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Would Your Authentic Self Get a Tattoo?

Often, a tattoo does seem like something that is tied deeply to a sense of authenticity -- of revealing something important about ourselves, through our choice of design.

It’s Back for 2018! Make Your Days Happier with the Page-a-Day Calendar.

I hope you find the calendar an engaging tool as you try to make your life a little happier. It's not about perfection -- it's about being better than before.

The Future and Why We Should “Work on Stuff that Matters.”

Tim O'Reilly is the founder and head of O'Reilly Media. Of all the people writing and speaking about the interrelated issues of emerging technology, media, work, and government, he is one of the most thoughtful and far-sighed.

Fighting Halloween Temptation? Tap into the Power of the Four Tendencies.

Do you find Halloween a time of temptation, or can you enjoy it healthfully? If you find it difficult to resist the lure of all those delightful treats, what helps you stick to your healthy habits?

If You Could Visit Your “Neverland,” What Shape Would It Take?

If you've never read the book Peter Pan, you really don't know the story. It's a deeply, deeply strange and powerful book.

Does Obliger-Rebellion Ever Take the Form of Physical Symptoms?

A thoughtful reader asked an interesting question on Twitter: "Does Obliger-rebellion ever manifest as physical symptoms with no apparent cause?" I believe that it absolutely might do so. First -- what is Obliger-rebellion? Obliger-rebellion occurs when Obligers meet, meet, meet, meet expectations, and then suddenly -- they snap. They say, "This, I will not do!" […]

Astonishing! More than One Million People Have Taken the Four Tendencies Quiz

It's thrilling to see that the quiz has now passed the ONE MILLION mark. Yes, one million people have taken this quiz! I'm staggered by that number. You can take the quiz here. Your results will give you your Tendency, along with...

A Visit to the Hospital Reminds Me of How Happy I Am to Be Healthy.

For many of us, health -- like money -- contributes to happiness mostly in the negative; the lack of it brings much more unhappiness than possessing it brings happiness. It’s very easy to take money or health for granted -- until it's gone.

What Is Work, and What Is Play — for You?

What is work for you, that might be play to someone else? And what is play for you, that might be work for someone else?

Odd Question: In Your Life, Has Any Tree Ever Been Especially Beautiful or Beloved?

In your life, has there been a tree that was particularly beautiful or beloved? In the house where I lived from fourth grade until college, I loved to gaze at the big tree in our front yard. It looked exactly the way a tree should l...

Is Actor Anna Kendrick an Upholder? After Reading Her Memoir, I Think So.

I'm starting to wonder if more Hollywood types are Upholders than we might assume. There's a lot of media spotlight on episodes of non-Upholder-type behavior, but when you think of the grinding persistence that's needed for success, I can imagine that being an Upholder might come in handy.

Agree? “Defining Moments Defining moments Are What Make Our Lives Memorable and Meaningful.”

The book explains why certain brief experiences can elevate us, allow us to change, and stick in our memories -- and how we have the power to shape and create those extraordinary moments.

Trying to Quit Smoking–or Trying To Help Someone Else? Create Your Personalized Plan.

If you're struggling, you might try to harness the strength of your Tendency, and to consider the limitations of your Tendency, to build an approach that's customized for you.

Fill in the Blank: “If There Is a Sin Against Life, It Lies in ____.”

If you had to fill in the blank about the greatest "sin against life," what would you say?

Conversation About the Four Tendencies with Dr. Judson Brewer, Expert in Habits, Mindfulness, and Addiction.

On August 11, 2017, Dr. Judson Brewer and I had a fascinating conversation about how he’s incorporating the Four Tendencies framework into his work, which focuses on helping people to master mindfulness, addiction, and habit change. I asked Jud to do this interview because I wanted to highlight the findings and insights he’s gained from […]

“There’s Something Magical About the Combination of Movement, Fresh Air, and a Useful Task.”

Interview: Anne Bogel. I first got to "know" Anne Bogel (in a virtual way) through her popular website, Modern Mrs. Darcy. (If your Jane Austen is a bit rusty, Mr. Darcy is the hero of Jane Austen's masterpiece Pride and Prejudice.) There, she writes about a broad range of subjects of interest to women. And […]

Exciting: Scientific Research and Experiments Underway to Understand the Four Tendencies Better.

When I talk to people about the Four Tendencies, one issue that often comes up  is, "Has your framework been scientifically validated?" People want to know about the research that supports the Four Tendencies. As I describe in my book The Four Tendencies, as part of my work on these personality profiles, I ran a […]

Are You a Fan of Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, the “Big Five,” Enneagram, the Five Love Languages, or Other Personality Frameworks?

Do you love a great personality framework? I sure do. I believe they can be a great tool for self-knowledge — they help to shine a spotlight on hidden patterns of behavior and thinking. If, like me, you're fascinated by these kinds of frameworks, I think you’ll be intrigued by my Four Tendencies model -- […]

“It Is the Very Act of Doing Something that Actually Helps with Clarity.”

Interview: Nilofer Merchant. I can't even remember how I met Nilofer Merchant -- somehow, our circles overlapped long ago. And now I'm wondering if we've ever actually met in person! I think we did, and I know her, but it's possible we've only connected virtually. Nilofer is a writer, a speaker, and has launched more […]

A Few Things I’ve Learned During My Current Book Tour.

Do you go to author events? During this tour, many people have told me that the event was their first author event. Which is terrific.

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