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Who’s Afraid of a Clean-Energy Future?

A cleaner energy system, despite all its teething pains, doesn't have to be at odds with common sense and a healthy economy. Quite the contrary.

Wind Jammers: More ‘Buy’ Recommendations for Denmark’s Vestas

Vestas, the big turbine maker, is a global leader. So why do investors keep punishing it?

Boiling Point: High Hopes for Geothermal Energy

Looking for a cheap, reliable source of clean energy? Geothermal energy is racing up the backstretch.

Scrap-and-Trade: Would An Energy Bill Alone Do Any Good?

Some members of Congress wonder whether it's time to scrap cap-and-trade and focus on an energy bill. That might not be such a disaster.

Oil Prices: Is OPEC Looking for $100 Crude?

For months, OPEC has said it's happy with oil between $70 and $80 a barrel. So why all the talk about crude at $100?

Full Throttle: P&W’s Newest, Greenest Jet Engine

Forget a better mousetrap: Building a better jet engine could be manna for Pratt & Whitney.

Gas Pains: The Problems with a Gas-Fired Bridge to Clean Energy

From California to the cliffs of Dover, figuring out how to balance renewable energy with needed increases in natural-gas generation is proving trickier than expected.

Copenhagen Fallout: Carbon Prices Fall on Weak Accord

Disappointed with the Copenhagen climate accord? So are the carbon markets.

Copenhagen Blues? White House Announces ‘Meaningful Agreement’

The U.S. announces an agreement, if not a perfect one, at the Copenhagen climate summit.

Carbon Tariffs: Rep. Levin Dishes On Obama, India in Copenhagen

Officially, the Obama administration is opposed to carbon tariffs. Unofficially, it seems they make great leverage for talks with China.

John Kerry: Copenhagen Summit Can Make or Break U.S. Climate Bill

Sen. John Kerry warns that failure in Copenhagen could scupper U.S. climate legislation.

U.S. Gas Production (Finally) Falls; Will Prices Now Rebound?

A widespread cut in natural gas has finally led to a drop in production. Does that mean a price increase is around the corner?

Power Shift: Winners and Losers In the Energy Future, From the IEA

The IEA says the world needs to take climate change seriously. In that case, what would the power sector look like?

Paging Don Quixote: Spain’s New Wind-Power Record

Spain set a record for wind-generated electricity. It actually underscores the challenges facing wind power as an energy mainstay.

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