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Solar Power Without Panels: 8 Smart Sun-Based Gadgets

The phrase ‘solar power’ immediately brings photovoltaic panels to mind, but the power of the sun can be harnessed in all sorts of creative ways. These 8 gadgets, ranging from a hand-held engraving device to a standalone power station...Show More Summary

Meet Shabani, Japan’s Most Handsome Gorilla

Gorilla my dreams? Japanese women have gone ape over Shabani, a western lowland gorilla residing at Nagoya, Japan's Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens. The post Meet Shabani, Japan’s Most Handsome Gorilla appeared first on WebEco...

Viral Fashion: The Nets-Men Mosquito Net Suit

The Nets-Men Mosquito Net Suit from Japan's BIBI LAB is designed to protect wearers of any gender from mosquito-borne diseases such as Dengue fever. The post Viral Fashion: The Nets-Men Mosquito Net Suit appeared first on WebEcoist.

Korean Rail Bike Route Recycles The Railroad

Don't drive on the railroad tracks? Good advice for Bill Murray but the Groundhog Day star never rode on South Korea's Jeongseon Auraji Rail Bike route. The post Korean Rail Bike Route Recycles The Railroad appeared first on WebEcoi...

Eco Sculpture by the Sea: Pavilion Made of 70,000 Bottle Caps

A wave-like sculpture mimics the surface of the adjacent sea in Aarhus, Denmark in an abstract composition made with over 70,000 reclaimed plastic bottle caps. Indian artist Arunkumar HG created ‘Droppings and the Dam(n)’ for the Sculpture...Show More Summary

Living Architecture: 100-Seat Church Made of Real Trees

Architecture doesn’t get much more natural than this, unless it’s made by nature itself. This incredible church in New Zealand is made from dozens of living trees secured to an iron frame, which will be removed as soon as the branches are strong enough to support themselves. Show More Summary

Hot Tub in a Hammock: Hydro-Relaxation Goes Portable

Hot tubs sure are a nice way to unwind after a long, physically taxing day, whether you went on a hike or chased children around. Too bad you can’t just make one appear on your deck without the expense and trouble, right? Wrong – atShow More Summary

Good News! Amazing Upcycled Newsstands

While traditional street newsstands continue to close up, shut down and fade away, a few of the convenient kiosks have been reborn and that IS good news! The post Good News! Amazing Upcycled Newsstands appeared first on WebEcoist.

An Apple A Day: 10 Surprising Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

We’d like to thank the first person who decided that there must be some usefulness to a ‘bad’ batch of apple cider instead of just tossing it out, whoever they may have been. As it turns out, there are dozens and dozens of valuable uses...Show More Summary

Heaven’s Gaze: Bulgaria’s Eerie “Eyes of God”

All eyes are focused on ecotourism in Bulgaria but visitors to the Geological Park Iskar-Panega should watch out: The Eyes of God are looking right back! The post Heaven’s Gaze: Bulgaria’s Eerie “Eyes of God” appeared first on WebEcoist.

Bizarre Bikes: 15 Insane Bicycle-Related Inventions

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all when it comes to strange and unusual bicycle designs, from DIY creations to futuristic concepts, along come a handmade dinosaur bike, helmets that look eerily like human scalps and bikes that you ride while relaxing in a hammock. Show More Summary

Cold Comfort: Dubai Firm’s $100,000 Snow Room

Weary of Dubai's stifling heat? Pining for more fjord-like climes? Dubai firm Desert Snow will install an Areasauna or “snow room” for just $108,898 and up! The post Cold Comfort: Dubai Firm’s $100,000 Snow Room appeared first on WebEcoist.

Mewgaroo Hoodie Puts Pets n Your ‘Hood

The Mewgaroo Hoodie and its kangaroo-style front pouch brings pets and their owners closer than ever before... like, sharing the same clothes close! The post Mewgaroo Hoodie Puts Pets n Your ‘Hood appeared first on WebEcoist.

Trunk Driving: Tree-Colonized Abandoned Vehicles

Yo dawgs, we heard you like trunks in your truck's trunk so here's some funky old vehicles with tree trunks growing out of their car & truck trunks! The post Trunk Driving: Tree-Colonized Abandoned Vehicles appeared first on WebEcoi...

CLAWS: Chinese City’s 100-ton Crayfish Statue

The Chinese city of Qianjiang is celebrating its freshwater crustacean-catching roots with a bright red, 50-ft tall, 100-ton statue of a rampant crayfish. The post CLAWS: Chinese City’s 100-ton Crayfish Statue appeared first on WebEcoist.

Daily Dose of Cute: 10 Most Squeal-Worthy Baby Animals

If you’re ever having a bad day, there’s no better way to cheer yourself up than with photos of adorable creatures doing cute things. Here are 10 of the cutest baby animals born in captivity over the past year, including a number ofShow More Summary

Caterpillar Bombs: 6 Times Animals Have Been Used as Weapons

Millions of hungry caterpillars may soon fall onto the illegal coca fields of South America as the Colombian government seeks a natural alternative to toxic herbicides in their own war on drugs. But this is hardly the first time living...Show More Summary

Dream Destinations: 10 More Eco Resorts Around the World

These environmentally sensitive travel destinations are so dreamy, we can hardly believe they’re real. Some are real places you can book right now, some are under construction and others are destined to remain mere fantasies, but they’re...Show More Summary

Archaeology of the Present: Pavilion Explores Our Wasteful Ways

Every other year, artists and architects from nations all over the world come together to celebrate contemporary art and design at the Venice Biennale. Nearly 100 countries take part in the exhibition, with 30 maintaining permanent pavilions in the Giardini park. Show More Summary

Airbnb’s Floating House Does London By Thames

Airbnb's full-functional Floating House may not have a swimming pool in its real-grass yard but unwanted visitors will have to cross one heck of a moat! The post Airbnb’s Floating House Does London By Thames appeared first on WebEco...

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