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Wisconsin Healthy Youth Act Signed Into Law

Wisconsin governor Jim Doyle signed the Healthy Youth Act into law, mandating that all sex ed classes be medically-accurate, evidence-based and age-appropriate.

Maryland to Recognize Gay Marriages Performed in Other States

Maryland's Attorney General says the state’s marriage law allows Maryland to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, even though such marriages cannot now be legally performed in Maryland. A far right conservative has called for his impeachment.

New Report Shows Failures of Administrators and Fed. Gov't in Addressing Sexual Assault on Campus

A year-long investigation by the Center for Public Integrity finds that perpetrators of rape and sexual assault on U.S. campuses often go unpunished, while victims lives may be "turned upside down." Neither campuses nor the federal government are fulfilling their responsibilities.

Democrats Must Share Blame for Spread of Discrimination

Virginia’s Republican governor Bob McDonnell recently removed sexual orientation as a class protected from employment discrimination and wants to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood. Blue Dog Democrats are partly to blame....

Sorry, But Tiger Woods Doesn't Owe Me An Apology

Tiger Woods does not owe me an apology. He cheated on his wife, not me. I fail to see how he has wronged me. Politicians involved in sex scandals are a different story.

Worried About Women of Color? Thanks, But No Thanks, Anti-Choicers. We've Got It Covered.

With it's cries of eugenics and racism in reproductive health services, the anti-choice movement uses false concern in a classic effort to divide-and-conquer. Reproductive justice advocates say thanks but no thanks...we've got it covered.

Does Bob Marshall Still Think Birth Defects Are Natural Consequences?

Trying to "fix" his comments that abortion leads to birth defects by justifying them with faulty "evidence," Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall is digging an ever-larger political hole.

Is CBS in Bed With Focus on the Family? (Heterosexually Speaking, Of Course)

New reports of advertising by Focus on the Family during the NCAA basketball tournaments in March on CBS raise troubling questions about involvement by both the collegiate sports association and the network's support for a right-wing extremist group.

Surrogacy: The Next Frontier for Reproductive Justice

Surrogacy is a complicated subject, to say the least. It involves many of the issues central to reproductive justice—bodily autonomy, a woman’s right to abortion, definitions of parenthood, and custody of children. It’s also an option increasingly relied upon by gay couples—usually gay men—to create families. Show More Summary

Roundup: One Bill Struck Down, Four Rise in Its Place

Much like a hydra that grows back two heads for every one removed, Oklahoma begins pushing a spate of anti-abortion laws to replace the ones ruled unconstitutional.

Nicaraguan Groups Call on International Community for Help in Case of Pregnant Woman Denied Cancer Treatment

Women's groups in Nicaragua and the international organizations working with them are calling on the international community to take action on the case of Amelia (an alias, also sometimes spelled Amalia), the pregnant Nicaraguan woman now being denied a therapeutic abortion and effective cancer treatment to save her life.

Minn. Legislators Inject Abortion Politics Into Medical Assistance Program That Does Not Fund Abortions

An amendment to strip taxpayer funding for abortions nearly passes in Minnesota, even though the fund in question doesn't pay for abortions at all.

40 Days of Harassment: Anti-choicers Avoid Self-Reflection During Lent

On Ash Wednesday, anti-choicers kicked off the “40 Days for Life” protests, so believers can avoid focusing either on their own sin and or their own mortality by demanding others give life against their will.

Kenya Poised to Trample Women's Reproductive Rights

Kenya is poised to revise its constitution with a ban on abortion and language redefining life beginning at conception. Only three other countries have such constitutional prohibitions.

Virginia Delegate: Handicapped Children Are God's Punishment to Women

Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, trying to end all state funding of Planned Parenthood, offers a Biblical explanation for why children are born handicapped: God is punishing women for their sins.

Wyoming to Legalize Midwifery?

Midwives in Wyoming may no longer be considered criminals if a new bill to establish a Board of Midwifery in the state passes.   

Groups Petition Inter-American Human Rights Commission on Behalf of Pregnant Nicaraguan Denied Cancer Treatment

A coalition of groups in Nicaragua has formally requested a decision by the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights demanding the Nicaraguan government take urgent precautionary measures to protect the life of Amelia, a 27-year-old Nicaraguan woman with metastatic cancer refused a therapeutic abortion under the country's draconian law.

Multipurpose Prevention Technologies for Sexual and Reproductive Health: Gaining Momentum and Promise

Multipurpose prevention technologies were the focus of Advancing Prevention Technologies for Sexual and Reproductive Health, an international symposium held in Berkeley, CA, in March 2009. For 2 days, more than 150 participants fromShow More Summary

Roundup: Last One to The Supreme Court Is a Rotten Egg

It's a race to see who can get in front of the Supreme Court first. Plus, parallel realities in the mini roundup.

Congressional Quarterly Calls Holland "Serious Contender" Against Brownback

CQ Politics has moved its rating of ultra-conservative U.S. Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS), the leading contender to date, from Safe Republican to Likely Republican in response to the entry of a strong Democratic candidate.

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