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Old ways won’t open new doors

When it comes to problem solving, here’s what we know. If you find yourself struggling with a new problem, you probably need a new strategy. If you find yourself struggling with an old problem, you definitely need a new strategy. Old...Show More Summary

7 Naked truths about marketing

Here are 7 important things to consider, when marketing your business. In no particular order: Embrace brevity. Your marketing content is almost certainly 75% too long. Fix that. Most marketing advice online is either inaccurate or toxic to your business. Show More Summary

How to grow your list in 3 steps

If you write a newsletter or blog and your “list” is growing too slowly, this post is for you. Toxic advice online The Internet is packed with bad advice on how to improve the success of your newsletter or blog. So-called content marketing...Show More Summary

The huge marketing problem, which no one talks about

I was in a coffee shop earlier, when a guy with a very obvious hairpiece came in. He had natural, thick brown hair around his ears, with a jet black wig on top. Of course, no one mentioned it to him. People just pointed and smirked when he wasn’t looking. Show More Summary

Beyond belief?

The internet [and book stores] are packed with experts, claiming to be able to deliver unbelievable results in unbelievable time with unbelievably little effort. Don’t believe them! Growth hacking, business hacking, success systems, tricks and shortcuts are everywhere. Show More Summary

Stop using buzzwords in your marketing. Really. Stop it!

There is no shortage of buzzwords or people who feel the need to use them. Intersection. Growth-hacking. Ruckus. Pragmatic. Disrupt. Paradigm. … these buzzwords and many others, are used by people in an effort to appear informed or relevant. Show More Summary

Stop competing for business. Really. Stop it!

In most industries, there’s no shortage of providers. Quite the opposite. There’s a surplus. There’s way too much choice. And that’s why it’s so competitive. Imagine this Tomorrow morning at 9am, all your competitors decide to quit. They literally cease trading. Show More Summary

A very important message

I receive a few dozen important marketing emails every day. Of course, none of these messages are important to me. They are not even of interest to me. They are only important to the people sending them! I’m sure you get these emails too. Show More Summary

7 tips to turn your blog into a lead generating machine

Here are 7 tips to help you get massively more sales leads from your business blog. Blog Tip 1: Have something to say that’s worth reading People have never been busier than they are today. Equally, there has never been so much choice regarding what they can read. Show More Summary

Here’s what to do, the next time they say you’re too expensive!

If you are sick of talking to fee sensitive prospective clients, you are making 1 or more of 3 marketing mistakes, which I am going to share with you right now — along with the solution. Let’s get started! A quick look at value I want...Show More Summary

How to get people to market your business for free

You will be pleased to know that the title of this post is not a play on words. It’s true. I’m going to show you how to motivate people to sell your products or services for you… for free. It starts with a look at expectations. Allow me to explain. Show More Summary

My new service launches today. And it’s exactly what you need.

I have a new service launching today, to help you attract more sales, customers or clients. It’s something readers have asked me for again and again. Today, it happens! Here’s how it works, including the fee. The right words In business, the right words inspire people to take action. Show More Summary

How to predict your chances of success

So, how do you know if your new business idea has the potential to succeed? One way is to tell a select group of people about your idea. These should be people you trust. They should also be the kind of people your product or service is aimed at. Show More Summary

Quit stalling. You don’t need more time!

Once you’ve created a plan, spoken to the right people and done the research, it’s time to ship. It’s time to produce. It’s time to make it happen. So stop stalling. Stop making excuses. Stop waiting for things to be perfect. You don’t need more time. Show More Summary

When times are uncertain

We live in uncertain times. And your marketplace hates uncertainty. It makes them anxious. It causes them stress. Here’s what we know When times are uncertain, people seek leadership. They actively look for those who display courage and direction. Show More Summary

There’s no need to worry

Here are 7 things you need to know about worry, including a more helpful alternative. Stop Worrying Worrying doesn’t make things better. In fact, it’s 100% counter-productive. Worrying is a hideous waste of your time. Time is your most valuable resource. Show More Summary

It’s time to do some baking

The most successful businesses bake marketing into their services. In this post, I will explain what that means and why you should do the same. If you have not heard the term before, baking marketing into a service (or product) means...Show More Summary

Get specific. Really specific

As a business owner, there are 2 ways you can choose to market your business. One works extremely well. One doesn’t. And most small business owners are choosing the wrong option. I don’t want that to happen to you. Here are the 2 options available to you. Show More Summary

Your possibilities are limitless

Give one person a pen and a pad and they will scope out an exciting, new idea or maybe compose a poem. Give another person that same pen and a pad and they will write a shopping list with it. The pen. The pad. They’re just tools. It’s...Show More Summary

10 Ways to create unstoppable momentum in business

Today could be just another day for you. Alternatively, you can decide, right now, to create some real momentum for you and your business. Here are 10 ways to get started. Find a decision you have been avoiding and take action on it....Show More Summary

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