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HIMSS 2016 Presentation: Plaintiff's Lawyers Are The Cause of EHR Problems. They're Using Pristine, White-as-the-Blowing-Snow EHRs as "An Opportunity for Litigation"

In perhaps the most ill-informed, perverse rationalization/defense of bad health IT I've seen to date, the following appeared in an article about an upcoming HIMSS presentation (Healthcare Information and Management Systems S ociety 's health IT mega-industry trade show, ). Show More Summary

Whom Can You Trust? - FTC Charges DeVry University, Sister School of American University of the Caribbean and Ross University Medical Schools, with Deceptive Marketing

Now there is another reason for Americans who aspire to medical careers to be concerned about applying to offshore medical schools.IntroductionAdmission to US medical schools is increasingly difficult. So many who seek medical careers may be tempted to apply to schools outside the US. Show More Summary


JAMA JUMPS THE SHARK Medical journals are supposed to promote professional values – scientific, social, and ethical. Quality matters, in each of these domains. Lately, however, highly ranked journals are failing in respect of ethics commentaries. Show More Summary

Health Care Managers as Ever More Effective Value Extractors - Following Up on Novant Health and Cape Cod Healthcare

The ever increasing compensation of top managers of health care organizations provides incentives to continue business as usual. We have frequently discussed executive compensation for top health care leaders that seems wildly disproportionate...Show More Summary

Not Going to Take it Anymore - Doctors in the Pacific Northwest Unionize, Begin Collective Bargaining with Hospital Systems

We have posted about the plight of the corporate physician. In the US, home of the most commercialized health care system among developed countries, physicians increasingly practice as employees of large organizations, usually hospitals and hospital systems, sometimes for-profit. Show More Summary

Death of EHR "Meaningul Use" imminent. (Hopefully the death of the 'National Programme for Health IT in the HHS' is imminent, too.)

I've written a number of posts on the Orwellian-named "Meaningful Use" experiment with electronic health records systems, imposed upon United States physicians by the Department of Health and Human Services through its Office of theShow More Summary

Health Care Corruption Workshop Slildes Now Online

Slides from the workshop entitled Defense Against the Dark Arts - Understanding and Challenging Health Care Corruption given by Dr Roy Poses and Dr Wally Smith at the Physicians for a National Health Plan (PNHP) meeting, October, 2015, in Chicago, IL, US, are now online here. There also is a link to the slides on our Past Meetings and Events page.

Yet another observation that known health IT injuries and deaths are "the tip of the iceberg"

I've noted a new observation of the limited data available on health IT harms being the (quote) "tip of the iceberg."This statement appears in "Electronic Health Record–Related Events in Medical Malpractice Claims", Gruber et al., J....Show More Summary

Repeated crushing by alligators and crocodiles: ICD-10 has you covered. Harmed by bad health IT? No codes for that.

Your government at work, spending your tax dollars and making your doctors want to retire early due to increasing bureaucratic busywork. The new ICD-10 coding system they must now use has codes like these, in case you get attacked by...Show More Summary

Generic Management of Health Care Non-Profits, Brought to You by Leaders of (Sometimes Failed, or Bailed Out) Finance on the Board?

Introduction - Managerialism We have frequently posted about what we have called generic management, the manager's coup d'etat, and mission-hostile management. Managerialism wraps these concepts up into a single package. The idea isShow More Summary

Stealth Public Relations and Health Advocacy, Special Pleadings and the Opposition to Guidelines Discouraging Overuse of Narcotics

As I have written before as a physician who saw too many dire results of intravenous drug abuse, I was amazed how narcotics were pushed as the treatment of choice for chronic pain in the 1990s, with the result that the US was once again engulfed in an epidemic of narcotic abuse and its effects. Show More Summary

How Managerialists Turned Housestaff Training into a Zero-Sum Game: the Continuing Saga of the FIRST and iCompare Studies

A ongoing controversy about two controlled trials (FIRST and iCompare) meant to test the bizarre hypothesis that sleep depriving medical housestaff (that is, physicians in training) would improve health care provided new evidence that academic medicine has been captured by managerialists. Show More Summary

How Managerialsm/ Generic Management Damaged the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a storied non-profit organization. It provides disaster relief, provides a major part of the US blood supply, and has important public health teaching functions, such as teaching cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (look here). Show More Summary

A Small Challenge to Impunity - Lawsuit Against Former Synthes CEO Proceeds

Numerous allegations of bad behavior by big health care organizations, some apparently causing patient harm, have resulted in legal settlements, sometimes of criminal charges. Yet rarely do the individuals who apparently authorized, directed, or implemented the bad beahvior suffer any negative consequences. Show More Summary

Drinking the Managerialists' Kool-Aid? - Why Did Medical Educators Launch Trials of Increased Sleep Deprivation of Physician Trainees Apparently in Violation of the Nuremberg Code?

It all seemed so bizarre. In 2014, with little fanfare, two large trials that imposed longer work hours and sleep deprivation on physician-trainees (interns and residents), ostensibly to combat the problem of excess hand-offs of patients among physicians. Show More Summary

Ross Koppel challenges feckless academics on poor health IT design

The academic health IT community has spent the past decade (at least) burying their collective ostrich heads in the sand about the crappy software that is called health IT.A few, though, have taken on the health IT industry at the heart...Show More Summary

Their Cheating Hearts - Latest Allergan Settlement Is a Reminder of Merger Participants' Sketchy Pasts

A Huge, but Sketchy Merger The announced merger and "tax inversion" of Pfizer and Allergan would be one of the largest corporate marriages in US history. It has drawn more than its share of criticism. For example, per the Los Angeles...Show More Summary

What Revolving Door? - An Unprecedented Endorsement of a Political Appointment by the "Gold Standard" Medical Journal

An Unprecedented Endorsement It's deja vu all over again. In the spring of 2015, the New England Journal, the most prestigious US medical journal, published a remarkable series of opinion pieces extrolling physician-industry collaborations, and minimizing the significance of resulting conflicts of interest. Show More Summary

Health Care Renewal Bloggers in Print on Conflicts of Interest and Health Care Corruption

Not to toot our own horn too loudly, but in the last week, Health Care Renewal bloggers have appeared in print three times.Prevalence of Board Level Conflicts of InterestWe recently posted on a British Medical Journal article on theShow More Summary

"Dreaming On" - The Illusions of the Leaders of Large Health Organizations, as Illustrated by Medtronic's Founder

On Health Care Renewal, we have posted story after story about amazingly well paid leaders of big organizations presiding over amazingly bad organizational behavior (including subversion of mission, conflicts of interest, deception, fraud, kickbacks, various other crimes and outright corruption). Show More Summary

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