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Mosquitoes Drill Under Human Skin with 6 Hollow Needles [Video]

You'll never think about those warm summer evenings the same way again -- Read more on

Strange Supernovae are Driven by Magnetic Fields [Video]

Three animations model how strongly magnetized stars produce oddball stellar explosions -- Read more on

The Real Truth about Hillary, UFOs and Area 51 [Video]

Scientific American's Clara Moskowitz explains things to Chris Matthews on Hardball -- Read more on

California Ants Rally to Repel Argentine Invaders

The Golden State's native winter ants have stopped the seemingly inexorable march of their tiny foreign rivals -- Read more on

Golden Eye: Webb Telescope's Giant Mirror Unveiled

Witness the glimmering heart of NASA’s largest-ever space telescope -- Read more on

Slime Molds Are Smarter Than You Think

Not a high bar, admittedly, but they're still pretty amazing creatures...or...whatever -- Read more on

It's Square Root Day! Prepare to be Somewhat Underwhelmed...

It's kind of like Pi Day, but way, way less fun -- Read more on

Physics Fiction: Quantum Shorts 2015 Winner

Scientific American partnered on a writing contest for science fiction short stories inspired by the realm of quantum physics -- Read more on

How Did This Crazy Insect Manage to Evolve? [Video]

The bombardier beetle's built-in chemistry lab makes for a formidable weapon -- Read more on

The Earliest Flash of a Supernova, Captured for the First Time

For a mission that had a near-death experience in 2013, the Kepler spacecraft continues to do some pretty amazing science -- Read more on

Turning a Killer Virus into Award-Winning Art [Video]

Because sometimes a computer model simply doesn't show the richness of structure in the microbiological universe -- Read more on

This Mushroom Could Kill You [Video]

Amanita phalloides, aka the death cap, is spreading in California -- Read more on

Is Artificial Intelligence Being Oversold?

A debate in New York tries to settle the question -- Read more on

Epic Battle: Scorpion versus Mouse [Video]

Believe it or not, you might end up rooting for the scorpion -- Read more on

Listen Up, Candidates: Science Matters, and Here's Why

Scientists know how important their work is to America, and a science advocacy group thinks politicians should know it too -- Read more on

Did Astronaut Scott Kelly Stay in Space Too Long? [Video]

This video will make you wonder if a year in free-fall finally got to him... -- Read more on

What Is the Largest Number? [Video]

This is not a trick question --

Ripples of Love

A short poem, inspired by the detection of gravitational waves -- Read more on

There's Love--And Ladybugs--In the Air

Ladybugs mate once in their lives at a public love-in when the whether is cool. This amazing video gets you up close and personal with lots and lots of ladybugs. -- Read more on

What Is This Polar Vortex That Is Freezing the U.S.?

Why frigid air, normally bottled up at the North Pole, sometimes pours down as far south as Florida -- Read more on

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