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Was Giordano Bruno Burned at the Stake for Believing in Exoplanets?

Most historians say no, but new evidence suggests otherwise -- Read more on

Stephen Hawking: An Appreciation

A friend and colleague who knew Hawking for more than 50 years reflects on an extraordinary life -- Read more on

For E.T. Civilizations, Location Could Be Everything

Their economies and their fate may depend on the abundance of gold and uranium, forged in relatively nearby neutron star mergers -- Read more on

It's Time for More Physicians to Embrace Advocacy

If young teenagers can embrace activism and say #Enough by engaging in the political conversation, doctors can, too -- Read more on

How France and India Can Unleash the Power of "Frugal Innovation"

You can’t fix a fractured and conflict-ridden world with the competitive zero-sum mind-set that has long dominated world affairs -- Read more on

Salvador Dalí and the Hypercube

The surrealist artist had a lifetime fascination with science and mathematics, which greatly influenced his art -- Read more on

China's Power Move

Reading between the (transmission) lines on Beijing’s global infrastructure projects -- Read more on

Sentient Robots, Conscious Spoons and Other Cheerful Follies

How blind spots of critical thinking are distorting our collective intuitions of plausibility -- Read more on

Climate Change and the Political Landscape

How conservative lawmakers can start addressing the risks without losing their seats -- Read more on

From Einstein to GPS to the Back Seat

Will the U.S. continue to lead the world in science? -- Read more on

East of Siberia: Heeding the Sign

Things had gone from one dead tiger to one live tiger, to one live tiger and one dead bear, all in the span of about 45 minutes -- Read more on

The Business Case for a Data Refinery

Crude data is similar to crude oil—in its raw form, it’s usually too messy to be useful -- Read more on

The Day My School Was Attacked--with Rocks

As a teacher, I can promise you the outcome would have been very different if the assailants had been carrying firearms -- Read more on

3 Ways to End Polio Once and for All

Last year there were only 22 reported cases—but until the disease is completely wiped out, there's a chance of a tragic resurgence -- Read more on

A Potentially Game-Changing Message from the Dawn of Time

Astronomers may have spotted, albeit indirectly, the very first starlight in the universe—plus some new evidence about the properties of dark matter -- Read more on

Arming Teachers Is Not a Good Option

The president’s suggestion is not being informed by the existing data on both mass shootings and what terminates them -- Read more on

Universities Are Vital for Bridging the Science Gap

The best way we can transcend ideology is to teach our students, regardless of their majors, to think like scientists -- Read more on

The Complex Interface between the Public and Science

A new report from the American Academies of Arts and Sciences challenges preconceptions about the public face of science -- Read more on

Zero Dollars for Marine Mammals?

The president's proposed budget would eliminate an agency that has been protecting crucial species for more than 40 years -- Read more on

1 Important Secret for Effective Communication

A strong beginning and an even stronger ending can drive your message home, as the latest training video from The Flame Challenge makes clear -- Read more on

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