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The Fly Larva That Thinks It's a Stonemason

Caddisfly larvae build themselves a protective house of stones with some of the stickiest sticky tape on Earth -- Read more on

800 Viruses That Threaten the World [Video]

A powerful documentary chronicles the mysterious viruses, such as Ebola and Zika, that jump from animals to people—any one of which could one day cause the next great pandemic -- Read more on

Teaching Science With a Typewriter

How an outdated technology can turn kids on to learning about STEM concepts through narrative -- Read more on

Watch It, Jupiter--Juno Knows What You're up to

The actual space mission is amazing, but the mythology behind it is kind of racy -- Read more on

Carnivorous Glowing Worms Pretend They're Stars to Attract Prey [Video]

If you're a moth, better check twice to be sure that's really the sky you're looking at -- Read more on

Mosquitoes Drill Under Human Skin with 6 Hollow Needles [Video]

You'll never think about those warm summer evenings the same way again -- Read more on

Strange Supernovae are Driven by Magnetic Fields [Video]

Three animations model how strongly magnetized stars produce oddball stellar explosions -- Read more on

The Real Truth about Hillary, UFOs and Area 51 [Video]

Scientific American's Clara Moskowitz explains things to Chris Matthews on Hardball -- Read more on

California Ants Rally to Repel Argentine Invaders

The Golden State's native winter ants have stopped the seemingly inexorable march of their tiny foreign rivals -- Read more on

Golden Eye: Webb Telescope's Giant Mirror Unveiled

Witness the glimmering heart of NASA’s largest-ever space telescope -- Read more on

Slime Molds Are Smarter Than You Think

Not a high bar, admittedly, but they're still pretty amazing creatures...or...whatever -- Read more on

It's Square Root Day! Prepare to be Somewhat Underwhelmed...

It's kind of like Pi Day, but way, way less fun -- Read more on

Physics Fiction: Quantum Shorts 2015 Winner

Scientific American partnered on a writing contest for science fiction short stories inspired by the realm of quantum physics -- Read more on

How Did This Crazy Insect Manage to Evolve? [Video]

The bombardier beetle's built-in chemistry lab makes for a formidable weapon -- Read more on

The Earliest Flash of a Supernova, Captured for the First Time

For a mission that had a near-death experience in 2013, the Kepler spacecraft continues to do some pretty amazing science -- Read more on

Turning a Killer Virus into Award-Winning Art [Video]

Because sometimes a computer model simply doesn't show the richness of structure in the microbiological universe -- Read more on

This Mushroom Could Kill You [Video]

Amanita phalloides, aka the death cap, is spreading in California -- Read more on

Is Artificial Intelligence Being Oversold?

A debate in New York tries to settle the question -- Read more on

Epic Battle: Scorpion versus Mouse [Video]

Believe it or not, you might end up rooting for the scorpion -- Read more on

Listen Up, Candidates: Science Matters, and Here's Why

Scientists know how important their work is to America, and a science advocacy group thinks politicians should know it too -- Read more on

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