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What you need to know about the stupid people who don’t hire you

I heard a business owner earlier making an amazing statement. Here’s what he said, along with a massively valuable marketing lesson. The business owner was being interviewed on local radio. They asked him how his business was doing. He replied that it was really struggling. Show More Summary

Is too much choice hurting your marketing results?

How many service options or service packages do you offer to prospective clients? Many small business owners offer too many options and it’s losing them a fortune. Here’s why. The more options you give to a prospective client, the more choice they have. Show More Summary

Let’s get engaged

One of the most effective ways to grow a business, is to become an engaged observer. It’s a skill that anyone can learn and the results can be incredible [and fast]. Here’s an example of what I mean. When a typical business owner finds a useful website, they’ll read it and bookmark it. Show More Summary

Are you ready to benefit from the golden age of business?

This is THE golden age for small business owners. We have opportunities available to us today, which previous generations couldn’t have imagined. Think about it: Social networks provide us with free access to a global audience. Podcasting gives each of us the opportunity to have our own radio station. Show More Summary

The retailer who’s killing his business

I visited a store earlier. In the space of a few minutes, they damaged their reputation and lost a regular customer. There’s a powerful lesson here, which I’d like to share with you, as it relates to every small business. Here’s what happened. Show More Summary

Make it more attractive. Not more irritating!

One of the most common questions I get from small business owners, is how can they make their marketing more effective. That’s a good question. Maybe a great question. However, it only addresses 50% of their actual need. And that’s what today’s brief post is all about. Show More Summary

If it feels safe, you’re not moving forward!

If the work we’re doing right now feels safe, it’s almost certainly not moving us forward. Why? Because our best work doesn’t feel safe. It doesn’t feel comfortable or familiar either. Our best work forces us to stretch. It causes us to embrace the edges. Show More Summary

Uncovering the mindset of legendary business owners

In every industry, during every economy, there are businesses that thrive. There’s no mystery as to why this happens. We can even predict them in advance. In fact, we can choose to become one of them. These are the business owners who: Have the courage to do things their way. Show More Summary

How to build a great business, with outstanding Customer Service

As I’ve said previously, everything a business does is marketing. The customer service we provide is a prime example of this. It’s the core of our whole business. It’s what determines whether we lose clients or retain clients who recommend us. Show More Summary

Decision making, drifting and dancing

As a business owner, it’s impossible to avoid making big decisions. You see, the decision to avoid making major decisions, is a huge decision in itself. It means the business owner has decided not to direct the path of their business. Show More Summary

A powerful email marketing lesson from Google

When Google wrote to me recently, they chose to use traditional mail… paper, envelope and a postage stamp. It got my attention. I opened it, read it and acted on it. More importantly, here’s why Google contacted me via traditional mail and what you and your business can learn from it. Show More Summary

The magic of Being There

Being there is important. This is especially the case when: People are expecting you. People need you. It’s easier for you not to be there. You not only show up in person, but you show up with understanding and support. Talk is cheap. Show More Summary

Earning attention versus buying attention

Some business owners spend a fortune, trying to buy attention. Advertising, public speaking, PR, special offers, gimmicks, etc. Other business owners attract attention. I’m talking about people like the coffee shop owner, who offers customers poetry evenings and creative writing events. Show More Summary

How to get more clients from your newsletter or blog

Leigh emailed me with a great question. She wanted to know why her newsletter, which has over 5000 subscribers, generates very few client enquiries for her consultancy. As Leigh was making a mistake that’s common to lots of newsletter publishers and bloggers, I thought I’d share my answer with you. Show More Summary

Here’s a delightful and profitable way to do business

What daily habits do you have? I’d like to suggest you add one more daily habit to your list. It’s easy to do. It takes very little time, However, it’s extremely rewarding. It’s simply this: Find one thing you can do each day, which will delight one of your clients or customers. Show More Summary

Just get rid of the crappy stuff!

Today, I want to share a valuable business idea with you. It comes from a conversation between Steve Jobs and Nike’s CEO. One of the cornerstones of Apple’s success, is their decision to focus on a small number of products, which they excel at. Show More Summary

A valuable business lesson from an absolute genius!

Today, I’d like to share with you, one of the most valuable lessons in business. It comes from an unusual source: Andy Warhol. And it starts with a quick look at the story behind his masterpiece, Campbell’s Soup Cans. Here’s the story! When Warhol’s collection was first exhibited in 1962, very few people attended. Show More Summary

How to make it easy for people to hire you

You’re a knowledgeable, experienced professional. So it really shouldn’t matter if your newsletter has a typo or too two. It certainly shouldn’t matter if your website design is a little outdated. It definitely shouldn’t matter if the profile photos you use on your social networks are low quality. Show More Summary

Success leaves clues

Hard work is not the secret to success. If it was, our grandparents would have been millionaires. Instead, success comes from doing the right things, correctly. This means a business owner who wants to improve their results has just 2, relatively easy challenges ahead of them. Show More Summary

Why your search traffic just dropped

Have you noticed a recent fall in traffic from Google? Earlier this week, Google made a change to the Search Engine Results Page [SERP]. There will now be up to 4 paid ads at the top of the search results. The biggest losers here, are those who rely on SEO. Show More Summary

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