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20 Tips to massively improve your business

In no particular order: People buy what they want. Not what they need. You need to understand this and adjust your marketing accordingly. The word ‘Webinar’ carries a huge amount of negative baggage. It’s purely toxic. If you want to use video marketing, call it something less sleazy. People buy for their reasons. Not yours. […]

Give your best advice away for free. Here’s why

What I’m about to share with you may sound a little counter intuitive. It isn’t. In fact, it could help you achieve breakthrough marketing results. Allow me to explain. I come across the following problem a lot. Mainly from service providers, who are struggling to attract new clients with their content marketing. Their primary concern […]

Improve your email marketing by getting the basics right

Here’s a quick tip, to help you increase the effectiveness of your email marketing or mail shots. I was prompted to write this for you, after an email I received last week. It was a poorly targeted marketing email, from someone I hardly know. Here’s how the email started: “Hey guys, sorry for the email […]

I made a mistake and I’m sorry

Mistakes. We all make them. Much has been said about the need to learn from our mistakes. It’s extremely important. After all, it’s how we improve. It’s how we build better relationships and stronger businesses. There’s something else about mistakes, which every business owner needs to understand. I’m referring to the importance of taking responsibility for […]

5 Tips to help you build a valuable newsletter list

Here are 5 tips, to help you build a valuable newsletter readership or list. I used each of these ideas when growing my own newsletter, which had 45,000 subscribers when I published the final edition. Newsletter Tip 1: Go easy on the pitches Make sure it’s a newsletter and not a badly disguised advertisement. Here’s […]

How to beat your main competitor

Your main competitor is seldom an alternative provider. Your main competitor is usually apathy — the decision by your prospective clients to do nothing. Before working out how you compare to competing providers, measure your service against the decision to do nothing. Why should people give you their attention? Why should people risk placing their trust […]

Success leaves clues

When it comes to marketing, success leaves clues. By following these clues and learning from them, it’s possible to significantly improve your marketing. Allow me to explain. Consider the following: The last marketing email, which you were motivated to open because it had a powerful subject line. The last marketing email you read, which persuaded […]

Would people miss your marketing, if it went away?

I’d like you to think about the following question for a moment: Would people miss your marketing if it went away? If your answer is no, then your marketing is almost certainly underperforming. That’s because when we receive marketing that fails to engage us, we view it as an unwelcome interruption. Thankfully there’s a far […]

Are you pushy enough?

When it comes to being a pushy business owner, there are two ways to do it. One of them works extremely well. Allow me to explain. 1. You can push other people Pester them with cold calls. Interrupt them with selfish requests. Spam them. Try and close the sale the first time you speak to […]

How to create a new, extremely profitable income stream

Would you like to develop an additional, extremely profitable income stream for your business? If you would, here’s a great place to start. Clients who will pay you 300% more Imagine your clients were paying you 300% more than your current fee. What additional care and attention would you be able to give them? What additional […]

Stability of impact?

Consciously or otherwise, your business development is already guided by stability or impact. And it’s reflected in everything you do. Marketing and stability Those seeking stability, market their services predictably. So everything is close to what you’d expect, making their marketing instantly forgettable. Show More Summary

Who are you trying to attract with your marketing?

A core factor with marketing is this: If you try to market to everyone, you’ll fail to be relevant to anyone. Here’s why this matters: Your ideal prospective clients only respond to directly relevant marketing. When a prospective client connects with directly relevant marketing, it has impact. It cuts through the noise. It grabs their […]

New Year’s resolutions: How to make them work

You know the story. Your local gym will have 300% more members, because it’s January. Thousands of abandoned blogs will have new posts published, because it’s January. Business owners worldwide will set new targets, because it’s January. And by March, almost all of these will revert back to their old ways. That’s because setting a […]

How to stop stalling and do your best work in 2017

No, it doesn’t really matter what brand of computer you choose to work with. The same is true of the software you use. Leonardo da Vinci changed the world, writing with a quill. No, it doesn’t really matter how you plan what you write. Best-selling author John Boyne, like many, doesn’t plan at all. He […]

Your recipe for a successful 2017

Achieving the success you want in 2017 is a relatively simple process. It’s a matter of doing the right things correctly. It’s a little like baking a cake If someone gave you the recipe for a delicious cake and you followed it closely, you would end up with a delicious cake. No one would claim […]

What exactly are you waiting for?

Don’t wait for permission. You don’t need it. Don’t wait for the perfect time. The time is never perfect. Don’t wait for inspiration to appear. Command it to appear. Don’t wait for a great opportunity. Create it. Don’t wait for them to pick you. Pick yourself. Don’t wait for the initiative. Take it. Now remind […]

12 Ideas to make 2017 your best year ever

Let’s get started. Yes, outsmart your competitors. However, make sure you outcare them too. Think big. Average ideas bring average levels of motivation. Big ideas bring big motivation. Be a source of encouragement. Highlight people’s strengths rather than their weaknesses. Take a 30 minute walk (or longer) every day. Here’s why. Eat right. A high performance machine […]

How to build trust with your content marketing

How reliable do your prospective clients think you are? If you use social networks for business, can they rely on you to show up regularly with your ideas? If you publish a newsletter, can they rely on you to get each edition out on time? If you publish a podcast or have a YouTube channel, can […]

Before you publish, hit pause

I want you to think about the following for a moment: The last tweet you sent. The last blog post you published. The last snap you shared. The last Facebook status update you posted. Each of those actions could easily be a prospective customer’s first exposure to you or your business. If so, it will help […]

Stop offering freebies. Seriously. Stop it!

Time. It’s our most valuable commodity. So why is it that business owners tend to massively undervalue it, by offering freebies? Freebies send a toxic message Offering free consultations is an extremely risky marketing strategy. That’s because the freebie message carries a damaging subtext. It tells people that you are under-employed. That you have too […]

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