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Medicaid expansion in Alabama

Here’s a look at what may happen if Alabama were to expand its Medicaid program. Via: Potashnik & Associates

Taylor Clark may have been killed because the killer’s car was repo’d

As I’ve previously posted 19-year-old Taylor Clark of Madison County, Illinois, was shot and killed after trying to sell his car on craigslist. His alleged killer is 24-year-old Michael Gordon of St. Louis. Taylor’s car and then his body were found in Hazelwood, Missouri. It seems there may have been a very good reason for […]

Trench reviews Season 1 of Gotham

SPOILERS I give it a hesitant thumbs up. It started off great with a great murder mystery of who murdered the Waynes along with Penguin’s chicanery and brutality and Fish Mooney’s plot to overthrow Don Facolne in Gotham’s mob scene. Then halfway through the season the tight writing and great storytelling kind of went off […]

Comic of the Week: Convergence The Question #2

SPOILERS While I haven’t been wowed by the Convergence storyline as a whole yet I really did like this issue. Pre-New 52 Renee Montoya, the 2nd Question, had to watch the original Question, Vic Sage, suffer and die slowly of cancer. Now her father is close to the death because of cancer and he hasn’t […]

Chicago girl goes missing after meeting Facebook friend

15-year-old Lorraine Carter of Chicago went missing yesterday after going to meet a Facebook friend. The friend’s name is said to be Corey Finney. Finney’s age is unknown at this time. Carter was last seen wearing a black and gray sweater, as well as a uniform shirt for Richard T. Crane Medical Preparatory High School, […]

Missing Illinois man selling car on craigslist found dead

Once again I’m sad to post that the body of 19-year-old Taylor S. Clark was found shot to death 400 yards from the car he was trying to sell on craigslist. Taylor’s car was found abandoned in Hazelwood, Missouri. No suspect has been named or arrested at this time. Police are seeking the public’s help […]

Brain injuries are no joke

I’ve personally have been concussed more times than I care to remember due to a series of assaults. This infographic will help you better understand what the long-term effects of such injuries could be. Via: MSAInjuryLaw of NYC

Damien Echols celebrates an anniversary of death

I try not give triple convicted child murderer Damien Echols any more attention than he deserves because it’s what he thrives on. To that end he must be trolling everyone by posting the following on his Twitter account… Today was my original execution date, in 1994. If it would have been carried out, I would have […]

SC Mom who disappeared after KIK date believed dead, date charged with her murder

I’m sad that I have to post that 28-year-old Ashley Pegram of Summerville, South Carolina, is believed to be dead. Ms. Pegram went missing in early April after going on a date with Edward Bonilla whom she met on Kik. Police in South Carolina say that blood evidence found in the trunk of Bonilla’s car […]

Why is Autism the bogeyman of Luddites?

For those of you who may not know what a Luddite is can read up on them here. Its more modern connotation is someone who is anti-science or anti-technology. So in my opinion it’s a fitting term for not only those who wield Autism as a weapon to forward some kind of anti-science agenda but […]

We get Tumblrs: MyRedBook was not a “sex trafficking website”

I previously posted about Eric Omuro and his former website MyRedbook. The TL;DR version is that MyRedbook was a San Francisco Bay area prostitution website in the vein of Backpage that was shut down by the feds and Mr. Omuro was charged with facilitating prostitution and money laundering and pleaded guilty to those charges. In […]

Illinois man’s disappearance may have craigslist connection

19-year-old Taylor S. Clark of Madison County, Illinois has been missing since yesterday around 10:30 am local time. He may have been going to meet someone about selling his 2007 Nissan 350ZX that he had advertised on craigslist. Clark is described as a white male standing 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing 190 pounds. He […]

Texans lose their minds over military exercise Jade Helm 15

Almost around this time last year I posted about how not only were the conspiracy nuts taking over but they were now dictating public policy. In that year it’s gotten significantly worse. The U.S. military is about to undertake something that it’s done since the beginning of when this country had a military, military exercises. […]

Backpage sex trafficking at the Kentucky Derby

It’s no secret that there is always an extreme uptick of sex trafficking at the time and location of major sporting events. Today’s Kentucky Derby is no different as Backpage traffic has increased in the days running up to the Derby. I tend to not post those stories because it should be common sense. However […]

Check your kids’ Facebooks for sex offenders among their friends list

Thanks to this article from KYW Radio in Philadelphia (Come on South Jersey and Philly peeps sing along with Trench…KYW…News Radio…1060) I was introduced to a Facebook app called Friend Verifier. It’s an app that allows you to check your kids’ Facebook friends list for sex offenders. The first thing you’ll need is a Friend […]

Trench reviews Avail Vapor

Recently Avail Vapor opened a new store not too far from where I live so I stopped in yesterday to see what they had in store. I had a very pleasant experience in their store. The store was immaculate and the tasting stations were clean and functioned flawlessly. The staff was friendly and helpful and […]

MIch. middle school employee busted on Snapchat

Usually when I start writing about a school employee that gets arrested for inappropriate use of Snapchat I ask why is it that so many school workers are on Snapchat? Of course the answer is obvious, it’s where the kids are and it’s where the predators within the school’s personnel can maintain contact with the […]

Accomplice of Ohio Craigslist killer has life sentence upheld

Brogan Rafferty was 16 when he helped Richard Beasley commit the murders of three men in Ohio back in 2011. Beasely lured his victims to Ohio by using a craigslist ad promising employment on a ranch. Instead Beasley would shoot them and try to steal their identities in order to evade the drug and human […]

DC lawyer stabbed to death during craigslist meeting

In early February Washington D.C. attorney David Messerschmitt was stabbed to death in a DC hotel by someone he met on craigslist. Police say that 21-year-old Jamyra Gallmon committed the murder during a botched robbery. Mr. Messerschmitt was expecting a male visitor since his craigslist ad was looking for other men. Galmon is claiming a […]

Colo. woman has baby cut from womb after responding to craigslist ad

One of the stories I’m woefully behind on is this one out of Longmont, Colorado, where police say that 34-year-old Dynel Lane not only allegedly stabbed 26-year-old Michelle Wilkins but cut Ms. Wilkins’ baby from her womb. Ms. Wilkins was seven months pregnant at the time of the brutal crime. Ms. Wilkins went to Lane’s […]

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