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Blax News: The Civil Rights Pharisees Promise That THIS TIME After The Election They Will Seriously Focus On The "Urban Black Male Dropout Crisis" As A Local Visit From Obama Will Help Set The Stage For The 2016 Elections Anyway

ANALYSISCNN SHOULD BE CREDITED - It is giving voice to important issues within Chicago without "attacking" the (Progressive) Establishment - thus generating defensivenessCNN SHOULD BE CONDEMNED - As IT KNOWS WHO HAS COLLECTED THE VALUABLES...Show More Summary

This Personal Note Means A Lot To Me NOT Because It Came From A White Person But Because My Plan To Overcome Past Criticism From Powerful White Male Executives Involved Branding Myself With Their Direct Reports And Allowing The Word To Get Back To Them

"You Are A Rock Star, [Constructive Feedback]!!!. Everyone I Talk To Says That They Love Working With You And I Do Too. You Are The 'Go To Guy' For Help In Properly Framing The Customer's Problem And How We Can Help Set Them Upon The Right Course. Show More Summary

PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT Not Politics: Republican Paul Ryan Says Critical Words About "The Urban Work Ethic" That Can Be Heard From Young Mothers Seeking To Have The "Deadbeat Fathers" Of Their Children To Pay Child Support - Except The Republican's Words

My Goal Is To SCRIPT The Terms Of The Battle Between "The Wolves And The Foxes" Within The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" So That We Can Move Beyond The Shallow Political Opportunism And Instead Focus Upon The PSYCHOLOGICAL Wants And Needs That Are Being Transacted By All Sides.

The Mentholated Black Media Is More Qualified To "Live Vicariously Through Eric Holder" In His Fight Against White Right-Wing Critics Than They Are Competent To MANAGE THE BLACK COMMUNITY As They Understand That Most Of The US Attorney General's Law Enfor

What "The Mentholated Black Media" IS Expert At Conducting TV One gives voice to a beneficiary of a 1960's era beneficiary of desegregation in order to counter the White right-wing claims that Attorney General Eric Holder is an oppressor...Show More Summary

Filled Negro Has The Audacity To Focus Upon Strong Civic And Economic "INSTITUTIONS" As The Key Difference Between Wealthy Countries And Poor, Exploited Nations - But He Can't See The Systematic Attack On Black Community Institutions By The "Embedded Conf

Filled Negro's "Comparative History Lesson On WHITE SUPREMACY That Does Not Comport With His Present Antics That Make Heavy Use Of "Non-White White Supremacy" Why Does Filled Negro STEAL The Black Community Governance Culture, Seeking...Show More Summary

The Only Reason Why This Diagram Focuses On Lenny McAllister And Not Both He And "Cory Dade", Operative From "The" Is That I Forgot What Cory Said Last Friday To Piss Me Off When I Heard Him On The Radio

Lenny McAllister is a net suppressor of "Black Votes Into The Republican Party" and thus strategic to my goals of disentangling "Black Community Development Hope" through "American Political Opportunism".It is better to have 80%+ ofShow More Summary

Constructive Feedback University Analysis: Every Time The "Black Racial Services Machine" Ask Us To NATIONALIZE A Problem Within The Black Community, The Americanized Blacks Who They Compelled To Invest Their Valuables Into With The Promises Of A Solutio

Of The 5 Most Memorable Quotes Of 2013 From "Black Public Intellectuals" Featured By "Rolling Out Magazine": In Our Analysis Of These "Black Progressive Public Intellectual Quotes Featured By"Rolling Out Magazine": Two Of Them Made Reference...Show More Summary

Blax News: Entertainment Multi-Millionaire Steve Harvey Says That If You Put Your Faith In "Social Justice" And Not Into The Immoral Policies Of The Right Wing That Favors 'The 1%' - You Too Can Overcome A $20 Million Tax Lien As Your Faithful Congregatio

Let me be 100% clear: I AIN'T MAD AT STEVE HARVEY.While I don't agree with his politics and I know that he will NEVER defend the "Black Community's Permanent Interests" from the "Favorable Political Opportunists" who have channeled the...Show More Summary

Blax News: The Little Black Seen Crying On "CNN Chicagoland" Tells NPR "Tell Me More" - "Why Do You Seem More Interested In Facilitating Black Girls 'Coming Out Of The Closest, But Appear To Show Benign Neglect And Lack Of Interest In My Fear To Come Out

I have no interest in TELLING "NPR Tell Me More" what to cover.I find it more interesting to observe what they are most interested in and plot them to MY observed "Universe Of 'Needs'" that are present within the Black community. CNN...Show More Summary

Analysis Of NPR: A White Person, Sensing Great Loss In This Changing America Can Act Out In VIOLENCE And Not Be Called A "Tea Party Racist" IF His Violence Is Done Under The Aegis Of "Unionism" And Protection Of Wage Rates

Before I focus in on this specific point that was "bleeding" from the story but which WHYY's Marty Moss Coane failed to link together with the stereotypical reactions to "White People Failing To Cope With 'Diversifying America' - I want...Show More Summary

National Association Of Civil Rights Pharisees Agree To Hold The Line: "NO Modern Day Killing Of Black People From Within Will EVER Be EQUAL To A 'Civil Rights Killing' Motivated By RACISM In The Past. IF They Agree To EQUALIZE Such Actions They Fear Th

On The Ritualistic Commemorative Weekend Of The "Bloody Sunday" - March 7, 1965 - The "National Association Of Civil Rights Pharisees" Release A Statement, Doubling Down On Their Entrenched Belief Of The SUPREMACY Of The WHITE RACIST...Show More Summary

"Moral Mondays Georgia" Refuses To Add The Black Man Who Shot At 2 Street Pirates Who Had Broken Into His House To The "Anti-Stand Your Ground Struggle Because They Are Confident That IF They Did Not Have A Favorable District Attorney In Power He Would Be

A Glock Is The Best Defense Against A Home InvasionTHE BEST Way To Divert The "Americanize Black" Community Away From The "Street Pirate Related" Problems That Remain In Otherwise Wealthy Black Communities Is To Get The Residents SoShow More Summary

My Planned Glowing Endorsement Of Lumkin GA Mayor Charles Gibson About His Plans To Build A Library In His Small Impoverished Town In SW Georgia, Must Now Be Augmented By The News Of His Arrest Last Night On Battery Charges

The balance of this post will be a positive, supportive message for the new mayor of Lumpkin Georgia. He has a vision to uplift this small, impoverished town in Southwest Georgia. The centerpiece of his idea is something that most other...Show More Summary

Mai Jukwa Of The Zimbabwe Herald Has An Impressive Take On The "Evolution Of WHITE SUPREMACY In American Foreign Policy But His Flaw Is That He Did Not Analyze The BLACK PRESIDENT'S Execution Of These Policies And, More Importantly The Americanized Black'

The Zimbabwe Herald: - The Evolution Of White Supremacy I first must start out giving credit to Atlanta's "WRFG AM" - "The Progressive Information Station".While I don't agree with many of their ideological viewpoints as applied to their...Show More Summary

Filled Negro Says That He Is Not Interested In Asking How Murdered Blacks In Philly How They Did "Magic Tricks" Such As Compelling People In The Community To Practice "Stop Snitching" Instead He Rather Collect "Airline Miles" To Fly Into Far Away States T

The Religious And Spiritual Values Of Filled Negro Today Is The 67th Day Of The Year Philadelphia Has Produced 47 MURDERS So Far Philadelphia Is 20 - 47 In The Count Of Days That Were "Murder Free" NOT ONE OF THEM Has Risen To The Martyr Status Of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis Or Emmett Till Far Closer To Philadelphia.... Show More Summary

SBPDL 180 - Right Black Atcha: SBPDL Says That The Dacula City Council Man/ Pizza Delivery Man Who Got Busted Stealing Money From The People For A Second Time Does Not Reflect Any General Tendency For White People To Act Like Black People

SBPDL Says That The Fact That Greg Reeves Had The Following Bumper Sticker On The Back And The Front Of His Car (In Order To Taunt Any Black Person Who Drives On Any Street In Dacula Georgia - Letting Them Know Where He Stands - As They...Show More Summary

Some Friendly Advice To "Hinterland Gazette" That Is Applicable To Any Other "Mentholated Black Media Source" That Wishes To Align Itself To The Promotion Of The Integrity And Efficiency Of Governance WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY

Subtitle: My Dear Friend "Filled Negro" Is Too Lost And Hopeless (And He Is A Criminal Defense Attorney Who Is Used To Engineering A Narrative For 'A Jury Of His Peers' That He Manipulates), So There Is No Use To Writing An Open Letter Analysis To Him. Show More Summary

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