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Heads They Win, Tails We Lose - Non-Profit Hospital ExecutivesPaid Generously After They Were Shown the Door

On Health Care Renewal, we have been decrying American health care dysfunction since 2004. For years, the US consistently has had the most expensive health care system of any developed country. For that exhorbitant price, it provides at best medicocre access to and quality of care. Show More Summary

One Barely Noticed Settlement by Pfizer Suggests the Futility of Polite Protests about Health Policy

A few days ago we noticed just one more marcher in the parade of legal settlements. But it was once again a huge health care corporation, and it had aspects that demanded attention.Pfizer Makes $94 Million Settlement of Allegations of...Show More Summary

In US, More than One-Third Think Government and Business Leaders are Corrupt, Media Shrug

We have noted (most recently here), that health care corruption, particularly its global nature and its presence in developed countries like the US, is a taboo topic and thus remains anechoic. Yet corruption in general, and health care...Show More Summary

Perpetual Revolving Motion: Yet More Transits Through the Health Care Revolving Door

The pace of people spinning through the US federal revolving door seems unprecedented. Most were people going from the health care corporations to government positions regulating or making policy influencing those same corporations.Show More Summary

Give Us Those Old Time Conflcts of Interest: Stephen Parente, Key Opinion Leader for UnitedHealth and Redeemer of Former CEO William McGuire to Assistant Secretary of HHS

This latest revolving door case echoes scandals of long ago. Background: CEO Dr William McGuire and the UnitedHealth AffairA long time ago,in a galaxy far, far away, actually, from 2006 through 2008, we posted frequently about shenanigans at huge for-profit health insurance/ managed care company UnitedHealth. Show More Summary

The Ultimate Version of Ill-Informed Health Care Leadership: Dumb, Incoherent, Confused, Perhaps Psychotic Things President Trump Says and Does About Health Care Policy

The controversy over the Affordable Care Act, aka "Obamacare," still goes on in the US. The ACA, which is still the law of the land after congressional Republicans made attempts to repeal and replace it, was meant to increase accessShow More Summary

Worst Health Care Revolving Door Case So Far, Version 2.0? - From President of Lilly USA to US Secretary of Health and Human Services?

Last week, we discussed what appeared to be the most egregious case of the health care revolving door seen so far. A health care corporate lobbyist without any direct medical, health care, public health or biomedical science experience...Show More Summary

Worst Health Care Revolving Door Case So Far? - From Lobbyist to Acting Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services

Once again, you just cannot make this stuff up.Last week we posted our latest revolving door roundup, one of many we have done during the Trump administration. At the time we noted that a lobbyist, Mr Eric D Hargan, at Greenberg Taurig...Show More Summary

Round and Round It Spins - Our Latest Health Care Revolving Door Roundup

Sorry about the bad pun. We have accumulated a remarkable number of stories of people transiting the revolving door from working for health care corporations in various but important capacities to positions in health care policy or regulation for the Trump administration. Show More Summary

Latest Legal Settlements Suggest Hazards of Making Pharmaceutical Regulation More Lenient, as is Apparently Favored by New FDA Leader

The new US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner Dr Scott Gottlieb is promoting making the agencies mechanisms to approve new drugs more lenient, according to the Cardiobrief blog. Blogger Larry Husten wrote:Gottlieb’s entire career has centered on loosening regulatory restrictions to enable industry to thrive. Show More Summary

More Dumb Things Leaders Say About Health Policy

These days, legislative efforts to change US health care, especially to "reform and replace" the Affordable Care Act [ACA or "Obamacare"] seem to inspire displays of jaw dropping ignorance by political and sometimes business leaders on behalf of "reforming" health care. Show More Summary

"The Censorship That It is" - Now Threatens US Government Health Agencies (DHHS, CMS, CDC)

On Health Care Renewal we discus the dark side of health care, particularly of the leadership and governance of health care, that has enabled health care dysfunction. Our discussions are based on publicly available information, often produced by dogged health care journalism. Show More Summary

The Shame of US Health Care Dysfunction: Hookworm Returns to Alabama

An article just published online(1), and reported so far in only one major media outlet (the Guardian, based in the UK) showed how hookworm, now considered a disease of poor, third world countries, has returned to the American south....Show More Summary

Information technology-naive defense lawyers vs. "strident critic of electronic health records"

A tale from the trenches.In recent years, as a result of the 2010 IT-related injury and 2011 death of my mother, I have engaged myself as an independent EHR forensic expert regarding evidentiary and patient harm issues in medical malpractice litigation. Show More Summary

Who Guards the Guardians? - From DeVry at a Time of Alleged Fraud to Anti-Fraud Enforcement for the Department of Education

There seems to be another fox ready to guard the already flustered educational, including medical educational hen house.Dr Julian Schmoke to Lead Student Aid Enforcement UnitAccording to Politico on August 30, 2017, the new head of enforcement...Show More Summary

A Stealth Marketer Goes Through the Revolving Door to ... the President's Council of Economic Advisors?!

Stealthy, deceptive systematic marketing, lobbying, and policy advocacy campaigns on behalf of big health care organizations, often pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, have long been a subject of Health Care Renewal. Show More Summary

Health Care Non-Profit Organizations Ignored Conflicts of Interest or Potential Corruption Generated by Mar a Lago Fundraisers, But Drew the Line at Supporting Nazi Sympathizers

Leaders of big health care organizations have long made excuses for rampant conflicts of interest in health care. Usually, their rationales included something about the need to collaborate with industry to spark innovation. However,Show More Summary

Can We Challenge Health Care Corruption Under Morally Failed Government Leadership?

Introduction: Health Care Corruption An important theme of Health Care Renewal has been health care corruption as a cause of health care dysfunction.Transparency International (TI) defines corruption asAbuse of entrusted power for private...Show More Summary

What the US "Health Care Reform" Debate Did Not Address

It looks like the bizarre process in the US Senate ostensibly to "repeal and replace Obamacare" (aka the Affordable Care Act, or ACA) may be ending, at least for now. I can only hope that further discussion of health care reform will...Show More Summary

The Mysterious Demise of World Health Networks - Fugitive Kazakhs, the Trump Organization, Dodgy Visa Applications, Oh My

A common justification for a market fundamentalist approach to health care is the promise of innovation. Providing market-based incentives will inspire generations of entrepreneurs who will bring out new and wondrous health care products and services, or so the story goes. Show More Summary

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