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Indy?!: British Police Raid Pub Searching For Holy Grail

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

So apparently British police officers raided a pub in Herefordshire searching for what some people believe to be the Holy Grail (the cup Jesus drank from during the Last Supper). Is it really? I dunno, but I'm not about to drink out of it to find out. Show More Summary

Mr. Knocky, The Remote-Controlled Drumming Toy

2 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

Meet Mr. Knocky. He's a battery-free drum toy controlled by swinging two hand-held triggers. Not digging the sound of his plastic drums? No worries, you can swap them out for other percussion surfaces like a soup can or Pringles can....Show More Summary

The End Nears: Self-Assembling Origami Robots

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

Scientits (not changing it) have developed origami robots capable of autonomously self assembling and roaming around. God willing, these scientits will be the first to be enslaved by our new robotic overlords. Me? They're not taking me alive. Show More Summary

Watching Food Pass Through A Transparent Mantis

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

ZORAK?! This is a video of a semi-transparent glass mantis gnawing on a blue bottle fly. You can see the pieces of the fly traveling through the mantis's body as it's digested. Eventually, those pieces will become doodoo. And that dookie will fertilize the earth, eventually leading to more plants and more flies and more mantises. Show More Summary

NERD RAGE: So A Guy Spots Neil DeGrasse Tyson Using His Laptop On The Subway...

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is the picture taken and tweeted by Twitter user dogboner (I hate those things). It's a shot of Neil DeGrasse Tyson using his laptop on a New York subway. Dogboner thought it would be funny to pretend he doesn't know who Neil DeGrasse...Show More Summary

Amazing Guardians Of The Galaxy Groot Cosplay

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

Because Guardians of the Galaxy is the hot shit right now (I've seen it 14 times already because I live in the sewers below a movie theater like a cross between a ninja turtle and the Phantom of the Opera), this is the Groot costume made by Calen Hoffman of Propcustomz. Show More Summary

This Is The Internet: All Original Pokemon As Alpacas

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

Note: Larger version HERE. Full res version at DeviantART. This is Alpacamon, a series of all the original Pokemon imagined as cartoon alpacas by DeviantARTist Lopaki. "But why?" This is the internet, you should know better than to ask such stupid questions. Show More Summary

Good Lord: Woman Eats 72-Ounce (4.5-Lb) Steak In 3-Min

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is a video of 125-pound competitive eater Molly Schuyler devouring a 72-ounce (4.5-pound) steak in under 3-minutes, beating the previous record by almost four minutes. Molly also holds the record for eating the Texas King (a 72-ounce...Show More Summary

Diving In: Timelapse Of 12,000 Gallon Beer Fermentation

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is a timelapse of 12,400-gallons of Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale being fermented. If you've never had Bigfoot before, it's a hoppy 9.6% ABV barleywine style beer that can and will kick you in the nuts if you drink too many of them. Show More Summary

Sure, Why Not?: Poseable People Shaped Cookie Cutters

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

These are the $20 Jay Disco Biscuits Posable Cookie Cutters. You can snap different arms and legs onto the torso for different shaped cookies. "There's no penis attachment." That's the first thing I noticed too. They don't just work with gingerbread cookies though, they work for all kinds of cookies. Show More Summary

Man Hits Target From 1,000 Yards With Revolver

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is a video of famed shooter Jerry Miculek popping a balloon with a special edition (named after him) 9mm Smith &Wesson revolver from 1,000 yards (~ 914-meters, 3000-feet, ~3/5 of a mile). Jerry says he has to aim about 150 feetShow More Summary

Ooh La La: 1,800-Piece LEGO Collector's Edition Batman Tumbler Coming Soon

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is the $200 Collector's Edition LEGO Tumbler due out in September. The vehicle measures 15-inches by 9-inches and contains 1,869-pieces. Mostly black ones. I think I might build it. Then add fireworks to the back and accidentally set it ablaze trying to make it speed down my parent's driveway. Show More Summary

You Can Do It!: A Beta Fish Is Playing Pokemon Right Now

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is the live Twitch stream of Grayson Hopper the beta fish playing Pokemon Red/Blue by swimming around his fishbowl. He seemed to be sleeping most of the time I was watching though. Well, at least I hope he was just sleeping. Grayson has been playing for around 135 hours. Show More Summary

WTF Is That?: The Latest Weird Japanese Face Exerciser

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

What the -- are you blowing a seagull?! This is the $135 Facial Fitness Pao from Japan. It allegedly firms and tightens your face. I've got the feeling it doesn't work that well. Plus for some reason famed Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is the spokesperson. Show More Summary

Chris Pratt Gives A Tour Of Guadians Of The Galaxy's Milano Spaceship

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is a video of Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt giving a tour of the Milano spaceship. Speaking of -- Milanos are hands down my favorite Pepperidge Farm cookie. What's yours? Just kidding, I don't care. YES I DO TOO PLEASE TELL ME. Show More Summary

Little Girl Performs Slayer's 'War Ensemble', Her Even Littler Sister Screams For Food Measure

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is a video of 10-year old Audrey performing Slayer's 'War Ensemble' on Rocksmith. Plus her little sister CRAZY KATE (fitting) belts out some solid screaming. They should really consider taking their act on the road. Hell, if I didn't just hire a new strongman and snake woman I'd let them join my circus. Show More Summary

Grandma?!: 2.3-Million Still Pay For AOL Internet Access

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

According to their recently published earnings report, 2.3-million people still pay for AOL internet access. For reference, that is 2.3-million people too many. But presumably they're all going to die soon and the problem will rightShow More Summary

Good Samaritans: Guy At Burger King Buys All The Pies To Spite The Whiny Brat In Line Behind Him

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

A man in line at a Burger King bought all 23 pies available (links to Reddit post with more info) to spite the little jerk behind him screaming, "I want a fing PIE" and punching his mother. You know, because sometimes you need to parent people's kids for them. Show More Summary

Yogi?!: Creepy Bear Walks Upright Through Neighborhood

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

This is a portrait-mode video smack! of a bear wandering through a New Jersey neighborhood on two feet. Presumably to trick people into thinking it's human. Nothing to see here folks, I'm just gonna look through your garbage like a normal person. Show More Summary

Commuters Rally To Push Train Off Trapped Man

3 weeks agoOdd : Geekologie

"Come on, put your backs into it!" -- guy in blue hat not helping. This is a short video from a train station in Perth, Australia, in which commuters rally to tilt a train car enough to free a man who is not very good at boarding trains (you can see him get stuck at the very beginning of the video). Show More Summary

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