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The Xiao Binging of the Puerh Industry

One of the things that has really changed since 2011 is the overabundance of xiao bings (“small cakes”). I am really unsure which vendors or factories started pressing all their cakes into xiao bings but it seems like all of them pretty much followed suite shortly thereafter. Show More Summary

White2Tea & The Post Truth Era of Puerh

Before I dropped off the radar you could count the number of Western puerh vendors on two hands. On my return to puerh buying, there are so many more out there. To me this is a good thing but a little overwhelming at first. To be perfectly honest, I have mainly purchased all of my puerh either in person in Korea or on Taobao. Show More Summary

2008 Fangmingyuan Nannou

This is the last bing remaining of what used to be three cakes from my personal stash. My tea drinking friend in Victoria convinced me to go in on a Taobao order on this one back in 2011 after reading a review on The Half-Dipper. We also picked up a cake of the 2008Fangmingyuan Jingmai which I drank completely up last year. Show More Summary

Price of Puerh: Everything I Know About Puerh Has Changed!

This quote in a post from James at TeaDB almost completely sums up my life and return to puerh buying: If you have been living in a cave with your pu’erh stash forthe past 15 years and are just reemerging to restock your stash, I have somenews for you. Show More Summary

The Minimalists Puerh Drinker's Dilemma

If there is one descriptor that people often pin on me, it is the term "minimalist". I whole heartedly agree with them. Even looking at this blog, it is very minimal in design and feel. I keep a tight ship and I think I benefit greatly...Show More Summary

Invitation to You: Let's Restock a Puerh Stash Together!

So if you have been following the story so far...I recently was surprised to know that my puerh stash was almost gone.I have reflected on the reasons this has happened so it will never happen again.So now I have to actually replenish my puerh stash and bring it up to the glory it once was... Show More Summary

How Did It All Go So So Wrong? & Learning From Past Mistakes

It is said that mistakes are always good because we can learn from them- it creates a learning opportunity that will maybe benefit us in the long term... So, please join me in this life lesson... maybe it can also benefit you in the long term...So after I realized that my puerh stash will pretty much be gone in a year or so. Show More Summary

It Happened to me: A Puerh Drinker’s Worst Nightmare!!!

Warning the following content is graphic to drinkers of raw aged sheng puerh… It happened to me and (this is your warning), it can happen to you… I just happen to drink through a few cakes of approximately 10 years aged puerh, no big deal. Show More Summary

Hanging In My Office At Work

It seems appropriate considering odds are that the tea in my cup comes from one of these "12 Famous Tea Mountains of Xishuangbanna"!Although the puerh tea featured in the past on this blog doesn't really represent the actual puerh I'm...Show More Summary

The "NEW" MattCha's Blog Is A Puerh Blog!!! Ok?

Well my favourite tea is raw puerh cha of course!It has always been (since well before the start of this blog at least). All my tea friends and all the tea people I have ever been close to enjoy raw puerh much more than any other kind of tea. Show More Summary

MattCha's Blog's Many Accomplishments... Horay!

The Old MattCha's Blog was started at a time with very little English knowledge about:1- Korean tea history and written classics2- the various types of Korean teas and their production3- where to purchase Korean teas4- Korean teawearEnglish...Show More Summary

Goals of Old Blog Accomplished!

I remember reading some of the exciting tea blogs coming out in 2006 and 2007 and wondering why nothing was ever mentioned about Korean tea? I wondered why there were no posts about Korea's delicious teas and there were no beautiful Korean tea wears to be found. Show More Summary

MattCha: Can A Modest Ol' Tea Blog Make A Comeback?

I think so... I mean. I am still am passionate about tea!Or is blogging a dying art? Maybe not the best way to communicate to the tea world, maybe not as relevant as the powerful tea blog once was?I think all of us tea bloggers out there...Show More Summary

2013 Yi Ho Yeong Semi Wild Hwagae Valley Balhyocha

This tea is from a special order that took place a few months back. It was orchestrated by Arthur Park of Morning Crane Tea blog. The tea is from a rather famous tea producer, Yi Ho Yeong, who was made famous in the west by being featured in Hong Kyeong Hee and Brother Anthony’s book The Korean Way of Tea. Show More Summary

Aged Korean Tea: Comparing Shamanic 2011 & 2013 O Juk Hun Hwagae Valley Balhyocha

Pedro of O5tea kindly gifted a 2013 and a 2011 sample of O Juk Hun's balhyocha from a personal stash from his travels in Korea last year. Since “O Juk Hun" is not a common name in Korean tea circles so one pressed Pedro on a background story. Show More Summary

2013 Kim Jong Yeol (Butea) Balhyocha "Saebyok" (Sunrise) Hwagae Valley Balhyocha

What is "Sunset" without "Sunrise"?This is another seasonal favorite from producer Kim Jong Yeol through Pedro's O5tea of Vancouver. These dry leaves smell of sweet creamy, subtly sweet, and even slightly musty milk chocolate. The first infusion is light, sweet, has a slight fruity/vegital suggestion which turns into slight notes of coco. Show More Summary

2013 Kim Jung Yeol (Butea) "Noeul" (Sunset) Hwagae Valley Balhyocha

The Saskatchewan winter this year has been the coldest in decades even yesterday it was snowing. To help the body harmonize to this unnatural cold one has been consuming tons of balhyocha, Korean yellow tea (Hwang cha). Over then next...Show More Summary 2013 Naka

This is the last of Peter's 2013 samples- a sample from Naka. It looks like this nice cake has since sold out- too bad its a good one. The dry leaves smell of light floral, fragrant fruity notes sneaks into the nose. The first infusion is of a light watery taste with notes of honey in the aftertaste. Show More Summary 2013 Bada

This sample courtesy of Peter at is from the Bada region. Dry leaves smell of deep foresty-pungent notes and slight hay-grass smells. There is also an light undercurrent of light-sweet-creamy-indistinct fruit sweet notes. The...Show More Summary 2013 Manzhuan

This 2013 Manzhuan is the fourth kindly gifted sample from Peter... Dry leaves smell of slight pungent notes with slight raspberry fruit and hay nuances. There is a undercurrent of slightly sweet, softly creamy berries. The first infusion starts with a slightly sweet and creamy initial taste. Show More Summary

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