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Poland Develops World's First Stealth Tank (Poland??!)

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is Poland's PL-01 Stealth Tank. It will be "the world's first fully operational stealth tank when it goes into service in 2018" (if you exclude all the other stealth tanks that have already been developed in secret that the government hides from us). Show More Summary

Dog With Only Two Front Legs Running On The Beach

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is a video of Duncan the boxer running on the beach. Duncan was born with severely deformed back legs, so his adoptive family had them amputated. And now he has learned to run with just his front two legs. Cool, but I'd still want some back wheels if I was him. Show More Summary

Livefeed Of Bird Feeder That Looks Like A Little Cafe

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

Note: Link to livefeed of the feeder HERE. This is Plipshow, a livefeed of a birdfeeder that was designed to look like a little coffee shop. It's the brainchild of photographer Magne Klann. My brainchild? Napkins made specifically for...Show More Summary

Wil Wheaton Explains To Little Girl How To Respond To Being Called A Nerd

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

Then I went crazy and stabbed him! This is a video of Wil Wheaton at a panel during Denver Comic Con answering a little girl's question of how to respond to being called a nerd (SPOILER: it's not you, it's them -- they are sad). Personally, you can call me a nerd all day long and it won't hurt my feelings. Show More Summary

Precious Lil Angels!: Teensy Caribbean Pygmy Octopuses Hatch At Florida Aquarium

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is a Caribbean Pygmy Octopus that recently hatched at the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Florida. It's so teensy! If this were a Disney movie, it would think that pencil eraser is its mother. This is not a Disney movie though, this is real life. Show More Summary

Mike Tyson Fights w/ Street Fighter Sound Effects Added

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is a video compilation of Mike Tyson fights with Street Fighter sound effects added. Just like the title says. Could you imagine being on the receiving end of one of those punches? Your body would just explode. At least mine would. Probably through the anus. What? It's my weakest link. Keep going for the video.

I'll Be Humming It All Day Now: Stunning Rendition Of Star Wars Theme On Massive Theater Pipe Organ

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is a worthwhile video (at least skip around) of Jelani Eddington performing the Star Wars main theme on one of the largest pipe organs in the world, a Wurlitzer theater organ with some 8,000-pipes. For reference, I only have one pipe. Show More Summary

Speak Of The Devil And He Shall Appear: BaneCat Exacts Revenge On Owner

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is a video of BaneCat plotting revenge on his owner. Probably for making him wear that costume in the first place. I tried putting a costume on one of my cats once. ONCE. Then he killed me and now I'm a ghost. rattling chains BooOOoooOOoo! "You're not a ghost." No, but I am chained up in my neighbor's basement. Show More Summary

40-Year Old Deaf Woman Hears For The First Time

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

WARNING: THERE WILL BE TEARS. Seen here looking suspiciously like Kevin Arnold's mother from The Wonder Years, 40-year old Jo Milne hears for the first time thanks to cochlea implants. I cried. Then I got embarrassed and started yelling at the person filming for recording in portrait mode. Show More Summary

Orchestra Performs 43 Cartoon Theme Songs In 5:00

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is a video of the Carnegie Hall Ensemble Orchestra performing 43 separate cartoon theme songs in five minutes. Just a bit of each song though, not the whole thing. That would have taken way longer. Like me getting dressed this morning. Show More Summary

Jurassic Park T-Rex Chase Scene Sweded Shot-For-Shot

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is the t-rex chase scene from Jurassic Park recreated entirely out of cardboard, markers, and bad acting by the folks at CineFix. I also embedded a side-by-side comparison with the original so you can see just how closely they nailed it. Show More Summary

Doctors Conducting Human Trials On Placing Critically Injured Patients In Suspended Animation

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

Because the future is rapidly approaching, doctors are currently conducting human trials on the ability to put critically injured patients in suspended animation in order to buy more time to save them. Cool, but if I get injured I want to be cryogenically frozen and thawed out the year hoverboards are invented. Show More Summary

McDonald's Fan Gets Tattoo Of Receipt On His Arm

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is the arm of 18-year old Norwegian fast food fan Stian Ytterdahl. He got a McDonald's receipt tattooed on it. Why? Because who doesn't love McFlurries? I still can't believe it. I mean, I love fast food as much as the next guyShow More Summary

Daaaaw: Dad Adds Special Effects To Videos Of Son

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

OMG I love playing the floor is lava! This is 'Action Movie Kid', a series of twelve short videos (they'll play in a row as a playlist) featuring a 3-year old on adventures that his dad has added special effects to. They're all pretty cute. Show More Summary

WE MUST BUY IT: Wu-Tang Releasing One Very Expensive Copy Of A New Secret Album

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

Remember when the Wu-Tang double CD (Wu-Tang Forever) came out in '97 and in 'Bells of War' RZA told me I didn't even need to go to summer school, that the Wu-Tang double CD would be all the education I needed that year? Well he was SPOT ON. Show More Summary

Count Me In: Goat Simulator's Official Launch Trailer

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

Remember that Goat Simulator video? How could you forget, you've always dreamed of being a goat. Me? I've always dreamed of being a bird of prey. CAW, CAW! This is the official launch trailer for Goat Simulator (preorder HERE, released...Show More Summary

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Trailer

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

Michael Bay may only be proudly celebrated as a producer on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but as you'll see in this first trailer, he's still somehow managed to yet again get his grimy fingerprints all over our action figures. The preview...Show More Summary

Hello, 911? I'm Bleeding: iPhone Case With Folding Knife

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is the iStab, a 3-D printed iPhone case with a folding knife attached. That way you can accidentally Van Gogh yourself while answering a call. Or you could, I don't know, just carry a far more practical folding knife separately from your phone. Show More Summary

Damn, Hunk: Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, Then Vs Now

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is a side-by-side comparison of a 31-year old Hugh Jackman in Wolverine (2001) vs a 44-year old Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine (2013). Clearly somebody has been hitting the gym app in the Danger Room. Or steroids. I'm kidding, when I close my eyes and imagine Hugh's penis and balls, it's obvious he's not juicing. Show More Summary

Name It Pluto: New Pink Dwarf Planet Discovered At Edge Of Solar System

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

According to astronomers, there's a previously undiscovered pink dwarf planet orbiting our sun at 7-billion miles (about 75x the distance from the sun to earth). Hopefully there's a rest stop between here and there, because I will definitely need to potty on the trip. Show More Summary

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