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Consciousness Goes Deeper Than You Think

Awareness can be part of it, but it’s much more than that -- Read more on

100 Years after the Lethal 1918 Flu Pandemic, We Are Still Vulnerable

Our public health infrastructure has improved, but without a universal influenza vaccine, a similar virus could result in a worldwide catastrophe -- Read more on

Voyager 1 and the Beauty and Power of Science

That attitude, shared across the political spectrum when the probe launched in 1977, has now fallen into disrepute in some quarters -- Read more on

Take 2 Hikes and Call Me in the Morning

Some doctors are prescribing a walk in the park as good medicine for not just physical, but also mental health -- Read more on

How to Fight "Alternative Facts" in Politics

Just as the environmental movement galvanized support for protecting nature, a pro-truth movement could spur popular opposition to post-truth politicians -- Read more on

The Equifax Hack--Bad for Them, Worse for Us

If all of our personal information is now widely available many of our current methods of authenticating identity, if not all of them, are suspect -- Read more on

On the iPhone's 10th Anniversary, Think about How Much Your Smartphone Knows about You

Your phone itself is extremely secure, but that alone can't protect your data -- Read more on

Why Would Anyone Invest in Interstellar Travel?

It would be a daring adventure, but despite what you seen in the movies, making it profitable is something else altogether -- Read more on

China's Endangered Fireflies

They're used to light up birthdays, Valentine's Day, and massive "glow shows" in theme parks—and at harvest rates of 17 million insects a year, they're at risk of extinction -- Read more on

Hurricanes: Bad for People, Good for Dolphins

Katrina led to a marine-mammal boom, and Harvey, Irma and Jose might do the same -- Read more on

What Netflix's "The Confession Tapes" Teach Us about the Psychology of Interrogations

The take-home message is that we need to change the way police do interrogations--and do it fast -- Read more on

What We Know about the Climate Change–Hurricane Connection

Some links are indisputable; others are more subtle, but the science is improving all the time -- Read more on

Big Blast from the Sun

The largest solar flare in more than a decade could spark a spectacular auroral display here on Earth -- Read more on

Beware of Social Media Celebrity Doctors

Too many of them offer advice outside their specialties, choose brand-boosting over integrity and tout dubious treatments -- Read more on

The Future of GMO Food

Herbicide and insect resistance are the most commonly engineered traits, but nitrogen fixing for cereals that don't already do so could be a game changer for farmers in developing nations. -- Read more on

Head Injury and Chronic Brain Damage: It's Complicated

Pro athletes can have other conditions that make diagnosis difficult -- Read more on

Spanish Caves Reveal A Trove of Biological Treasures

The caverns of Sierra de las Nieves harbor a fascinating array of life -- Read more on

Revealing the Mysteries of the Magnificent, Elusive Whale Shark

Imagine trying to collect a blood sample from a fish the size of a school bus, with skin like sandpaper four inches thick -- Read more on

Will AI Enable the Third Stage of Life on Earth?

In an excerpt from his new book, an MIT physicist explores the next stage of human evolution -- Read more on

The Genetics of Eating Disorders

New research bolsters the growing case that genes play a significant role -- Read more on

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