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Climate Bill: Kerry, Graham and Lieberman’s Compromise Plan

The "Gang of Three" outline the basics of their alternative plan for climate legislation in the Senate.

Oregon Trail: General Electric’s $1.4 Billion Wind-Power Order

GE is still clamoring for friendly energy policies, even as the conglomerate's clean-energy unit wracks up big orders.

Renewable Retail: Buying Solar Panels Along With Screwdrivers

Lowe's is now selling solar panels that homeowners can install themselves as solar continues its journey from exotic to mundane.

Obama’s Nobel Speech: Climate Change As a Security Issue

Mr. Obama's brief comments on climate change during his Nobel speech paint the need to tackle global warming from a security perspective.

Peak Uranium: More Reasons to Worry About Powering the Nuclear Revival

The developing world's plans for a big nuclear push revives concerns about a looming uranium-supply crunch.

Action Jackson: U.S. EPA Boss Gets Warm Welcome in Copenhagen

Just days after finalizing the big EPA ruling on greenhouse-gas emissions, Lisa Jackson gets the U.S. side some applause at the big climate talks.

What Do China’s Climate Pledges Really Amount To?

Chinese plans to lower the "carbon intensity" of its economy are either a smokescreen or a really big deal.

China Breach: Not All in China Resist Carbon Caps

Chinese climate negotiators talk a tough game in Copenhagen. Back home, there's some support for curbing greenhouse-gas emissions.

Biodiesel Gently Weeps (or Explodes)

Is this the end for the biodiesel industry? Without Congressional action, it could be.

Getting Hotter: U.K. Says 2000s ‘Warmest Decade,’ Releases Station Data

Forget the 1990s--the current decade is the hottest on record, says the U.K. Met Office, which released detailed records on how it measures global temperatures.

China to U.S.: Try Harder on Emissions

President Obama's plan to offer a 17% reduction in emissions in Copenhagen hasn't swayed the Chinese.

Green Jobs: Clean Energy and Efficiency In Obama’s Jobs Speech

The energy and climate bill may be stalled in the Senate, but President Obama wants Congress to use clean energy and energy efficiency to help create jobs.

Climategate: Whodunnit?

How did the "Climategate" documents get out in the first place?

China Has Much to Lose in Copenhagen

China has a stake in making sure Copenhagen produces some sort of agreement on climate change--especially some financing agreement.

EPA’s Endangerment Finding: Not So Unpopular After All?

The Environmental Protection Agency's ruling on greenhouse-gas emissions got the business community in a flutter. But the EPA says public comments on the measure show strong support.

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