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How to make your business irreplaceable

How hard would it be for one of your clients or customers to replace you with an alternative provider? I was thinking about this yesterday when a salesman came to my home. He asked if he could quote me a price to look after the trees...Show More Summary

How to crush the competition

Joe emailed me with a very direct and important question yesterday. Here it is, along with my answer. Hi Jim. What’s the best way for me to crush my competitors?  I’m going to lose my business soon unless I turn things around and I’m...Show More Summary

Is there a business case for human kindness?

We are encouraged from childhood to be kind to others. However, is there a business case for human kindness? Here’s my experience after almost 20 years of running an extremely successful business! Your clients, former clients, prospective clients and never-to-be clients will remember how you treat them, when they’re going through a tough time. Show More Summary

2 Powerful tips from marketing that stinks!

I’d like to share an example of shockingly bad  marketing with you today. In fact, you could say this marketing stinks! However, there are 2 great lessons to learn, which you can apply directly into your business. Smelly marketing I’ve used the same brand of deodorant for years. Show More Summary

How to make better buying decisions

I’ve been thinking recently about how it’s easy to make a costly mistake, when investing in new technology. As new devices hit the market, the temptation can be strong to always opt for the latest version of something, simply because it’s new. Show More Summary

How to earn massively more by solving better problems

I want to talk to you today about money. Specifically, I’d like to share an idea with you about how to earn more money, lots more money, without you needing to work more hours. Whilst aimed primarily at service providers, all business owners can benefit mightily from this idea. Show More Summary

How to stop The Blame Game from destroying your business

I spoke with a small business owner earlier, who was blaming his customers for the slowdown of his business. He went on to explain that his customers were fools for turning to other suppliers, who are a little less expensive than him. Show More Summary

Grow your business by 200% with this simple idea

As you approach the final weeks of 2014, it’s a great time to review the progress your business is making and look for ways to improve in 2015. Obviously, the cornerstone of your strategy for 2015, should be the growth of your business. Show More Summary

How the Brooklyn Bridge changed my life

I’d like to share a personal story with you today. I was eating my lunch one afternoon, looking out the window at the Brooklyn Bridge. I was a 22 year old kid from London, learning all about marketing the hard way, in my new career in a new country. Show More Summary

What everybody ought to know about Business Advice

There has never been more business advice available than there is today. Among the gems, there’s a huge amount of bad advice. Even worse, a lot of it is toxic. That’s why it’s extremely important for you to filter the advice you receive. Show More Summary

Marketing Tip: Be where their attention is!

The next time you’re on your way to or from work, try this. I want you to take a look at the people around you; car passengers, bus passengers, train passengers or pedestrians. Notice what they are paying attention to? No, they’re not looking at billboards. Show More Summary

How to turn your ideas into bankable results

If you want to start turning your ideas into bankable business results, this quick tip could be exactly what you need! Geoff sent me an email this morning, which contained the following, powerful statement. “I waited so long to get things...Show More Summary

Why Time Management didn’t work for you AND how to fix it!

I want to share something important with you today. It’s something that has helped my clients achieve amazing results for almost 20 years. It has helped them master time management and make massively more progress than ever before. Here it is. Show More Summary

Marketing your business: What you need to know!

Helen from Long Island, New York emailed me with an important marketing question. Maybe the most important marketing question there is! I’m going to share it with you, with her permission, along with my answer, as I believe you will find it interesting. Show More Summary

Business owners: How to enjoy your best year ever!

Your past does not equal your future. With a few improvements, it’s possible to elevate your business to a whole new level — which is what today’s post is all about. Let’s go! Question time As business owners, there are some important marketing questions, which you should regularly ask yourself. Show More Summary

12 Things every business owner should know!

Here are 12 pieces of advice I wish someone had told me, when I started out in business. I hope you find them useful. Be quick to forgive. While you’re holding a grudge, they are out dancing. Either you run the day or the day will run you. Show More Summary

Stop making excuses. Really. Stop it!

Most of the excuses we have for failing to reach our potential, are bogus. Think about it: Nelson Mandela crafted his plans for a new South Africa, when confined to a prison cell. Steve Jobs built the world’s most valuable business, despite coming from a family with very little money. Show More Summary

Let go of the past. Embrace progress!

It’s easy to start. Easy to set grand goals. The tricky part is sticking with the project. Back in January, business owners worldwide set goals. They committed to do what’s required, in order to significantly grow their business this year. Show More Summary

How to create a new product or service, which people will love

The world’s most successful businesspeople have something in common with the world’s greatest inventors. It’s simply this: Instead of answering the questions people are already asking, they look for new, better questions to answer. The...Show More Summary

3 Easy ways to boost your productivity

Think about it: Technology makes it easier than ever to get things done. Processes that used to eat our time can now be automated. Meetings that used to require travel, can now be conducted using Skype, FaceTime etc. We carry a phone...Show More Summary

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