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MISSING: Adrianne Lange from Hartford CT. Please share and help

Adrianne Lange is not only one of my Facebook friends, but she’s been a friend to the site for years and a friend to me personally. A couple of years ago she stuck her neck out for me and tried to get me a job with her company without really knowing all that much about the real me. Show More Summary

Parents prevent possible school shooting in Utah

Hell has frozen over, the Seventh Seal has been broken and grab two of each animal and head for the border because the end is nigh. Two parents in Bountiful, Utah, actually prevented their 15-year-old son from possibly shooting up Mueller Park Junior High. Show More Summary

Dylan Lentini sentenced to 20 years in craigslist roommate killing

This past Tuesday, a now 20-year-old Dylan Lentini was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the stabbing murder of his craigslist roommate, Michael Wimbert of West Nyack, New York. Lentini argued that he killed Wimbert in self-defense as the much larger 68-year-old man was trying to rape him. Show More Summary

The Ohio State University active shooter, I mean Muslim terrorist, I mean guy with a knife.

As by now we all know about the attack that took place at Ohio State University this past Monday. Thanks to the instant news cycle where it’s better to be first than right, there have been a number of things reported about the attack that either turned out not to be true or downright outlandish. Show More Summary

Joseph Cyr sentenced for Jaymie Adams’ murder. Where is the smoking gun?

In the close to 17 years that I’ve been operating this website in one form or another I have only believed that three people who I’ve written about were wrongly convicted. I’m not one of these people who believes everyone who has ever claimed to have been wrongly convicted on TV or film. Show More Summary

Geriatric Backpage pimp in Cosby sweater accused of keeping girls prisoner

67-year-old Richard Knider Jackson of Detroit is accused of prostituting women and at least two underage girls on Backpage. Jackson would allegedly get his victims hooked on heroin then turned them out on both the streets and Backpage. Show More Summary

Long Island man charged in murder of craigslist prostitute

36-year-old Raphael Oyague, of Baldwin, New York, is accused of allegedly murdering a craigslist prostitute by beating her to death with a hammer. Oyague is said to have argued with his victim over money she believed she was owed before beating her then dumping her lifeless body in the weeds. Show More Summary

New app to be on the look out for: Yellow

While this article from the Daily Mail is sensationalized, it’s not without its merits concerning the new Snapchat companion app: Yellow. Yellow is not made by Snap Inc. themselves, however it does encourage Snapchat’s users to ‘Make new friends on Snapchat. Show More Summary

Additional details released in Mountain View High School stabbings

According to charges filed in juvenile court, the unnamed suspect in the Mountain View High School stabbings brought not only a knife with him to the school but a bo staff as well. It would seem that the 16-year-old must have thought that he was a Ninja Turtle. Show More Summary

New Exclusive Post for Patreon Patrons: The Trench Reynolds Thanksgiving Report

For my patrons on Patreon you can see my latest exclusive post about how my Thanksgiving went. I hope everyone reading this had a happy Thanksgiving. You too can be a Patron for as little as $1/mo, or more if you’re so inclined. Your patronage helps keep the site not only running but ad free as well. Support on Patreon. Shop at Amazon.

Self-proclaimed pedophile says crimes were ‘civil disobedience’

Seven years ago, I originally posted about then 21-year-old Gary Wolchesky here. In 2009, he was arrested for using Xbox Live to convince children to record themselves performing sexual acts for Wolchesky’s own pleasure. He then went on YouTube to brag about his exploits. Show More Summary

Cincy RSO charged with seeking 10 yo. virgin daughters on craigslist

45-year-old Kerry Murphy of Cincinnati, Ohio, isn’t the first registered sex offender to allegedly ask for child sex on craigslist, but he may be the most detailed. “I’m looking for an open-minded parent who would be interested in bringing their daughter or daughters by for some passionate play. Show More Summary

Trench’s adventures in Linux: Zorin OS 12 Core

As far as Linux distros go, I’ve been a fan of Zorin OS for years. I still have fond memories of using Zorin OS 5 Core for longer than I use most Linux distros. The problem was, that in my opinion, the quality of Zorin OS Core fell off in the following years. Show More Summary

Orlando woman accused of making child porn and sharing it on Kik

37-year-old Lauren Diaz of Orlando, Florida, has been arrested for allegedly producing child porn in her own residence. None of the articles I’ve read state who her victims were, but they do state that her two children are now in custody of the DCF. Show More Summary

New Exclusive Post for Patreon Patrons: The recurring dream

For my patrons on Patreon you can see my latest exclusive post about my only recurring dream. You too can be a Patron for as little as $1/mo or more if you’re so inclined. Your patronage helps keep the site not only running but ad free as well. Support on Patreon. Shop at Amazon.

Aaron Ybarra found guilty of murder in SPU school shooting

Yesterday, not believing his claims of being possessed by Eric Harris or the pepper spray making him lie about his intent to kill, a jury found Aaron Ybarra guilty of first-degree murder. Ybarra killed 19-year-old Paul Lee when Ybarra opened fire on Seattle Pacific University in 2014. Show More Summary

Kik kreeper caught in Arkansas with diapers and dog collar

32-year-old Randy James Myers, of Honeybrook, Pennsylvania, was arrested after traveling from Bismarck, North Dakota to Conway, Arkansas, in order to allegedly meet an 11-year-old and 14-year-old for sex. According to Google Maps, that’s a 17 hour drive of over 1100 miles. Show More Summary

Backpage heads to get pimping charges dismissed

I knew it was too good to be true but it was worth a shot. Earlier today, Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Michael Bowman stated that he was going to dismiss the pimping charges against Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer, and shareholders Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin. Show More Summary

Ky. man charged with stabbing craigslist roommate to death

30-year-old Paul Ellefritz Jr. of Radcliff, Kentucky, has been charged with murder in the stabbing death of his roommate, 48-year-old Kimberly Mayberger. Mayberger had been living with Ellefritz for three months after he responded to her craigslist ad looking for a roommate. Show More Summary

Five injured in Utah school stabbing

Five male students were injured after another male student went on a stabbing spree at Mountain View High School in Orem, Utah. The 16-year-old knife wielding student was said to even have stabbed himself in the neck. The suspect was caught after being TASERed by the school resource officer. Show More Summary

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