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Make hiring you easy: Leave better clues. Here’s how it works!

Before someone decides to hire you or buy from you, they need to feel confident. So they start looking for clues. Clues that will tell them whether they should hire you or avoid you. Why? Because your prospective clients have all made bad decisions before. Show More Summary

What everybody ought to know about online advertising

At least a couple of times every week, people tell me a version of the following: “I spent (x amount of money) on Facebook ads. I got some new likes, but it didn’t attract any new customers / clients”. Successful online advertising is hard. Show More Summary

Shocking news: Your prospective clients regularly visit blogs

It’s true. Your prospective clients visit blogs. And they visit them regularly, too. I know, I know. They told you they didn’t visit blogs or you assumed they didn’t, but they do. However, they probably don’t even know it. Allow me to explain. Show More Summary

Yes, marketing gimmicks CAN work for you. Here’s how!

I think you’ll find today’s post really useful. I’m going to share some ideas, to help you understand how marketing gimmicks work and how you can use them, to massively increase the reach of your marketing. How a marketing gimmick went viral Some years ago, I discovered a business blog. Show More Summary

No one starts at the finish line

It’s true. No one starts at the finish line. But that’s perfectly fine. Because our task as business owners is to cross the finish line. Not start there. Yes, it’s important essential to get started. But it’s not enough. Anyone can start a project, work on an idea or set a goal. Show More Summary

Exposed: The great BIG leadership lie!

Leaders lead. That’s what they do. They don’t tell us they are leaders. They don’t self-proclaim to be leaders in their social media profiles or on the about pages of their websites. Instead, they lead. Leaders are easy to spot WhenShow More Summary

4 Proven ways to quickly attract more sales enquiries

How easy do you make it for prospective clients or customers, to spend their money with you? That may sound like an odd question. After all, every business owner should be making the purchasing process as effortless as possible. As you know, this is not always the case. Show More Summary

5 Words to transform your business in 2018. PLUS how to make them work for you!

Think about it: When you’ve delivered a project for a client (or customer), you want them to say to themselves, “this work is much better than I expected”. When you tell someone about the service you offer, then quote your fee, you want...Show More Summary

Stop trying to appeal to everyone. Really. Stop it!

Today, I’d like to show you how to avoid one of the most common (and costly) marketing mistakes. Let’s go! One of the cornerstones of successful marketing, is to identify exactly who your customer or client is, then focus exclusively on them. Show More Summary

Being predictable can bite your ass!

Predictable can be life saving: The braking system on your car is a great example. You need to know that each time you put your foot on the brake, you’re going to slow down or stop. Predictable can be reassuring: It’s reassuring to know...Show More Summary

Exposed: The totally unfair truth about marketing

Why are some of your competitors doing better than you, when their service or product isn’t as good as yours? People ask me this all the time. So, here’s the answer. There’s a world of difference between the best… and the best marketed. Show More Summary

How to build a massively valuable community, without Facebook or any other network

What do Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Linkedin have in common? They’re relied on by millions of business owners, as a way to connect with their marketplace. Plus, these same business owners have zero control over them. Think about that for a moment. Show More Summary

It’s competition time!

Competition is good for business. More importantly my friend, competition is good for YOUR business. Here’s why: Competition motivates you to raise the bar and set higher standards. Competition inspires you to innovate. Competition compels you to leave your comfort zone. Show More Summary

The extraordinary truth about your business

Fact: You are capable of extraordinary things. There are no ordinary people. It’s just that some of us settle for ordinary results. We make ordinary decisions and take ordinary actions. It’s easy to be ordinary. We simply need to follow the masses. Show More Summary

Networking groups: How to get better results

People often ask me for tips on how to get better results from their networking groups. In today’s post I am going to share an idea, which is seldom covered regarding networking. Yet, it’s the core reason why networking groups fail for so many business owners. Show More Summary

7 Important questions your business needs you to answer

Here are seven questions worth pondering, as you look to grow your business in 2018. Who are the 10 leading people in your marketplace and how can you connect with them? Is your mindset to risk, helping you grow your business, or doShow More Summary

The customer is not always right

That old saying, that the customer is always right, is bogus. Worse still, if you believe the customer is always right, it will damage your business. Allow me to explain. That saying still persists, because fearful service providers are scared that if they say the customer (or client)is wrong, they might take their custom elsewhere. Show More Summary

Target the unhappy. Not the uninterested

I want to share one of the foundations of effective marketing with you today. It’s something that can save you time, money and help you focus your marketing far more effectively. It’s simply this: People who are happy with the service...Show More Summary

It’s time for you to get edgy. And here’s why!

Today, I have a quick, yet really effective marketing idea to share with you. It’s simply this: Success comes to the business owners, consultants, freelancers and trainers, who embrace the edges. Allow me to explain what this means for you and your business. Show More Summary

How to go viral, in a surprisingly powerful way

Think about it: Business is all about people and the relationships we have with one another. So, it makes perfect sense to invest in people. It’s easy, too. Think about it. We can connect people, who can assist one another or do business together. Show More Summary

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