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We get letters: We are so convinced that Terry Hobbs is innocent?

I received the following e-mail from Jason. Jason says… We are so convinced that Terry Hobbs is innocent? Furthermore, what has led you to believe that WM3 is guilty? People have recanted their comments, Jesse Misskelley was found to have an alibi, as were Damian Echols and Jason Baldwin. Jesse Misskelley’s confession was found to […]

Crazy Confederate anti-vaxxer kidnapper caught

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I first posted the story of Megan Elizabeth Everett. She’s the woman from Sunrise, Florida, who had joint custody of her daughter and went on the run because she didn’t want her daughter vaccinated. Not only that but she allegedly wanted her then 2-year-old daughter to […]

Ten years since the murder of Jennifer Parks

It was ten years ago today that 16-year-old Jennifer Parks of Randolph, New Jersey, was murdered by her neighbors, the Zarate brothers, Jonathan and James. James Zarate had invited Jennifer over to watch TV but it was just a plot to lure her into the Zarate household. The Zarate brother’s held a grudge against Jennifer […]

Brothers charged in Broken Arrow murders wanted to be more famous than Columbine

I had heard about the family that had been killed in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It’s hard not to sound condescending when I say this but I didn’t read much about it at the time because it’s not the kind of story I typically write about. While I felt horrible for the family I thought this […]

Idaho man shot and killed by your latest craigslist killers

53-year-old Kent Storrer of Twin Falls, Idaho, was shot and killed while he and his son-in-law were trying to sell his son-in-law’s car on craigslist. Police say that 22-year-old Jerry Burton Kimball and 20-year-old Jacob Lyn Marshall responded to the ad and took the car for a test drive. After the drive Marshall allegedly shot […]

Mass. AG’s office takes over local Backpage sex party investigation

Recently in Auburn, Massachusetts, a sex party in a Holiday Inn room was broken up by police. The party was said to have been facilitated on both craigslist and Backpage. Some of that facilitation must have been prostitution since the alleged party organizers, Jon A. Lowell, 45, and Courtney C. Nicholopoulos, 39, have both been […]

Two plead guilty to child prostitution on MyRedbook

When I posted about former owner of MyRedbook, Eric Omuro, being prosecuted and convicted of facilitating prostitution one of the reactions I received was that MyRedbook was ‘different’ and that no children were being trafficked on the site. The federal government may disagree since recently two men from San Jose, California, pleaded guilty to trafficking […]

Backpage gets restraining order against Cook County Sheriff

Earlier today Backpage was granted a temporary restraining order against Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart. Dart was the man behind the campaign to get the major credit card companies to stop processing payments to Backpage because of their ‘alleged’ involvement with human trafficking and child prostitution. The 10 day order basically bars Sheriff Dart or […]

Mother of Columbine killer to give TV interview

Sue Klebold, the mother of Columbine coward Dylan Klebold, is set to have an interview with Diane Sawyer aired om ABC in February of 2016. The date of the airing is set to coincide with the release of her book which I first wrote about here. The book is entitled “A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in […]

James Holmes is no friend to mental illness

After his arrest for the movie theater murders in Aurora, Colorado, a number of James Holmes fangirls showed up on the internet, mostly Tumblr, because…well…it’s Tumblr. Having dealt with a murder groupie or two in my time I wrote about the self-proclaimed ‘Holmies’ here. With his recent conviction this article from Slate by Amanda Hess […]

Backpage sues Cook County over credit card kerfuffle (From the mouth of Liz McDougall XI)

In response to the major credit card companies cutting all ties with Backpage, they have filed a lawsuit against Cook County, Illinois, Sheriff Tom Dart. The suit asks for damages for the revenue they’ve lost from their ‘adult service’ ads. Let’s hear from Backpage’s legal team including head legal weasel Liz McDougall… “Sheriff Dart’s actions […]

Elytte Barbour seeks new trial for craigslist thrill kill

Last year Elytte Barbour and his wife Miranda pleaded guilty to the murder of Troy LaFerrara in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, and were both sentenced to life without parole. The husband and wife pair lured LaFerrara to his death by posing as a prostitute on craigslist. Once they got LaFerrara into their vehicle Miranda Barbour stabbed him […]

Are prostitutes safer online or on the streets?

Ever since Backpage was limited to only being able to accept Bitcoin as payment for its ads I’ve had people claiming to be sex workers telling me that without Back-page they wouldn’t be as safe being back out on the streets. One former sex worker disagrees… Back in the 1980s, when Audrey Morrissey was in […]

Illinois craigslist killer gets new trial

Back in 2011 Timothy Smith of Woodstock, Illinois, shot and killed 48-year-old Kurt Milliman in Smith’s home. Smith was prostituting his then wife, Kimberly Smith, on craigslist. Supposedly Milliman got to rough with Kimberly Smith and Timothy Smith emerged from hiding and shot Milliman. More than likely to hide their criminal activities the Smiths concocted […]

Ex-Disneyland employee charged with trying to trade tickets for sex with teen

If one can be a fan of a police department I am a huge fan of the Huntington Beach, California, Police Department. For years they’ve been in the forefront of catching craigslist creepers in their area. As an aside creeper is the term we used where I grow up for guys who like children. Getting […]

Jade Helm should stay out of Texas but not for conspiracy reasons

I originally posted about military exercise code-named Jade Helm 15 here. The short version is that a crazy vocal minority in Texas think that the exercise is actually some kind of secret government operation to either declare martial law in Texas or to take their guns or both depending on which crackpot you’re talking to. […]

We get Tweets: You hate us and want to see us in poverty

If you follow me on Twitter you know I only post two things, what words aren’t recognized by spell check and links to my blog posts. Yesterday the tweet went out about the post on how Backpage is now allowing free sex ads and how I thought that this is signalling the beginning of the […]

RI man convicted of Backpage murder

I guess the murdering of Backpage prostitutes has become so prevalent that I don’t hear about all of them. For example 34-year-old James A. Adams, of Warwick, Rhode Island, was just recently convicted in the 2012 murder of 20-year-old Backpage prostitute Mary Grier. Adams is said to have used Backpage to try to rob one […]

Trench’s Further Adventures in Linux: I try to review Zorin OS Core 10 RC

I’ve been a fan of Zorin OS since Core 5. At the time I thought it was the greatest Linux distro of all time. I used longer than any other distro I had tried at the time. Future iterations of the OS made me less in love with it even though it was still a […]

Backpage allowing free sex ads but desperation is showing

With Visa and Mastercard recently cutting ties with Backpage the controversial website is now allowing sex ads to be posted for free with the insulting promo code of #FREESPEECH. Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel after all. I guess #FREEDOMFORALL as a promo code was shot down, or in Backpage’s case chained to […]

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