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How to create a new product or service, which people will love

The world’s most successful businesspeople have something in common with the world’s greatest inventors. It’s simply this: Instead of answering the questions people are already asking, they look for new, better questions to answer. The...Show More Summary

3 Easy ways to boost your productivity

Think about it: Technology makes it easier than ever to get things done. Processes that used to eat our time can now be automated. Meetings that used to require travel, can now be conducted using Skype, FaceTime etc. We carry a phone...Show More Summary

Stop dumbing down your marketing. Really. Stop it!

It’s tempting to dumb down your marketing message. Surely, if you dumb it down enough, everyone will understand it. Everyone will have their questions answered. Everyone will be happy. The challenge is, you don’t sell to everyone. So,...Show More Summary

A powerful marketing lesson from the new iPhone

I want to share a marketing tip with you today, which Apple used recently with enormous success. It starts with a question. How big is the iPhone 6? Ask an iPhone user and they will tell you it’s large. That’s because until now, iPhone users have been using 4 inch screens. Show More Summary

How your business can make a dent in the universe

Last week marked the 3rd anniversary of the passing of Steve Jobs. Something Jobs once said, had a huge positive impact on the way I work. Today, I’m going to share it with you, along with how you can use it to build a better business. Show More Summary

Here’s why I refuse to SEO my blog posts

Following last week’s post about how to make your blog stand out and build a great readership, a number of you asked the same question. You wanted to know why I chose not to bother about Google. Why I decided not to SEO my work. Here’s the answer. Show More Summary

Old ways won’t open new doors

There are 2 questions you should ask yourself, because they have a huge impact on what you will achieve, both in business and life in general. Here they are: What do I want? What am I prepared to do, to get what I want? What do I want?...Show More Summary

How to make your blog stand out and build a valuable readership

Last week, the folks over at Cision ranked Jim’s Marketing Blog as the country’s number 1 digital marketing blog. Soon after, I started getting requests from people, asking what I thought made my site stand out. There are a number of...Show More Summary

Is this common mistake scaring customers or clients away?

How easy is it, for a new client or customer to switch to you? Many business owners make a very good case, for switching to them from your current provider. They get prospective clients and customers fired up. Motivated. Money in hand… however, they make switching to them too painful, so they lose the business. Show More Summary

10 Reasons your business isn’t growing and how to fix it!

If you’re frustrated with how slowly your business is growing, today’s post is just for you. I’m going to share the 10 most common things that crush the growth of a business, along with how to stop them from happening to you. Let’s get started with number 1. Show More Summary

How to reclaim the energy you had, when you started your business!

When we start out in business, we have dreams, goals and ambitions. We are motivated by the prospect of not having a boss and being able to do things our way. We make plans. We set goals. We’re filled with energy. Then something happens...Show More Summary

What everybody ought to know about The Small Print

Have you noticed something about the small print we find in marketing and on packaging? The small print is small for a reason They don’t really want us to read it! It almost always tells us that the advertising message isn’t as goodShow More Summary

How to earn massively more from your business

If you would like to earn more, much more, I have some great news for you. No one undervalues your time or your work, without your full consent. Think about it: You set your fees. You choose your clients. You pick which end of the marketplace...Show More Summary

Here’s a proven way for you to attract great clients

I’m going to share a highly profitable idea with you today. It’s a proven way to attract the best clients, the highest fees and more word of mouth referrals than ever before. Going premium Have you considered the huge benefits of offering a new, premium product or premium level of service? Think about it. Show More Summary

Some important dates for your diary

When Milton Erickson said, “A goal without a date is just a dream!”, he was right. The date is a deadline. It’s what creates the urgency required, to motivate us to take action. Setting a date Here’s a suggestion: Set a completion date for each of the goals and tasks you’re struggling with. Show More Summary

Here’s a Window of Opportunity for you and your business

I’d like to talk about something important with you today, which I haven’t covered previously. It’s about the price you pay, when you’re waiting on other people to make a decision. All the while you’re waiting on a prospective client or customer to give you their decision, they occupy a significant chunk of your mind. Show More Summary

The Apple gift that backfired horribly

I’ve often written about the damage that can be caused, when you push your marketing at people. No matter how great your product or service is, how great your offer is or how good your intentions are, people hate having things forced upon them. Show More Summary

Stop looking for certainty. Seriously. Stop it!

One of the most valuable skills in business, is the ability to make decisions. The reason this skill is  so valuable is that it’s extremely rare. I receive hundreds of emails every week from small business owners with problems. In most cases, the primary reason their businesses struggle is their inability to make a decision. Show More Summary

Don’t let that guy ruin your marketing

So, who is that guy? He or she, is the person who doesn’t ‘get’ what you’re saying. They can’t see the value. They can’t see your point. They frustrate you with questions that show zero understanding of your message. Why that guy isShow More Summary

5 Tips to keep your business on track

Here are some quick tips, to inspire you to make better decisions. If you have an idea, don’t poll your friends. Great ideas are not anointed — they fly or die based on merit and hard work. When they told you: “Don’t work hard, work smart!”, they lied. Show More Summary

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