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How to predict your success in advance

People often ask me if their new business idea will succeed or not. Of course, the only way to know for sure is to ship the idea and see what happens. The reason you can’t predict a successful project in advance, is that an idea, even a wonderful idea, can’t achieve anything by itself. Show More Summary

You probably need more critics. Yes. Really!

You can’t please everyone. And do you know what? You shouldn’t even try to. If you do, you will end up playing it safe… being predictable and being ignored. Ouch! That’s not a smart move for any business owner, who wants to grow a successful business. Show More Summary

2 Things to remember about shortcuts to success

The Internet is packed with people offering tricks, to make your business super successful, super fast. It’s easy to see why. There are thousands of small business owners, worried that their business isn’t growing fast enough. To them, the promise of a shortcut or growth hack can be irresistible. Show More Summary

3 Ways to attract more sales leads or client enquiries

If you want to attract more sales leads or client enquiries, today’s post is for you. It shows the 3 main reasons why sales leads dry up AND more importantly, gives you some ideas on how to put things right. Let’s go! How to open the...Show More Summary

2 Ideas to help you grow your business… fast

The most talked about way to grow your business, is to attract new customers or clients, [herein called customers]. However, it’s not the only way. It’s certainly not the fastest way. In fact, if your main focus is just on attracting new customers, you’re needlessly leaving money on the table every day. Show More Summary

Question: What’s holding you back?

Waiting for the right time is simply a delaying tactic. They tell us: “I have this great idea, but I’m just waiting for the right time”. What they mean is: “I have a great idea, but I’m too scared to make it happen”. That fabled perfect...Show More Summary

How often should you publish blog posts?

Karen from Delaware emailed me with a question earlier. “I’d love for you to post on your blog every day like Seth Godin does.  Is there a strategic reason why you don’t?” That’s a good question. The answer is that you need to match your publishing model to the business model behind your blog. Show More Summary

How to be extraordinary

Fact: You are capable of extraordinary things. There are no ordinary people. It’s just that some of us settle for ordinary results. So, we make ordinary decisions and take ordinary actions. It’s easy to be ordinary. We simply need to follow the masses. Show More Summary

Is this why your marketing isn’t working?

Yes, regardless of the results you may be seeing, marketing works. In fact, it works extremely well. Look around you. Everything you own is proof that marketing works. The device you’re reading this on, for example, was marketed to you successfully; either by a company or the word of mouth recommendation of a friend. Show More Summary

Here’s how a 300% fee increase attracted more clients

Do you offer a great service, but attract too few clients? If so, here’s one way to turn things around… fast! I was prompted to write about this, after speaking with a client earlier. We talked about what’s happened since she tripled her fees last year. Show More Summary

4 Powerful words that attract clients like a magnet

I have an idea to share with you today, which is one of the most powerful I have covered on Jim’s Marketing Blog. If you want to attract more clients, I’m sure you’ll find it extremely useful. Allow me to explain. When I speak with a...Show More Summary

You should be more pushy. Here’s why!

When it comes to being a pushy business owner, there are two ways to do it. One of them works extremely well. Allow me to explain. 1. You can push other people Pester them with cold calls. Interrupt them with selfish requests. Spam them. Show More Summary

Is this story crushing your business?

We live in a golden age for small business owners. Thanks to the Internet, you can find pretty-much anything you need to know without leaving your chair. You can also find talented people, to guide you and your business to success. Armed...Show More Summary

Bloggers: How to be an overnight success

My wife’s blog has become an overnight success. Here’s how she did it. Sharon started her blog around 12 weeks ago. Her first post was read by over 2000 people. Thousands of people now read her work every week. Not bad, especially as it’s her first ever attempt at blogging. Show More Summary

The magic of being first… and useful!

We remember Roger Bannister today, because he was the first person to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Apple is the world’s most valuable company today, largely because of profits from the iPhone — the world’s first smart phone. [Here’s...Show More Summary

3 Opportunities to massively improve your business

Here are 3 opportunities, which every business owner should consider. Each one is based on the kind of work I do with my clients. 1. Attract clients, sales or enquiries Have you ever considered attracting clients, sales or enquiries…...Show More Summary

2 Lessons from a bad idea

Sophie emailed me earlier, to tell me about her new business idea. She explained that she had met with 14 potential investors so far. None of them wanted to invest in her idea, however, that wasn’t the point of her email! Here’s what...Show More Summary

How to keep people interested in your marketing

If your marketing is attracting fewer enquiries than you need, you may want to consider mixing things up a little. Here’s why. A marketing lesson from farming! 12 years ago, after a lifetime of living in cities, my wife and I bought our current home in the countryside. Show More Summary

The persistent route to success

From childhood, we are told about the importance of persistence. And rightly so! We’re told to keep on trying and to work hard. We’re told that quitters never win and winners never quit. However, there are 2 very different ways to be persistent in business. Show More Summary

How to avoid an expensive copywriting mistake

After reading Tuesday’s post, Amanda emailed me with a great question. Here’s an excerpt: […] “I often see you recommending the use of professional copy writers.  This can cost a few hundred dollars and maybe more. I guess my question...Show More Summary

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