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Six Degrees of Dio: David Bowie

I was never a huge fan of David Bowie. In my formative years ‘Let’s Dance’ was played on the radio and MTV ad nauseam. That’s not to say I didn’t recognize how talented of a person he is. With his recent unfortunate passing (fuck cancer...Show More Summary

Damien Echols comments on ‘Making a Murderer’

I guess it was inevitable that with all the talk of ‘Making a Murderer’ and its supposition that Steven Avery is innocent that the media would reach out to another convicted killer, Damien Echols, he of the West Memphis 3. Let’s see what the chief chalupa had to say… I was convicted of three counts of capital murder in 1993. Show More Summary

More about alleged abuse of boy who died in Kenny Bartley’s care

Again let me preface this by saying that as of the time I’m posting this no criminal charges have been filed. Because of that I will not be posting anyone’s name except for Bartley’s. Technically he is wanted by authorities but not for this. Show More Summary

Florida Kik kreeper sent sex toys to teen twice

24-year-old Joshua Austin of Perry, Florida, was recently arrested for allegedly having an online sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl from Polk County, Florida. In case you’re not aware the Polk County Sheriff’s Office is probably my favorite police department in the country. Show More Summary

Kik kreeper asked 11-year-old for pics of 6-year-old

26-year-old Timothy Walker seems to fit the nomenclature of both sex offender and pedophile that seem to be so prevalent on the smart phone messaging app Kik. Walker was arrested for allegedly trying to solicit explicit pictures from an 11-year-old boy in Murfreesboro. Show More Summary

Tulsa craigslist ad posted by someone claiming to be killer

Someone in Tulsa, Oklahoma posted the above ad on craigslist recently claiming that they killed someone and are moving on to Oklahoma City to claim their next victim. I guess 2016 is starting out to be the year of web hoaxes. Yes this is obviously some kind of hoax. Show More Summary

Craigslist baby sitter admits child molestation. This is my shocked face.

42-year-old Daniel Benson Billman, of Aransas Pass, Texas, pleaded guilty yesterday to production of child porn charges and faces up to 50 years in prison. As part of Billman’s plea deal he admitted to molesting a 7-year-old girl who was in his care. Show More Summary

Where White People Meet

Anyone who says that something ‘just for whites’ isn’t racist aren’t necessarily racist themselves. They’re just ignorant of the past. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” —George Santayana Not to mention when I hear “Where White People Meet” I think of this… #sorrynotsorry as the kids say.

Six Degrees of Dio: Motörhead

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I’ve done one of these. I’m really bad at doing regularly scheduled features. Anyway with the recent passing of rock god Lemmy I thought it was time to dust off this concept and feature this seminal rock band. Show More Summary

Making a Murderer isn’t as accurate as you think

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A series of documentaries are made about a brutal murder that cast doubt on the guilt of the convicted. In its wake an online community springs up calling for the convicted’s exoneration. Sound familiar?...Show More Summary

Boyfriend of woman stabbed to death in craigslist confrontation tells his side

I originally posted about the stabbing death of 41-year-old Robin Smith, from Fresno, California, here. Now her boyfriend, who was present at the time of her stabbing, is taking to local media to tell his side of the story. He claims that Smith contacted the man “to get some transmission fluid for her broken down vehicle”. Show More Summary

Follow-up to the Cody Wright picture on Facebook

In the days since my last post about the above picture making the rounds on Facebook I’ve had several people claiming to be family of the victim leaving comments claiming that this is not a hoax. I’m still not convinced it’s not a hoax considering that for one everyone claiming to be a family member is an extended family member. Show More Summary

Was Fresno craigslist stabbing self-defense?

For a while now craigslist has been described as the ‘Wild West’ of the internet. I think this story drives that point home better than most. On New Year’s Eve 41-year-old Robin Smith, of Fresno, California, was stabbed to death, but...Show More Summary

Kik kreeper caught with kid and kiddie porn

In case you or your kids needed yet another cautionary tale about the dangers of smart phone messaging app Kik here’s another one straight from the woodwork. 23-year-old Robert Larson, of College Station, Texas, was not only allegedly...Show More Summary

Craigslist ad for hoverboards leads to strange NY robbery

Two Long Island men are lucky to be a live after responding to a craigslist ad for the latest hot gadget, the so-called hoverboard. After going to the home in Jackson Heights, Queens where they thought they were buying hoverboards they were instead robbed at gunpoint, tied up with duct tape and thrown into a pile with other victims. Show More Summary

Indiana man indicted for assaulting NJ girl he met on Omegle

32-year-old Joshua Elkins, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, was recently indicted for allegedly sexually assaulting a then 15-year-old girl from Bergen County, New Jersey, that he met on the video chat site Omegle. Elkins was arrested back in 2013 after making the ten-hour drive from Indiana to New Jersey. Show More Summary

The 2015 Trenchie Awards

Best Movie: Since I’m not a Star Wars fan it was Avengers: Age of Ultron. Honorable mention goes to Mad Max: Fury Road. Best Album: Only one album this year was repeatedly played in my rotation and that was Into the Wild Life by Halestorm. Show More Summary

Boy who died in Kenny Bartley’s care ruled an abuse victim

Again let me preface this by saying that as of the time I’m posting this no criminal charges have been filed. Earlier today it was announced by CPS of Fairfax County, Virginia, that the three-year-old boy left alone in the care of Campbell County High School shooter Kenny Bartley was a victim of child abuse according to their investigation. Show More Summary

Stop sharing the Cody Wright picture on Facebook

So I regrettably open up Facebook this morning and I’m greeted with this photo posted by way too many people who should know better. I can almost guarantee that this is a hoax. First off the earliest I found this posted to Facebook was December 18th. Show More Summary

December exclusive post for Patreon subscribers

For my patrons on Patreon you can see my latest exclusive long form post that this time is about my first fake heart attack. You too can be a Patron for as little as $1/mo or more if you’re so inclined.

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