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What Social Commerce Marketers Need to Know About Tencent

23 hours agoTechnology : sCommerce

Chinese social media giant Tencent this morning became more valuable than Facebook as its shares gained 2.4% in Hong Kong. The owner of the WeChat messenging app, that has 1 billion users, is not a familiar brand in the West but is now the fifth most valuable listed company in the world with a market […]

How the ‘Big 5’ in Tech Will Make Their Future Billions

2 days agoTechnology : sCommerce

They ‘big 5’ technology companies of Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are at the forefront of how the latest technology is shaping the world. And bringing the latest technology to consumers around the world has proved to be an extremely profitable endeavour. Together they are worth almost $3 trillion, with 2016 revenues of […]

How the Classroom is Set to be Silicon Valley’s Next Conquest

2 days agoTechnology : sCommerce

Last year, technology in education conference EdTechXGlobal, released a report with several interesting stats on the global education market. The price on education has been continually rising over the past few decades, notably accelerating in recent years. Globally, the education market is worth over $5 trillion. $5 trillion is clearly a lot but the true […]

Snapchat Struggling to Leverage Social Commerce Trends as Share Price Tumbles

2 days agoTechnology : sCommerce

2017 has largely been a good year for social media sites and apps with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest all seeing advertising revenue grow as they leverage social commerce trends. ‘Buy now’ buttons, the development of native social commerce functionality allowing brands to sell directly within social media platforms and social apps for Android and […]

AltSchools Dubbed ‘Future of Technology in Education’ Shut Down

2 days agoTechnology : sCommerce

In May of this year The New Yorker ran a somewhat gushing feature on how the Silicon Valley inspired and funded AltSchool company was ‘disrupting education’. The author had recently been taken on a tour of one of six AltSchool premises, the ‘micro-school’ in question being one of two based in New York, with another […]

New Gaming Technology Shown as First to ‘Cut the Risk of Dementia’

2 days agoTechnology : sCommerce

When it comes to its effect on our minds, the advantages and disadvantages of technology have long been debated. The argument has often been particularly fierce around the topic of gaming technology. Many parents strongly believe that spending too much time immersed in computer games is a negative for children’s mental development. The other side […]

Direct Payments Feature Launch by Facebook Boost to Social Commerce

Following its launch in the U.S. 2 years ago, Facebook has just launched its Messenger app peer-to-peer payments functionality in the UK. For now, the payments, which are completely free with no fees attached, can only be made between individuals, rather than between an individual and company. Nonetheless, it can be taken as almost a […]

The 2018 Social Commerce Trends You Must Know

2 weeks agoTechnology : sCommerce

While selling has never been ‘easy’, the marketing process that led up to convincing a customer to choose your product was certainly less complex not so long ago. If you were big enough, advertising on television was the mecca and got a product in front of a huge swathe of a target market without too […]

Education at the Cusp of the Biggest Revolution since Textbooks

2 weeks agoTechnology : sCommerce

Next month, the EduTech Asia 2017, hosted in Singapore, will welcome 2,500 delegates 200 international speakers, and 60 education product vendors from the tech sphere. The conference and expo, one of the main international events for technology in education, will centre around the discussion and presentation of current innovation and trends. The central theme to […]

Silicon Valley Funding for Latest UK Technology Doubles Post Brexit Vote

3 weeks agoTechnology : sCommerce

How Brexit will eventually turn out for the UK economy seems to be anyone’s guess right now and the next few years, while the dust settles and new trade partnerships are established will inevitably hold their challenges. However, one UK industry that hasn’t seen any ill effects to date, quite the opposite rather, is the […]

New York Times to Hire ‘Social Media Platforms First’ Journalists as Line with Traditional Media Blurs

4 weeks agoTechnology : sCommerce

The increasingly hard to dispute argument that social media platforms are as much publishers as ‘social’ networks. While Facebook has seen a drop in the number of ‘status’ posts from users over the past couple of years, it has seen a huge surge in the amount of content being consumed via its platform. A study […]

Banks are Investing in the Latest Computer Technology. How Will it Change the Way We Manage our Finances?

4 weeks agoTechnology : sCommerce

Banks have long been criticised for being behind the curve when it comes to the latest technology. Among the richest companies out there, we wonder why there always seems to be a spectacular lag between the emergence of the latest computer technology and our bank implementing it. However, it seems that the banks are now, […]

Virtual Surgeons Already a Reality

4 weeks agoTechnology : sCommerce

The use of new virtual reality technology in education and training has been pioneered in a wide variety of industries in recent months. However, VR technology has already moved beyond an education role and is now being utilised in actual procedures at the ‘cutting’ edge of medicine. An operating theatre in London was recently the […]

New ‘Hot’ Social App Coming Soon to Android Following Facebook Acquisition

4 weeks agoTechnology : sCommerce

A new social app aimed at teens and launched just this summer has been acquired by Facebook. Despite having only been released in August, TBH (messenger-speak for ‘to be honest’) the app has already been downloaded 5 million times and is said to have around 2.5 million active daily users. It’s been at close to […]

How the Latest Artificial Intelligence Technology ‘Leap’ Might Impact the World

last monthTechnology : sCommerce

The first ‘big’ AI moment that made the world sit up and take note was Deep Blue defeating chess grand master Garry Kasparov back in 1997. However, while impressive, it was acknowledged that Deep Blue had to be pre-programmed with huge amounts of data and rules on how to use that data. It was impressive […]

How Augmented Reality Technology is Set to Revolutionise Education

last monthTechnology : sCommerce

A recent article in EdTechMagazine, an online media focused on technology’s role in education, looks at the promise of augmented reality (AR) in providing primary and secondary school children a more interactive and engaging learning experience. As the writer introduces her piece, AR hit mainstream consciousness as a result of the somewhat bizarre mania that […]

‘Shoppable Video’ Combines Social Commerce and Video Content Booms

last monthTechnology : sCommerce

The latest development in the social commerce retail model is its fusion with another of the biggest online social media consumption trends – video content. The autumn catwalk season has seen forward-thinking fashion brands trial e-commerce tech company Smartzer’s clickable video technology. Amazon is also in the processing of launching a video shopping start-up, Amazon […]

Dell Wagers $1 Billion on Future of Internet-of-Things Technology

last monthTechnology : sCommerce

The latest move by Dell, once the world’s largest seller of PCs and laptops, to kick-start growth is to take a $1 billion position on the growing role of IoT (Internet of Things) technology. The computing giant seems to have made a habit of suffering from technology shifts and developments in recent times and will […]

Influencer Marketing – Is ROI Really There and How is it Calculated?

last monthTechnology : sCommerce

Digital marketing’s main USPs, other than the fact we spend so much time online these days that it’s obligatory to advertise there, is that it’s so data-focused and trackable. Unlike outdoors advertising or TV, radio or print ads, advertisers know the precise customer journey online from first contact to conversion or otherwise. And if the […]

Driverless Car Technology to Provide Huge Boost for Road Safety by 2025 says Toyota

last monthTechnology : sCommerce

The debate over whether technology is changing the world for good or bad is unlikely to ever be definitively won by either camp. However, few would argue that technological advances that promise traffic-related deaths dropping from 1.3 million a year to zero could be considered as anything but a positive development. That’s exactly what Gill […]

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