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RI man convicted of Backpage murder

I guess the murdering of Backpage prostitutes has become so prevalent that I don’t hear about all of them. For example 34-year-old James A. Adams, of Warwick, Rhode Island, was just recently convicted in the 2012 murder of 20-year-old Backpage prostitute Mary Grier. Adams is said to have used Backpage to try to rob one […]

Trench’s Further Adventures in Linux: I try to review Zorin OS Core 10 RC

I’ve been a fan of Zorin OS since Core 5. At the time I thought it was the greatest Linux distro of all time. I used longer than any other distro I had tried at the time. Future iterations of the OS made me less in love with it even though it was still a […]

Backpage allowing free sex ads but desperation is showing

With Visa and Mastercard recently cutting ties with Backpage the controversial website is now allowing sex ads to be posted for free with the insulting promo code of #FREESPEECH. Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel after all. I guess #FREEDOMFORALL as a promo code was shot down, or in Backpage’s case chained to […]

Myrtle Beach craigslist rapist used modeling scam to find his victim

I didn’t think I’d be doing another story about the modeling scam so soon yet here we are. Police in Horry County, South Carolina, which includes Myrtle Beach, have arrested 32-year-old Paul Joseph Shuler for allegedly raping a 20-year-old woman he met through craigslist. Police say that Shuler posted an ad looking for models to […]

Trench addresses the Facebook Confederacy of Dunces

I know Facebook isn’t the apex of intelligent political discourse but I was shocked at the amount of people, who I thought were smarter than that, defending the confederate flag. Yes, I know it’s not the official flag of the confederacy, stop being pedantic, and while you’re looking up the definition of pedantic you may […]

A Voice For the Innocent has an important announcement

My friends over at child advocacy group A Voice For the Innocent, based in Cincinnati, have recently made an important announcement in regards to the help that they need. In their own words AVFTI’s goal is to allow people to share their stories of sexual abuse and rape to a listening ear who won’t judge […]

DARPA helps law enforcement fight human trafficking on the dark web

One of the most frequent arguments I hear against shutting down Backpage’s adult ads is that it will drive the traffickers and pimps further underground. It turns out that they’re already there and if DARPA has any say it they won’t be hiding there long. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is the agency under […]

Man uses fake facebook to prey on teens, wife stands by him

The Kentucky Attorney General’s office say that 42-year-old Gregory Mathis, of Louisville, allegedly posed as a 15-year-old on Facebook to solicit explicit photos from underage girls. His also said to have used Kik to maintain contact with his victims. Investigators say that when they searched Mathis’ phone they found explicit videos of his victims. I’d […]

New England Backpage prostitute murdered, sadly this is not a repeat

28-year-old Daniel Tejeda, of Providence, Rhode Island, was recently indicted on first-degree murder charges for the death of 24-year-old Ashley Masi. Masi was found unresponsive back in March by police doing a welfare check on her. Police discovered that Ms. Masi was working as a prostitute on Backpage. Investigators say that Tejada responded to her […]

FBI seeking 241 victims of MySpace/Stickam predator

31-year-old Lucas Michael Chansler, formerly of St. John’s, Florida, is spending 105 years in prison on child porn charges after pleading guilty in 2014. Chanlser would pose as a 15-year-old on MySpace, Stickam, and AIM to solicit underage girls for explicit pictures. Once he started getting pictures from the victim he would extort them into […]

Married Kik Kreeper used modeling scam to solicit pics from girls as young as 12

I’ve posted about the modeling scam many times before. Basically how it works is an online predator will pose as someone in charge of a modeling agency and will solicit underage girls for explicit photos or even try to get the girls to travel them for either molestation or child prostitution. I’ve posted about the […]

Backpage prostitute killed in Massachusetts

34-year-old Sanisha Johnson, of the Bronx, was shot and killed while working as a prostitute on Backpage in Burlington, Massachusetts. Charged in her murder are 24-year-old Epshod Jeune and 21-year-old Derrell Fisher, both of Roxbury, Mass. The pair was allegedly robbing escorts in the area as one escort who was robbed was able to tip […]

Bad Boyfriend accused of killing two children of separate mothers

27-year-old Scott Jurewicz of Jackson, Michigan, has been charged with the murder of two children only weeks aprt from each other. It was a perfect storm of red tape and bad decisions that allowed the second murder to take place. Back in March, Jurewucz was living with the mother of Brenden Hartranft when the 18-month-old […]

Fla. craigslist creeper offered baby sitting services

The FBI recently arrested 39-year-old Nathan Bryan, of Bradenton, Florida, for allegedly trying to solicit children for sex by advertising his babysitting services on craigslist. Federal investigators believe that Bryan was using these ads to gain access to kids. Reports say that the FBI posed as a father who was offering their child for sex […]

SoCal father knocks out Instagram/Kik kreeper

27-year-old Tim LeBlanc, of Spring Valley, California, allegedly tried to get a 12-year-old girl into his vehicle in the middle of the night. He allegedly met the girl on Instagram and communicated with her on Kik. What he didn’t figure on was a vigilant father. The girl’s father claims he routinely gets up in the […]

Visa and MasterCard can no longer be used on Backpage

This week both Visa and MasterCard said that their cards will no longer be able to be used to place ads on Backpage. Both credit card companies had been asked by Cook County, Illinois, Sheriff Tom Dart to discontinue doing business with Backpage over the obvious human trafficking that takes place on the site. Sheriff […]

Police say CT craigslist killing was an organized hit

I originally posted about the shooting murder of Jesus Silva here. He was shot to death in New Britain, Connecticut, after responding to a craigslist ad for a car he was selling. Jesus Sierra, Joel Jaquez, and Idaliz Zavala-Burgos have been charged with his murder. Before I said that I did not have any information […]

Facebook vigilantes beat California homeless man because of hoax

Here is just one more reason why you shouldn’t believe everything that’s posted on Facebook. A group of Facebook vigilantes in Modesto, California, beat a homeless man after someone posted the following to Facebook. Guess what kids. It was a hoax. Modesto police even contacted the person who allegedly first posted it… “She was a […]

Teen raped in graveyard by older Snapchat ‘friend’

Police in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts have arrested 24-year-old Bruce Henrique for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl in a graveyard. Investigators say that Henrique communicated with the girl through Facebook and Snapchat. They also say that after the victim told Henrique she was underage that he sent her what the article calls “multiple […]

We get letters: You my sir one judgemental prick

I received the following e-mail from a guy named Dan. Dan writes… You my sir one judgemental prick. I wonder where you get off with your holier than thou attitude. Your site is total garbage. Hang out in your mom’s basement much. All just a result of your childhood and having been bullied. An agent […]

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