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Top 3 Things that 18 Years of Marriage Have Taught Me

Anniversaries are super special in my house. I would never have imagined being married to my husband for eighteen years. Real talk, my parents didn’t even think my husband Don and I would remain married past the first six months. They expressed this to us more times than I can count. Why would my parents Keep Reading ?

5 Habits of People with Money… They All Do This!

There are many many ways that people with money make the money, from starting their own business, to real-estate investing, to a having a highly successful career, or to investing in stocks. However, the people with money (i.e. those that make the money and keep the money) have 5 basic habits in common. 1. Create Keep Reading ?

5 Signs Your Marriage Needs Help (And How to Get It)  

Ever felt like something in your marriage was a little off? Maybe you and your partner just weren’t connecting the way you should and you knew you both could do so much better. Well, the truth is, you can. The very first step toward doing better is recognizing something is wrong. When couples aren’t on Keep Reading ?

5 Conversations You Can’t Avoid If You Want A Happy Marriage

In order for your marriage to stand the test of time, you have to be able to communicate your needs, frustrations, desires, and so much more. Without communication, your marriage inevitably suffers. Effective communication is the cornerstone of a happy marriage. But what some people fail to realize is that it’s not just a matter Keep Reading ?

30 Serious Consequences of Infidelity…Take Heed

Infidelity is by far one of the worst things that can transpire in marriage.  Trust me, I know from personal experience!  It violates everything built between you and your spouse in such a personal way.  Majority of us who’ve been cheated on didn’t see it coming…I know I was blindsided for sure! “I am deeply Keep Reading ?

Help My Wife Left Me! How Can I Become a More Nurturing and Sensitive Husband?

Dr. Buckingham, I feel like I am in hell. I am separated from my wife and do not know how things got so messed up so quickly. She recently moved out with our 10 year old and 14 year old children. I tried my best to be a good father and husband, but my wife Keep Reading ?

Ladies: 3 Signs You May Have Already Met Your Perfect Match and You Don’t Even Know It

Where are all the good men? If you’re a smart, successful, marriage-minded sista, and you’ve found yourself asking that question out of frustration, I have some good news. According to some experts, once a woman turns 30, there’s a 70% chance she’s already met the love of her life.  Your future husband could be a former classmate, Keep Reading ?

5 Things Every Wife Needs Her Husband to Understand

If there is anything almost nine years of marriage has taught me, it’s that I can’t get my husband to read my mind. Yep, despite my best efforts, that brotha just can’t do it. Consider it a shortcoming if you must, but I realize that he’s just human. My husband is actually human. Shocking, right? Keep Reading ?

How to Stay Together When Your Family and Friends Want You to Divorce

For years, my husband Don and I had an extremely rocky marriage. During those tumultuous years, I confided in a lot of girlfriends. I told them everything he did and did not do. I was painting a picture of him that had them not speaking to him or wanting to be around him. When things Keep Reading ?

Communication in Marriage: 4 Signs You and Your Spouse are Finally Maturing

Okay let’s be honest…if you’re with someone for any extended period an argument or two is inevitable. Sometimes the smallest things just turn into WWII for no reason. Emotions get high, things are said that shouldn’t be, and then a week later you’re still mad at each other. Let’s just say my wife and I Keep Reading ?

5 Really Good Ways to Support Your Spouse’s Dream

I am a dreamer. I sometimes think up really big ideas but occasionally I lose steam when the process seems to be moving too slowly or I get discouraged. This is why my husband is such a really great match for me. He’s always supportive, realistic and able to see the big picture when I Keep Reading ?

Should I Divorce My Wife for My High School Sweetheart?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, I was with my high school sweetheart for about 5 years off and on, but we were young and always broke up over childish things, but we always got back together. As a young man, I never looked at being in a relationship like average youngsters. I was really thinking about marriage and Keep Reading ?

5 Straightforward Steps to Becoming a Better Wife

I think we are all a work in progress. Anyone who isn’t trying to make improvements, daily, is pretty self-absorbed if you ask me. After all, none of us are perfect. Now, I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t be happy with who you are. I happen to love myself. But I also know that I Keep Reading ?

The Shy Girl’s Guide To Sliding Into His DMs Without Looking Thirsty

Do you have a social media crush and you’re wondering how to slide into his DM’s and start a conversation without looking too thirsty or desperate? Maybe you’re afraid he might already be married or you just don’t know what to say to him and you’re scared you’ll look ridiculous. I got you girl! Here’s Keep Reading ?

How to Forgive Yourself After Your Affair

Dealing with the guilt, shame and self-hatred or the flooding of negative emotions and feeling of self-worthlessness after the occurrence of an extra-marital or non-marital affair is no easy feat.  I’m speaking from experience, and this cycle of self-shaming could be as hindering on the marriage/relationship as the affair itself. Dwelling the on shame, instead Keep Reading ?

11 “Not So Easy” Topics Every Married Couple Needs to Discuss

Somewhere in the world right now, there is a couple arguing about one of these topics. And while I can’t answer any of these questions for you, communication and compromise are key. 1. Can you still have opposite sex friends? Some say yes…because many friendships are platonic.  And some say no…because it’s a set up Keep Reading ?

7 Ways to Celebrate Your Marriage

Life is precious and moments are gifts, so it’s important that we all celebrate life’s small and large blessings along the way, as often as possible. And one of those blessings is your marriage. How do you celebrate your marriage, outside of being reminded to do so on holidays and your anniversary? What couples sometimes Keep Reading ?

Why Do 50% of Marriages End in Divorce?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, I am a 30 year old single female who is very interested in getting married, but I am afraid. Most of my friends have been married and divorced at least once or twice. I believe in marriage and know that God created the marriage institution so that man and woman could live Keep Reading ?

How to Stop Fighting With Your Honey Over Money

Money issues can sap the bliss out of any relationship. In fact, according to a MONEY magazine survey, 70% of married couples argue about money. They fight more about money than they fight about household chores, spending time together or even sex. But you don’t have to let finances become your downfall. Consider these simple Keep Reading ?

Here’s Why It’s Okay to Take Time for Yourself

We are all busy people and this is a busy world.  We are mothers, fathers, parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, grandchildren, professionals, friends, and so many other roles.  We make time for the people and things that matter most to us and often at the expense of ourselves and our personal priorities. Now in an era Keep Reading ?

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