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In "Trump Town," the Revolving Door Runneth Over: Yet More Ex-Lobbyists as Political Appointees at the Department of Health and Human Services

We have accumulated a remarkable number of stories of people transiting the revolving door from high-level positions in health care corporations to high-level positions in health care policy or regulation for the Trump administration. Show More Summary

Quattro! More from the DOG Patch.

Some more offerings in our fourth effort in these pages to get rid of this damned dander. It's still up! Here in the DOG Patch, D is for Dander, and the dander, in spite of smatterings of good new lately, has still got itself up.Vive le Qu├ębec! Nodbody's taking sides in Canadian separatism, if it's still brewing north of the border. Show More Summary

How Corporate Health Care Leaders Maintain Their Impunity: The Case of Purdue Pharma's Funding of the Washington Legal Foundation to Attempt to Weaken the Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine

The ongoing epidemic of narcotic (opioid) abuse, and the resulting rise in the deaths due to overdoses, has focused attention on pharmaceutical companies' aggressive promotion of these drugs which minimized their substantial risk. AShow More Summary

Dander Gathering Again: Terzo

It's hard these days to rid oneself of the rising dander. Dander Omnium Gatherum Patch Numero Terzo. To put it more simply, here are more tales from the DOG Patch. And a smattering of actual good (how's this possible?) news.Double Back on Politics at the VA. Show More Summary

Tales from the DOG Patch: Numero Deux

A tip of the hat to Dr. Roy Poses, who did a nice job summarizing the first blast from the DOG Patch. (For those who missed it, it's a distillate of all the dander we've mustered in recent health policy debates as they veer more and more toward the utterly surreal.) Dander omnium gatherum, hurled willy-nilly at the gentle readers of HCRenewal. Show More Summary

The Case of the Brew Master's Plot - Was the Veterans Affairs Secretary's Travel Spending Scandalous, or Was He Framed in a Plot to Oust a Political Moderate?

"Come, Watson, come! The brew is afoot."The Veterans Affairs Secretary's Apparently Scandalous Travel On February 14, 2018, the Washington Post reported that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Inspector General (IG) severely faulted...Show More Summary

Welcome to the DOG Patch: first in a series?

Lately my dander is up so often and so copiously, over what's happening in health care and the world at large, I'm exhausted. Covered with nasty dander. Cowering under the sheets. Others seem to share this dysphoria. But I found if not a cure, at least a palliative. Show More Summary

New article in J. of General Internal Medicine calls for simplifying EHRs

At my recent Healthcare Renewal blog post "The inevitable downgrading of burdensome, destructive EHRs back to paper & document imaging" at, I opined that the downgrading of the clinician-facing components of EHRs was essential and inevitable. Show More Summary

Are You With Us, Dr Gu? - Vanderbilt Suspended Surgical Resident Allegedly Due to Patient's Mother's Compaints About His "Taking a Knee" on Social Media

In the US, our political situation seems to be leading to new threats to free speech in academic medicine. Background: Dr Gu's Activism his story was first reported by The Chronicle at Duke University, and here it is in chronological...Show More Summary

Free Press? Don't Need No Stinkin' Free Press - Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Tries to Intimidate Modern Healthcare Journalist

Remember the good ol' days, when most US challenges to free speech or the free press in health care came from aggrieved corporate or academic managers? Now government health agencies have gotten into the act, never mind First Amendment...Show More Summary

Fish gotta fly, birds gotta swim: more on the opiate crisis

At so many levels, the current opiate crisis, and the way in which various actors are seeking to cope with it, proves rich in intriguing detail.For starters, it needs to be memorialized that there is a judge in Ohio--like Pennsylvania...Show More Summary

Disastrously conceived, managed, and implemented U.S. Coast Guard EHR leaves our Coast Guard heroes safer ... after reversion to paper records

Sometimes, the typical EHR mismanagement debacles that I have been writing about since at least 1999 leave patients safer. This is one such example.I note that the contents of this blog, as well as my still-extant Drexel website "Contemporary...Show More Summary

The inevitable downgrading of burdensome, destructive EHRs back to paper & document imaging

In recent days, I've posted about current articles on the destructive nature of today's vastly over-complex, burdensome EHR technology. These posts included "Physicians Harassed by Overwhelming Levels of Messaging From Electronic Medical...Show More Summary

Burnout Returns to Center Stage

A recent Mayo Clinic Proceedings guest editorial, by Yale University physician Kristine Olson, asks the question--to some of us it's far from a rhetorical one--whether burnout among her fellow physicians is in fact "A Leading Indicator of Health System Performance?"Seems to me that her gist is: yes, it surely must be just such an indicator. Show More Summary

Physicians Harassed by Overwhelming Levels of Messaging From Electronic Medical Records

In yet another example of the clerical overload caused by bad health IT, physicians find themselves drinking from a fire hose through cybernetics. This, in the field of dermatology, let alone critical care specialties:Physicians Overwhelmed by Messaging From Electronic Medical Interview with: Matilda W. Show More Summary

Medical Economics: Highly experienced physicians lost to medicine over bad health IT

The title of the article is actually "Physicians leaving profession over EHRs", but that title omits the real impact of the phenomenon: seasoned physicians, along with their medical expertise, judgment and experience, are lost to the...Show More Summary

More on the Opiate Abuse Epidemic: Where Again Does the Finger Point?

In a recent blog post we pointed to conservatives' efforts to implicate Medicaid funding as somehow causative of, or at least promoting, the opiate "crisis." After all, funding for medications means people will use, and sometimes abuse, those medications. Show More Summary

Not just bad health IT, but SPECTACULARLY bad health IT

I define bad healthcare IT as:... IT that is ill-suited to purpose, hard to use, unreliable, loses data or provides incorrect data, is difficult and/or prohibitively expensive to customize to the needs of different medical specialists...Show More Summary

Will the New Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of the US Department of Health and Human Services Help Health Care Professionals Challenge Morally Objectionable Acts - Like Bribery, Fraud and Other Criminal or Corrupt Practices?

For a long time we have argued that health care corruption is a major cause of health care dysfunction. We have documented numerous cases in which health care professionals were exposed to or involved in actions, including fraud, bribery (also known as kickbacks), and other corrupt or criminal practices, to which they likely had moral objections. Show More Summary

The Big Bang Theory of Health Care Since 1967

Hold on to your hat: it all comes together now. Looking at events in our nation's capital, in a strange fever dream, The Big Bang Theory just came to me, No, call it the Big Fecal-Bang Theory, as I read about how our national leadership...Show More Summary

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