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Filled Negro, In Response To Two Separate Violent Attacks Against Black People In Philly That Failed To Trigger National Outrage Says: "While I Personally Decry Violence Against Black People..................I Have No Control Over Fellow Black People's Re

Philadelphia InquirerInside of the executive offices over the press room for the "Philadelphia Inquirer" there are some consequential discussions going on.They are reminded of the fame and awards that the organization received with their...Show More Summary

Rapper T.I.'s Wife 'Tiny" Going To Africa To Have Permanent Eye Color Changes Is Merely A PERSONAL Bit Of "Self-Indulgence". The "Capitalistic Materialistic Verbal Images That T.I. Makes His Money And Transacts 'American Consumer Capitalism' IN AFRICA W

ANALYSISIf T.I.'s Wife Has Vision Problems In The Future Because Of This Procedure - THAT IS HER OWN BUSINESS - As ONE PERSON Will Be Negatively Impacted By HER CHOICE. YOU DO NOT EXPOSE THE FRAUDULENT "OFFENDEDNESS" THAT THE AMERICANIZED...Show More Summary

The Philadelphia Tribune Promise To Prioritize "Black Youth Violence In North Philly" After They Secure Election Victories For The Establishment Political Powers Which Represent These Young People Suffering From Cultural Benign Neglect

Subtitle: "Why Temple University Seeks To Fortify 'Templetown' For Protection Of Anyone Affiliated With The University While The "Black Racial Services Machine" Is Motivated To Shift The Focus To A "White Enclave" Because Their "Progressive...Show More Summary

Progressive Feminist Fundamentalism Is More Tuned To Fighting Against Right-Wing Threats That They Say Represent Oppression Than They Are Against Capitalistic Cult Of Personality Figures Whose Own Actions Objectify Women

As this nation diversifies "Ignorant-Ifies" it will become more clear of the role that the media plays in setting up a grand distraction of entertainment - as the "cool water begins to boil in the pot where the frog is seated".With power...Show More Summary

Who Said This? Filled Negro Or Former PA Senator LeAnn Washington?: “I Am The F#&^ing {Fill In The Blank}, I Do What The F#& I Want, How I Want And Ain’t Nobody Going To Change Me. I Have Been Doing It Like This For 17 Years.”

Philadelphia Inquirer - Senator Washington To Plead Guilty, Avoid Prison Time Philadelphia Inquirer: Former PA State Senator LeAnn Washington Pleads Guilty Of Using Her Office Staff For Campaigning And Personal Services Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:...Show More Summary

Al Jezeera America Refuses To Investigate The THEIF OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S VALUABLES STANDING IN "DR KING'S PULPIT" - Sends Left Wing Journalist Greg Palast To Investigate Black Voter Suppression Rather Than STOLEN BLACK VALUABLES

As I Monitor Rev Warnock's "Christian" Sermons On The Television - This Type Of Slight Of Hand In Defining The ATTACKS ON "GOD'S PEOPLE" Is What I Have Come To Expect.Dr Warnock - After All IS A Member Of "The Root 100" As A Christian...Show More Summary

Filled Negro Says "White Folks" Dressing Up In "Black Face" For Halloween Is SUPERIOR In Its OFFENSIVENESS To A Black Man Killed Execution Style In North Philly

The Criminally Suspect Values Of Filled Negro Execution Style Murder By A Man Who Got Out Of A Jaguar And Shot Another Man Point Blank Range - In Order To Teach Him A Lesson He'll Never Forget Camden Attempts To Rebrand "Mischief Night"...Show More Summary

RE: Charles Barlkey's Comments. AS EXPECTED - First Out Of The Chute - Ta-Nehisi Coates. Antidote To Coates' Propensity To Use HISTORY To Paint A "2D Negro": FORCE HIM To Provide A Trajectory Of When Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalism Will Bring The

Ta-Nehisi Coates is considered a "brilliant intellectual" in the self-affirming Progressive-Fundamentalist circles.His is a "Race Man" - who proudly pins all present day BLACK INFERIORITY upon "America's RACIST PAST" (and Right-Wing Racist Present). Show More Summary

Constructive Feedback University - Comparative Cultural Studies In Africa: The American Hip Hop Capitalism Machine Is The Same As The America Corporate Capitalism Machine In Its Attempts To Overrun The Endemic Marketplace And Culture Upon The Continent O

In talking to a "Porter" a "Shoe Shine Man" and a 'Security Guard" in South Africa a few weeks ago - I was shocked that ALL OF THEM had desired to relocate to America because they were disarmed by seeing "Black Americans" with apparent wealth.One of them had moved from Zimbabwe. Show More Summary

Charles Barkley Is Misguided On His Comments About "Brainwashed / Unintelligent Blacks Holding Us Back". The "Black Racial Services Machine" That Harvests Their Energy For Exploitative Purposes IS The Problem

Charles Barkley's statements about "Brainwashed / Unintelligent Blacks" holding us back is INACCURATE. ALERT NOW THAT CHARLES BARKLEY (A BLACK PROGRESSIVE INSIDER) HAS THROWN SOME RED MEAT ON THE TABLE - YOU NOW HAVE ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY...Show More Summary

As Neighbors In A Black Community In West Philly Work Together To Apprehend A Violent Burglary Suspect - Filled Negro Questions Their Priorities With The Statement: "Why Are They Getting Distracted Over Such Petty Matters This Close To The Election In Wh

Applause To The Black Community On Windsor Avenue For Capturing A Street Pirate Who Attacked A Woman, Knocking Her Down And Stealing Her Valuables A Surveillance Camera - The Most Effective Tool Against A Street Pirate Who Thought That...Show More Summary

Black Crime Victims In Atlanta Get Little Respect Because The "Black Racial Services Machine" Is More Interested In "Racism Profiling" For Progressive Fundamentalist Advantage Than In Competent Governance Within For Black Community Development

When You Are Tricked Into Following The Cherry Picked News About "Attacks On Black People" In Georgia, Or Worse Yet When Georgia-Based Civil Rights Pharisees Holding A "Struggle Motion" In Atlanta For A Black Crime Victim Somewhere Else...Show More Summary

Old National High Way In College Park Georgia Is Now More "Murderous For Black People" In Metro Atlanta Than Is NW Atlanta - One Dead After Triple Shooting

In Atlanta when you listen to "Black Wing Grievance And Political Opportunism Talk Radio" or read the "Mentholated Black Media Pressgang" - you will hear more about 'FERGUSON' and its use as a REALITY CHECK for any "Negro" who was foolish...Show More Summary

Dear George Fraser Of "PowerNetowrking" - With Exiled Libyan Prince Madhi Al-Senussi Now Dead And Libya In Such A State Of Violent Chaos - Do You Have Any Regrets In Leading The "Americanized Negro" To Support Americani Imperialism In Africa - Now That Y

If in 2008 George Fraser and others were selling the possibility of "business contracts in Libya" once Gaddafi if toppled and exiled Prince Madhi Al-Senusi is put into power - WHY is anyone surprised that the "Black Racial Services Machine"...Show More Summary

In Listening To "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" It Is Clear That The Confidence Men Show Hosts Save The Democrats Money On Campaign Advertising Spending In Black Media

This Framework Will One Day Be Adopted By "Study Of Americanized Blacks" Courses As A Highly Predictable Measure Of How To Run A Confidence Scheme By Diversion NATIONALIZED OPPORTUNISM "Keeping It Real With The Emergency Managing Minster...Show More Summary

Thanks To "Non-White White Supremacy" The Name Of "Kobe Jones Of Gary Indiana" Will NEVER Be Promoted As A "Civil Rights Homicide Victim Martyr" As Is "Jordan Davis Of Jacksonville" Or "Trayvon Martin Of Sanford FL"

Kobe Jones Was Denied Admission To The "Black Civil Rights Homicide Victims Martyrs Club" Chicago Tribune Says: "Damn. Even Our Blacks In Chicago Are Typically Shot For A Reason Greater Than This"

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