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1 Important Secret for Effective Communication

A strong beginning and an even stronger ending can drive your message home, as the latest training video from The Flame Challenge makes clear -- Read more on

What is "Normal," Anyway?

In psychology and psychiatry, it really means "average" or "typical," but we too easily think of it as a synonym for "how everyone is supposed to think and feel." -- Read more on

Measuring the Magic of Healing

While researchers wrestle to define and capture “healing,” its power continues to mend hearts and souls—if not always bodies -- Read more on

What Makes Us Vibe?

We like other people in part because they think the way we do—but we may also think alike as a result of being friends -- Read more on

7 Award-Winning Apps Launch a Mobile Age for the Ocean Economy

Announcing the winners of the XPRIZE Ocean Initiative's challenge to turn data into much-needed ocean services -- Read more on

Thinking Outside the Quantum Box

How the mind can make sense of quantum physics in more ways than one -- Read more on

The Anthropology of Social Media

We often hear broad claims about the impact of Facebook and Twitter on our lives—but that impact can be very radically depending on what sort of community you live in -- Read more on

How Universities Are Tackling Society's Grand Challenges

A new report documents the ways nearly 20 institutions of higher learning are rallying research communities to take action -- Read more on

Renewing the Contract between Academia and Society

Universities owe the public a fresh look at their educational and research missions -- Read more on

Why Culture Clashes at the Olympics Matter

Differences in language and customs will inevitably lead to miscommunications and misunderstandings among the athletes -- Read more on

The Olympic Motto, Cellular Memories and the Epigenetic Effects of Doping

Performance-enhancing substances such as steroids can still have an effect after athletes stop using them -- Read more on

Why the Disease Definition of Addiction Does Far More Harm Than Good

Among other problems, it has obstructed other channels of investigation, including the social, psychological and societal roots of addiction -- Read more on

In Memoriam: Joe Polchinski, 1954–2018

He was a theoretical physicist's theoretical physicist who made fundamental contributions to our understanding of black holes and string theory, among other things -- Read more on

Space Technology Could Change the Balance of Power in Africa

Nations from Morocco to Nigeria to South Africa and more are beginning to reap the geopolitical advantages of going into orbit -- Read more on

The Not-So-Simple Secret World of Song Sparrows

....or BOOF, the bird who did everything wrong -- Read more on

A Completely Preventable Public Health Crisis

An outbreak of diphtheria in a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh makes it clear that these people were living in substandard conditions before they fled Myanmar -- Read more on

I Am a Roboticist in a Cheese Factory

You probably think of them as AI-driven, autonomous machines, but that's far too limited a view -- Read more on

The Trump Administration Abandons Science Advice--but at What Cost?

A new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists suggests the problem is even worse than previously recognized -- Read more on

NASA Should Start Funding SETI Again

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence should be a part of the agency’s Astrobiology mission—but thanks to a 1992 law, it’s not -- Read more on

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