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Who’s Afraid of a Clean-Energy Future?

A cleaner energy system, despite all its teething pains, doesn't have to be at odds with common sense and a healthy economy. Quite the contrary.

Wind Jammers: More ‘Buy’ Recommendations for Denmark’s Vestas

Vestas, the big turbine maker, is a global leader. So why do investors keep punishing it?

Boiling Point: High Hopes for Geothermal Energy

Looking for a cheap, reliable source of clean energy? Geothermal energy is racing up the backstretch.

Scrap-and-Trade: Would An Energy Bill Alone Do Any Good?

Some members of Congress wonder whether it's time to scrap cap-and-trade and focus on an energy bill. That might not be such a disaster.

Oil Prices: Is OPEC Looking for $100 Crude?

For months, OPEC has said it's happy with oil between $70 and $80 a barrel. So why all the talk about crude at $100?

Full Throttle: P&W’s Newest, Greenest Jet Engine

Forget a better mousetrap: Building a better jet engine could be manna for Pratt & Whitney.

Green Jobs: Blue-Collar or White Coat?

The Obama administration pumps more than $2 billion additional dollars into beefing up clean-energy manufacturing. Is that the right place to spend it?

Gas Pains: The Problems with a Gas-Fired Bridge to Clean Energy

From California to the cliffs of Dover, figuring out how to balance renewable energy with needed increases in natural-gas generation is proving trickier than expected.

Cornyation: Good Days for Ethanol, Bad for Biodiesel

Corn-based ethanol, the fair-haired biofuel, is catching all the breaks right now.

Go East: Asia tops Americas in 2009 Renewable Energy Spending

A boom in Chinese wind investments helped Asia top the Americas in clean energy spending last year, but Europe-Africa-Middle East remained the top region.

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Happy New Year

A happy, healthy and prosperous new year from Enviromental Capital. Thanks for joining us for the wild, bumpy ride through 2009. See you in 2010. Any resolutions? Predictions for the world of energy and the climate?

Drill, Baby, Drill: Does Virginia’s Gov-Elect’s Call For Offshore Drilling Add Up?

Virginia Gov. elect Bob McDonnell wants to drill offshore because of the economic benefits. But his oil-drilling-brings-economic-development argument rests on some threadbare data.

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