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Northwestern Upholds its "Brand," Never Mind Free Speech and Academic Freedom

Threats to free speech and academic freedom in health care were a major concern when we started Health Care Renewal. Such threats may now be less anechoic, but do not seem to have diminished.Censorship and the Resignation of Alice Dreger The latest example was at Northwestern University. Show More Summary

You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Leave - Duke and UNC Allegedly Agreed Not to Hire Each Other's Faculty

We have intermittently discussed the worsening plight of physicians trying to provide clinical care as employees of large organizations. Such corporate physicians are likely to be squeezed between professional values that put the patient first, and management that puts revenue first. Show More Summary

The Real Dark Side of Health Care: Health Care Corruption

The editors of the prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine just stated they they were shocked, shocked to find out that physicians occasionally express disrespect for patients when the patients cannot hear or see them. The occasion was...Show More Summary

Once More with Feeling - Amgen Again Settles Allegations of Misbranding, But Why Bother?

The Latest Settlement Biotechnology giant Amgen has just reached another settlement of allegations that it unfairly, deceptively or misleadingly marketed its drug. Per the Los Angeles Times,Amgen Inc. has agreed to pay $71 million to...Show More Summary

With 10 Health Care Executives on it Board, US Chamber of Commerce Defends Big Tobacco Abroad

Tobacco, especially smoked in cigarettes, is generally recognized by health care professionals as having health hazards that greatly outweigh its benefits to society. Therefore, most health care organizations discourage tobacco use, and many have developed tobacco free policies.However, the tobacco industry has its powerful supporters. Show More Summary

The Latest Example of the Anechoic Effect - AllTrials US Initiative Launches to Deafening Media Silence

Every now and then, someone tries to persuade me how much more open discussion of various kinds of recent unpleasantness in health care has become in the US. I admit there has been more media attention to certain issues, but unfortunately...Show More Summary

Praluent, the Next Expensive "Game Changer," Blockbuster," "New Hope," - But Not Yet Shown to Benefit Patients

Here we go again. The same month that it approved Entresto (look here), the US Food and Drug Administration approved a new PCSK9 inhibitor cholesterol lowering agent, alirocumab, immediately marketed as the pricy Praluent by Sanofi and Regeneron, and heralded by a blast of media hype. Show More Summary

60% of the CEOs of America's "Great Health Systems" Have No Educational Background in Health Care

We have noted that US health care has been taken over by generic managers. A recent article about the CEOs of purportedly some of America's best hospitals provides some quantitative data.A few days ago, Becker's Hospital Review published...Show More Summary

Entresto, Blockbuster, or Just Over Hyped? - Whatever, It Will Cost $4500 a Year

The newest drug for congestive heart failure, Entresto, a fixed combination of valsartan and sacubitril, has just hit the market at an elevated price. Like other drugs recently introduced as blockbusters, the high price does not seem clearly justified by clinical evidence about the drug's benefits and harms. Show More Summary

What They Really Think of Us, UK Version - Health Secretary Derides NHS Doctors for Not Working Enough on Weekends

A new story from the UK suggests what top leaders of health care really think about health care professionals. I realize that I risk showing my shallow understanding of UK politics when I comment on this, but I believe that the story...Show More Summary

Turn, Turn, Turn - from Colubia/ HCA Executive, to Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources, to Director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), to America's Healt Insurance Plans (AHIP)

Marilyn Tavenner's career continues to revolve, er, evolve.Columbia/ HCAMarilyn Tavenner worked for Columbia / HCA, now HCA, although details of her job there are sketchy. Apparently she worked there for a long time, according to a 2015...Show More Summary

Who Benefits? - Rising Generic Drug Prices and the Case of Mylan's Conflicted Property Purchases

Rising Generic Drug PricesHealth care costs in the US continue their seemingly inexorable rise. Even the parts of health care that used to seem reasonably priced now are affected. As Ed Silverman discussed on PharmaLotprices for many generic drugs have been climbing, prompting concerns that a low-cost staple of the U.S. Show More Summary

Bill Clinton, Paid to Speak to Biotech Conference, Extolled $1000 Pill to Prevent "Liver Rot," Despite Lack of Evidence that It Does

What were they thinking?Former President Clinton Talkes to Pharma and Biotech Executives In mid June, 2015, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that former US PresidentClinton was the keynote speaker at Klick Ideas Exchange, sponsored...Show More Summary

How Institutional Conflicts of Interest Exacerbate the Anechoic Effect - the Example of ASCO Fearing "Biting the Hand that Feeds You"

As we recently discussed (here, here, here and here), in May, 2015, the New England Journal of Medicine, arguably the world's foremost medical journal, published an editorial and a three-part commentary arguing that current concerns about the effects of financial conflicts of interest (COI) on health care are overblown(1-4). Show More Summary

Childish, petty and vindictive: UPMC hospitals ban sale of Post-Gazette from their gift shops

Here's a new angle on how a healthcare organization might react to unfavorable press:Ban the sale of the newspaper in question from their territory:UPMC hospitals ban sale of Post-Gazette from their gift shopsJune 24, 2015 12:00 AMhShow More Summary

The US' Multinational Trade Negotiations - Trading Away Its Own and Other Countries' Current and Future Restraints on Drug Prices?

Trade Agreements More about Deregulation than Trade International trade negotiations, especially their more technical aspects, seem far removed from health care and health policy, and unrelated to health care dysfunction. However, it...Show More Summary

Challenging the meme that [yes, there are all these drastic flaws and problems - BUT] ... EHRs improve patient safety

One of the most persistent memes in healthcare IT is that, for all their deficits, bugs, flaws, interferences in care, and so forth, these systems "improve patient safety."I find the meme remarkable. 37 medical societies can issue aShow More Summary

The 2015 PharmedOut Meeting

The 2015 meeting is now in the history books. It featured many presentations and considerable formal and informal discussion about issues relevant to Health Care Renewal, including adverse effects of drugs, manipulation and suppression of research, deceptive marketing, disease mongering, etc. Show More Summary

Who Benefits? - Despite Data Breaches, Staff Cuts, Vulnerable Patients' Coverage Cuts, Transplant Program Probation, Multi-Million Dollar Executive Compensation Persists at UPMC

There are so many things wrong with US and global health care that it is easy to get lost in the details, and despair of finding solutions. Keep in mind, however, that the intractability of many of the problems may be quite man made....Show More Summary

Health Care Professional Societies Whose Leadership Betrays Their Own Members - the APA Alleged to Have Supported Torture, and Deceived its Members to Collect Money

Health care professionals usually view their professional societies as allies, supporting their values and acting in their professional and their patients' interests. Increasingly, however, these societies appear to be run more to support the interests of their top leaders. Show More Summary

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