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China to Top U.S. in Theme-Park Revenue

Fueled by a rising middle class, China’s theme-park industry is on track to surpass that of the U.S. in the next few years to become the world’s No. 1 market, a new study finds.

Reform Needed in How Chinese Judges Think

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Early Look: China’s Economic Stabilization Likely Continued in October

China’s economic activity likely regained some strength last month, giving policy makers a bit of breathing room to focus on keeping financial risks in check.

A Namibian in Wuhan Finds Fame on China’s Internet

A video of 25-year-old Namibian student Uugwanga Uuta Erastus Innocent scolding a woman for cutting in line in China, has gone viral in the country and he now has 1.35 million followers on the Weibo social-media site.

China’s ‘Core’ Conundrum: Policing the Party’s Watchers

The Communist Party’s designation of Chinese President Xi Jinping as its “core” leader last week made him unequivocally its highest authority. Days later, the party has detailed how it will ensure that members obey.

GM Wants Cars to Talk More in China

The U.S. auto maker is introducing a technology that allows cars to communicate with each other and with infrastructure, but China's roads may not be ready for it.

Report: China’s Streaming App Censorship Not Well-Coordinated

On China’s popular streaming video app YY, you can chat about the Dalai Lama or the party drug ecstasy, but if you want to talk about people from Henan province stealing manhole covers, you’ll have to switch to a different app. More in the full post.

From Under a Pickup Truck in Shanghai: a Desperate Protest

On a Shanghai street this week, a body stretched under the front end of a pickup truck. But this was not one more casualty of the city’s brutal roads, it was one woman's protest against the the city’s urban-management crews, or chengguan, whose remit falls somewhere between trash collector and police officer.

For China’s Leaders, Age Cap Is but a Moving Number

The past three turnovers in the inner circle of China’s Communist Party leadership have come with an age guideline for retirement: Those 67 years old or younger could stay; those 68 or older had to go. Now, comments from a senior party functionary are adding fuel to speculation that President Xi Jinping may break with […]

Alibaba’s Flying Pig Travel Service Becomes Ethnic Flashpoint in China

Alibaba hoped that flying pigs would appeal to young Chinese consumers. Instead they’ve become a flashpoint in the country's rocky ethnic relations.

Forbidden City Brings Archaeology to Life With Virtual Reality

A new exhibition at Beijing’s Forbidden City uses virtual reality to depict an archaeological site in Jingdezhen, a small city in southeast China whose name is synonymous with fine porcelain.

Not the Chemistry Leaders Had in Mind: Star Student Suspect in Drug Ring

Chinese leaders are hailing innovation and entrepreneurship as key growth drivers, but the campaign appears to have gone awry in the case of one star chemistry student whose business was shipping narcotics inside LED lights.

Oh, Prudence: Chinese Official Waxes Lyrical On Banking Regulation

As China struggles with a surge of bad loans, the head of the banking regulatory agency in Jiangsu recently penned not one but two poems in an effort to make local banks lend more responsibly. One poem is for banking supervisors; the other is for rank-and-file workers in Jiangsu's banks.

In China, Officials Battle Pollution (Data) with Cotton Gauze

In China’s “war on pollution,” five local officials stand accused of fighting back with cotton gauze. Investigators detained the five officials, from a local environmental protection office in the city of Xi’an, after finding they had jammed the cotton gauze into air pollution monitors to make smog levels air appear cleaner than they really were, […]

Chinese City Snuffs Out Cigarette-Butt Campaign

Government officials' plan to rid Shengzhou city of errant cigarette butts by offering tissues in exchange for them attracted people from other cities, forcing officials to suspend the program earlier than planned.

Chinese Film Producer Behind Ticket Subsidies Shifts Tactics

Wang Yibing, a Chinese movie producer, pioneered the online ticket-selling subsidies that helped box-office sales soar in recent years. Now, as those subsidies fade and growth in ticket sales slows, Mr. Wang is banking on young Chinese filmmakers.

5 Things to Know About China Oceanwide

Little-known Chinese conglomerate China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co., just struck a deal to acquire Genworth Financial Inc., a big player in the U.S. long-term-care insurance industry, for $2.7 billion. It is the company’s first major foray into the insurance sector overseas.

In China, Close to 8,000 People Are Vying for One Government Job

The hottest government job in China this year involves serving tea to visitors at the offices of a toothless political organization that’s barely been relevant since 1949.

Seafood Banquet in the Conference Room: One Executive’s Demise

For 10 years, Zhang Jianjin headed Tianjin Pharmaceuticals. Now he is in detention, undone by a passion for seafood banquets and the throat-scorching Chinese spirit Moutai.

Hot Property: China Says New Controls Are Taming Prices

When new data showed already high-flying housing prices soaring even further last month, China’s official number-crunchers had a message: Things are getting better.

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