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Dogfight against Rogue Drones Begins

Close encounters between aircraft pilots and unlicensed drones in the U.S. have nearly tripled in the past year -- Read more on

To Play or Not to Play the Exoplanet Name Game?

Campaigns to name exoplanets seem like Shakespearean farce -- Read more on

Google Will No Longer Build Driverless Cars

Co-founders Page and Brin create a collection of companies called Alphabet that let Google focus on search while others shoot for the moon -- Read more on

Jon Stewart's Top 10 Science Moments on The Daily Show [Video]

After 16 years, Jon Stewart signed off from The Daily Show on August 6, but not before leaving the world a trove of humorous and pointed clips about science -- Read more on

Is It Snowing on Pluto?

Snowfall is rare in our solar system. A tantalizing new image suggests that the dwarf planet may be one of the few places where it occurs -- Read more on

How Scientific Inventions Sparked Population Explosion

A video timeline shows 2,000 years of population growth to projections to 2050 -- Read more on

How Precision Medicine Will Transform Cancer Treatment [VIDEO]

Nobelist Harold Varmus on the promise of a new generation of cancer treatments—and the big challenges that remain -- Read more on

What if Dark Matter is Stranger Than We Thought? [Video]

The universe’s hidden stuff could be a mirror world of invisible particles and “dark atoms” -- Read more on

8 Spacecraft That Have Been Rescued, Resurrected and Repurposed

In celebration of the Philae lander waking up from its long slumber, we take a look back at other spacecraft that have experienced resurrections -- Read more on

75-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Soft Tissue Suggests Ancient Organic Preservation May Be Common

Researchers have found what appear to be collagen fibers and blood cells in unremarkable-looking fossils -- Read more on

Archaeologists Take Wrong Turn, Find World's Oldest Stone Tools [Update]

SAN FRANCISCO–Archaeologists working in the Kenyan Rift Valley have discovered the oldest known stone tools in the world. Dated to around 3.3 million years ago, the implements are some 700,000... -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.c...

Black Hole "Blazars" Reveal Hidden Side of the Universe [Video]

The bright lights from these hungry black holes revealed a subtle background field -- Read more on

MESSENGER’s Mercurial Swan Song and Other Interplanetary Smashups

On April 30, if all goes well, after running out of fuel to fight off orbital decay NASA’s long-running MESSENGER spacecraft will end its mission to Mercury by crashing into the planet’s... -- Read more on

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