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Behind The Numbers: Weighing In

When it comes to commercial poultry and livestock, bigger appears to be better.

Behind The Numbers: Old Denali Measurement Still Measures Up

What may be most remarkable about the new measurement of Denali, taken this summer using modern tools, isn’t that it’s different. It’s how remarkably similar it is to the original taken in 1953.

October Jobs Report – The Numbers

Friday's job report appears to be the best so far for 2015, marked by brisk hiring, falling unemployment and rising wages. Here are the highlights.

Reader Mailbag: Oops and Yellow Alternatives

The Numbers readers write in on an error on our recent column on yellow-light timing, and with suggestions on how to ameliorate the issues that surround inconsistent timing and motorists' decisions on whether to stop or go.

Behind The Numbers: They Were All Yellow

A driver who can neither stop for a red light without jamming on the brakes nor clear the intersection without putting the pedal to the metal has hit the dilemma zone. The solution is a properly timed yellow light.

Behind The Numbers: Predicting Consumer Behavior

“Once we understand the factors affecting consumer behavior, we are then able to predict it,” the researchers reported.

World Statistics Day: Stats, Stats, Stats

In honor of the second World Statistics Day--started to promote the importance of data--here are some links and Twitter feeds for some of our favorite statistical sources.  

Behind The Numbers: Crowd Counts

When a crowd gathers for an event, the thickest part of the group typically presses forward toward the main stage, and from there the density of the crowd may appear uniform throughout. That’s rarely the case, and the skewed perception may lead to inaccurate estimates of the size of the turnout.

Why Social Security Checks Likely Won’t See a Big Increase in 2017, Either

Falling consumer prices over the past year means Social Security recipients won’t see a cost-of-living increase in January. And that decline will hold back any potential 2017 increase as well, even if inflation accelerates.

Behind The (Lottery) Numbers: Randomness

When Julie Leach of Three Rivers, Mich., won $310.5 million in the Powerball lottery late last month, it was with a $20 “easy pick” selection that included 10 different computer-generated number combinations. Many players pick lucky numbers or those with personal significance, increasing the chances of sharing prizes. Ms. Leach was the sole winner in this case.

New Report Puts Numbers on Data Scientist Trend

Data scientist - a job that barely existed a decade ago - has become one of the hottest and best-paid professions in the U.S. Companies say they need people who have the skill sets - both business and technical - to analyze the rising tide of data produced by customers and operations.

Behind The Numbers: The Calm After the Storm

Forecasts for a mild Atlantic Ocean hurricane season this year have been borne out so far, a notable prognostication not only because a mild season is atypical but also because of the difficulty predicting the number of hurricanes in any case, mild or active.

Glencore’s Big Moves–By the Numbers

Commodities giant Glencore PLC said Monday it will sell stock, scrap its dividend, suspend some mining operations and sell assets to reduce its net debt amid global market turmoil. Here is a look at some of the key numbers in Glencore's plans.

Behind The Numbers: Light Reading (and a Quiz)

The human body’s master clock roughly lines up with the 24-hour environmental clock, setting itself according to the body’s exposure to light and darkness. But technology has altered the intensity of light and the hours of exposure most people experience.

Playing With Numbers: A Fantasy Football Tip

With the first batch of the National Football League's preseason games in the books, it's that time for every armchair general manager to begin assessing the draft, keepers and a strategy for the season. Thanks to a new tool, we can incorporate injury risk into our planning.

Reader Mailbag: Crime and Employment

Worker advocates who support ban-the-box initiatives aimed at removing questions about criminal history from job applications fear the information will prejudice employers against capable employees who may have run afoul of the law. Dave's Killer Bread welcomes workers with rap sheets.

Behind The Numbers: Crime Data

According to multiple studies, roughly 1 in 3 American adults has been arrested or taken into police custody for something other than a minor traffic offense. But none of the data sets is complete, and some include duplicate or defunct records.

50 Cent Bankruptcy: By The Numbers

50 Cent filed 56 pages of financial information that’s required as part of his bankruptcy case. Find out whether the 40-year-old entertainer, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, is really as rich as he claims to be.

Behind The Numbers: GDP, the Sequel

When the Commerce Department releases its first reading of second-quarter gross domestic product this coming Thursday, there will also be a spate of annual revisions. This happens every year and serves to give more retroactive perspective on the U.S.'s economic growth trajectory.

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