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Vegas man posed as child fashion photographer on craigslist

Personally I think people who push their kids into modeling are mentally deficient. Too many people see it as a get rich quick scheme without realizing how many people out there want to take advantage of their children. I’ve posted too many stories about child predators and human traffickers who used the allure of modeling […]

More child porn posted on Tumblr

Why do so many pedophile scumbags feel the need to post child porn to Tumblr? Do they really think that no one is going to report them? Tumblr is owned by tech giant Yahoo who have received enough bad publicity about predators in their old chat rooms. They don’t need any more bad press over […]

WI man arrested on Omegle child porn charges

If you’ve read any of my previous posts about the website Omegle then you know it’s an ‘anonymous’ webcam chat site whose motto is “Talk to strangers.” Apparently you can talk to pedophiles too as there have been instances of suspects trading child porn on Omegle. Since there are no user accounts or user names […]

Possible motive given in Waseca plot

Sorry everyone. I know this story is a few weeks old. If you’re looking for up to the minute stuff I’m not your guy. Remember, I’m just one guy. No staff or underlings or anything like that. Anyway, recently the statements made by 17-year-old John David LaDue to police about the alleged plot to attack […]

FBI shuts down major sex trafficking site. Is Backpage next?

This time the answer could be maybe. The San Francisco office of the FBI recently announced that they had shut down ‘escort’ site MyReddbook and arrested its proprietor Eric Omuro. He’s been charged with facilitating prostitution and money laundering. The FBI has also taken possession of the website and visitors to the site are greeted […]

Campbell County High shooter arrested again, and released again

113 days. That’s all it took for Kenny Bartley to be arrested after being released from prison for the 2005 Campbell County High shooting that left assistant principal Ken Bruce dead. The now 22-year-old Bartley was recently arrested for allegedly making violent threats against his father over a set of car keys. When police arrived […]

Two more teens and a 40-year-old charged in connection with Waseca High School plot

Two unnamed 17-year-olds and a 40-year-old have been charged in connection with the alleged school shooting plot against Waseca High School in Minnesota. Previously 17-year-old John David LaDue was charged as the lone conspirator in the plot. Recently two 17-year-old acquaintances of LaDue were arrested for allegedly purchasing the materials for and helping LaDue make […]

Damien Echols ironically says only the guilty want closure

When I saw the headline “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case” I thought finally the press is giving time to someone who doesn’t believe the WM3 hype machine. That sentiment was dashed when I saw that the article was written by convicted triple child murderer Damien Echols himself. In an editorial […]

There was a crooked craigslist creeper

I can’t do every craigslist creeper story anymore because there are just too many of them. Every once in a while though, it only takes a mugshot to make me stop and post one of those stories. For example take 51-year-old Jeff Beckman of Rosholt, Wisconsin. Have you ever heard the expression ‘don’t get your […]

Michael Jacques to serve time in sex offender friendly prison

There’s only been one winner in the case of 12-year-old Brooke Bennett and her killer and uncle Michael Jacques. It’s definitely not Brooke after being kidnapped, raped and killed by Jacques, a sex offender who was released early after completing a ‘program’. It’s not Jacques either as he’s going to do a life sentence in […]

We get letters: Please help a family in need

I received the following e-mail the other day from a reader in need of assistance… Hi Trench, I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for well over a year now, albeit a silent reader. I know you’re a busy guy, and this request is a little out of your norm, but I’m really hoping […]

Arrest made in year old Connecticut Craigslist Killing

I originally posted about the murder of Felix DeJesus here. The 39-year-old father of two was gunned down in 2013 while still in his car in Hartford, Connecticut. He was selling a tablet computer and went to meet the seller since the seller said they didn’t own a car. A year passed without an arrest […]

Philly area man charged with craigslist rape and human trafficking

If the alleged charged against Kevin Cornish are true the man is not only a dangerous predator but he’s a world-class scumbag too. The 42-year-old man from Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, has been not only charged in the alleged craigslist rape of an 18-year-old victim but he may be behind a massive human trafficking scheme as […]

Iowa man charged with kidnapping and rape of girl he met on Kik

29-year-old Daniel Lee Ward of Pleasant Hill, Iowa, has been charged in the kidnapping and rape of a 13-year-old girl that he met through the smartphone instant messaging app Kik. Messaging his victim through Kik he allegedly convinced the girl to sneak out of the house. Then Ward drove his victim to a park in […]

14-year-old Ga. girl prostituted and impregnated by Backpage pimp

Recently 27-year-old Arthur Gerald Reid of Macon, Georgia, tried to get out of his guilty plea during a sentencing hearing. Back in 2013 Reid pleaded guilty to prostituting a 14-year-old girl on Backpage. He also got the girl pregnant as well. As usual with these gutless cowards Reid used threats of intimidation and violence to […]

Twin Cities Backpage child pimp busted

25-year-old Dontre D’Sean McHenry of St. Paul, Minnesota, was arrested in Minneapolis by Homeland Security for allegedly trafficking three minor girls ages 15-17 on Backpage and Facebook for the purposes of prostitution. The 15-year-old was a runaway while the 17-year-old was said to have recruited the 16-year-old. McHenry is facing 10 to life but somehow […]

Austin craigslist creeper offered free room and board to teen for “adult video work”

Due to all the breaking stories lately I’ve had to put the craigslist creepers and other predators on the back burner so I’m going to try to get these stories out as quick as possible today. Anyway, 31-year-old Joshua Rube of Austin, Texas, has been charged with allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl that he […]

Psychologist: Don’t blame mass shootings on mental illness

Jeff Temple is a psychologist and a professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. He’s also a columnist for the Houston Chronicle. Recently he write a column with the headline of “Don’t be so quick to blame mental illness in shootings.” He says that we shouldn’t mistake correlation for causation. He also […]

Was the Reynolds High School shooter a Mormon extremist?

What have I told you about headlines that ask questions? The answer of course is no but we’ll get to the why in a moment. A lot of media outlets are now reporting that the Reynolds High School shooter, Jared Michael Padgett, had a journal where in it he wrote that he wanted to kill […]

2nd shooter theories and why they’re always wrong.

In the days following the shooting at Seattle Pacific University, former crime blogger Steve Huff and myself were having a conversation about the reports of a second shooter at SPU. We both agreed that to our knowledge that there were only two instances of there being more than one shooter, those being Jonesboro and Columbine. Read more [+]

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