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10 Things to start today, which your future self will thank you for

Here they are in no particular order. Dream bigger dreams. Big, inspirational dreams are far more motivating than puny goals. Get into the habit of walking daily for 30 minutes. It will improve your life in so many ways. Too busy for a 30 minute walk? Get serious about solving your time management problem. This […]

4 Ways to attract more sales enquiries

How easy do you make it for prospective clients or customers, to spend their money with you? That may sound like an odd question. After all, every business owner should be making the purchasing process as effortless as possible. As you know, this is not always the case. In fact, we regularly encounter hurdles that […]

A quick and easy way to improve your marketing response rates

When it comes to marketing, deadlines are extremely powerful. Here’s why: They capture attention. They focus the mind. They create a sense of urgency. People hate to miss out. They want to get it before it’s gone. So, when they know they have to take action before it’s too late, it significantly increases how urgently […]

Where will your next client come from?

There’s a world of opportunity out there, just waiting for you to embrace it. Those are not simply optimistic words. Allow me to explain. This morning, I was working with some great clients in Brisbane, Australia. Yesterday, I worked with a wonderful, long-time client in Nebraska, USA. Tomorrow, I’m working with an exciting start-up in Hamburg, Germany. All […]

6 Ideas to make people fall in love with your business

Small business owners often tell me that they struggle to get noticed by potential clients or customers. So, here are some ideas that can help you grab the attention you need and get people talking about your business, too. Think about each of the ideas below. Then consider ways you can incorporate them into your […]

Are you bridge building? You should be. Here’s why

You offer an amazing service. Your customers love you. The challenge is that your prospective customers have no idea how wonderful your business is. They’re unaware of how your service runs rings around their current provider. They just don’t know how much they need you. The answer is to build a bridge. You need to bridge the […]

What everybody needs to know about optimism

It’s great to feel optimistic about your business, so long as your optimism is justified. Justified optimism is born from knowing that your business is making measurable progress in reasonable time. It comes from seeing your plans and ideas coming to fruition. Show More Summary

5 Simple ideas that can massively improve your business

I jotted a few ideas down earlier for an article I’m writing. I thought you may find them interesting. So, I’m sharing them with you. If you hear yourself wishing for better luck, remind yourself that what you actually need, is a better strategy. Show More Summary

Volume control?

Do you ever wonder why some businesses push their sales messages at you, over and over again? It’s usually because they are getting a poor response. Then, rather than improve their message, they increase the volume. Their thinking looks...Show More Summary

Social media marketing: Why platform hopping is a bad idea

I see a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs making the same, costly mistake with social media marketing. So, I wrote this for you. I hope you find it useful. Are you platform hopping? When looking to improve the bankable results they achieve from social media, many people hop from platform to platform. Show More Summary

How to get the best free marketing advice

There’s a lot of free marketing advice available online. Some is good. Sadly, most is ineffective. Today, I want to help you identify the best marketing advice and show you how to avoid the worst. A new client with a familiar problem...Show More Summary

How to become totally, utterly irreplaceable

How hard would it be for one of your clients or customers to replace you with an alternative provider? I was thinking about this yesterday when a salesman came to my home. He asked if he could quote me a price to look after the trees...Show More Summary

It’s competition time

Competition is good for business. More importantly my friend, competition is good for your business. Here’s why: Competition motivates us to raise the bar and set higher standards. Competition encourages us to differentiate ourselves, so we stand out. Show More Summary

Seek out the unhappy. Not the uninterested

Here’s an important fact of business: People who are happy with the service they get from one of your competitors, are not looking for whatever your business is offering. The same is true of those, who need whatever you offer, but don’t want it. Show More Summary

Attract sales, leads and new clients

If you want to attract more clients, sales or sales leads, you’ll LOVE today’s article. I need to start by sharing one of the cornerstones of great marketing. It’s simply this: Focus on your prospective clients and their needs, rather than your own needs. Show More Summary

Don’t let the silence crush your business

Social media has changed everything. It allows the marketplace to share value. It gives consumers a voice. A BIG, loud voice. They can shout from the rooftops about how happy they are. They can scream about how pissed off they are. This means the best providers win today. Show More Summary

Learning how to overcome fear

I want to talk to you about something really important today. I want to talk to you about overcoming fear. Here’s the thing: Fear stops intelligent business owners from doing what they know they should do. It stops them from creating a uniquely valuable service. Show More Summary

What everyone needs to know about blame

Who is responsible for our results? I spent some time recently, with the former owner of a local high street store. He explained that the reason his business flopped, was that the economy was too weak. I know a number of the people whose...Show More Summary

Marketing Tip: Stop trying to appeal to everyone

One of the golden rules of successful marketing, is to identify exactly who your customer or client is, then focus exclusively on them. This is the opposite of what we see most small business owners doing. They try and be a little relevant to everyone and succeed in being directly relevant to no one. Show More Summary

How to discover a winning idea

It’s entirely possible you have a winning idea tucked away right now, without even knowing it. The thing about great ideas is that they often look like bad ideas, until they become hugely successful. Remember laptops? In 1985, The New...Show More Summary

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