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No Questions Asked - Journalist Parrots the Talking Points in Support of Hospital Executive Compensation

The problem of ever rising, amazingly generous pay for top health care managers is a frequent topic for Health Care Renewal. We have suggested that the ability of top managers to command ever increasing pay uncorrelated with their organizations'...Show More Summary

New Jersey Confidential: the Almost Secret Membership of the RWJ Barnabas Health Board

A Hospital System Tries to Hide its Board of Trustees The US Internal Revenue Service mandates disclosure of the membership of boards of trustees of non-profit corporations. Nonetheless, as reported by New Brunswick (NJ) Today, the leadership...Show More Summary

Who Benefits? - Hospital Profits and Quality May Fall, But Hospital Executives' Compensation Keeps Rising

Despite recent attempts at health care reform, US health care dysfunction seems to proceed inexorably with ever rising costs, and continuing problems with access and quality. A likely reason is that those who find the current system personally profitable are in a position to resist real reform. Show More Summary


JAMA LAYS AN EGG Three months ago I took JAMA to task over a Viewpoint opinion piece about conflict of interest. The authors proposed dancing around the reality of financial conflict of interest in medicine by talking instead about confluence of interest. Show More Summary

Back to Paper After U.S. Coast Guard EHR Debacle: Proof of Hegel's Adage "We Learn From History That We Do Not Learn From History"?

I have become blue in the face writing about healthcare information technology mismanagement over the years. In fact, the original focus of my 1998 website on health IT (its descendant now at More Summary

John Stossel Discovers Health Care Dysfunction, Blames it on "Socialists" - Like Maurice Greenberg (AIG), John Thain (Merrill Lynch), Sanford Weill (Citigroup), and David H Koch?

We have been ranting for a while about the dysfunctionality of the US health care system. Unfortunately, many people only realize how bad things are when they become patients, when they have bigger things to worry about than complaining. Show More Summary

Lown Institute/ Right Care Alliance 2016 Conference

I am back from the annual Lown Institute/ Right Care Alliance meeting in Chicago. A considerable part of the meeting was devoted to issues that may be familiar to readers of Health Care Renewal.Shannon Brownlee, in her keynote talk,Show More Summary

The More Things Stay the Same - More Apparently Adulterated Heparin, This Time from Chinese Ruminants

The story of the contaminated heparin just will not go away. We first wrote about it in 2008 (see first post here, most related posts here, and the longer summary at the end of this post.)Quick SummaryBaxter International imported the "active pharmaceutical ingredient" (API) of heparin, that is, in plainer language, the drug itself, from China. Show More Summary

"Immersion Day" to Expose Hospital Board Members to Real Health Care for a Day - A Great Idea, but Why Should It Be News?

Last week, the New England Journal of Medicine published an article by Bock and Paulus describing an innovative program at Mission Health in Asheville, NC to expose health system board members to the real world of health care.(1) The...Show More Summary

What is more important in healthcare, computers, or nurses and other human beings? Southcoast Health cutting dozens of jobs on heels of expensive IT upgrade

That I even have to ask the question on the title of this post is a tragedy and a scandal.I've written a number of posts on this blog about hospitals laying off staff and even put in financial jeopardy due to EHR implementation, e.g.,...Show More Summary

What You See Is Not What You Get - Purdue Pharma Executives Pleaded Guilty, but the Oxycontin Billionaires Went Unnoticed

What you see if often not what you get. Nine years ago, three top executives of Purdue Pharma pleaded guilty to criminal charges of "misbranding" Oxycontin. The case appeared to be a landmark. In previous years, top executives of large health care corporations rarely faced legal consequences when their companies misbehaved. Show More Summary

Medstar Health CEO basically admits EHRs are unnecessary after hackers take out its HIT

It's corporate spin, of course, but that's the plain meaning of what he says: 2016/03/29/medstar-paralyzed- as-hackers-take-aim-at- another-us-hospital/For a second day, the region’s second-largest health care system deals with a crippling computer virus. Show More Summary

Bad health IT at Medstar Health: FBI probing virus behind outage (And: ka-ching! ka-ching! EHR costs continue their upward spiral)

Once again, a definition of bad health IT: Bad Health IT ("BHIT") is defined as IT that is ill-suited to purpose, hard to use, unreliable, loses data or provides incorrect data, is difficult and/or prohibitively expensive to customize...Show More Summary

Will There Ever Be Enough Straws to Break Corporate Health Care Managers' Impunity's Back? - Novartis Settles Yet Again, This Time for Bribing Doctors

Umpteenth verse, same as the first...As just reported by Bloomberg,Novartis AG said it agreed to pay $25 million to settle a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission case that claimed the Swiss drugmaker paid bribes to health professionals...Show More Summary

There They Go Again - the New England Medical Journal Publishes another Rant, this Time about Power Morcellation

In 2015, we noted (here and here) that the New England Journal of Medicine seemed to have been reduced to publishing rants about "pharmascolds" who are paranoid about conflicts of interest. Now there they go again.... BackgroundThe sad story about the risks of power morcellation for the treatment of fibroids has received considerable media attention. Show More Summary

Criminal matter for the Attorney General of NY? Hail the gods of medical computing, and the need for human sacrifice. NYC’s $764M medical records system will lead to ‘patient death’: insiders

I believe the suffering and death of my mother in 2010-2011 due to EHR flaws - including but not limited to lack of essential confirmation dialogs on medication deletion at triage, lack of notification messages informing down-line staff...Show More Summary

"How Employed Physicians' Contracts May Threaten Their Patients and Professionalism" Authored by Health Care Renewal Bloggers Published in Annals of Internal Medicine

We have noted that increasing numbers of physicians provide patient care as employees of large organizations, often hospital systems, sometimes for-profit. Since in these settings physicians must answer to generic management which may...Show More Summary

Trumped Up "Nutritional" Products - A Cautionary Tale of Immediate Relevance

On Health Care Renewal, we frequently discuss deceptive marketing schemes designed to sell tests and treatments whose benefits for patients do not clearly outweigh their harms, and sometimes which are useless or dangerous. In fact, we have to be selective about discussing such cases, because they are all too common. Show More Summary

It Has Come to This? - Donald Trump's "Truly Absurd," "Word Salad," "Gibberish" Health Care Policy

Health Care Renewal is officially non-partisan. We do not endorse candidates for office, or political parties. That does not prevent us from commenting on policy issues, and on pronouncements and actions by politicians and government...Show More Summary

At least former ONC chair Blumenthal now says "health IT can [even] cause safety issues." Other than that, it's unicorns and fairies in the Harvard Business Review.

The truth about healthcare IT, that it is perilously insecure, and is causing clinician despair and patient harm, is increasingly becoming mainstream. For example, seen at the eclectic, widely read, multi-author website of BeauchampShow More Summary

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