What if you were to eliminate the unwieldy parts of a guitar but maintain its resonant sound and the same exact way of playing, in order to make the instrument are more convenient traveling companion? It might sound ridiculous or downright impossible, but that’s exactly what designer Orit Dolev has done with NOMAD, a compact …

Faith Lift: 14 Modern Churches Reinvent Religious Architecture

The classic silhouette of a church may be iconic and instantly recognizable, but modern-day religious architecture proves itself to be adaptive after all, evolving into a broad variety of dramatic shapes that frame views of the natural world and prioritize a sense of community. These 14 modern church designs run the gamut from small, modest chapels …

Labyrinthine Loophole: Bar Entry Maze Beats 500 Meter Minimum Distance Law

Following a supreme court ruling that bars must be a minimum of 500 meters away from highways, one intrepid watering hole wrapped itself in a 250-meter maze to effectively circumvent the law. Handed down earlier this month, the ruling has closed down liquor-serving establishments across India, prompting some to get creative. Owners of the Aishwarya Bar …

NK INK: North Korea Graffiti, Stencils & Street Art

North Korea may be making the headlines like never before but the world's graffiti artists have been featuring the Hermit Kingdom's leaders for years.

Steampunk Micro-Home: Mobile Shabby Chic Trailer Rocks Lofty Aesthetic

Borrowing stylistic details from urban warehouse lofts and rustic rural cabins, this 200-square-foot home manages to look weathered and sophisticated at the same time. Reclaimed pine and cedar, a gabled roof and various recycled materials make the exterior of this abode look well-worn but welcoming. Show More Summary

A Taste of Japan: Immersive Animated Restaurant Shifts with the Seasons

The exclusive experience of dining at this Tokyo restaurant, which serves just eight patrons a day, is not really about the food – though Saga Beef restaurant Sagaya-Ginza is not necessarily lacking in quality. It’s just that watching nature spring to life all around you, cycling through the seasons to represent some of Japan’s most …

Culinary Arts: Rock Candy Geodes Hidden Inside Huge Chocolate Shells

Just like the dull rocks that often reveal geode formations in nature, one would not expect to find such a sweet surprise inside what look a bit like giant Easter eggs (or perhaps dinosaur droppings). As a final thesis project for the Culinary Institute of America in New York, Alex Yeatts and Abby Lee Wilcox spent months crafting these …

Picasso in 3D: Famous Paintings Transformed Into Physical Objects

What would Pablo Picasso think if he saw that another artist had transformed his two-dimensional Cubist works of art into three-dimensional form? While the MIMIC series by Omar Aqil was created digitally and doesn’t exist as physical objects, it’s easy to imagine each piece as a sculpture you can walk around and examine from all …

Underpass Art & Parks: 15 Fun Projects Reclaiming Disused Urban Space

Climbing walls, skate parks, art installations, theaters and even miniature marinas take advantage of the cathedral-like spaces beneath highways and bridges, revitalizing formerly disused and depressed square footage in urban areas.Show More Summary

Raining Pitchforks: Artist Lures Visitors Under 300 Spikey Forks of Doom

When someone exclaims “It’s raining pitchforks and hammer handles out there” they rarely mean it quite so literally. Dubbed The Crusher, this installation sounds as much like a pro wrestler or horror movie as a piece of art. And as the ominous name suggests: it is something to be awed … and perhaps at least a …

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