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Nell Irvin Painter: "The History Of White People" - A Time When Members Of "Stuff Black People Don't Like" Were In The "Steamer Class" Along With The Negroes

CREDIT is due to Black Progressive Feminist Historian Nell Irvin Painter For Her Brilliant Piece Of Research!! After suffering through the recent "Harlem Book Fair" panel on "Black Female Images As A Political Expression" that was shown on "C-SPAN", I did some background research on Mrs Painter and ran across her book: "The History Of White People". Show More Summary

AFTER OBAMA: In The Midst Of "MSNBC" 'Leaning Forward' Transforming Itself From A "Progressive Fundamentalist Propaganda And Advocacy Source" Toward "Hard News", Comedy Central Announce The Cancellation Of "Obama's Angry Alter Ego"

If you think that I HATE progressive propaganda sources: THEN YOU ARE WRONG.It is NECESSARY for people with free minds to express their right to FREE SPEECH, advocating for whatever they choose BECAUSE it allows people like me who are...Show More Summary

Social Justice = "Control Over The Vile Of Unicorn Pee" - Tookie And Tyrone

Tyrone Brooks Pleads Guilty To Misappropriation Of Charitable Funds And Tax Evasion, Agrees To Resign His Seat But Continue To Fight To Find The Killers In The "1946 Moores Ford Bridge Lynching" The "Obama Holder FBI" Rejects The Claims...Show More Summary

The "1946 Moores Ford Lynching" Is Rebranded 'Black Lives Mattered In 1946"

Online Athens - Forced To Retire From The Georgia Legislature For Corruption, Tyrone Brooks Can Now Focus On 'Social Justice For The 1946 Moore's Ford Lynching" ANALYSIS In America - every American has a right to free speech.I have no...Show More Summary

Constructive Feedback University: After Years Of Getting Offended Over The White Right Wing Asking For Obama's Birth Certificate, The "We Are In The White House Negroes" Are NOT Likely To Use Their Time Honored Commentary On "African Self-Determination" A

In my college career - I took at least 4 (possibly 5) "Black Studies Courses" that I recall. EVERY SINGLE ONE of them made central reference to "WHITE SUPREMACY / EUROPEAN IMPERIALISM" and its impact upon "The African" and "Black American"...Show More Summary

The NAACP's Value To My Agenda Is That They Increasingly Show How Vulnerable The "Black Community Institutional Integrity" Is To Their Molestation: As Blacks Grieve About A Drive By Shooting In South Carolina, The NC NAACP Plans To Protest Confederates

Just as I do the background research for a post contrasting the "NAACP Of Dekalb County Georgia" versus the "NAACP Of Fayette County Georgia", the same pattern of behavior in support of 'Comparative Analytics' fell into my lap.On a family...Show More Summary

Fraud And Hokum Illustrated: The Daily Show Admits That With Jessica Williams As Their "Black Correspondent", Who Has More Eagerness And Appreciation For The Opportunity Afforded To Her, The Environment Has Less Racial Tension Than With Wyatt Cenac

Wyatt Cenac Recalls A Conflict With Jon Stewart Vulture: Don't Challenge Jon Stewart About Race SORRY - THIS BLOG DOES NOT RACISM CHASE!!! There is no strategic advantage for me to use the "See Your White Folks Are Racist TOO" meme.I...Show More Summary


WHILE YOU ALL ARE "LOOKING FOR CONSENSUS" - BEHIND A STRUGGLE MOTION.... Constructive Feedback University- IS MEASURING The "Viscosity Of The 'Jar Of Unicorn Pee' Called Social Justice' To DRAW THE COLONIZED NEGRO Out Of His OWN COMMUNITY,...Show More Summary

Constructive Feedback University: As The "Central African Republic" Addresses The Issue Of A National Election Amid Recent Religious And Ethnic Strife - Will Any "Africana Studies Professors" Do Comparative Analysis With Their Plight And Then Make The Cas

NOPE!!! I Don't Claim To Be "African" I Can't Claim That My Personal Life Is Directly Impacted By Any Of The Events Today In Central Africa THE ONLY Point Of My Posts Is For COMPARATIVE STUDIES. I am fully aware that the very same operatives...Show More Summary

Fraud And Hokum Illustrated: As The "Home Depot Billionaire" Releases Plans To Build A New Soccer Training Facility Near The FIRST EVER Home Depot At I-285 And Memorial Drive, The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Dekalb Vow To Get Another $10 Million From The Bi

Atlanta United Soccer Team Looks Toward Dekalb County For Its Training Facility PSYCHOLOGY NOT POLITICS: THE DISPOSITION OF THE "CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES" AS TWO RICH MEN SEEK LAND IN THEIR KINGDOM When you listen to the "Embedded Black...Show More Summary

The Black Progressive Revolutionaries On WRFG - "The Progressive Information Station" Ask: "So What Are Our African Brothers And Sisters In St Lucia Saying About The Sandra Bland Case In The Context Of Our Global Struggle For Justice?"

"FROM FERGUSON TO SANDRA BLAND" The New CHANT FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE Has Been Birthed In The World Of The American Black Progressive Fundamentalist Pseudo-Afro Centrist - AMERICAN BLACK ISSUES ARE AT THE CENTER OF THEIR UNIVERSE. They Hope...Show More Summary

Constructive Feedback University: THE PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST, Regardless Of Their Race, Can ONLY Voice The POPULAR POSITION Of The Americanized Negro BUT WILL NEVER Stand For The Negro's DEVELOPMENT INTERESTS Because This Would Cause Them To REGULATE

PROGRESSIVES PERFORM A RITUALISTIC DANCE UPON THE GRAVES OF DEAD NEGROES - ONCE AGAIN Janell Ross Strikes Again I promise you: Prior to last week I had never heard of this woman.She popped into my awareness, like the newest member of...Show More Summary

Filled Negro's Fraudulent, Hallucinogenic, Out Of Body Experience: " I welcome the idea of making progressives accountable when it comes to their positions as it relates to black issues" AND " understand that this is a touchy subject for many progressive

The Filled Negro Blog is so useful to my research on "Americanized Negro Colonization".THERE IS NO NEED for me to constantly monitor "The Root", "The Grio", Politics365", "SALON" or the various NNPA Syndicates. When I want to see the...Show More Summary

SBPDL - 180 Right Black At Cha: SBPDL Won't Contest The Details Of The 19 Year Old White Fugitive Who Shot A 49 Year Old Man In Michigan. Instead They Blame His Actions Upon The Influences Of "Black Run America" That Blows Upwind From Detroit

SBPDL's Paul Kersey: "He Reminds Me Of My Son" SBPDL Demands To Know The Racial Background And Ideology Of Every Police Officer Who Appeared On The Scene In Response To 19 Year Old Tobias Catron Shooting A 49 Year Old Man In The Neck. Show More Summary

Constructive Feedback University: The Illogic Over The Offense Of "ALL Lives Matter" Is Achieved ONLY If You INFERIORIZE "Street Pirate On Black Murders"

Boing Boing blog: Why "#All Lives Matter" Is Offensive To Black People Reddit: Why It Is So Offensive When Someone Says "All Lives Matter" I CREDIT The Writer For Putting The Logic Down In Writing - EVEN THOUGH It Is OFFENDEDNESS That...Show More Summary

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