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As US Attorney, Labor Secretary Nominee Enabled Drug and Biotechnology Executives' Impunity

The new Trump administration nominee for US Secretary of Labor is a former US Attorney for the southern district of Florida. In that role, he seemed to uphold the ideas that certain big corporations, particularly big pharmaceutical and...Show More Summary

A Voice for Reason - Dr Mickey Nardo

We mourn the loss of Dr Mickey Nardo, chief blogger at 1BoringOldMan, a voice of reason, a defender of truth in health care. Dr Nardo was one of the principles in the famous re-analysis of Study 329, and has campaigned for rational use of clinical evidence in psychiatry.For further details, see the apparently final post on 1BoringOldMan. Show More Summary

Making Health Care Conflicts of Interest Great Again: A Consultant to Medicaid and Simultaneously to Medicaid Vendors for CMS?

President Trump campaigned on behalf of the neglected middle class, but at least in the health care sphere, those he has chosen for their advice or considered for nomination seemed to be more the corporate class. Tomorrow, Ms Seema Verma,...Show More Summary

Bad HIT in pharmacy: Hospital to pay half million dollar fine after pharmacist's drug theft

This is an example where bad health IT in an "infrastructure" system (as opposed to a clinician-facing system) led to a quite unfortunate outcome for the community. Bad Health IT ("BHIT") is defined as IT that is ill-suited to purpose,...Show More Summary

More Health Care Professionals and Trainees Provoked to Resist - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Protest of Leaders' Acquiescence to Trump's Muslim Travel Ban

The executive order by President Trump that temporarily banned immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries provoked health care professionals and trainees to challenge another health care leader whom had not been so challenged...Show More Summary

Health Care Professionals and Trainees Finally Provoked to Resist - Cleveland Clinic Protest of CEO's Acquiescence to Trump's Muslim Travel Ban

We frequently discuss the anechoic effect, the failure of cases illustrating problems with concentration and abuse of power, unethical and corrupt behavior, and faulty leadership and governance in health care to generate much public discussion, much less outrage. Show More Summary

Health Care Renewal Bloggers to Lead Session on Conflicts of Interest and Health Care Corruption at Society for General Internal Medicine Meeting

Bloggers D r Wally Smith and Dr Roy Poses will be leading a sub-session on conflicts of interest and health care corruption in a late breaking session during the annual meeting of the Society for General Internal Medicine in Washington, DC. Show More Summary

Will Trump's Leadership Picks Smack Down Health Care? - A Drug Company Lobbyist, an Entrepreneur Who Wants to Weaken Drug Testing, and a Mysterious Billionaire Who Settled Fraud Charges

President Trump in his inauguration speech promised to reach out to "struggling families" and to benefit "American workers and American families," and promised all Americans "you will never be ignored again." Yet the Trump transition...Show More Summary

Making Research Suppressed Again - US Secretary of Health Candidate Accused of Suppressing Clinical Research at Behest of Campaign Donor

Introduction - Research Suppression An early impetus for us to start Health Care Renewal in 2004 was our perception that the integrity of clinical research was under threat. In particular, we noted increasing number of cases in which...Show More Summary

Sympathy for the Devil - Mr Trump's Adviser on FDA Leadership Prefers Corruption to Boredom

Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste I've been around for a long, long year Stole many a man's soul and faith- Keith Richards, Mick Jagger Mr Peter Theil, a Silicon Valley billionaire, apparently a man of...Show More Summary

Bozos on the Trump Health Care Bus: An Evidence-Denying Advocate, Former CEO of a Company Which Committed a $1.7 Billion Fraud, and An Internet Troll

Normally, the sorts of people who are responsible for health policy for the US government are not the most flamboyant in the world. Government advisers and officials show up on the Health Care Renewal, an equal-opportunity offender, usually because of conflicts of interest issues, particularly the revolving door. Show More Summary

Heath IT Mismanagement: MD Anderson to cut about 1,000 jobs due to "financial downfall officials largely attributed to its EPIC EHR implementation project"

At numerous posts on this blog I link to stories of health IT expense putting hospital financial stability at risk, e.g.:"What is more important in healthcare, computers, or nurses and other human beings? Southcoast Health cutting dozens...Show More Summary

If You See Something, Say (and Do) Something - Don't Just Grumble to Your Friends About Health Care Dysfunction

During the US presidential campaign, and after its results, I have heard from a lot of people who were unhappy. They were unhappy with the choice of candidates, their policies, or or their qualifications or character. They were unhappy about media coverage, about the political parties' leadership, etc, etc. Show More Summary

Follow the Money: Nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services Traded Health Care Stocks and Owned Tobacco Stocks While in Congress

At least the US president-elect seems to be making the problems of conflict of interests and health care corruption less anechoic.Dr Price's Stock Portfolio The latest relevant big story was first picked up by Sheila Kaplan writing in Stat. Show More Summary

Healthcare and legal misconduct, and celebrating Freedom in America

I celebrate the coming of New Year 2017, and the freedom of speech and freedom to pursue redress of wrongs - such as medical malpractice - afforded in the United States of America.Let us hope nothing comes between us and those rights in coming years. Show More Summary

DeVry Education Group, Owner of American University of the Carrbbean and Ross University Schools of Medicine, Settles Allegations of Deceptive Marketing

The parade of legal settlements made by large health care organizations just keeps stepping along. The latest entry in it was DeVry Education Group, which owns two for-profit offshore (from the US and Canada) medical schools: American...Show More Summary

Suppose the Pope Condemned Health Care Corruption - and Hardly Anyone Noticed?

Introduction - Health Care Corruption as a Taboo TopicWe have frequently discussed outright corruption in health care as one of the most important causes of health care dysfunction. Transparency International (TI) defines corruptionShow More Summary

Despite Long Record of Misadventures, Johnson and Johnson to Receive Award for "Ethical Leadership?!"

What does it take for a big pharmaceutical/ device/ biotechnology company to get an ethics award?Reported by Sheila Kaplan at Stat (but for subscribers only), and first noticed by Carl Elliott and just discussed on his Fear and Loathing...Show More Summary

Our Holiday Appeal: Speaking Out on Conflicts of Interest, Corruption, and Attacks on Science Since 2003

In 1998, I learned of the plight of Dr David Kern, my colleague and friend at Brown. Dr Kern ultimately lost his job because a local company took offense when he presented data about a new occupational disease that occurred at the company's factory (see summary here). Show More Summary

Efficacy, We Don't Need No Stinking Proof of Efficacy - Says Apparent Trump Candidate to Lead FDA

Multiple media reports suggest that US president-elect Donald Trump is considering a most unusual candidate for commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The basics, as reported by Bloomberg:President-elect Donald Trump’s...Show More Summary

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