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Your prices must match your promises. Here’s why!

Here’s a quick marketing tip, which can help you significantly increase sales or attract more clients. It could give you a powerful, competitive advantage! It starts with understanding that your prices (or fees) are a part of your story. Show More Summary

Later becomes never

When people receive your marketing, many of them will like what you have to say, but decide to contact you later. Then they forget. You lose the client enquiry or sale. Because later becomes never. To grow a successful business, youShow More Summary

5 Quick wins for your business

I shared 5 ideas with a business group yesterday, which they found extremely useful. Today, I am sharing them with you. 1: Study the gold dust around you If you find yourself reading a marketing email or mail shot today, stop! You have some potential gold dust in front of you. Show More Summary

1 Essential word your marketing needs, plus 1 you MUST avoid!

Here’s a quick tip, to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. It’s all about a word you use regularly, which is negatively impacting how people feel about your business. That word is… change! People are hard-wired to fear change. Show More Summary

Build a great client list. No selling required!

I’m going to share a powerful marketing idea with you today. It’s all about how to attract sales leads from extremely high quality prospective clients… no selling required. And I mean HIGH quality. These sales leads will come from people...Show More Summary

The secret your competitors don’t want you to know!

How secure would your business be, if an expertly marketed, high quality competitor started targeting your clients and prospective clients? Most people only consider this scenario after the fact. They wait until an exciting new business, product or service shows up. Show More Summary

You need to solve better problems

Here’s one of the most important questions in business: What are the biggest problems facing your clients and prospective clients? Whatever these problems are, you need to focus on how to solve them. Here’s why! Why you need to solve...Show More Summary

5 Powerful reasons to get passionate about your business

A business owner with passion is a formidable force. Here are 5 powerful advantages these passionate people have, over the average business owner: Their passion inspires others to believe in them. Steve Jobs was perhaps the best known modern day example of this. Show More Summary

Marketing Tip: Sell them ideas!

The most successful business owners have discovered that you do not sell a product or service: You sell the idea. Today’s post explains why they do it and why YOU should consider doing the same! Before its launch, Steve Jobs famously told his team that the iPhone was not a product, it was a lifestyle. Show More Summary

Why your marketing isn’t working and how to fix it!

If a ship sets off on a voyage and it’s just a fraction off course, it will end up massively off course, unless it quickly adjusts it’s direction. Why am I sharing this with you? Businesses are the same When your business isn’t achieving...Show More Summary

How to make your advertising work

Here are some tips to help you get massively better results from your advertising. Tip 1: Discover the media your customers consume You need to uncover what your prospective customers read, listen to or watch. This will be easier for some of you than others. Show More Summary

Why your hard work isn’t working and how to fix it

Every failing small business I have ever encountered had the same problem. Here’s the problem and more importantly, how to avoid it happening to you. I need to start by asking you a slightly odd question: What do you do if you have a problem with one of your teeth? OK, the answer is easy. Show More Summary

Want to improve your marketing? Get emotional. Here’s why!

Someone recently asked me why her business needed a story. She thought it was, “a load of trendy nonsense”. When I answered her question, she emailed me back to say it had changed her perception completely. She said it would improve her approach to marketing forever. Show More Summary

How to make your marketing unmissable

What do the following have in common? The trailer for a movie, which is part of a franchise you love. A radio interview with your favourite musician, talking about their new album. A tweet from an author whose books you enjoy. A newsletter from a brand you love, announcing an exciting new product or service. Show More Summary

Focus on the dissatisfied. Not the disinterested!

If your marketing is not attracting enough sales leads or client enquiries, I have an idea to share with you. It’s based on a strategy I have used extremely successfully with my clients. Here’s the thing: You can waste a lot of time and money, marketing to the wrong people. Show More Summary

How blogging can help you attract new clients

In this brief post, I’d like to share one of the least mentioned, yet most powerful benefits of writing a business blog. I started working with a new client last week. With his permission, I’d like to share an excerpt from an email he...Show More Summary

How to overcome Writer’s Block

Have you ever suffered with Writer’s Block? If you write a newsletter or publish a blog, it’s likely you struggle sometimes to produce the volume and quality of written content you need. Here are some proven ideas to unblock your writing and make you massively more productive. Show More Summary

7 Success tips that every business owner should know

Here are 7  success tips that every business owner should know. Be stingy with your time, but not your ideas. Once you give an hour of your time to someone, that hour has gone. If you give an idea to someone, you still have that idea. Show More Summary

Hurry while stocks last

Is your business benefitting from one of the most powerful principles in marketing? You’ve seen it happen again and again. The media reports that something is about to be in short supply. Then, all of a sudden, we see footage of people standing in line… just so they can get it before it runs out. Show More Summary

How to become a marketing powerhouse

Marketing is all about creativity. It takes creativity to attract your prospective client’s attention. It takes creativity to stand out against your competitors. It also takes creativity to write a great marketing message or land a new client. The enemy of creativity is fear. Show More Summary

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