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Woman Dressed Up Her Cats To Create A Custom Back To The Future Halloween Card To Send Friends

4 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

Geekologie reader Christy dresses her cats up in costume every year to make a Halloween card to send to friends and family. This is a Back to the Future themed one, starring her cats Herbert Hooverboard and Mr. Peterson as Doc Brown and Marty McFly. Show More Summary

Sadness: The Supercut Of Batman's Parents Being Killed

4 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is a supercut of Batman's parents getting killed in nine different versions of his origin story. It was pretty sad. You think Bruce Wayne's parents called him Brucie when he was a baby? Bruce just doesn't sound like much of a baby's name. Show More Summary

Starbucks Testing Fall Coffee Drink That Taste Like Guiness

last monthOdd : Geekologie

Because you can only drink so many Pumpkin Spice Lattes a day, Starbucks is now testing Dark Barrel Latte, a coffee drink designed to mimic the taste of Guinness. Unfortunately, the drink contains zero alcohol, making it much more lucrative...Show More Summary

Fools!: Researchers Teach Robot To Pilot Flight Simulator

last monthOdd : Geekologie

In this will all end very poorly news, researchers in South Korea have taught a little humanoid robot to pilot a flight simulator. Admittedly, it does pretty well. So, let's say in a couple years they have the technology for robots to fly passenger planes autonomously. Show More Summary

That's A Hell Of A Deep End: New Deepest Swimming Pool Is 40-Meters (131-Feet) To The Bottom

last monthOdd : Geekologie

This is Montegrotto Terme, Italy's recently completed 'Y-40' (aka 'The Deep Joy', which I've actually been called before), the new world's deepest swimming pool (previously: this one). The pool's central well reaches a depth of 40-meters (~131-feet) and is used for deep-sea diving practice. Show More Summary

Woman Rewriting Harry Potter Into Conservative Christian Tale So Her Kids Don't Turn Into Witches

last monthOdd : Geekologie

Grace Ann is a conservative Christian mother in the process of rewriting Harry Potter into 'Hogwarts School Of Prayer And Miracles', a God-fearing tale her kids can read without turning into witches. Like, that's her concern. You know, because that's happened to other children. Show More Summary

Now You're Talking: Lady's Handbag w/ 28oz Hidden Flask

last monthOdd : Geekologie

From hidden flask specialists Binoktails (who brought us the digital camera and hairbrush flasks) comes the $36 Bev-Bag Secret Handbag Flask. It holds a whopping 28-oz (828ml, more than a regular fifth bottle and almost a liter) of your favorite booze. Show More Summary

Create Custom Pixel Waffles With The Pixel Waffle Maker

last monthOdd : Geekologie

This is the Pixel Waffle Maker, a waffle maker with a 9 x 9 pixel silicon tray that allows you to push individual pixels in and out to create custom waffle designs. Obviously, the designs you can make in a 9 x 9 tray are pretty limited, but that's not going to stop me from trying to make every variation of an 8-bit penis I can think of. Show More Summary

Terrifying: Guys Spot MASSIVE Anaconda In Brazilian River, Grab Its Tail

last monthOdd : Geekologie

This is a video of several Brazilians out for a leisurely cruise in their boat when they spot a fing GIGANTIC anaconda. So what do they do? Naturally, grab its tail and try to tug it around for a bit while a woman in the boat screams her face off. Show More Summary

New iPhone Vs. Liquid Nitrogen Bath And Sledgehammer

last monthOdd : Geekologie

Because there are literally tons of people willing to trade hundreds of dollars in electronics for Youtube views, this is a video of a new iPhone 6 taking a liquid nitrogen bath, then being shattered with a sledgehammer. It didn't stand a chance. Show More Summary

Frogs Gather To Watch Worm Video On A Smartphone

last monthOdd : Geekologie

This is a video of a bunch of frogs gathering to watch a video of worms slithering around on a smartphone. The group starts off small, but grows quickly, with several viewers actually lunging at the screen for a disappointing snack.Show More Summary

Silent Night Of The Living Dead Zombie Nativity Scene

last monthOdd : Geekologie

This is the Kickstarter for Silent Night Of The Living Dead, a zombie themed nativity scene featuring Mary and Joseph fighting off zombie wise men and a shepherd boy to protect precious baby Jesus. Donating £50 (~$82) will get you a set in time for Christmas this year if they reach their £4,500 (~$7,355) funding goal. Show More Summary

Reporter Reveals On Air She's Owner Of The Medical Marijuana Club She's Reporting On With A "F It, I Quit"

last monthOdd : Geekologie

This is a video of (now ex) Anchorage, Alaska KTVA 11 news reporter Charlo Green revealing on air that she's actually the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club on which the station has been reporting, and quits her job like an all-star.Show More Summary

False Advertising!: Burger King's All-Black Burgers Finally Spotted In The Wild (And Look Depressing)

last monthOdd : Geekologie

As proof that you can never get a burger that looks even remotely like the one in the ads, these are several pictures of Burger King Japan's all-black burgers spotted in the wild. As you can see, they look like shit. Which is a shame too, because of all the countries I'd believe would try to make a burger live up to it's expectations, it's Japan. Show More Summary

So, It's Come To This: Dress With iPhones Attached

last monthOdd : Geekologie

This is "designer" Elie Tahari's iPhone dress, a dress with a bunch of iPhones attached. Why? Because fashion is dead. And I'm pretty sure my roommate is too because I haven't seen or heard from him in weeks. Dare me to kick down his bedroom door? BAM! OMG...OMG... OMG! "What?!" That fer moved out without telling me! Keep going for a video that's even sadder than this picture.

Woman Has Surgery To Get A Third 'Total Recall' Breast

last monthOdd : Geekologie

Cool shower curtain, did they perform the surgery in your bathtub or what? Entertainer Jasmine Tridevil (because apparently tits are devils) allegedly underwent plastic surgery to have a third breast added between her existing breasts,...Show More Summary

Insane Mechanised Wooden Desk With All Sorts Of Secret Compartments Built Over 200 Years Ago

last monthOdd : Geekologie

In they sure as hell don't make them like that anymore news, this is an ultra-impressive wooden desk with all sorts of mechanized, moving parts and secret compartments. I LOVE secret compartments. It was built over 200 years ago without the use of any power tools. Show More Summary

Fly-By Of New Star Wars Millennium Falcon Complete With Batmobile Easter Egg

last monthOdd : Geekologie

This is a fly-by of J.J. Abram's Millennium Falcon for the new Star Wars movie. Apparently J.J. and Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder like poking fun at each other via Twitter (I guess that's how you get your kicks when you're a...Show More Summary

Brain Tumor Successfully Removed From Pet Goldfish

last monthOdd : Geekologie

10-year old George the goldfish is doing swimmingly following a 45-minute procedure to remove a brain tumor (links to whole story with pictures of the whole process). Because apparently that's something that can be done. Next stop: turning the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back into regular turtles. Dr. Show More Summary

I Need That: A Box Of 2,400 Krispy Kreme Donuts

last monthOdd : Geekologie

To celebrate their new donut delivery services (WAIT -- WHAT?!) in the U.K. (dammit!) Krispy Kreme baked up a special double hundred dozen box of their original glazed donuts. That's 2,400 donuts. And apparently one lucky company is going to win all these donuts, although hopefully sooner than later because the half-life of a donut is like 8 hours. Show More Summary

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