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2017 White2Tea “four am” and A Trap Music Puerh Session

One of the elements that makes White2Tea so unique is that Paul has branded and intertwined his selection of puerh with American popular culture and his spin on modern art. This has never been done before and oh, it is done so brilliantly. Show More Summary

Why This Tea Will Sell Out First: 2017 White2Tea (Yiwu) “Pussy”

Hi Paul, After all the hype I have heard about White2Tea I am very excited aboutmy first order of your tea!Thanks for presenting such a unique and refreshing perspective on puerh.I think I am not only speaking for myself, but for many...Show More Summary

The Familiar and Unfamiliar- 2005 Long Yuan Hao Bulang and 2005 Long Yuan Hao Gelanghe

The Bulang is no longer pictured on the website but had a near identical wrapper to the Gelanghe (below) with the only major difference is the area name and color of the wrapper was a blue/green color, I believe. Actually, I did notShow More Summary

Puerh Storage in the West & Traditional Chinese 5 Element Theory on Storing Puerh

If it is a bitter puerh the bitter taste belongs to Fire. Water controls bitter (Fire) so for a bitter puerh to aged more harmoniously and optimally it should be more stored more humidly or wet/traditionally stored. If puerh is very fragrant or pungent tasting, this quality is desired to be maintained. Show More Summary

Introducing the concept of “Evil Qi” and Spotting Heavily and Lightly Sprayed Agrochemicals in 2004 Long Yuan Hao Bama and 2006 Long Yuan Hao “Banna Impression” Brick

I have to say, I was hopeful with this 2004 Bama that I purchased for $35.50 for a 380g cake ($0.09/ gram) in my second order from Awazon. I have one Bama cake and its one of my favorites. Unfortunately there is only about 150g remaining. Show More Summary

A Strategy of Buying Up Old Forgotten Samples and 2006 Long Yuan Hao “Gold Medal” Cake

Buying up old forgotten samples is a trick that I read in the comment section of a tea blog many years ago (Hobbes’ Half-Dipper, I think). A commenter noted that you could still buy up a bunch of HouDe tea samples long after the cake is gone. Show More Summary

2006 Shuangjiang Mengku MangBo

I picked up a cake of this tea in my first order from Awazon with a bunch of others in hopes of finding a good, cheap, around 10 years agedpuerh from which to re-order. I paid $25.80 for this 400g cake ($0.06/gram). From the scant writings...Show More Summary

Not Alchemy Just Daily Drinkers: 2006 6FTM Yesheng Banzhang and 2006 6FTM Organic Banzhang Raw

These two Six Famous Tea Mountain puerh arrived in my first order from Awazon. I remember seeing lots of 6FTM cakes in the puerh tea shops in Korea in the mid-2000. I know that I have tried many 6FTM puerh before at these tea tables but I have no memory or recollection of how they tasted. Show More Summary

Enjoying Puerh That is Not Good- 2005 Guanzizai YiWu #30 and 2007 Guanzizai “Nanlahe” YiWu

I really enjoy this A Tea Addict’s Journal article fromyears ago about what exactly makes a tea bad. A tea can be poor for many different reasons- too weak, too strong, no stamina, off taste, off storage, bad Qi, no mouthfeel, harsh dryness, ect… these are just some of the reasons a tea is not a good tea. Show More Summary

Introducing Laomane Menghai Banzhang Factory: 2006 Laomane Menghai Banzhang Factory “Banzhang Wang” Banzhang Ancient Arbor and 2006 Laomane Menghai Banzhang Factory “Banzhang Wang” Laomane Ancient Arbour

Is there anyone out there reading this that has ever heard of Laomane Menghai Banzhang Factory? This factory has been around for a little while and is located in the puerh producing village of Laomane (aka Laomaner). Location, location, location. Show More Summary

Bargain Basement Clear-Out Puerh at Awazon

After loading up on mainly semiaged Lincang puerh from Shuangjiang Mengku Factory purchased at Yunnan Sourcing (here, here, and here). I turned my attention to an often overlooked puerh tea vendor that I have never ordered from before, Awazon (not to be confused with Amazon). Show More Summary

"Puerh Tea Is The Black Hole of Tea"

I have a phrase when it comes to puerh that my tea drinking friends have all heard before..."Puerh tea is the black hole of tea"It is a true mystery. It sucks you in slowly but surely. If you really really love tea, it is only a matter of time before it sucks you in too. Show More Summary

Same Tea Different Years 2013 & 2014 Shuangjiang Mengku “Sprit of Tea”

I purchased a sample of these two with my tong of 2008 WildArbour King cakes and a 2008 Nan Jian 912 cake. An interesting thing to note is that when Yunnan Sourcing has a sale on a certain puerh, not only does the whole item go on sale but also the samples as well. Show More Summary

2008 Nan Jian 912, Aging Wuliang Puerh and Breaking Into Iron Bings

I threw in a cake of this one to sample in my order of 2008Wild Arbour King cakes from Yunnan Sourcing a few months back. It was (and still is) selling for $40.00 for a 400g ($0.10/gram)cake but was included in the 12% sale at the time (by pure coincidence a 10% off sale is on now). Show More Summary

Advice On Buying Fresh Sheng Puerh, 2008 Mengku Shuangjiang Wild Arbour King And Catching Up With The Ones That Got Away

Have you ever sampled a puerh, liked it, but by the time you go to buy it’s sold out? Of course you have, its happened to all of us. You never forget it do you? But have any of you had a chance to buy that same cake 9 years later? This is a story about making wrongs right again… I have a long history with this cake. Show More Summary

2007 Boyou Manludashan and Pushing Puerh Through Awkward Adolescence

A few months ago I drank up a few cakes of this tea and it was delicious. It served up big fragrant floral tastes in a punchy slightly bitter base taste. It had a simple unpretentious mouthfeel but carried the taste well. It was definitely one of my favorite daily drinkers over the last year. Show More Summary

Which one is Ddok Cha? Which Is Puerh?

I was just long steeping both a 2008 Korean ddok cha and a 2007 Mengsong puerh when it occurred to me how similar they were. In fact, the leaves look so familiar that I doubt you can tell the difference between them? Any guesses just for fun?In that moment I had to think long and hard and actually sniffed them to tell them apart. Show More Summary

2006 Mengku Shuangjiang Wild Arbour King Brick

This was my first panicked purchase after realizing the puerh stash was dwindling. When the shock wore off I immediately thought to myself, “Who has the most accessible selection of semi-aged puerh out there?” Yunnan Sourcing came immediately to mind. Show More Summary

Menghai, Douji, and Mengku -Trifecta of Factory Puerh/ Reliable Old Friends

When things go off the rails in life who do you go to? Your oldest best friends of course! So recently when I realized that my puerh stash will soon be gone, I did what I know is a sure bet and called on my reliable old friends to get me out of this situation fast… factory puerh. Show More Summary

Ground Shipping China Post Puerh is the New Tea Horse Road

One of the things I really enjoyed reading about upon my return to puerh was all the lively discussion on shipping. This article on shipping fees is especially interesting. I had never seen shipping fees under the microscope like they are currently. Show More Summary

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