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How to immediately improve your marketing response rates

Here’s a useful tip, to help you get better response rates from your written marketing. Years ago, someone figured out that Google rewards long content. Google likes lots of words. It makes it easier for the Google algorithm to rank content. Show More Summary

A powerful 3 step process to get you massively more referrals

Here’s a quick and effective 3 step process, to help you attract massively more word of mouth referrals. This process works equally well regardless of your industry. There’s also an example, so you can see exactly how it works. Let’s...Show More Summary

What everybody needs to know about opportunities

If a wonderful opportunity came your way today, how prepared would you be? I was prompted to write about this after speaking with a friend. Amy told me that she had been invited to appear on a national radio show. She’s an architect and the show was a perfect fit for her. Show More Summary

Why offering free consultations is a big mistake

A lot of struggling service providers offer free initial consultations as a way to attract new clients. There are 3 major problems with this approach, which can seriously damage your business. 1. Free consultations make service providers...Show More Summary

What’s better than outsmarting your competitors? This!

Here’s a thought: Instead of outsmarting our competitors, what if we decided to outcare them instead? Think about it. We could care more about client satisfaction than our competitors do. We could care more about ethics than our competitors do. Show More Summary

A quick and easy marketing tip from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs understood something about marketing, which gave him a strong, competitive advantage. I’d like to share it with you. It’s easy to understand, simple to put into practice and can massively improve your results. Saying and doing...Show More Summary

Don’t let this marketing mistake crush your business

Lawrence from New Jersey emailed me with a question. He wanted to know why I don’t provide any step-by-step marketing guides in my blog posts. Here’s my answer. It contains an exceptionally valuable marketing tip, which I hope you find useful. Show More Summary

Marketing tip: Finish strong. Always!

My friends Colleen and Matt went for a meal recently. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. Matt’s dessert arrived on a dirty plate. They told me that from that moment onward, their dining experience was ruined. That restaurant could have the best chef. Show More Summary

This made me cringe: Misleading advertising

I listened this morning, as the Managing Director of a broadband company answered a horrible question. It was one of those interviews that makes you cringe. The interviewer asked her, on national radio, why her company had misled consumers with their advertising. Show More Summary

3 Powerful questions to help you build a winning business

If you want valuable answers, you need to ask equally valuable questions. That’s why in today’s post, I’m sharing 3 powerful questions that can lead you to extremely valuable answers. Let’s get started. 1. If your business was perfect...Show More Summary

Why storytelling is the cornerstone of successful marketing

Depending on where you buy it, there’s a popular liquid that costs around $26,000 a gallon. Unlike water, this liquid isn’t life-preserving. That’s to say you can’t drink it. It isn’t life-giving either, so you can’t water crops with it. Show More Summary

Focus on the best clients. Ignore the rest!

You can’t cook an outstanding meal, using cheap, tasteless ingredients. You can’t build a high quality house using low quality materials. And you can’t grow a successful business without great clients. Great clients give you the freedom to do your best work. Show More Summary

10 GREAT ways to be a quitter

Quitting gets a lot of bad publicity. We even use the word quitter as an insult. And it’s wrong! It’s wrong, because quitting is essential if you want to succeed. Business success requires that you quit the common mistakes made by struggling business owners, then replace them with winning alternatives. Show More Summary

How to get into the top 5 percent of your industry

Who sets your prices or fees? Your answer to this question is not as obvious as it sounds. Most business owners will instantly answer that question, saying they set their prices. And in one way, they do. However, that’s only part ofShow More Summary

A surprisingly effective and fun way to do business

Business is all about people and the relationships we have with one another. So, it makes perfect sense to invest in people. It’s easy too. We can connect people, who can assist one another or do business together. We can share resources with people. Show More Summary

What you need to know about the stupid people who don’t hire you

I heard a business owner earlier making an amazing statement. Here’s what he said, along with a massively valuable marketing lesson. The business owner was being interviewed on local radio. They asked him how his business was doing. He replied that it was really struggling. Show More Summary

Is too much choice hurting your marketing results?

How many service options or service packages do you offer to prospective clients? Many small business owners offer too many options and it’s losing them a fortune. Here’s why. The more options you give to a prospective client, the more choice they have. Show More Summary

Let’s get engaged

One of the most effective ways to grow a business, is to become an engaged observer. It’s a skill that anyone can learn and the results can be incredible [and fast]. Here’s an example of what I mean. When a typical business owner finds a useful website, they’ll read it and bookmark it. Show More Summary

Are you ready to benefit from the golden age of business?

This is THE golden age for small business owners. We have opportunities available to us today, which previous generations couldn’t have imagined. Think about it: Social networks provide us with free access to a global audience. Podcasting gives each of us the opportunity to have our own radio station. Show More Summary

The retailer who’s killing his business

I visited a store earlier. In the space of a few minutes, they damaged their reputation and lost a regular customer. There’s a powerful lesson here, which I’d like to share with you, as it relates to every small business. Here’s what happened. Show More Summary

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