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Their Cheating Hearts - Latest Allergan Settlement Is a Reminder of Merger Participants' Sketchy Pasts

A Huge, but Sketchy Merger The announced merger and "tax inversion" of Pfizer and Allergan would be one of the largest corporate marriages in US history. It has drawn more than its share of criticism. For example, per the Los Angeles...Show More Summary

What Revolving Door? - An Unprecedented Endorsement of a Political Appointment by the "Gold Standard" Medical Journal

An Unprecedented Endorsement It's deja vu all over again. In the spring of 2015, the New England Journal, the most prestigious US medical journal, published a remarkable series of opinion pieces extrolling physician-industry collaborations, and minimizing the significance of resulting conflicts of interest. Show More Summary

Health Care Renewal Bloggers in Print on Conflicts of Interest and Health Care Corruption

Not to toot our own horn too loudly, but in the last week, Health Care Renewal bloggers have appeared in print three times.Prevalence of Board Level Conflicts of InterestWe recently posted on a British Medical Journal article on theShow More Summary

"Dreaming On" - The Illusions of the Leaders of Large Health Organizations, as Illustrated by Medtronic's Founder

On Health Care Renewal, we have posted story after story about amazingly well paid leaders of big organizations presiding over amazingly bad organizational behavior (including subversion of mission, conflicts of interest, deception, fraud, kickbacks, various other crimes and outright corruption). Show More Summary

What They Really Think of Us (Swiss Version) - Novartis CEO Would Not Commit to Changing Company Behavior After Latest of Multiple Legal Settlements

The huge corporations which now dominate global health care are creating amazing records of repeated ethical misadventures. We last discussed multinational Swiss based pharmaceutical manufacturer Novartis' escapades in early 2014. Since...Show More Summary

The Corporate Physicians' Dilemma - Three Hospital Systems Settle Cases Alleging Pressure on Employed Physicians to Refer Patients Within the System

Physicians are sworn to provide the best possible care to each individual patient. Yet in the US, physicians increasingly practice as employees of large organizations, sometime for-profit corporations. Physicians may be in a bind when...Show More Summary

"The Scourge of Managerialism" - Generic Management, the Manager's Coup D'Etat, Mission-Hostile Management Rolled Up, as Described by Some Men from Down Under

I just found an important article that in the June, 2015 issue of the Medical Journal of Australia(1) that sums up many of ways the leadership of medical (and most other organizations) have gone wrong. It provides a clear, organizedShow More Summary

Phooled Again - More Settlements Suggesting Bad Behavior by Big Pharma/ Biotech

Once again, here is a roundup of cases showing big multi-national pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are up to their usual tricks.Presented in alphabetical order...Bristol-Myers Squibb Settles Charges of Bribery of Chinese Hospitals.The...Show More Summary

Fatal Fraud? - More Settlements by Commercial Hospices of Allegations They Enrolled Non-Terminal Patients

Introduction - Commercialized HospicesWe have occasionally written about the rise of the commercialized hospice industry, and concerns that commercialized hospices may not be providing the compassionate care they promise. As we haveShow More Summary

Academic Medical Leaders as Directors of For-Profit Health Care Corporations: the Prevalence of This "New Species" of Conflict of Interest Documented in the BMJ

The important conflicts of interest generated when academic health care leaders also serve on the boards of directors of for-profit health care corporations is suddenly less anechoic, thanks to some intrepid researchers and the British Journal of Medicine. Show More Summary

Cambridge University Hospitals Trust IT Failures: An Open Letter to Queen Elizabeth II on Repeated EHR Failures in the United Kingdom, Even After £12.7bn Wasted in Failed NHS National IT Programme

Dear Queen Elizabeth,I am an American citizen who has written for years about healthcare information technology mismanagement (IT malpractice), dangers to patients of this technology when faulty in healthcare, and the huge mania or bubble...Show More Summary

Turn That Door Around - A Physician Substantially Tied to the Pharmaceutical Industry Nominated to Run the FDA

It seems to be the season of the revolving door in health care. The latest version got some media attention, because it involves one of the most important health care leadership positions in the US government, the Director of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Show More Summary

A Quiet Turn of the Revolving Door - Director of NIMH to Go Directly to Google Life Sciences

Amidst a lot of health care news, the job plans of Dr Thomas Insel, currently the director of the National Institute of Mental Health (part of the US National Institute of Health) made a very small splash. The most comprehensive account was in the New York Times.Dr. Show More Summary

Politico 2015: EHR sellers using “gag clauses” (despite Koppel's 2009 JAMA article on EHR nondisclosure clauses, and my 2009 JAMA Letter to the Editor on how these clauses violate Joint Commission safety standards)

I have not blogged on EHR issues in some time, despite some interesting source material such as "Evidence Summary: Electronic Health Records (EHRs)" at ; "Electronic Health Records...Show More Summary

Pfizer's Latest International Pfiascos - Charges of Anti-Competitive Practices, Inflated Prices, Deception and Secrecy

Many big health care organizations seem to just be unable to keep out of trouble, and the bigger they are, the more kinds of trouble. Pfizer Inc, considered to be one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, has supplied us with plenty of stories. Show More Summary

Round and Round It Goes - Former US Secretary of Health and Human Services Joins Humacyte Board

The latest example of the health care revolving door was made barely public just before the US Labor Day holiday. Per the Triangle Business Journal,Humacyte Inc., a biotechnology company based in Research Triangle Park, has beefed up its board of directors by adding former U.S. Show More Summary

Northwestern Upholds its "Brand," Never Mind Free Speech and Academic Freedom

Threats to free speech and academic freedom in health care were a major concern when we started Health Care Renewal. Such threats may now be less anechoic, but do not seem to have diminished.Censorship and the Resignation of Alice Dreger The latest example was at Northwestern University. Show More Summary

You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Leave - Duke and UNC Allegedly Agreed Not to Hire Each Other's Faculty

We have intermittently discussed the worsening plight of physicians trying to provide clinical care as employees of large organizations. Such corporate physicians are likely to be squeezed between professional values that put the patient first, and management that puts revenue first. Show More Summary

The Real Dark Side of Health Care: Health Care Corruption

The editors of the prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine just stated they they were shocked, shocked to find out that physicians occasionally express disrespect for patients when the patients cannot hear or see them. The occasion was...Show More Summary

Once More with Feeling - Amgen Again Settles Allegations of Misbranding, But Why Bother?

The Latest Settlement Biotechnology giant Amgen has just reached another settlement of allegations that it unfairly, deceptively or misleadingly marketed its drug. Per the Los Angeles Times,Amgen Inc. has agreed to pay $71 million to...Show More Summary

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