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Why the average business fails and how to avoid it!

Here’s what we know, for certain, about your industry: The average slot has already been filled. There are more than enough average providers, offering an average service. Trying to out-average your average competitors This represents a huge challenge, for those who want to grow an average business. Show More Summary

How to create marketing, which people WANT to receive!

Maybe one of the most important questions in marketing, is this: Would people miss my marketing, if it went away? If the answer is no, then your marketing is simply adding to all the noise out there. The challenge, is that people do everything possible to avoid the noise. Show More Summary

How to find an extra 35 hours a week

By far, the question I get asked more than any other, is: How do you find the time to write as often as you do? Here’s the answer I don’t watch TV. The ‘average’ person watches between 5 and 6 hours of TV a day (it varies from country to country). By avoiding it, I […] The post How to find an extra 35 hours a week appeared first on Jim's Marketing Blog.

How to get people to market your business… for free!

There’s a huge difference between marketing an average product and baking marketing into a product. One needs to be marketed relentlessly to drive sales. The other doesn’t. In fact, people will market the product or service for you.Show More Summary

3 Critical steps for a profitable, successful business

If you’re tired of working for average fees, working for average clients or achieving average results, this could be exactly what you need to know. Things have changed… massively! It has never been harder to make a living, by offering an average service. Show More Summary

Growth Hacking, shortcuts and building something of value

What kind of work (or art) are you going to produce today? I was prompted to ask this question, after remembering a radio interview with Cyndi Lauper. Cyndi was talking about her career, when the interviewer asked her, what advice she had for aspiring artists. Show More Summary

There are no traffic jams on the extra mile

I heard a great quote the other day: “There are no traffic jams on the extra mile”. Whilst every business I have ever encountered claims to go the extra mile, we all know that in reality, very few businesses actually do it. They tryShow More Summary

Choose: Fit in or stand out

When it comes to business we have 2 choices. We can strive to fit in or to stand out. In or out? From a marketing perspective, most business owners will say they try to stand out. To get noticed. To be outstanding. Then, you look at what they do and it’s usually designed to fit […] The post Choose: Fit in or stand out appeared first on Jim's Marketing Blog.

If you don’t like the way your future looks, change it!

Your future has not been written yet. No matter how things look today, by making better decisions and backing them up with action, you can turn things around. What a wonderful, empowering opportunity. Apple died in 1996 According toShow More Summary

Do you have a strong will or a strong won’t?

It’s hard to achieve anything of real value, without a willingness to persevere. It started when you were a baby You persevered for months, falling and getting back up, before you learned how to walk. Then you persevered for even longer, learning how to talk. Show More Summary

Learning from the uphill climbs

I recently started cycling again, after a long time away from the saddle. One of the things that immediately struck me, was how hard it was to climb hills. For the first couple of weeks, I’d see a hill ahead and dread it. Then it struck me that the climbs were the most valuable part […] The post Learning from the uphill climbs appeared first on Jim's Marketing Blog.

Select your prospects then ignore the rest

A business owner has a couple of options, when deciding how to market her business. Try and appeal to everyone. Choose the kind of customers or clients you want to service… and ignore the rest. Many small business owners select the first...Show More Summary

How to do your best work

Here are a few things worth remembering, if you want a successful business. People don’t give you their email address when they subscribe to your newsletter. They loan it to you. People don’t give you their loyalty when they buy from you. Show More Summary

How to tell a genuine business opportunity, from a scam!

In today’s post, I have some ideas to share, which will help you spot genuine business opportunities and avoid getting ripped off. I was prompted to write this, after Tim emailed me (that’s not his real name). Tim has wasted around $15000 on...Show More Summary

Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!

The difference between good and great, is huge. A great accountant, coach, lawyer, designer, etc., can sell her time for 3 times or 5 times more than a good one. She is also likely to have a waiting list, whilst her lower priced competitors are pestering people for leads at networking events. Show More Summary

Be the first. Be the best. Be remarkable!

After reading this post, a reader emailed me to ask what made the designer I mentioned so remarkable. He said he wanted to know, so he could do the same and make his design business remarkable too. He explained that he needed to attract more high quality referrals. Show More Summary

Video: What makes a logo memorable?

How valuable do you think a great logo is? Most small business owners pay too little attention to the design of their logo. They will often opt for a cheap logo or one they made themselves. In this interesting and informative video, acclaimed designer Michael Bierut, explains the value of an effective logo. Show More Summary

When the vision pulls you, you don’t have to be pushed

Following yesterday’s post about building a successful blog, a number of readers emailed me with the same question. They wanted to know how I motivate myself to write and publish blog posts as often as I do. Here’s the answer. Push or...Show More Summary

Bloggers: Why too few people read your blog and how to fix it!

This is a very important post. If you want to get more from your blog, you may find the following information extremely useful. It’s the answer to a question, sent to me by one of my readers, Shannon. As it’s an extremely common problem, I offered to answer Shannon’s question via this blog post. Show More Summary

Here are some people that your business needs to avoid

There are certain people your business needs to avoid. Some are easy to spot The web designer, whose website looks ugly. The marketing expert, who has to attend networking groups because their marketing doesn’t work. The copywriter, whose content is uninspiring. Show More Summary

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