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Sales: Here’s why it’s never about the money

Your prospective customers absolutely can afford your products or services. Here’s what really stops people buying from you. Plus, how to remove these barriers so you make more sales or attract more clients. You’re attracting enquiries from the wrong people. Show More Summary

Marketing tip: Learn from the mistakes of others

There’s much we can learn from successful business owners. Their achievements can both educate and inspire us. However, unsuccessful business owners also have a great deal we can learn from. This is especially true when it comes to marketing. Show More Summary

Attract referrals like a magnet in just 3 steps

Today, I’m going to help you attract massively more, high quality referrals. It’s based on a powerful, 3 step process. We need to start by accepting a few fundamental truths about word of mouth referrals: They don’t happen by accident. Show More Summary

Marketing success is a choice

There are just 2 things you need in order to attract massively more sales. The right marketing strategy. The motivation to put the strategy into play. With the right strategy and the motivation to use it, you can achieve at levels you never knew you were capable of. Show More Summary

How to have more time, more friends, more creativity!

Here are 3 tips to help you have more time, have more friends and become more creative. The best time management tip I know is to stop watching TV. It will instantly save you between 3 and 5 hours a day. The best tip I know for expanding...Show More Summary

The path to persistent progress

The commercial value of persistence is often misunderstood. It’s not about persistently doing the same old thing over and over again. If you’re not getting the right results, doing more of what doesn’t work is not the answer. It’s about having a goal and then persistently doing what’s required, to make your goal a reality. Show More Summary

Fact: You don’t have any clients or customers

You don’t have any clients. You don’t have any customers. You don’t have any subscribers. You don’t have any readers. You don’t have any followers. You don’t have them. They’re not your possession. Instead, you borrow them. You need to earn and then re-earn their custom, attention and trust. Show More Summary

Why business is a lot like dating!

Most people will go to great lengths, to avoid doubt. So they seek out reassurance. They look for certainty. And that’s fine… unless they plan on building a successful business. Certainty and opportunity The best opportunities are never certainties. Show More Summary

What are Weasel Words?

Have you ever noticed how some people use weasel words, when faced with a challenge? Weasel words? Weasel words are used when someone wants an excuse to avoid taking action. Their fear of failing is hard to admit, [to others and to themselves], so they use weasel words to hide their fear. Show More Summary

How to be lucky in business

I get called Lucky Jim… a lot. Here’s my secret, plus how you too can get lucky in business and life in general. It starts with understanding a basic truth: The numbers will work for you. If you let them. Think about it: You can fail...Show More Summary

Now what?

It’s rare to find a business that answers their support phone line as fast as their sales phone line. It’s rare to find a business that under-promises with its marketing. It’s rare to find a business that has the courage to lead their field. Show More Summary

Some business advice. From a loser!

I received an email earlier, from someone with an interesting request. She asked me for free advice, on how to deal with “losers”… who ask for free advice. The lesson here? It pays to look in the mirror before we’re critical of others. Show More Summary

No, the customer is not always right!

That old saying, that the customer is always right, is bogus. Worse still, if you believe the customer is always right, it will damage your business. The saying still persists, because fearful service providers are scared that if they say the customer is wrong, the customer or client might leave. Show More Summary

A marketing lesson. From Taylor Swift!

If you are struggling to get the results you need from your digital marketing [online marketing], this post is for you. And yes, it features a great example from Taylor Swift. I’d like to start with an odd question: Have you noticedShow More Summary

Stop working so hard. Really. Stop it!

When you’re already working hard to grow your business, and it’s not getting the results you need, working increasingly harder is never the answer. Over the years, I’ve worked with some amazingly successful people. People who went from zero to enormous financial wealth. None of them work any harder than the average business owner. Show More Summary

Why The Connection Economy is vital to your business

A lot of people have asked me, what is the connection economy. They also want to know what it means for them and their business. As your business is already being massively impacted by the connection economy, here are some basics you may find extremely useful. Show More Summary

3 Toxic marketing mistakes, which you have to avoid

If you want to see a quick and measurable improvement with your marketing results, today’s post could really help you. I’m going to share 3 areas of digital marketing, which small business owners tend to get very wrong. Here they are, in no particular order. Show More Summary

Are you making a noise or making a difference?

All marketing fits into one of the following two groups. It’s either making a noise or it’s making a difference. Here are examples of both and how they impact your marketing results. You’ll identify them instantly. Making a noise Most marketing is noise. Show More Summary

A powerful tip, to help you attract more sales leads

Here’s the single most important thing you need to know, if you want to attract regular sales leads and business enquiries. I need to start by asking you a question: Why do prospective clients call you, email you or ask you questions?...Show More Summary

Growing your business: Past, present and future

We’ve always done it this way! That’s maybe the worst reason to do anything. It happens all the time. Small business owners get comfortable with a series of processes and beliefs and then set them in mental stone. It’s easy. Sure. However, it seldom, if ever, leads to meaningful success. Show More Summary

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