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How to earn massively more from your business

If you would like to earn more, much more, I have some great news for you. No one undervalues your time or your work, without your full consent. Think about it: You set your fees. You choose your clients. You pick which end of the marketplace...Show More Summary

Here’s a proven way for you to attract great clients

I’m going to share a highly profitable idea with you today. It’s a proven way to attract the best clients, the highest fees and more word of mouth referrals than ever before. Going premium Have you considered the huge benefits of offering a new, premium product or premium level of service? Think about it. Show More Summary

Some important dates for your diary

When Milton Erickson said, “A goal without a date is just a dream!”, he was right. The date is a deadline. It’s what creates the urgency required, to motivate us to take action. Setting a date Here’s a suggestion: Set a completion date for each of the goals and tasks you’re struggling with. Show More Summary

Here’s a Window of Opportunity for you and your business

I’d like to talk about something important with you today, which I haven’t covered previously. It’s about the price you pay, when you’re waiting on other people to make a decision. All the while you’re waiting on a prospective client or customer to give you their decision, they occupy a significant chunk of your mind. Show More Summary

The Apple gift that backfired horribly

I’ve often written about the damage that can be caused, when you push your marketing at people. No matter how great your product or service is, how great your offer is or how good your intentions are, people hate having things forced upon them. Show More Summary

Stop looking for certainty. Seriously. Stop it!

One of the most valuable skills in business, is the ability to make decisions. The reason this skill is  so valuable is that it’s extremely rare. I receive hundreds of emails every week from small business owners with problems. In most cases, the primary reason their businesses struggle is their inability to make a decision. Show More Summary

Don’t let that guy ruin your marketing

So, who is that guy? He or she, is the person who doesn’t ‘get’ what you’re saying. They can’t see the value. They can’t see your point. They frustrate you with questions that show zero understanding of your message. Why that guy isShow More Summary

5 Tips to keep your business on track

Here are some quick tips, to inspire you to make better decisions. If you have an idea, don’t poll your friends. Great ideas are not anointed — they fly or die based on merit and hard work. When they told you: “Don’t work hard, work smart!”, they lied. Show More Summary

Does email marketing work?

Yes, email marketing does work… so long as you do it correctly. Allow me to explain Last month, my friend Irene sent an email marketing message to the community of newsletter readers, which we have nurtured for her lighting business....Show More Summary

How to make the right business decisions

I’d like to share some ideas with you today, about your role in your business. You often hear small business owners talking about how many hats they wear. They’re referring to the number of different roles they play within their business. Show More Summary

Tell me about you!

I love to receive messages or emails from readers. In fact, it’s easily the most rewarding part of writing Jim’s Marketing Blog. Because of this, I have made it extremely easy for you to connect with me: If you subscribe to Jim’s Marketing Blog via email, you can email me simply by replying to any […] The post Tell me about you! appeared first on Jim's Marketing Blog.

An important message

I receive around 30 important marketing emails every day. Of course, none of these are important to me. They are not even of interest to me. They are only important to the people sending them. Before you invest in your next piece ofShow More Summary

How to stop fear from crushing your business!

Nothing of value in business can be achieved without courage. At least, without more courage than the typical business owner. Think about it… it takes courage to: Turn away the wrong kind of clients. Develop a new type of product or service. Show More Summary

7 Powerful reasons to get things done

When I hear someone say, “We have always done things this way!” I cringe. That’s a terrible reason to do anything. Here are 7 better alternatives: Do it because it’s right. Do it because you care. Do it because it works… beautifully....Show More Summary

You don’t launch a successful blog. You build it.

Katie found this out 9 months ago, when she invested almost $8000 on the design and launch of her new business blog. The blog is still floundering and Katie emailed me, to ask if I thought she should relaunch it. Here’s my answer. IShow More Summary

What happened next?

Business is full of contradictions. Why do accountants, smart people who really understand business, tend to use the least efficient business model, selling their time for money? Why do designers, supposedly highly creative thinkers,...Show More Summary

A remarkable lesson from Steve Jobs and Malcolm Gladwell

Today, let’s look at one of the key factors in building a remarkable, profitable business. Your business and doing it your way Malcolm Gladwell was once asked how to write a best selling book. His answer was as follows: “The moment you...Show More Summary

What everybody ought to know about business success

There are 2 ways to build a business. One route works and one doesn’t. I’m going to show you both and suggest how to make sure your business succeeds! This works The business owners who achieve meaningful success are the ones who keep on keeping on. Show More Summary

7 Honest truths about marketing

Here are 7 important things to consider, when marketing your business. In no particular order: Embrace brevity. Your marketing content is almost certainly 50% to 75% too long. Fix that. Most marketing advice online is either inaccurate or toxic to your business. Show More Summary

How to write great content every day!

If you find it hard to write articles, blog posts or newsletters, I have a quick tip for you. It will help you write more frequently and in a way that people will understand. Drum-roll please… Write the way you speak Think about it: When you talk, people understand you. Show More Summary

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