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Government backs down on some requirements for digital medical records

EHR utopian dreams have taken some pronounced hits in recent years.In recent months, the hyper-enthusiasts and their government allies have had to eat significant dirt, and scale back their grandiose but risible - to those who actually...Show More Summary

Lahey Health: hospital jobs lost, but computer vendors prosper

At numerous posts on this blog I link to stories of health IT expense putting hospital financial stability at risk, e.g., "Monetary losses and layoffs from EHR expenses and EHR mismanagement" (,...Show More Summary

Say It Ain't So: Logical Fallacies in Defense of Conflicts of Interest ... in the New England Journal of Medicine?

IntroductionWe have been viewing with alarm the web of conflicts of interest draped over medicine and health care since we started Health Care Renewal. We have been particularly concerned about how conflicts of interest may have ledShow More Summary

BLOGSCAN - New England Journal of Medicine Scoffs at "Pharmascolds"

The venerable New England Journal of Medicine has now published an editorial,(1) and two commentaries(2-3), with one more promised, hailing physician industry "partnership," as per NEJM editor Jeffrey Drazen,(1) and deploring the "pharmascolds,"(3)...Show More Summary

Apologies to All - Sitemeter Forced Redirect Problem Now Fixed

My apologies. Starting yesterday I discovered that anyone attempting to view this blog was involuntarily transferred to a non-working URL, The problem seemed to result from the Site Meter widget, which was originally meant to keep track of our blog hits. I have removed Site Meter, and I believe the problem is solved.

All the President's Trade Negotiators - Revolving Doors, Regulatory Capture, and Health Care Corporate Friendly Trade Agreements

This week's spectacle in Washington, DC was a nearly unanimous Democratic minority in the Senate blocking a proposal for expedited consideration of multinational trade agreements favored by the Republican majority, but also by the Democratic President and his trade negotiators (look here). Show More Summary

DaVita Settles Another Lawsuit Amidst Accusations of "Managing Witnesses to Provide False Testimony," After Justice Department Lost Interest in Participating

The Latest Case Less than a year since its last big settlement (look here), DaVita HealthCare Partners, the big for-profit dialysis provider, has to settle again. The basics, according to the Denver Post, were: DaVita HealthCare Partners...Show More Summary

Health IT - How Did Things Get So Bad? Look to Late 20th Century Recruiters and "The School of Hard Knocks" Leaders They Preferred

I have a long memory, unfortunately for health IT opportunists and hyper-enthusiasts.After reading letters and reports such as: The Jan. 15, 2015 Complaint Letter about EHRs to ONC from this country's major medical societies (,...Show More Summary

Politico: Electronic record errors growing issue in lawsuits

The indefatigable Arthur Allen of has authored a nice piece on the issue of EHRs being a cause of medical malpractice, with resultant litigation. I was a contributor:Electronic record errors growing issue in lawsuitsBy Arthur...Show More Summary

Another day, another EHR outage: MEDSTAR EHR goes dark for days

At my March 2, 2015 post "Rideout Hospital, California: CEO Pinocchio on quality of patient care during hospital computer crash" ( I highlighted a stunning example of when the light shone through the corporate B.S. Show More Summary

MBA-holding Informatics Fellow's Portfolio: Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Plagiarism

I highlighted the MBA culture at least once before on this site, on April 16, 2010 at "Healthcare IT Corporate Ethics 101: 'A Strategy for Cerner Corporation to Address the HIT Stimulus Plan'", More Summary

Second Order Generic Management: Lobbyist Named CEO of American Hospital Association

A long time ago, in a universe far, far away, hospitals had relatively small administrations, usually lead by a older physician or nurse who served as executive director or superintendent. Leading a hospital was seen as a calling, not a means to become rich. Show More Summary

Innovations form the Safra Center Ending iCorruption Conference

I had the pleasure of attending the Ending iCorruption Conference, the capstone conference for the Edmond J Safra Research Lab on Institutional Corruption, held at the Harvard Law School on May 1-2, 2015. The conference included much...Show More Summary

Pollyanna Statements, Proximate Futures and Realist's Primer on Health IT Realities in 2015

Pollyanna statements about healthcare IT such as the following are still appearing, and are growing increasingly tiresome and increasingly evidence of people with a fiduciary duty to have known better, or perhaps of fools or scoundrels.Pollyanna:...Show More Summary

More Barbarians at the Gates: Private Equity Puts Primary Care in Play

There are still some idealistic physicians who enter primary care practice as a calling.The usual informal definition of primary care is care which is continuous, coordinated, comprehensive and compassionate. The official definitionShow More Summary

Open Letter to Minnesota's Heath Commissioner Dr. Edward Ehlinger on ill-informed health IT puff piece

Minnesota's Heath Commissioner Dr. Edward Ehlinger penned a puff piece on EHRs entitled "Electronic health records advance quality care for all Minnesotans" (Minn Post, 4/23/15, More Summary

On Generic Management in Health Care: Hospital Chief Information Officers (CIOs) Say Patient Engagement is All About ... Themselves?

To laugh or to cry? - now it seems that hospital CIOs think they "own" patient engagement. An article in Medscape summarized a presentation at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Annual meeting that provided a surprising insight into how some hospital managers think. Show More Summary

"God Damn the Pusher Man" - Especially when Enabled by the FDA Revolving Door

Who is watching the watchers? A story this week involving "speed" like drugs added to "dietary supplements" suggests how far the once respected US Food and Drug Administration has fallen.An Amphetamine-Like Drug Spiking "NutritionalShow More Summary

Three More Settlements by Medtronic of Allegations of Deceptive Behavior, but No Umpire Says "You're Out"

Medtronic, the giant, previously US based device maker settled three lawsuits, all alleging deceptive practices, over three months in early 2015. I will summarize the settlements in chronological order.Medtronic Subsidiary EV3 Settled...Show More Summary

Not with a bang but with a whimper

This is the way the world endsThis is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but with a whimper -- T. S. Eliot, The Hollow Men, 1925Those across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who lived through the disaster...Show More Summary

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