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State Senator wants death penalty for school shooters in Indiana

Indiana State Sen. Brandt Hershman recently introduced a bill to the Indiana legislature that would make a school shooting where victims are killed an aggravating factor that would allow prosecutors to seek the death penalty. Sen. Hershman says he was influenced by the shooting of Andrew Boldt by Cody Cousins at Purdue University in 2014. […]

Elderly Ga. couple missing after leaving for craigslist deal

Authoirties in Georgia are currently searching for Bud and June Runion of Marietta, Georgia. The couple have been missing since Thursday after leaving to go look at a classic Mustang that was advertised on craigslist in McRae, Georgia. The Runions’ family have set up a Facebook page in hopes of getting information out to help […]

Bodies of missing Ga. couple found, suspect in custody

I am sad that i have to post that the bodies of Bud and June Runion have been found. The couple from Marietta, Georgia went missing after going to look at a Ford Mustang that was advertised on craigslist. Unfortunately there was no Mustang which seems more like a ploy to commit robbery. The suspect […]

The evolution of debt programs

In order to get out of debt one must know the different ways of resolving it. Via: NJ Bankruptcy Lawyer Ralph Ferro

Arrest made in September craigslist killing in NJ.

Back in September 41-year-old Mamuka Chamiashvili of Brooklyn, New York, was shot and killed in Elizabeth, New Jersey, after responding to a craigslist ad for a Mercedes-Benz SUV. Back in October 28-year-old Ali Garner and 30-year-old Keon Lewis, both of Elizabeth, were arrested in connection with Mr. Chamiashvili’s murder and recently 36-year-old Travis Picou of […]

Robbery suspect shot and killed in craigslist plot to steal dog

A man was shot in killed in DeKalb County, Georgia after allegedly trying to rob a man who was selling a bulldog puppy on craigslist. The man was offered an extra $500 to deliver the dog late at night. When the man arrived at the meeting place with the dog two men were waiting for […]

19-year-old Backpage child pimp arrested in RI

19-year-old Reginald Chaney was arrested in Providence, Rhode Island, for allegedly prostituting two underage girls on Backpage. Chaney allegedly turned out the girls, ages 15 and 16, from January 16th to the 28th around Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He’s also accused of tasering one of the girls to get her to comply. Again, I have […]

Can a website be blamed for prostitution? If it’s Backpage they can.

Last week the Allentown Morning Call posted a four page article about the issues local police have been having with prostitution and Backpage. I’ve seen the article ridiculed online with people saying “You can’t blame a website for prostitution.” They’re wrong, you sure as hell can. Think about it. Do you think that the people, […]

Guns in the media and the SPU shooting

Apparently it’s not the media’s job to inform anymore but to incite. It’s not about reporting the facts anymore, it’s about how to get as many pageviews and clickthroughs as possible and the best way to do that is to piss people off. For example, take an article from the Seattle Times about Seattle Pacific […]

Kenny Bartley back in jail

For the second time since he’s been released from prison Kenny Bartley has been arrested. Police were called by Bartley’s father who said his son had ‘gone crazy’. When police approached Bartley they say that he was drinking which is a violation of his parole. That’s not what he went to jail for though. When […]

Damien Echols wants to stop talking about what he won’t shut up about

There was recently an article in the Village Voice about Mr. Douche Goggles himself, triple convicted child murderer Damien Echols. I was going to let this one go by since it was talking about his and his crazy wife’s new book. That was until I read the first line of the article. Damien Echols doesn’t […]

Is Bulldozing most of a city a good idea?

It depends on the city in question. There are reports coming out of Detroit that the city is looking to bulldoze 22 percent of city property that has been abandoned or blighted. The city is not looking to build on those properties either. They’re hoping that private companies and developers to rebuild, in theory. So […]

What to do after a car accident

Since my car was recently in a wreck I found this infographic to be very informative. Via:

Ohio girl receives kidnap threat on Kik

I come from a time on the internet when people did not share personal information with strangers. This was a time before Facebook and social networking as we know it today. We were told never to share things like your address or phone number with people you did not know or trust. That’s the reason […]

Vegas man posed as child fashion photographer on craigslist

Personally I think people who push their kids into modeling are mentally deficient. Too many people see it as a get rich quick scheme without realizing how many people out there want to take advantage of their children. I’ve posted too many stories about child predators and human traffickers who used the allure of modeling […]

More child porn posted on Tumblr

Why do so many pedophile scumbags feel the need to post child porn to Tumblr? Do they really think that no one is going to report them? Tumblr is owned by tech giant Yahoo who have received enough bad publicity about predators in their old chat rooms. They don’t need any more bad press over […]

WI man arrested on Omegle child porn charges

If you’ve read any of my previous posts about the website Omegle then you know it’s an ‘anonymous’ webcam chat site whose motto is “Talk to strangers.” Apparently you can talk to pedophiles too as there have been instances of suspects trading child porn on Omegle. Since there are no user accounts or user names […]

Possible motive given in Waseca plot

Sorry everyone. I know this story is a few weeks old. If you’re looking for up to the minute stuff I’m not your guy. Remember, I’m just one guy. No staff or underlings or anything like that. Anyway, recently the statements made by 17-year-old John David LaDue to police about the alleged plot to attack […]

FBI shuts down major sex trafficking site. Is Backpage next?

This time the answer could be maybe. The San Francisco office of the FBI recently announced that they had shut down ‘escort’ site MyReddbook and arrested its proprietor Eric Omuro. He’s been charged with facilitating prostitution and money laundering. The FBI has also taken possession of the website and visitors to the site are greeted […]

Campbell County High shooter arrested again, and released again

113 days. That’s all it took for Kenny Bartley to be arrested after being released from prison for the 2005 Campbell County High shooting that left assistant principal Ken Bruce dead. The now 22-year-old Bartley was recently arrested for allegedly making violent threats against his father over a set of car keys. When police arrived […]

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