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Monthly Review of Swimming

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Monthly Review of Swimming

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Swimming On

The time has come for mw to move on to other things. All the best to everyone, I have enjoyed my time here. Swim on!

A Look at a Few Hand Paddles from Finis

I looked in my swim bag and realized that I had several types of hand paddles from the same company, Finis. Among other paddles in my bag, I have Finis' Agility, Freestyler, and Forearm Fulcrum models. Why do I have different kinds, and what are the different kinds of Finis hand paddles used for in a swim workout?

Schedule for 2013 Swimming World Championships in Barcelona

The next major swimming competition after the 2012 Olympics is the 2013 World Swimming Championships in Barcelona. World championships in open water swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, water polo, and pool swimming will be contested between 19 July and 4 August 2013. The open water portion of world champs is 20-27 July.

IM Workout for Strokes and Turns

This swim workout uses 50s, 100s, and 200s to give swimmers work on all strokes and turns for an individual medley. When you swim this IM workout, think about the stroke and think about the turns!

Swimming the Best Way to Lose Weight - Maybe, Maybe Not

Is swimming the best way to lose weight? Probably not if it is all that you do. Swimming as exercise for weight loss, along with good eating habits, is the way to get rid of extra pounds.

Swim Workout for Middle Distance - 200s

200s are right in the middle for middle distance swimmers, so using them for a swim workout makes sense. This swim workout uses 200s in a 3-1, 2-2, 1-3 pattern to push you from easier to harder swimming.

Butterfly Kick - A Swim Lesson Tip

Use a body dolphin to work on a good butterfly kick. Getting your whole body into the fly kick will make it better, and will help make your butterfly stroke better, too.

Kick Speed Workout - Some Quality 50s and 25s of Kicking

This swim workout is actually a kick workout. The focus is on your legs. Any type of kick is fine, any mix of kicking is fine (back, breast, fly, free, etc.), but there is a lot of kicking in this workout. You should be ready for it...

Lap Swimming Etiquette

Lap swimming... most swimmers follow a general code of conduct while swimming laps or doing their swim workout. I have a general set of rules for lap swimming, or lap swimming etiquette. Not every swimmer would agree with my list, and some pools or countries may have different customs or swimming rules, but I think these rules on how to swim laps are more-or-less universal.

Strong Second Halves Swim Workout

This swim workout is focused on the back half of each set. The main part of the swim workout is a series of swims that get short and then long again. Your goal is to control your speed and effort on the first swim, and then while still under control(!), pick up the speed for the second swim of the same distance.

Games - Gimmicks - Challenges for Swimming Coaches

Bob Steele's book, Games - Gimmicks - Challenges For Swimming Coaches is loaded with ideas that can help coaches be better coaches and swimmers be better swimmers. It belongs on every swim coach's bookshelf.

How To Fit Swimming Goggles

Avoid sore eyes - make sure your swim goggles fit with this simple swim goggle fit test.

Why do fish swim in schools?

Ask James Liao and he can tell you, based on research he was part of at Harvard. Fish use eddies in flowing water, letting them swim against a current with less effort. Could this idea from fishes swimming be applied to swimming by humans, too?

Fix Sinking Legs When Swimming Freestyle

Ever feel like your legs are sinking when you swim freestyle? Do you have to kick a lot to keep your legs from dragging on the bottom of the pool when you are swimming freestyle? Sinking legs when swimming freestyle is usually due to one of two things (or due to both things) - looking the wrong way or a weak core. Here are things to work on to fix sinking legs.

Long and Strong Swim - 500 to 1000

This workout is a simple. Some longer straight efforts with some pace variations to keep you thinking and to push you to work harder. What is it for? To build cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and to build some mental endurance, too. Enjoy the long and strong swim workout!

Swim Backstroke in a Straight Line

Do you swim backstroke like the ball in a pinball machine, bouncing from side to side? The best advice I have for a crooked backstroke swimmer? It may seem obvious, but many of the swimmers I work with have to be reminded of this: find something to sight on while swimming - use your eyes to help you to swim straight backstroke.

Endurance 50s Swim Workout - Find and Hold the Pace

This swim workout's series of 50s will teach swimmers to hold a pace. Using 50s allows you to check the clock and know your pace as you work through the swims. This is a workout you might do several times over a few weeks, then come back to it periodically to test and refresh your pacing skills.

Build from Zero to 500 Yards or Meters Swimming

Not much of a swimmer, but want to get started? These workouts will take you from zero to 500 in 18 swim workouts. If you swim three times each week, that is 6 weeks to build your swimming distance to 500 meters or yards.

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