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I hate marketing. Yes. Really!

In a recent radio interview, I heard a comedian make an interesting statement. He was asked what his pet hates were. High on his list was marketing and people who worked in marketing. The interview was part of a PR campaign, to promote [market] his latest stand-up comedy tour. Show More Summary

A powerful lesson from Starbucks and Apple

Are you thinking of improving your business? Maybe you want to add a new service, increase your pricing or change the way you charge for your services. Perhaps you want to attract better quality clients. If you are, you may find this useful. Show More Summary

Freak out. Stand out. Become a misfit!

Today’s post is one of the most important I have written in a long while. I hope you find it useful. Think about it: Everyone who has achieved meaningful business success, is a misfit. The same is true of everyone who has led an extraordinary life. Show More Summary

Here’s a proven way to quickly boost your profits

If you want to generate high quality sales extremely quickly, I have a powerful, proven idea for you. It’s based on a strategy I use with my clients, which has produced amazing results. It can work for you too. Here’s what you need to know. Show More Summary

Rule number 1 for smashing your targets

How will you know when you have enough: Customers? Contacts? Money? Profit? Subscribers? Twitter followers? Put a number on it. Be intentional. Get specific. It’s impossible to hit a target, when you don’t know what you’re aiming at. Let's grow your business: I can help you build a more successful business, increase your sales and boost your profits. Here's how !

Are you going to do your very best work today?

If not, what story are you telling yourself, which is motivating you to do less than you’re capable of? Tell yourself a more empowering story. Choose to give everything you do your very best shot. Then, do the same tomorrow. Soon it will become a habit. Show More Summary

Video – Does brainstorming work?

For years, I have seen people use brainstorming as a way to generate ideas and solve challenges. For years, I have found traditional brainstorming sessions to be of very little value. It seems I am not alone. In this RSA video (see below), journalist and author, Jonah Lehrer, argues that traditional brainstorming just doesn’t work. Show More Summary

Don’t let the robots kick your ass

If you’re currently churning out content, as part of your marketing mix, you’ll soon be in big trouble. On Friday, the Guardian newspaper reported on a piece of software, which is capable of writing articles. The end result reads like most of the content marketing out there. Show More Summary

Education makes it possible. Action makes it happen

He’s a nice enough guy. He works hard. He’s read the leadership books. He’s following all the success gurus on Facebook and he watches their videos too. He isn’t achieving much He’s still struggling. Still unknown. Still spinning his wheels. Show More Summary

Does your work have your signature?

Wouldn’t it be useful, if you were able to make your business, product or service stand out? If you know the work of any famous painter, it’s easy to identify their art. Great artists stand out because their style is almost like a signature. Show More Summary

The strategy for marketing that spreads and sells

I have a very effective marketing idea to share with you today. You’re going to love this! I’m going to show you how to create marketing, which people will value and that’s powerful enough to inspire them to hire you or buy from you....Show More Summary

How to build a remarkable enterprise

Today, I’m giving you a super-effective strategy to help you build a truly remarkable business. Its all about seeking inspiration from the very best companies in the world. Business owners tend to measure their business, products or services against whatever their competitors are doing. Show More Summary

The only 2 ways to grow your business

It’s becoming harder and harder to sell the average product or service. Why? Because when something is average, the lowest price wins. And there will always be someone lower priced than you. Plus, your prospective customers can find these lower priced alternatives, on Google or Amazon, in seconds. Show More Summary

Old ways won’t open new doors

When it comes to problem solving, here’s what we know. If you find yourself struggling with a new problem, you probably need a new strategy. If you find yourself struggling with an old problem, you definitely need a new strategy. Old...Show More Summary

7 Naked truths about marketing

Here are 7 important things to consider, when marketing your business. In no particular order: Embrace brevity. Your marketing content is almost certainly 75% too long. Fix that. Most marketing advice online is either inaccurate or toxic to your business. Show More Summary

How to grow your list in 3 steps

If you write a newsletter or blog and your “list” is growing too slowly, this post is for you. Toxic advice online The Internet is packed with bad advice on how to improve the success of your newsletter or blog. So-called content marketing...Show More Summary

The huge marketing problem, which no one talks about

I was in a coffee shop earlier, when a guy with a very obvious hairpiece came in. He had natural, thick brown hair around his ears, with a jet black wig on top. Of course, no one mentioned it to him. People just pointed and smirked when he wasn’t looking. Show More Summary

Beyond belief?

The internet [and book stores] are packed with experts, claiming to be able to deliver unbelievable results in unbelievable time with unbelievably little effort. Don’t believe them! Growth hacking, business hacking, success systems, tricks and shortcuts are everywhere. Show More Summary

Stop using buzzwords in your marketing. Really. Stop it!

There is no shortage of buzzwords or people who feel the need to use them. Intersection. Growth-hacking. Ruckus. Pragmatic. Disrupt. Paradigm. … these buzzwords and many others, are used by people in an effort to appear informed or relevant. Show More Summary

Stop competing for business. Really. Stop it!

In most industries, there’s no shortage of providers. Quite the opposite. There’s a surplus. There’s way too much choice. And that’s why it’s so competitive. Imagine this Tomorrow morning at 9am, all your competitors decide to quit. They literally cease trading. Show More Summary

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