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Think big. No. BIGGER than that!

You want a business that fills you with energy. A business that motivates you. A business that is so inspiring that when you tell people about it, they feel excited. If so, I’m going to give you a very simple, yet extremely effective piece of advice. Show More Summary

A powerful marketing lesson from a 19th century artist

Back in the 1800’s, Edgar Degas said: “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”. The same is true of great marketing Successful marketing paints pictures in the mind of a prospective client. It doesn’t list a series of facts or features. Show More Summary

5 Simple ideas that can massively improve your business

I jotted a few ideas down earlier, for an article I’m writing. I thought you may find them interesting. So, I’m sharing them with you. If you hear yourself wishing for better luck, remind yourself that what you actually need, is a better strategy. Show More Summary

Marketing tip: Never sell to a stranger again

Smart people speak, because they have something to say. Dull people speak, because they have to say something. And the difference between those approaches is huge! The same is true in business When smart business owners connect with their marketplace, they have something interesting to share. Show More Summary

Highly recommended: The Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Today’s post is very different from usual. It’s about an interesting device, which I’ve been using over the past 7 days. Around 10 days ago, Microsoft reached out to me and offered me a Surface Pro 3. I was surprised to say the least!...Show More Summary

Want to improve your marketing? Get emotional. Here’s why!

Someone recently asked me why her business needed a story. She thought it was “a load of trendy nonsense”. When I answered her question, she emailed me back to say it had changed her perception completely. She said it would improve her approach to marketing forever. Show More Summary

Stop offering freebies. Really. Stop it!

Time. It’s our most valuable commodity. So why is it that business owners tend to massively undervalue it, by offering freebies? Freebies send a toxic message to your marketplace Offering free consultations is an extremely risky marketing strategy. Show More Summary

Social media influencers: Don’t let their BS baffle you!

Is there anything less influential, than a self-proclaimed social media influencer? There’s a lot of chatter online about so-called influencers. I’m not talking about influential people or influential brands. I’m actually referring to the exact opposite: People who have very little real-world influence, yet market themselves as influencers. Show More Summary

Exposed: The great BIG marketing lie!

Ask any struggling business owner about marketing and they will tell you the following: “I don’t have enough time for marketing”. And it’s a lie. Whether these business owners know it or not, they are marketing their business all day every day. That’s because everything in business is marketing. Show More Summary

Content Marketing: How to avoid a common, costly mistake!

Did you know that your marketing message can fail, even before people read what you have to say? Well, it’s true. And it happens all the time. Spammers pointing lasers into my eyes! I was prompted to share this with you, after I received a spam email earlier. Show More Summary

What you know about link building is probably wrong!

And it’s not your fault. Here’s the thing: When it comes to marketing your business, there are 2 types of link, not 1 as many people seem to believe! There’s the type of link you already know about. This is where a website links to your website or blog. Show More Summary

Are you good enough? I hope not. Here’s why!

Consider the following: Most small businesses are good enough. Their products, services and marketing are good enough. A tiny minority of small businesses are great. Their products, services and marketing are great. Great beats good enough every time. Show More Summary

Here’s why your business isn’t growing and how to fix it

The basics of building a successful business are easy to find. There are countless business manuals that explain the process. So, why do most small businesses slowly go broke or end up being little more than a poorly paid job for their owner? I believe I have found the answer. Show More Summary

The most incredible article about headlines you’ll ever read!

Here are some ideas, which you can use to massively improve the results of all your written marketing. It’s all about the marketing power of headlines. Your headline has to capture the reader’s attention It doesn’t matter how great your message is, people need to read it in order for the message to have the desired impact. Show More Summary

Exposed: The great Leadership lie!

Leaders lead. That’s what they do. They don’t tell us they are leaders. They don’t self-proclaim to be leaders in their social media profiles or on the about pages of they websites. Instead, they lead. Leaders are easy to spot When everyone...Show More Summary

How to inspire your marketplace and attract the best clients

Nothing is more average than the average business! These are the businesses that work for average clients and earn average fees. These hardworking folk look to the future with apprehension, rather than excitement. Why? Because they know there’s no future in being yet another average business. Show More Summary

How to attract more clients, using deadlines!

Most small business marketing lacks urgency. And it’s losing those businesses a fortune. If you want people to take action, you need to motivate them. A proven way for you to do this, is to set a deadline. The thing about deadlines Deadlines focus the mind. Show More Summary

Get out of your own way!

Don’t wait for permission. You don’t need it. Don’t wait for the perfect time. The time is never perfect. Don’t wait for inspiration to appear. Command it to appear. Don’t wait for them to pick you. Pick yourself. Don’t wait for the initiative. Show More Summary

How to grow your business with Agile Thinking

Business is changing. Moreover, business is changing fast! This is great news for agile business owners, who embrace the opportunities. However, it’s not such great news for business owners who are working in today’s rapidly changing environment, with a 1995 approach to business. Show More Summary

Exposed: The great workaholic lie!

Workaholics are not really workaholics. It’s never work, which the so-called workaholic is addicted to. Instead, they’re hooked on the feelings that come from doing something they love. That passion and joy is what inspires them all day, every day. Show More Summary

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