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10 Daily decisions to help you reach your business goals

Setting a goal is simply a statement of intent. Your daily actions are what make it happen! I was thinking about that yesterday, when Susan from Queens, New York emailed me. She was wondering why she sets inspiring goals every year,Show More Summary

How to turn strangers into customers

Here’s an opportunity for you to gain a significant advantage over many, perhaps most, of your competitors. It’s about something I refer to as attraction marketing. I was prompted to write this after a business owner contacted me on Twitter. Show More Summary

Is your marketing motivated by greed, need or deed?

You’re a wonderful person with a superb business. However, is that message coming across in your marketing? Think about it — small business owners tend to market their services motivated by 1 of the following: Greed motivated: I want your money. Show More Summary

Do you want more great clients to hire you?

If you just answered “yes” then today’s post is just for you. I’m sharing an important part of the sales process with you, which is seldom talked about. It’s something that you can use, in order to develop great relationships with your clients, contacts and the marketplace in general. Show More Summary

How to avoid arguments and enjoy great client relationships

I witnessed an argument yesterday, between a business owner and one of his customers. It was noisy, public and has lost the business owner at least one customer. The whole situation could have been avoided, with the tip I’m going to share with you in today’s post. Show More Summary

5 Great ways to make time work for you

In today’s post, I’m sharing 5 ideas with you that are all based on the same important theme… time. Here they are, in no particular order. Consistently showing up on time, is a great way to build a reputation for reliability. The marketplace values people who can be relied upon to turn up. Show More Summary

What you need to know about networking groups

People often ask me for tips on how to get better results from their networking groups. In today’s post I am going to share an idea, which is seldom covered regarding networking. Yet, it’s the core reason why networking groups fail for so many business owners. Show More Summary

Are you making any of these 5 serious marketing mistakes?

If you want to attract far more sales leads or client enquiries, here are 5 important areas to pay attention to. They are based on some extremely common marketing errors, which cost small business owners a fortune. Here they are, in no particular order. Show More Summary

How to raise your business to a whole new level

If your business is growing slower than it should be, this post is just for you. To get your business moving forward, there are 2 things you need to focus on. I have set them out as 2 questions. Oh, and don’t worry, I’m going to help...Show More Summary

Help me to help you

If you’ve been thinking of working with me on my 1 Year Marketing Mentor Program, you’ll find today’s post extremely useful. Why I’m writing this I want to help you. Here’s the thing: I get around 130 emails every day from readers. This means it’s no longer possible for me to reply to everyone. Show More Summary

Stop working hard. Really. Stop it!

A reader asked me why he’s making so little progress with his business, even though he’s working hard. Here’s my answer. It’s not what you’re expecting! Why hard work is not the answer The problem here is that from childhood we’re told to study hard. Show More Summary

Listen to your results. Really. They’re telling you something!

Today’s post is all about how to make massively better business decisions, by using your results as a compass. I live in the countryside. Fields of crops are everywhere and this time of year, it looks beautiful. Young crops are starting to grow and fields that were dark green are slowly turning golden. Show More Summary

Business owners: Don’t mistake silence for satisfaction

In business, we need to ensure we don’t mistake silence for satisfaction. Why? Because many people, perhaps most people, dislike confrontation. So, when they experience an average or even below average service, rather than complain they will simply say nothing. Show More Summary

The 3 paths to financial wealth

There are 3 ways to become wealthy. Here they are, starting with the easiest. 1. The easiest way to get rich is to be born into a wealthy family Examples here include Seth Godin and Sir Richard Branson. Being born into a wealthy family, you get the benefits of growing up in a financially stable […] Let's grow your business... Show More Summary

A lesson from the best decisions you ever made

Have you noticed something about the best decisions you ever made? They were all BIG decisions. The decision to get married, to start a family, to buy a home, to start a business … these life enriching decisions are huge and come with no guarantee of success. Show More Summary

3 Ways to turn testimonials into marketing gold dust

Your clients love you and you have some great testimonials. Today, I want to show you how to transform those testimonials into a massively valuable asset for your business. I was prompted to write this, after I added some testimonials to a page that promotes my individual marketing sessions. Show More Summary

Successful marketing leaves clues

When it comes to marketing, success leaves clues. By following these clues and learning from them, it’s possible to significantly improve your marketing. For example, spend a few minutes thinking about the following: The last marketing email, which you were motivated to open because it had a powerful subject line. Show More Summary

How easy would it be for your clients to replace you?

It’s easy to find another service provider. The marketplace is flooded with them. They’re out there right now, offering a commodity service and fighting for attention. It’s hard, really hard, to find an excellent service provider. These valued professionals are rare. Show More Summary

Marketing Tip: Seek out the dissatisfied

Here’s an important fact of business: People who are happy with the service they get from one of your competitors, are not looking for whatever your business is offering. Satisfied customers and clients are exactly that… satisfied. They ignore marketing messages, because they’re not in the market for a new (whatever). Show More Summary

How stories help you to make more sales

Last week, I bought 3 boxes of chocolate chip cookies. The thing is, I really don’t like chocolate chip cookies. My wife and son are not fond of them either. So, what was it that motivated me to buy them? And… what can you learn from this, to improve the effectiveness of all your marketing? […] Let's grow your business... Show More Summary

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