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3 Reasons why NEW is overrated

New is overrated. At least when it comes to marketing. There are 3 reasons for this: The newest service is a risky bet. At best, it’s a bigger gamble than the trusted incumbent. At worst, the customer feels like a paying guinea pig. The newest service is seldom the best. Show More Summary

Birthdays and billionaires

It’s my 50th birthday today. Landmark birthdays, those with a zero at the end, get lots of attention. But nothing really changes. I see it like this: If you’re just a penny away from being a billionaire, then you earn that final penny, nothing really changes. Show More Summary

Why marketing blogs remove the dates from their posts

A lot of popular marketing blogs now hide the dates of their posts from their readers. A number of you have emailed me to ask why this happens and why Jim’s Marketing Blog doesn’t remove the post dates. Firstly, here’s why so many marketing...Show More Summary

Blogging: Here’s why your readers are already your clients

Thank you for being a client. Yes you! Think about it: A client is someone you provide a service to. I regularly provide you with ideas to help you grow your business. And you pay me. You pay me with your attention. [That’s why theyShow More Summary

Totally unoriginal. Wholly unremarkable

You can optimize anything. If you want to. You can automate your blog posts, newsletters, tweets and Facebook updates, so they are published at the optimal time. You can use the optimal number of words or characters too, if you’re really keen. Show More Summary

How to sell your services to huge companies

Have you ever considered selling your services to huge corporations? If you haven’t, then maybe it’s time that you did. I’m going to show you how to remove the main barrier, and make it far easier for you to land extremely valuable clients. Show More Summary

You may delay, but time will not!

Much has been said about the importance of persistence. And rightly so! After all, if you persistently do the right things correctly, you will succeed. However, persistence is also the cause of almost all business failure. Allow me to...Show More Summary

2 Marketing ideas from a very weird experience

The weirdest thing just happened to me. And once I explain what happened, I’ll share 2 useful ideas from my experience, to help you grow your business. I switched on my MacBook Air earlier. I hadn’t used it for a week and immediately noticed that the screen looked terrible. Show More Summary

It’s time for your business to get edgy. Here’s why!

Today, I have a quick, yet extremely effective idea to share with you. It’s simply this: Success comes to the business owners, consultants, freelancers and trainers, who embrace the edges. Allow me to explain what this means to you and your business. Show More Summary

Mind your own business!

If you want to rise above your competitors, you have a couple of options open to you. Destroy the competition: Bad-mouth them. Spread nasty stories about them. Call them out when they screw up. Try to ruin their reputation, so your business looks better in comparison. Show More Summary

Are short blog posts a good idea?

Olivia noticed that my previous blog post is just 54 words long. She said she really enjoyed it, but wanted to know if it’s a good idea to write such short posts. Here’s my answer. I hope you find it useful. 54 word posts are a bad idea...Show More Summary

Word of Mouth referrals: The unbreakable rule

Word of Mouth spreads between the people in your marketplace. It goes from person to person. Not from you to them. So don’t interrupt people. Don’t pester people. Instead, invest your time creating a story worth sharing. It’s a far better...Show More Summary

Be the author. Not the envelope!

It’s hard to attract people’s attention, when you have nothing new to say. But that doesn’t stop business owners from trying. Social networks are flooded with famous quotes, posted by people who have nothing to say for themselves. They lack either the creativity, the guts [or both], to tell us what they think. Show More Summary

Marketing Tip: Solve better problems

One way to grow a super-successful business, is to intentionally seek out challenging work. I’m talking about the tricky stuff. The work that requires more thinking and more creativity. Here’s why it works: You attract better clients, better projects and better fees, when you solve better problems. Show More Summary

Are you a marketing dinosaur?

How well do you understand digital marketing and is it providing you with regular, high quality clients or sales? I was thinking about this recently, when a friend drove me into Lincoln for lunch. We’re around the same age [I’m 50 in a few weeks]. Show More Summary

Think big. No. BIGGER than that!

You want a business that fills you with energy. A business that motivates you. A business that is so inspiring that when you tell people about it, they feel excited. If so, I’m going to give you a very simple, yet extremely effective piece of advice. Show More Summary

A powerful marketing lesson from a 19th century artist

Back in the 1800’s, Edgar Degas said: “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”. The same is true of great marketing Successful marketing paints pictures in the mind of a prospective client. It doesn’t list a series of facts or features. Show More Summary

5 Simple ideas that can massively improve your business

I jotted a few ideas down earlier, for an article I’m writing. I thought you may find them interesting. So, I’m sharing them with you. If you hear yourself wishing for better luck, remind yourself that what you actually need, is a better strategy. Show More Summary

Marketing tip: Never sell to a stranger again

Smart people speak, because they have something to say. Dull people speak, because they have to say something. And the difference between those approaches is huge! The same is true in business When smart business owners connect with their marketplace, they have something interesting to share. Show More Summary

Highly recommended: The Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Today’s post is very different from usual. It’s about an interesting device, which I’ve been using over the past 7 days. Around 10 days ago, Microsoft reached out to me and offered me a Surface Pro 3. I was surprised to say the least!...Show More Summary

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